From Scandal To Blessing: Tiki Barber And His Wife Announce They’re Expecting

September 19, 2013  |  

If you haven’t checked out Bethenny Frankel’s show, you might want to get on that. She really has a knack for this thing. And apparently, she gets the juicy tidbits as well. In a show that will air on Tuesday, September 24, Tiki and his wife Traci announced that they’re expecting in December.

Many of us know the seemingly scandalous way Traci and Tiki got together. Tiki filed for divorce in 2010 from his first wife Ginny Cha. The thing is that Tiki and Traci started messing around not only while Tiki was still married but while Ginny was pregnant… with twins. It’s no secret considering Tiki discussed the ordeal (including details of how he and Traci were doing it in his agent’s attic in Sport Illustrated).

Aaahhh good times.

But alas, what’s in the past is in the past and no matter how these two found each other, we’re happy for the arrival of a new child.

Check out the announcement below.

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  • guest

    this concerns madamenoire readers because…..i would expect this of bossip for viewership but this site??? perhaps i need to rethink coming here as well….

  • Janae

    And why is this story on a black women’s site? He left his classy Asian wife for some blond trick. He doesn’t date black women and black women are celebrating this on a website. Lord have mercy….Some black women are braindead!

  • Jessica

    She is that young dumb broad that heard ex football player and lost her mind. Being thirsty for a come up and a baller made her take the bottom of the barrel. Did she think about the fact that his career has been dead and gone plus he has to pay child support on 3 kids and spousal support? To be honest if she had some self worth she would never stoop so low, she could have been a model or gotten a real baller without a bunch of kids and a wife. She has really choosen to take herself through it all for a man that does not have much to give in term of money. Have fun boo, cuz now his colors is really going to show since you just lost your young and fun appeal by getting pregnant.

  • Maggie

    this is gross for several reasons

  • dee

    I am of the old school of thought that says “how you got him is how you lose him”…if he is able to cheat on his wife of 10 years who is pregnant with twins then he is very capable of doing that to you too. Karma is off tha chain when she wants be honey.

  • that guy

    That dude is a little bit creepy,…. i can’t believe he left a 10 year marriage, 3 kids and 8 months pregnant wife for this barbie stick.

    Now, that is cold !

  • JaeBee

    And here I thought this was a website for discussing black women and issues that concern us…
    Guess I was wrong.

    • bluekissess

      You were stuck on the wrong planet girl. Everything that glitters….

    • Nia

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Like black women or any women actually give a phunk about them.

  • 20candycane13

    How in the world the word BLESSING fits into this mess is beyond me!!! What is BLESSED about a man who leaves his then pregnant with twins WIFE for his harlot/concubine/mistress/jump-off? JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!

    • L-Boogie

      Well, cannot blame the kid.

    • clwa0303

      You forgot wife

  • ChiTown Princess

    I would congratulate them on their baby, but I’m still not over the fact that he left his last wife who was 8 months pregnant with their twins for this sk@nk.

  • Drew

    This bama refuses to even look at a chick who has mother’s skin tone. What a dirt.

    • stewie

      That is his choice and his life, it got nothing to do with you…

      BTW; Stop bastardizing the English language….learn to write Proper English.

      • Drew

        You’re either joking, or order has been destroyed in the Universe. Think: up is now down; yet, down is left. Ponder that for a moment, little girl.

      • Marie De Salle (IvyNoLeague)

        Yet you we’re preaching something totally different when it came to Yaya Dacosta.I guess here choice in life doesn’t matter lol some of you black men can be so hypocritical. What happen to blacks need to stay within the community ?

    • Laine

      Why would you want him to considering what he did??

      • Drew

        Want him??? I’m a dude. Well… a straight dude, that is.

        • bluekissess

          Don’t no sista want his piranha mouth looking a$$. Thanks MN foe deleting the original 😉

    • Chas

      Why is it a bad thing that hes attracted to white women?? Its his personal preference and everyone has a preference