Who Woulda Thought: Antoine Dodson Says He’s Having A Baby…With A Woman

September 18, 2013  |  

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Let’s be real, long before Antoine Dodson held any press conferences about his sexuality, most of us had already assumed the man was gay. Homeboy was flamboyant like a mug. And we weren’t wrong in our assumptions…at the time. But you know that they say sexuality is fluid. And after some soul searching Dodson dedicated himself to the Hebrew Israelite faith and made a Facebook announcement renouncing his sexuality.

In case you missed it, it went something like this:

Source: Facebook

Well, honey Dodson is full of surprises this year. Because just four months after renouncing his homosexuality, he took to Twitter to share the news that he and his mysterious “queen” are having a baby.


I’m not in Dodson’s heart or head; and though I have my doubts, I won’t speak on the plausibility of him suddenly being attracted to women and actually having sex with them. I would to find it interesting to know, though, if being married before producing these children is a part of Dodson’s new found faith.

But even beyond that, my biggest concern is what he seems to have done to his skin. Can we talk about that? Is that a part of the transformation too?

I can’t call it.

What do you make of Antoine’s announcement? Do you believe he’s successfully been able to renounce sexuality?

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  • Person

    Actually according to the bible premarital sex isn’t as bad as homosexual relations

  • amir bey

    So, so sad…

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  • whocaresiknowidont

    Everyone here with their memorized verses, thumping their bibles super hard…I love when people become instantly righteous. All of a sudden you’re pure and white as the driven snow when homosexuality is mentioned–no matter you were just twerkin it up live on the dance floor or the bed. You sinned as soon as you laid eyes on him-the lot of you, with your impure thoughts about this man and hate that spewed from your heart. You already judged him, ye ole sinners. For once, could you “Christians” SHUT THE EFF UP. Just once, close your funky mouths. You quote your bible and yet know nothing of it. I have a big fat fact for you: Sin vs abomination or two entirely different things–look it up. Here’s another gem for you, there is only one sin that the Lord God said was unforgivable…one. So sorry to tell you that it isn’t being gay.

  • jay

    This is so sad. Finding his spirituality did not mean he had to loose his sexuality. I feel bad for all of the black men and black teens who may have looked up to him, who are now being told, in order to find yourself, in order to be happy you must renounce your sexuality. While “to each their own,” and he deserves happiness with whomever he chooses he should not have used these words to explain that he is now “straight.” And yes, homosexuals are born that way. Even if they weren’t how the hell do any of you know? There have been various studies of adults who knew they were homosexual even at the young age of 4. How is that possible if they are not born that way. Also, one must not be told that they have to choose between their individuality and their religion, especially in the black community where young adults are being killed because there is not enough education about homosexuality.
    Education is key people.

  • Lolamimosa

    Let’s discuss how the Bible forbids you to eat pork, wear earrings, wear fake hair etc. Don’t pick and choose. Being a homosexual is not a sin. THEY WERE BORN THIS WAY.

  • SerenityLynn

    From what I what I was told by an Hebrew Israelite, Israelites don’t interpret the Bible the same as “Christians”. They interpret it literally in particular the concept of marriage. For them you pick your wife and that’s your wife. Period. No ceremony, no papers to sign, etc. Your girlfriend is basically your wife if you treat her as such (live with her, sex, raising children etc). They also believe in having multiple “wives” just like the Israelites of the Bible (because they believe they are the true Israelites) So for all the Christians saying he’s still living in sin…for him that’s null and void because his faith doesn’t interpret the Bible the same way Christians do.

    • Kam

      My former co-worker’s dad is a Hebrew Isrealite and he lives exactly as you stated. I’ve been in church my entire life but I also am fully aware that there are people in the world who live different interpretations of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Just because someone doesn’t live your brand of religion doesn’t make them wrong. It means they believe differently than you do.

