On Behalf Of True Christians: We’re Not Here To Judge, And Trust – We Don’t Want To

September 24, 2013  |  

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In the wake of so many crazy “Christian” outbursts toward any number of political/pop culture events, so many people misconstrue extreme/radical/unfounded/hateful bias for true Christian values. That is a serious problem.

For example, actress Meagan Good’s BET Awards dress is STILL garnering attention both from those who feel strongly opposed to her choice of attire and from those who could care less. As comments have poured in about her lifestyle in general, I saw comments from “Christians” that were downright mean and hurtful. I also saw ignorant comments from “anti-Christians” who generalize that ALL Christians are judgmental bigots.

While I have personal feelings on any number of public issues, as a Christian, it’s a little disheartening to see only the extremists get shine and not those of us who firmly believe what we believe without being hypercritical and condemnatory. It seems the world points the finger at Christians telling us not to judge, but then judge us based on what a few psychos/self-righteous “pseudo-saints” say or do.

Why do condemnatory, hateful church groups like the Westboro Baptist Church get SO much airtime but smaller churches that are going into the community to counsel the drug addicted, aid the homeless in finding shelter, or helping provide money and food to those in need not highlighted?

Anyone can throw out a scripture to back up their hurtful comments to another person – that does not make them right and it surely does not make them a Christian.

The definition of a Christian is simply, “a follower of Christ.” That’s it. Anyone who studies Jesus Christ’s time on this earth, whether they follow His teachings or not, can come away with the understanding that His main message was one of love. He walked the earth teaching with His lifestyle, performing miracles, lending a helping hand to those in need and freeing others with the message of forgiveness. He stood for what He believed in without being cruel or callous. He did not call people outside of their names or try to cancel out their progress in life by bringing up their past.

When we look at the types of people who are commenting so vehemently and negatively about “moral” issues, it seems so easy to lump everyone who claims Christianity together. I would argue that we should look at the manner in which we present our opinions and that always leads us to the truth of who we are. If it does not align with the true tenets of what we’re professing, then somebody is lying. Disrespect is not a Christian attribute because Christ was not disrespectful. Having a “holier-than-thou” attitude is not a Christian attribute because Jesus sat and ate with rank sinners, never asserting Himself as better than they, only offering a solution to the state they were in.

Society looks at religion – especially Christianity – through such a binary lens based on what a few “so-called Christians” say or do. It seems that the general consensus is if you’re Christian, you’re judgmental. If we are not to judge others, why do others so harshly and stereotypically judge ALL Christians to be alike? The lines have been blurred between what is considered judgment and upholding a set standard. A perfect example: I decided to stop drinking because that’s where my walk with God was leading me. One of my girlfriends stopped speaking to me. She asserted that I was acting as if I was better than the rest of my girlfriends because I declined alcohol whenever we went out. Huh? How does that even work?

As a Christian woman, I am checking myself daily, monitoring the things I think and say about and to others. Do I fall short and have to backtrack to right some wrongs? Absolutely. We’re all human. But at the end of the day, you’ll know a true Christian by their lifestyle. I can only speak for myself and those who really are trying to live like Christ – I/we have no interest in tearing someone else down for their life choices. I have my views on any number of issues just like every other human being walking this earth and I’m free to voice my opinion as openly and honestly as anyone. I do not condone disrespect or hate, but I am absolutely for walking in your convictions as a Christian just as any liberal, feminist, animal rights advocate, Buddhist, or any other member of a purpose-founded group is able to do.

And just like any of the aforementioned groups, some of my beliefs may not be agreeable to all, but they are indeed, my own. Judgment is not my job and you have no idea how thankful I am that it’s not!

La Truly’s writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome and fear can cast its crown before courage. La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change among young women through her writing. Check her out on Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly.

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  • kierah

    People mistake passing judgment for having an opinion. Christians are allowed to have opinions, but we are not in charge of condemnation or reward. Both Christians and non-Christians need to remember that.

