“I Wish I Pulled A Kanye”: Columbus Short Says Kerry Was Robbed At The Emmys

September 23, 2013  |  

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It’s sad to say, but it was probably no surprise to those who watched the Emmys last night that Kerry Washington did not walk away with an award. Though the “Scandal” star was nominated in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, the honor ultimately went to Claire Danes for her role in “Homeland” and let’s just say the gladiators were not happy.

Columbus Short was the most outraged member of the ABC show, tweeting after the winner was announced:

Sounds like Columbus might ride as hard for Kerry as his character Harrison does Olivia Pope. He wasn’t the only one to speak out though, Bellamy Young (the FLOTUS), Katie Lowes (Quinn), and Shonda Rhimes all expressed their support for the leading lady — and their disappointment with the chosen honoree:

I’m going to assume you agree with the gladiators here so I’m not even going to ask what you think about the tweets. My question is what would you have done if Columbus really did pull a Kanye. Oh the visual…

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  • Ambitious Black

    Every single solitary time something doesn’t happen in favor of a black person it is racism?….that is so unnecessary–let’s pick and chose our battles wisely. This Homeland vs. Scandal is not racial. Claire Danes deserved it.

    1. Many of you don’t know who Claire Danes is or have even watched homeland but feel qualified to discredit Claire Danes. What’s wrong with you all?

    2.) They recognized Kerry’s talent and therefore was nominated…but Claire Danes did a bit better.

    3.) I understand that Kerry is more comfortable for you all to watch because she looks like us. I believe in solidarity and all…but stop being so blind! Because Kerry is black it doesn’t make her the most talented actress in the universe (but that’s how you alleged adults reason)

    E.g. I am a downright anita baker fan. The biggest in the universe…I’m sure her poop smells like roses—she is that precious to me…but if anyone ever said that anita baker was a better vocalist than Chaka Khan or Patti Labelle I would be like…you’re lying!

    Be objective!

    (In my humble opinion….korean dramas are far more entertaining than both shows! Lmao!)

  • JRoc85

    Let’s be real, EVERYBODY in their right mind knows that KERRY WASHINGTON SHOULD HAVE WON!!

  • Meekee

    I understand that people really enjoy Scandal, as do I. However, as a fan of BOTH Scandal and Homeland I have to say Clare Danes is an awesome actress, as is Kerry. I’m not sure how people who have never actually watched Homeland or even know who Clare Danes is can conclude that she did not deserve to win. How would you know if you’ve never seen her show? Agree or disagree with the outcome, but trying to discredit one actress over another when you can’t make a comparison (because one actress is “unknown” to you) makes no sense. Scandal and Homeland are both fantastic shows – and that is credit where credit is due…

  • scandalous7

    Kerry will be alright.

  • Erica Richardson

    Yea, the show #Homeland has twitter going wild and it has #watchparties and #outtacontrolFANbased …right! That’s why they won…yea! #SMH

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I don’t even know why black celebs attend. It was ok for Shonda’s motly all white show to win ton of awards but her #1 primetime show with the black leading actress, doesn’t do crap.

  • Camillionare

    The Emmy’s and Oscars never give credit to were its due…EVER!!

  • Tia_Sunny

    He should have that would have liven up the show.

  • D.D

    Claire was AMAZING in Homeland I am not surprised she won. Kerry was not going to win I did not expect her to she was up against really hard competition talent wise. It is great she was nominated but white or black there where better shows and actors nominated. She had stiff competition it happens she has many more years to will an award.

    • Marva

      This award show is biased and racial hands down.. yes Claire did a decent job on Homeland as a crazy agent trying to stop terrorism however Kerry draws in a large audience EVERY week while dealing with several issues including her own personal mess on the show which makes it a must see.. A series on Showtime should not have won because not everyone has cable to watch the show which means that the end result was biased and racial. period.. The Emmy’s are the worst.. She will undoubtedly get a BET award this year.. Just like every other black star that gets cheated in mainstream..

      • D.D

        The Emmy’s are not about who watches the show or who has the highest ratings. It is about who did the BEST JOB on the show like all awards shows are. That is why you get those random movies nominated at the Oscars nobody has even seen or heard of before. Movies studios make movies that bring in no money just so they can win awards that is a real thing that they do. I am sorry Claire did a better job acting wise. I have watched all the shows nominated and Scandal did not stand a chance. And the reason you do not see black people nominated is cuz you do not see black people in a good amount of roles in comparison to white people in the media. Complain about the lack of roles That is why black people are not winning they never get a chance to do anything worth being nominated for. That is really what people need to see it is the lack of roles Kerry Washington is the ONLY black actress on TV right now with a role even worth being nominated in the area In comparison to how many white actress……Kerry is good but Claire has 3 Emmy’s,Oscar nominations, and MANY other awards she has been winning awards for over a decade she did not win just because she is white she won cuz she has a better character as an actor to play. She is an AMAZING actress. It is that simple when black actors start getting more roles then they will start winning more awards. The winners are chosen from who receives the highest votes by a nomination panel in a particular category and, in this case, Claire just happened to receive the largest amount.

        • Erica Richardson

          Ultimately it is about the shows ratings if an outstanding actress was on a show which had NO ratings it would not be up for an Emmy. (so ur theory is illogical) I too, watch all the shows & sorry, I didnt think Claire was better

          • D.D

            Your logic was if a show has higher ratings then is should win that is not how it works. For tv shows yes you have to have and audience but it does not have to be huge NCIS is the most what show on network television and has yet to win or even really be nominated for anything. So you theory is illogical by your logic NCIS should win everything all the time and yet it is never even nominated. Sorry but that is not how it works. I think Claire did a much better job that is my opinion.