  • Nubian Princess

    The Bible does not define marriage as going to get a license from your local judge. Marriage is the union of two people before God willing to be committed to each other and their faith and a ceremonial celebration of that union. This society has made marriage a business arrangement with contracts to be signed and the law involved. If two people are united in faith to be faithful to GOD and one another they are married with or without that piece of paper. Homosexuality on the other hand according to the bible is not a lifestyle of the faithful because it undermines one of the instructions of GOD to be fruitful and multiply. man and man or woman and woman can not do that. I’m not homophobic because I have no ill will towards homosexuals in fact I have some close friends that are gay. I however do not judge them because that’s not for me to do the for the Maker. I love them even though I wouldn’t live their lifestyle and I could care less about their sexual preferences.

  • Kim

    Does any of it matter at all? So what he was gay? So what he’s having premarital sex? Whether you believe he’s wrong or right, it’s his life in the end. So why ya’ll up in arms? People are going to sin. If you’re against what they’re doing, just make sure you don’t do that sin and keep it moving. Harping on what you “believe” to everyone doesn’t make any difference whatsoever.

  • Kam

    I am not trying to be ugly or funny, but for as flamboyant and out there as this man portrayed himself to be Antoine Dodson would have had to have a Clorox Transfusion before I laid down with him. Now that being said, if he is sincere in his new path then God bless him.

  • mikki21

    Wait…. So was he saying he was only gay for pay???? I mean he is talking about fame(money) cars(money), clothes(money). I just dont know. It wouldn’t surprise me that people are out there lying about their sexuality to reach a specific audiance.

  • Charley

    People are so judgmental. Its hard for people to change when everyones bashing you up about the decisions you make in life. I can say i am not perfect. I sin Everyday as we all do. But as you live, you grow. And wether you like it or not, you can do or say nothing when your not around a person 24/7. Your not inside their heart or head. You have no clue what that person is going through when they are alone. So who am I to judge what he does. Who am i take comment on this mans beliefs and reasons. I am but a man. Let him be and if God chooses to fix him, then let him lead his journey. Believe in heaven or hell, angels or devils and demons or nothing at all, When you go, it’ll be figured out. But live a life in which you think is right to live. Thats all

    • anonymouse

      funny, they never really question it when a woman announces that she’s not gay or doesn’t engage in homsexual activiy anymore…i.e. anne heche and many others.

  • Tonya Etter

    Funny cause Donnie McClurklin claims to be cured/delivered from being gay…yet I knew his butt had sugar in it the moment I saw him LONG BEFORE I discovered his past gay life. U cannot change who/what makes u aroused…point blank period

  • Shari Gage


  • JerkJackson

    Y’all just had to find that pic with the blonde wig! Lol!

    • GeekMommaRants


  • Bits

    LMAO!!!! he is SUPER gay and all of ya’ll know it! stop playing!!!!

    • YouStillGayAsHell

      Thank you! These idiots on here believe that gays can turn straight, knowing damn well they still gay and will get them some man meat. Of course that a gay man can procreate, but he’s still gay!

  • deebeezy

    Can we discuss WTH happened to this man’s skin????!!! Say no to self-hate folks…and bleaching cream.

    • YouStillGayAsHell

      Bleached skin, blonde wig, pure self-hating fake straight guy! Betcha if Wentworth Miller hit on him, he’ll be on him faster than you can say “A”.

  • Chas

    I don’t believe people chose to be gay so I don’t think hes actually attracted to women now but that’s nice he found something to believe in and hes going for it

  • Lisa

    I just want to see what she looks like, for some reason, I think she is cute.

  • Lexi

    I’m not speaking or agreeing with any side but I feel that people grow and people change. I do feel that sexuality is apart of preferences. So if he prefers women now it doesn’t mean that he would cheat on them or doesnt love them, it means he has a diferent concept on how he views himself as a person…And I feel that we all should respect him and his decisions.

  • GetDeliveredSaveYourSoul

    Look at all the “gays” getting mad. I can stand “gays” they are not but the devil children. Only satan get mad and rebuke the WORD OG GOD! When judgement day come they won’t be able to enjoy homosexuality in the after life hahahaha!!!

