Stevie Wonder Picks A Side, Says Robin Thicke Didn’t Copy Marvin Gaye For “Blurred Lines”

September 23, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

If  anyone was wondering how Marvin Gaye’s fellow musical icons feel about the festering legal dispute between Robin Thicke and Marvin’s family, you’re certainly about to find out. In case you’ve been living under some kind of rock, for the past few months, the relatives of Marvin Gaye and Robin Thicke have been duking it out in what appears to be the beginning of a copyright infringement lawsuit. Marvin’s children believe that Robin’s sultry summer hit “Blurred Lines” is a derivative of their dad’s 1976 funk track, “Got To Give It Up.” TMZ recently caught up with the legendary Stevie Wonder and asked about the case. His response was rather surprising.

“No, I don’t think it’s a steal from Marvin Gaye,” Stevie said of the 2013 summer anthem.

“No [I don’t hear ‘Got To Give It Up’ in it]. Let me say this to you. Do you really want me to tell the truth about how I feel? I think objectively, because I’ve been through lawsuits for songs and all of that, I think that the groove is very similar. You gotta remember he [Robin] is a big fan of Marvin Gaye’s, so that’s okay,” the 63-year-old musical genius continued.

Stevie went on to say that the Gayes are making a huge mistake by dragging Robin to court.

“It’s not the same song.”

“The family should hear this: Don’t let your lawyer or whomever convince you to lose money over something that’s not worth it,” he added before walking away.”

Watch Stevie’s interview on page two. Do you agree with him?

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  • maryannparrish

    I agree with Stevie….you can’t sue over a beat.

  • marissa

    I think Stevie Wonder is a very reputable professional to give his opinion on this. Lawyers, not so much…..and why haven’t the Gayes targeted Pharrel in they think that Robin Thicke is an easy target?

  • blackdolphin

    It’s about time that someone with some musical expertise weighed in on this one. Good for you Mr. wonder. If you don’t hear it, no one else does either.

  • FromUR2UB

    But, it doesn’t have to be exactly the SAME song, does it? Who would write a new song using the same lyrics as an existing one??? He would be covering Gaye’s song if it were exactly the same song! Copyright suits are so complicated because they have to examine and compare the technical stuff about the song, determine whether there was the opportunity to copy the other song, and then figure out whether the song in question is a derivative of the other. Two points that should make it easier is that Gaye and Thicke are not contemporaries, and one of the songs is decades old.

  • kb

    Yeah, The song reminds of Marvin Gaye, it has that vibe but when you listen to them both they aren’t really same.

  • Hi-Liter

    Yep, I agree Stevie.

  • Soothsayer

    Because he didn’t. I HATE that Tom Joyner started this nonsense. It’s the same beat, but the words are none the same. Artists always sample beats from other artists. He tried to pay the family, but they got greedy. I’m glad that Stevie voiced his opinion because everyone was jumping on the Tom Joyner bandwagon. That would be no different than Fantasia’s sampling of The Commodores’ “Nightshift”. I swear when that song stats I almost sing “Jackie, Jackie, you was a friend of mine” lmao

    • bigdede

      If you really listen, the beats aren’t the same. The groove is the same and how the song flows reminds you of the Marvin Gaye song but the beats are different. If Robin didn’t sing this song in a high falsetto, no one would be saying a thing. The whole reason for this argument that its’ the same song is because of the tempo that Robin sung in. Marvin sung his in a high falsetto and because Robin did the same, everyone is saying the songs are exactly the same when they’re not. Marvin Gaye III is going broke, reportedly, that’s the reason for this suit. He was listening to Tom Joyner one day and decided that’s the way he could get some money. Now Marvin’s other kids, Nona and her brother, aren’t included.

  • Chas

    I agree 100%