            • D.D

              Then it should win..sorry

      • Janalang22

        I’ve always felt and believe shows like the Emmy’s are biased. Hopefully, somewhere down the near future things will change.

  • Jacqueline Perkiñs

    I stop watching because black actor and actresses are a non factor its a shame that we had to make our own award show when acting is a job you get paid for on how great you are it still racist

  • Teresa Loyal T Walker

    I am sorry, but it is true, she lost because they only give black ppl huge awards every so often…Scandal has a crossover audience and Kerry should have won hands down…She really is that great, even if she was white period…But, we all know that race still is an issue in AMERICA….

  • Columbus already pulled a Kanye when he cheated in his relationship with someone of higher fame and acted like it was something to publicly brag about…IJS

    • bluekissess

      What exactly does that have to do with Kerry not winning.

      • It has to do with the quote he made…what exactly are you tryna prove?

        • bluekissess

          It would help if you stayed on topic. His twitter rant didn’t say anything about his marriage

          • Ok comment Nazi

            • bluekissess

              You threw that label out there not me.

      • Teresa Loyal T Walker


        • bluekissess

          People have to sprinkle shade wherever they can.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    It would be sweet if Kerry won an Emmy, but I knew she wasn’t gonna win.

  • Clarke

    Well, I already knew that if Kerry Washington did not win the award then Claire Danes would and vice versa.

    By all means, I would have liked Kerry to win but Claire is a FANTASTIC actress and she was/is definitely a deserved recipient.

    I do not believe that there is a conspiracy as to why Kerry didn’t win. [Although, her current media/international presence is, almost, monumental, to an extent (more so than that of Claire’s) so she may have been a popular choice by the general public]

    The winners are chosen from who receives the highest votes by a nomination panel in a particular category and, in this case, Claire just happened to receive the largest amount.

    Congratulations to all nonetheless – Especially “Sheldon”.

  • Nope

    Kerry lost because only Black people watch Scandal. It’s wasn’t due to lack of talent, it’s due to lack of exposure or awareness outside of the Black bubble.

    • Carter

      Absolutely not the truth. Scandal is hugely popular, not only among black people. It wouldn’t still be on the air if it only had a black following.

      • Yvette

        Thank You!

      • Nope

        I don’t disagree with you, my point is that Black people are mostly the one’s propping this show up for lack of better words. This show wouldn’t be as popular without Black support, whereas other shows don’t need Black support to be popular. And I’m a big fan of the show btw.

        • HUgrad13

          HUH? Because I go to Howard and the first person who I heard about Scandal from is my best friend, who is White. Everybody is watching this show in droves. Everybody is giving this show praise. I have no idea where your info is coming from

          • Nope

            Most people on MN don’t even read the articles or anything in general, so facts have little value on here.

            • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

              Now u are just trolling

            • HUgrad13

              And what exactly did that have to do with what I said? Your “facts” are just as baseless as everyone else’s on here, so I’m failing to understand why you believe your opinions should be held to a higher standard than anyone else’s.

    • Yvette

      If only black people watch Scandal she wouldn’t have been nominated at all. Please don’t turn this into a racial thing because it is not. I love love me some Scandal and consider myself to be a die hard gladiator…lol but the truth is that she was up against some very good actresses in that category.

      • janalang22

        I agree I am an African-American woman and I was initially introduced to the show by several of my white co-workers.The show is extremely popular and although Kerry does an extremely job on the show there were a lot of great nominees as well.

    • You don’t make it to your third season on a major network if your audience is only Black people…has the Cosby show taught you nothing??

      • Nope

        If there was no Black audience, there wouldn’t be a third season. That’s my point.

    • Nope

      Ya’ll can put your pitch forks down. I’m not dissing the show, which apparently has become immune from critical thought or analysis from Black people, much like President Obama. But different topic for a different day.

    • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

      Um…I know a couple of white and hispanic people who watch Scandal and they LOVE it. I have a white friend who is a big fan and so excited that Season 3 premiere is coming on the same day as her birthday (October 3rd).

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Not true at all. You can ask just about any white person if they watch Scandal and they will say yes.

    • princessthunderkitty

      Scandal’s season finale this year pulled in 9.1 million viewers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • bluekissess

    That’s exactly why I don’t watch those type of award shows. To me those shows are boring and long.

    • PinkIce716

      This was my first and most likely the last time I watch the Emmy’s. It was very boring but I held out hoping I could see her win. Claire Danes didn’t even look happy! I changed the channel.

      • bluekissess

        Idk who Claire danes is.

        • PinkIce716

          Lol I only heard of her, never seen her. But apparently that was her 3rd Emmy. She didn’t even seem all that excited about it.

          • bluekissess

            I thought I was sleeping under a rock for a sec. Since you have no clue who she is either I feel better

          • HAling7692

            I stop watching because black actor and actresses are a non factor its a shame that we had to make our own award show when acting is a job you get paid for on how great you are it still racist

            мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

        • Leah

          @bluekisses Clarie Danes played in this show called “My So-Called Life” back in the day

          • bluekissess

            Hmmmm ok

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

            Never heard of it

            • Nemesis919

              It was a 90s cult classic, another white guiltfest. They had a black gay kid on it whom they treated like Jesus Christ resurrected because, you know, blacks and gays are always perfect. The 90s really made that trope commonplace and it persists today. And some black woman doesn’t win the award and so the first reaction is to storm the stage, muscle the mic away from a little white woman and proceed to bully her and tell her she doesn’t deserve it.

              Oh…the content of your character. Just lovely.

        • Erica Richardson

          The Homeland actress that won …#nobody!

    • rita

      I just look up the fashion and the winners the next day! #sweetbrown

      I wasn’t expecting Kerry to win this year either! I think she’ll get a win at some point during Scandal’s run though, deserved or not.