13 More Than Legit Reasons To Dump A Cheater

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Some women are more than willing to forgive their man for cheating. Some say, and believe, that infidelity can be overcome if the right amount of time, effort, and emotions are put into forgiving. However, even if you are able to forgive your man for cheating on him, you’re never able to forget the experience and emotions that you were put through. Once infidelity has made its way into your relationship, things are rarely ever the same; hence are 14 legit reasons to dump a cheater, even if you think you can forgive him.

Note: These reasons are more pertinent to relationships, rather than marriages.

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The relationship is changed forever

Once infidelity is brought into a relationship, it can never be taken out. Cheating causes all sorts of residual problems including a lack of trust and respect — two issues that are extremely hard to overcome and forgive. Though you may say you can forgive this man, the fact is that for as long as you’re with him, this cheating episode will remain in the back of your mind.

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Your sexual health

In some cases, with cheating comes STDs, which compromises and jeopardizes your sexual and reporductive health. While you may appear to be okay this time, what about the next time he decides to mess around on you with another woman? Don’t let cheating put your health at risk. By dumping a cheater, you don’t have to worry about what disease you may come in contact with because of this man.


You deserve better

Cheating can leave you feeling down and out about yourself, and you may even find that you’re blaming your man’s decision to cheat on something that you did or didn’t do. The fact is that no women deserves to be cheated on. No matter if you’ve been with a man for a week or five years, cheating should never be a part of the picture. You deserve someone who won’t break his commitment to you.

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A man is better than a boy

Men who cheat on their woman aren’t really men, they’re boys. Men cheat because they are trying to run away from something, can’t control themselves, or because they don’t know how to communicate to you that something is wrong. Any man who cheats on a woman has a lot of growing up to do, and don’t let yourself be the woman in the position of being his second mom. You deserve a real man who can be faithful and true from day one.


It’ll be one less worry in your life

If you decide to stay with a man who has cheated on you, you leave yourself vulnerable to all sorts of worries day in and day out, and some of them may never go away or resolve themselves, no matter how much time has passed. Will he cheat on you again? Is he still talking to this other woman? Has he done it in the past and never admitted to it? Will he really change? Staying with a cheater can put your mind and heart into a scramble.


You’re lowering your standards

By deciding to stay with a cheater, you’re inevitably lowering your standards. Before you met this guy, you’d have never put up with a man cheating on you, nor would you date a man who you knew had cheated on a woman before. Staying with a cheater means that you voluntarily lower your standards and all but allow him to get away with his infidelity. Don’t let your standards go down the drain because of this man.


You can focus on you

Once a cheater is out of the picture and you’re done with an unfaithful relationship, you can really start to focus on yourself. You can go back to doing things you once loved to do and focus on healing yourself. Having more time for yourself means that you can reassess your wants and needs in a man while also focusing on what makes you happy, even when you’re single.


You keep your self-respect and self-esteem

After being cheated on, you will more than likely try blaming things on yourself, which will inevitably lower your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. When you start blaming yourself for your man’s decision, you start chipping away at your self-love. If you get rid of the cheater in your life, you can focus on ensuring that your confidence and self-esteem levels remain as high as they’ve ever been.


You’re taking the best possible way out

When it comes to dealing with infidelity in a relationship, there are only two choices. You can decide to stay or you can decide to leave. While some women decide to stay in efforts to try to patch up the relationship, others realize that leaving really is the best answer to all of this. While it’s hard to leave someone you care about, it’s even harder waking up each day with doubt and questions in your mind.

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Life is less stressful

Even months after being cheated on, you’ll probably find that your life is going to be more hectic and stressful than it’s been in a while. Infidelity and trying to repair a relationship with a cheater can definitely ruin the vibe of your relationship and your life. Having a lot of stress in your life isn’t healthy, and by dumping the man who cheated on you, you have one less source of stress to have to deal with.

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You set a good example

You aren’t the first or last woman to be cheated on, and while some women are willing to stay with the man who betrayed them, why not be different and show other women that it’s possible to go on with life after being cheated on, even if it means being single? Prove that women can be strong and independent by setting a good example for other women around you and any future suitors.


You’ll save money in the long run

Trying to deal with and overcome infidelity can be expensive. By staying with a cheater, you’ll quickly find that counseling and therapy can become pretty pricey. Though money shouldn’t dictate whether or not you stay with a man, it definitely matters when it comes down to deciding whether or not to stay with a man who you’re not certain may cheat again.

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In the end, he cheated

If there is no other reason to leave a man who cheated on you, just remember the fact that he cheated. He made the decision to break your trust and your respect without realizing what the impact would be. It was his choice to risk the relationship that you two had. The fact is that most men who cheat aren’t just one-time offenders. Many men cheat over and over, even if they say they won’t.

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