  • Lena

    Another victim of religion. It could be a publicity stunt though. I find it disturbing though that black people and latinos haven’t found the correlation between poverty, low IQ, etc. with religious fanaticism, they go hand in hand. I understand that man’s nature is try to explain things they can’t understand making up magical beings out of fear of what they don’t know, but I truly believe that that need shouldn’t blind our LOGIC. He’s gay, a natural occurrence of all creatures on earth and we’re the only species that discriminate against homosexuals, like I said, it’s all fear of the unknown. Most importantly, I believe in HUMAN RIGHTS, and of the main principles is respecting other people’s lives. It shouldn’t be anybody’s business what others do with their sexuality. Why does it bother YOU?

    • tt

      He put it out there for the world to see… Your question is asinine..

    • Barren Boe

      there are plenty rich religious minorities and homeless atheist

      • Lena

        Those are the exception, not the rule, statistics are clear. Second, that STILL doesn’t answer my question, why does it bother YOU?

        • Barren Boe

          that you accept these random numbers given to you. you really think they want those statistics to be positive? That they knock on every American’s door? look in every corner? statistics are not accurate

  • stewie

    He is one very confused young man, unfortunately he is now bringing anther life into this world.

    I just have to ask;- is there some kind of man shortage in the hood or something…..why would any women want to have a child with this unstable man? This is what is messed up about black people, we don’t care about the circumstances we bring a child in to this world.

    • Chey

      Too damn true!

    • TT

      Child, did she go & have him Tested…Christ man

  • dsuberu

    Now this is aint no poke at God but the religious delusion of
    ‘some’ people never cease to amaze me… This dim-witted simpleton
    probably means well but has no grasp on reality. He’ll be in rehab on an ego comedown
    when his desires for d*** reaches fever pitch!

    • GeekMommaRants

      I spit coffee on my monitor and fell down laughing at your comment. ROFL!!!

  • Nick Roberts

    You’re still a f@g you effin f@ggot! You doing this just for attention, something you haven’t had in about 2 years. Plus you bleach your skin and wearing a blonde wig, self hating f@ggot!!! Now go back into obscurity with your dumb @ss baby mama, you still a f@g!

    • YouStillGayAsHell

      Once a f@ggot, ALWAYS a f@ggot!!!

    • jaamgirl

      Wow, that’s a shocking amount of vitriol to feel for a stranger.

  • bluekissess

    I applaud anyone who wants change for their lives. How he lives his life is not for me to understand. That’s his journey. But, what does upset me are the comments. These copy and paste scriptures just means you copied and paste a scripture. People want to pick and choose what’s Christan and what’s not. People are so quick to preach the gospel but probably live in sin. It’s sad.

    • clwa0303

      Ain’t no probably about it……

      • bluekissess


    • sabrina

      Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. We are –><– here. I was like…I'm not even gonna say anything — there is no point in that. Who are we to condemn?! Even Jesus said He didn't come to judge the world, but to save the world! And we are no greater than our Master. Did they miss that part in Scripture?!

      • bluekissess

        Seems like a bad movie. People tend to fast forward to the good parts. It’s his life and what he does is between him and the god he chooses

    • Growth

      EXACTLY. The devil knows scripure too.

    • Barren Boe

      yea it does seem a bit ironic to be preaching on a gossip site…but we are all imperfect

  • YouStillGayAsHell

    Yuck! Anyways, he’s still gay, that gay urge isn’t COMPLETELY gone, he gone get him some man meat again, even behind his dumb baby mama’s back!

    • Paul Dronette

      LOL @ man meat!!

  • Trisha_B

    That baby is gonna be confused. Im sorry. He’s a flamboyant man, that wears weaves, walks/talks, & have mannerisms of a woman. He is not heterosexual. Him having a girlfriend is to just seem right for society. But sooner or later, he’s gonna be sneaking around w/ men. You can only suppress those feelings for so long. Look how many stories are out there of male public figures sneaking around w/ men while being married w/ kids. I may not understand the homosexual lifestyle at times, but these people shouldn’t have to fake it, not be true to themselves just to please people. Be you! Im sure the rates of hiv wouldnt be so high

    • jaamgirl

      We cannot say with absolute certainty that he will “sneak around with men” sooner or later. We can only surmise.

