You Don’t Want It With Her! Naomi Campbell Claps Back At Interviewer Who Calls Her “Angry”

September 17, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Model veteran Naomi Campbell was recently interviewed by Britain’s Channel 4 News to honor the beginning of London’s Fashion Week. The focus of the interview was centered on why Naomi partnered with Bethann Hardison and Iman to speak out against the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. And while answering the interviewer’s questions with much poise and grace, Campbell stated that although she has become a household name and gained much success in her modeling career,  she feels in order to pay it forward she much advocate for young black models who are finding their way in the industry.

When asked how she dealt with discrimination, Campbell said:

“It made me stronger, it made me want to rise to the challenge, it made me more determined, more passionate to overcome—that’s me.”

When the interviewer then asked Naomi if she is a role model, she stated she is not; thus causing him to imply her actions are a ploy for her to reform her public image rather than address diversity in the fashion industry. He said, “You have a reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being an angry person,” and asked if the model’s anti-racism activism was an example of “good anger.”

Like a woman with as much intelligence as her beauty, Campbell shut down his anger claims and offered the rebuttal of her being passionate about the generation of black models on the rise who are being hired less. She also told her interviewer she is not an angry black woman but concerned about her community.

Sounds like Naomi might have finally grown up. Check out the interview in the video below. What do you think about how she handled herself?

Do you think the “angry” statement was necessary? 

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  • Afrika

    I’m so tired of this so called Angry Black Woman syndrome…….Why can’t black women express themselves passionately without being called angry or bitter. Why can’t we express ourselves at all without it being confused with rage? Why is our “behavior” always under a microscope?

    • Heidi Jeffries

      Because people are sick of the negative attitude, head shaking, and hand on the hip persona. It doesn’t work and generates eye rolls. Why not be thoughtful and express yourself intelligently if you want to be credible.

      • Brittany Sweat

        You obviously misunderstood what Afrika is saying…She didn’t say anything about negative attitudes or expressions. She said why can’t a black woman be passionate without being called angry or confrontational. However, a white person gets an attitude and they are said to be frustrated…This country is backwards and it’s time for a change!!! Decent Black people are tired of being labeled as if white society knows us personally….That would be thoughtful and intelligent to STOP STEREOTYPING!!!!

  • OStors1935

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    What she has done in her past has nothing at all to do with seeing black models on the runway.

  • Nia

    What she has done in her past has nothing at all to do with seeing black models on the runway.

  • enlightenment

    I agree with what she’s saying, but her “angry” past will unfortunately continue to haunt her.

    • Live_in_LDN

      It shouldn’t. They are two completely unrelated issues and I doubt the interviewer was referencing her past assault charges either. Sean Penn has a history of violence but that wasn’t brought up when he was doing charity work in Venezuela so why should Naomi’s?

      • KinksCurlsandLOVE

        Agreed!! Robert Downy Jr had a past full of drugs and being in and out of prison. Now he’s one of the top actors in Hollywood.