  • Sheena B

    I hope Disqus allows us to see the names of the people who “down vote” one day.

  • hollyw

    I am so glad to see this article on MN and all the positive posts that followed b/c to be honest, I’ve witnessed some of thee most ing’nant, vile responses to any report or post supporting the rights or alternative lifestyles on MN. Yes, MN! Not that staff or current commentors have anything to do with it, but It got to the point that I was discouraged against even claiming Christianity in the same forum, I was so ashamed! Glad today we are on one accord, though lol…

  • Shirley768

    I agree with you that the extremists do get a lot of shine. The media is not a “Christian-friendly” system realistically because media and entertainment make more money off of sin and negativity than having positivity/general morals that are the same across all faiths.

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  • Wow! well said! I totally agree!

    • guest

      The person voting everybody down must be the judgmental, hateful extremist that this article is talking about.

  • D.D

    Small minded people generalize.I f they are not saying all Christian are super judgmental, they are saying all atheist are saint worshipers,all Muslims are terrorists, etc. Small minded people come in all shapes and forms. It is not anyone’s place to try to force someone to believe in something or change who they are that is that person choice .

  • NaturalJem

    It’s better to love than to judge when advising others….very well written article!!

  • sabrina

    YES. GIRL. I 110% agree with this article!!

  • Happy

    Took the words right out of my mouth! I 100% agree and this is exactly what I tell people as well. We have a right to have opinions based on Christian values but it’s a problem when some Christians condemn or ‘look down’ on others for having a different opinion or perspective. It’s not our place to do that. And it’s sad because most people I meet who walked away from Christ did so because of feeling judged negatively by Christian leaders and followers.

    • La

      I left the church a few years ago and tell people all the time that God himself is going to have to walk me back into a church (Youth leader, Missionary and head of our Dance and Mime Ministry – that was a lot to walk away from)…..It got to the point where the my pastor had people keeping an eye on me because I was a bit too vocal about the foolishness that was going on inside the church with members and leaders alike, and when I finally left, I was pretty much blackballed – members where told not to associate themselves with me….I still follow Christ, but in the comfort of my home now.

      • NaturalJem

        I commend you for walking away from foolishness. However, don’t let it stop you from going to another church. Allow Christ to lead you to a true & good church home to grow, fellowship and utilize your God given talents to uplift others in the church as well.

      • Sheena B

        When I joined a non-denominational church I was so much happier. I just read an article where the new head pastor came to church disguised as a homeless man. It was on the day he would be announced as new head pastor. It is a 10,000 member church. Out of the approximate few thousand that attended, 3 people greeted him. He spoke to people only to have them not speak back. He went to sit in the front of the church and was ushered to back. The members turned their nose at him and even told him he didn’t belong. The assoc. pastors and such went up to the alter and made the announcement. The congregation was cheering and looking around. He stood up and walked to front only to have people drop their jaws at him and have wide eyes. He approached the podium and spoke about how he was treated. People held their heads low and were totally ashamed. The most profound words to me: “We have enough people in the church but not enough disciples.” It’s shameful how horribly we treat our own let alone people from “the outside”. Sorry that was so long but that story came to mind when I read your post.

        • Ash.

          That is an awesome, AWESOME story. Sooo many lessons in it! Thank you for sharing that!

        • Sheena B

          Excuse the typos. It’s not letting me edit from my phone for some reason.

  • Justin Lookington

    If we as Black folk would be real without ourselves about “the religion” itself, then we wouldn’t be so confused as black people and as spiritual beings. For the sake of space in this post…just search Ray Nagins on youtube and look at just ONE of his videos. Your truth is there. Our generational curses exist because we believe in a false religion.

  • Ellie

    Yes girl! It’s unfortunate how radicals and extremists can mess up the public opinion of the rest of us who are simply trying to live like Christ. And it’s also messed up how having a different opinion or conviction on something sometimes causes people to say you’re being judgrmental or hateful…smh.

  • Sheena B