    • clwa0303

      I completely agree. My question is, is that a recent pic of him? Is he still dressing and carrying himself the same as he did before he “renounced” who he is? With the weaves and all? Because that doesn’t really match up with this new leaf he’s supposed to have turned over?

      • Trisha_B

        Idk if this pic is new. But i remember an interview he did about not wanting to be gay anymore, & in the video he had in red yarn twist…

        • Bits


        • clwa0303

          Lmao shut up!!!!!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    he can decide not to have sex with men…will that remove the attraction he has for them? No…i think it’s great that he’s nurturing his spiritual side…in terms of whether it’s right or wrong for him to be having a baby out of wedlock that’s between him & GOD…I really hope that’s bad lighting or makeup in that pic & that he is not bleaching his skin.

    • You summed it up perfectly!

    • Paul Dronette

      A better question is, was he really attracted to men? Maybe he was always heterosexual and the homosexuality was simply an acting out.

      I mean we have heard of the opposite. People practicing heterosexuality but are really homosexual. Profess their homosexuality, embrace it, then find happiness. Many questions. Not enough answers.

      • Keema Crayola Farrow

        Its easier for black men to become women then to be a black man in America….every where you go , you see gay black men….its too much!! This is my thing be gay all you want, live your life, but I don’t need a grown man to run around behaving like women…that’s my job not yours…

  • intitled to an opinion

    The society we live in, you can no longer have an opinion or be against the gay lifestyle. Kudos to him if he finally figured out what’s right!
    PS to the writer, do you question when to men or women live together in sin? Why question if he’s married or not?

    • Sheena Hill

      Its questioned because he announced that he wants to follow the bible and having babies out of wedlock is a sin for everyone

      • Ms. Kameria


    • Truth0312

      You can have an opinion, but unlike the old days, more people will openly oppose it. Happens all the time, so that’s no big deal. I think the writer’s questioning of his marital status because his renouncement of homosexuality is tied to his new religious conversion. Marriage is a big leap, especially by someone who may or may not be living a lie. Just saying….

  • Ms. Kameria

    Are they married? (before having a baby)

    • Nia

      I hope not. Why make a mistake into an even bigger mistake.

  • Ms_Mara

    Jesus take the wheel and drive it into something hard. What is….did he…. I just can’t.

  • reeceecup™

    the right thing? hmm i dunno know about that..

    • maha


      • Clifford Cj Tate

        Ok, so what’s the difference in homosexual fornication and heterosexual fornication?? We so busy throwin’ stones at the Mo’s that we totally overlook that fact that we have sex with the opposite sex without the benefit of marriage as if that’s OK with GOD!! Where is your scripture for that?

        • Guest360

          Thank you!!!! I mean if you’re going to quote scripture, quote them all.

        • NaturalJem

          1 Corinthians 7:2

          • Clifford Cj Tate

            What about the UNMARRIED folks having sex? Where is the scripture that bashes that, was the question?

            • NaturalJem

              1 Corinthians 7 the whole chapter. It provides further guidance on this.

            • sha

              Stop it – Now ya’ll know damn well the Bible states sex before marriage is not right either. And since man/man or woman/woman cannot be married before God according to the teachings of the bible, thus homosexuality, according to the Bible is wrong on that issue alone. Now that can be debated, dissected and whatever but that is what the Book says. You cant make it mean what you want it or change the meaning to what fits your lifestyle – non homosexuals included. But we cannot change God’s mind so……the Bible is what it is.
              Discrimination is wrong for whatever reason.
              I cannot say I have a defined opinion about it but I do have a question.
              Real Talk Question – Why do gay people become angry or upset with someone who decides the lifestyle is no longer for them? I equate it to an alcoholic deciding not to drink or an addict choosing not to use, or leaving a negative relationship. Not in the sense that homosexuality is an any way equated with drugs or alcohol, but in the sense it is choice one makes for their personal well being. Of couse the outside world can never know what is best for someone’s well being but have noticed the responses are usually negative and just wonder why? As I have re-read my question, now thinking could it be that the change is possibly brought about because the individual believes is is negative – and that is an issue? If so, I agree – I can see how that could be a reason to be angry because it gives the indication to others that its something wrong or ? Am I getting close to an answer?

              • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

                Many gays argue amongst themselves on the matter of being gay. Many believe that they were born that way and that’s all there is to it. Obviously, this man now disagrees. Which should spur more debate among the gay community.

            • Keema Crayola Farrow

              Boom! Thank you!!

        • Dez

          The difference most Christians acknowledge fornicating before marriage is a sin. I have yet to hear a homosexual admit that what they are doing is a sin. Thats the difference.

          • Keema Crayola Farrow

            Look who is to say what is a sin and what is not….I am not for Christians or Gay nonsense, I am for morals! which Christians don’t have any as far as I can tell….

      • Keema Crayola Farrow

        Please stop it …do you even know who invented Christianity? Do your homework black ppl!!!

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Good for him….stop emulating hood rats and be a real man

    • IllyPhilly

      Bwhahahaha at this!

    • GeekMommaRants

      You really think that Antoine is a thug…brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Real man is who he is attracted too. Reality much?

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Who said anything about being a “thug” a “hood rat” is a ghetto mentality WOMAN-which is exactly how he behaves.

        • GeekMommaRants

          My comment was meant as humor. Only a moron would this guy as thug.

  • Courtney

    Why is it always questionable when someone wants to do the RIGHT thing???? Smh if the man says he’s been delivered from that lifestyle why is it so hard to believe?? Anything is possible with God.

    • WhatAHomophobe

      Are you insinuating that renouncing homosexuality is the “right thing”?! Homosexuality is neither “right” or “wrong”, it’s simply a preference for a gender. And it is questionable because everyone knows what happens when a true homosexual tries to suppress his true sexuality—you get like Governor McGreevey and end up abandoning your wife and kids because no one can pretend to be someone they’re not (a heterosexual) forever without cracking.

      • Courtney

        I’m sorry I’m a Christian it’s wrong to me. It’s also wrong if he had a baby with that woman and is not married. Wrong is wrong in the eyes of God. But you believe what you believe I believe what I believe. Agree to disagree the end 🙂

        • Maranatha

          You never apologize for saying what you believe.

          It’s not “I’m sorry I’m a Christian…”

          It’s “Bottom line. Homosexuality is wrong on the count of both God and by the natural course of engineered life and I stand by what I believe and by what I know and what is clear that is the physical order of things in this life.”


          Homosexuals can’t go around beating up on everybody and calling them “homophobes.” Maybe they are “heterophobes.”

          • IllyPhilly

            Religions and holy books can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong.


            • Bits

              Thank you!!!! they don’t get it…believe me they just don’t.

          • There’s over a thousand religions, but don’t worry, yours is the right one.

            • inessa

              homosexuality is wrong in EVERY religion!!

              • NO it is not. That’s you’re “Christian” view and that you should question how your ancestors became “Christians” in the first place. Jews don’t believe in “sin” the way Christians do BTW.

          • baudoinjulian

            мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

            People want to pick and choose what’s Christan and what’s not. People are so quick to preach the gospel but probably live in sin. It’s sad.

        • Shari Gage


        • GeekMommaRants

          Now you have disagreed with biology and genetics. WHY?

      • that’s thewayit is

        Sweetheart homosexuality is wrong. ..if you don’t know. ..you will smh

    • IllyPhilly

      Ew. Which one is the “right” thing? The skin lightening or blatant lies he’s telling himself?

    • Tami

      My only issue is whether he is MARRIED or not. Just as homosexuality is a sin, so is premarital sex. So, HOPEFULLY, he isn’t having sex and children out of WEDLOCK.

      • paul

        I have a son out of wedlock. Marriage is a joke.