“This Person Thinks It’s Cool To Talk About People All Day”: Ciara Claps Back At Bullying Internet Troll

September 17, 2013  |  


If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably weren’t aware of the fact that people love to put down Ciara for some reason. Because she’s not selling records like some of the other big women in the game, people tell her she should sit down and stop making music. People have put together a petition in the past to force her to stop singing. And if that’s not enough, famous folks in the public eye have even tried to diss her, including one Good Girl Gone Bad who won’t be named. Yet and still, Ciara has taken all of these slights in stride. But yesterday, when one cyber troll got a little too comfortable, the singer had to put her in check.

The Twitter troll had quite a lot to say, hitting up Ciara’s page with questions and statements like:


She also ranted about Ciara messing with Bow Wow back in the day, and tried to make comments about her body. This was clearly someone looking for attention and looking to get Ciara to respond. And she did, going for the woman’s hair on social media (which we’re pretty sure wasn’t really her):


The troll tried to respond, but luckily, Ciara passed on trading further barbs and instead decided to let her followers know how frustrated she gets sometimes when people constantly disrespect her, and told them that cyber bullying? Not a good look.


I’m sure it definitely gets frustrating when folks are constantly trying to dog you just because you’re in the spotlight, and Ciara seems like a genuinely nice person–but we all have to stand up and say something at some point.  What do you think of her and her cyber troll?

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  • whodatis

    Ciara is so irrelevant. She has no singing ability. And her dance moves are the same dance moves she’s been doing since the beginning of her career. Things get old and boring after a while. People want Fresh & New*** {opinion} Thanks. ((not bullying)).

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  • YouStupid!

    Ciara should have told her bitter behind…bill ray cyrus called he wants his hairstyle back.

  • Krystal

    i didn’t know people were still wearing mullets?

    • YouStupid!

      Thank you Krystal..I couldn’t remember the name of the sytle..LOL

  • Superfox Mackin

    She clapped back!!!!!! Go Ciara!

  • Tierra B.

    That girl looks like Tyler Perry

    • Superfox Mackin


  • bluekissess

    Lol people and these “she’s human” comments. You have to have thick skin in this business. Don’t give people a reason to talk mess. Don’t argue with a fool onlookers won’t tell the difference

    • BB Fortune

      She IS human, how would your fare in the same situation??? if 1000 trolls like her were attacking you how would you deal with it? This is just ONE incident, I am sure there are others that did not make the news. “Thick Skin” seems to be code for let people s*** on you because of the business you are in, you have to keep taking it. Sometimes you have an “enough is enough” moment.

      • bluekissess

        It’s alot of things I don’t care about. People and their opinions about me and what I do with my life is one of them. Especially, if I’ve never met or had a intellectual conversation with. Now if it was family or a close friend I wouldn’t need an instagram account all I need is a phone call and an address. People are so into their feelings that it’s ridiculous. Just block the girl and keep it moving.

    • mac

      Thank you. It’s one of the tradeoffs of being a public star.

      I got a 9-5 and ends to meet, you got interweb trolls. Boo freakin hoo.

  • Ladybug94

    LOL. I thought the same thing about her bangs before I even read the article. Horrible. It seems that people now feel more comfortable than ever to just be blatantly rude for no reason. Like it’s a badge of honor; it’s not. It shows lack of home training.

  • Acococure

    oh and the matrix will always have relevance…BOOM YOW LOL

    • Superfox Mackin

      Yes it will

  • Acococure

    I usually don’t say people are hatting but this chick is def. Jelly of Ciara she has legs for years and great strength in her dancing abilty to be able to do those moves so she does need to take several seats!

  • pitiful

    smh just click the block button. My goodness it’s not that hard to do.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Sorry this hater looks like Tyler Perry (not as Madea) in a bad wig. Sad that grown people use the internet to bully others. #getyourlife

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  • Hello

    I think it’s sad there are people who think it’s ok to attack someone like that. They hide behind their computer screens and say whatever they want. Social media has made people crazy and disrespectful and it needs to stop. I think all forms of bullying need consequences.

  • Honesty

    Yet she talks about Rihanna all day. Bird

    • Kim

      And rihanna and her crew talks about karreuche all day… even trade i guess.

      • Superfox Mackin

        For real

    • Rita Balenciaga Von Teese

      When and where has she talked about Rihanna? Rihanna and her clique are mean girls, I’ve seen PLENTY from them, NONE for Ciara.

  • Pam

    The fact that she even responded gets the side eye smh …… your an entertainer so deal ….. get out of the spotlight if you don’t want backlash. Now the chick making comments to Cierrror well a person with obviously to much time on their hands …..

    • whocaresiknowidont

      No, simpleton. She’s a human being first. She has every right to feel and respond as one. I guess she’s not allowed to doo-doo either since she’s an entertainer and all, huh?

      • mishamish


    • unque43

      The thing is this even though she is a celeb, she is still a person, this is the career she chose. Just because she is a celeb (her career) does not mean she is n ot human and have feelings. and being a human she can break emotionally. Its never okay to bully. What does that bully do for a living except trolling on the internet, I think she is jealous. It’s never okay. We get it she seems not to like Ciara, why she on her twitter page? Why is she following her. I think she is jealous of her Ciara is a beautiful woman, Now she is on blast and everyone can see her, will people say anything about her looks. If you don’t like a celeb, don’t buy their product, don’t watch them on televison or in the movies. The way she was going off on Ciara makes her look simple,stupid, I hope she is not teaching any kids because to continue her hate is bad.

      • Superfox Mackin

        Thank you I don’t understand why people justify that

    • Tiki

      So you’re saying that just because she’s celeb, she has to sign over her human feelings too? She has every right to defend herself just like the rest of us when we’re verbally attacked online by people who are miserable with their own lives and want everyone else, even celebs to be miserable too.

    • Lisa

      She is actually helping others with her response that can’t say something for themselves.

      She is on model status right now

    • Superfox Mackin

      Okay I get what you’re saying but I’m pretty sure if you were her you’d respond as well

    • BB Fortune

      Being a celebrity does not put you in some “special” category where you do not feel, get mad and deal with rude people. People think they can say anything they please and people have to just take it because they are famous? Give me a break! I watched an interview with George Clooney where he shared about a “fan” who walked up to him at an event then proceeded to list off all his movies and what she hated about him and his acting. After several minutes of her “just saying” insults, he mentioned with a smile on his face how good she looked with that extra 35 pounds she was carrying. She got offended called him and a-hole and stormed off, but it was OK for her to stand there and insult him and his body of acting work for several minutes??? She could dish it out but could not take it in return. Ciara exercised great self control. She just commented on the girls bangs, she could have gotten really ugly with her but refrained. People FORGET the celebrities have feelings too, they just say stupid ish and expect them to continue to be gracious about it. Miss Ghetto Fabulous needs life instead of wasting her time trolling.

    • mac

      don’t know why this has so many down votes, you’re absolutely correct.

      I don’t think anyone expects celebs to be completely unfazed by Internet slander. Yes they are human.

      HOWEVER, not everything needs to be entertained or responded to. The minute a celeb gives these trolls attention, that’s a mission accomplished in their book.
      No matter how Ciara tried to play it off, this girl clearly got under her skin and got her to stoop down to her level. The saying about never fighting with a pig because you’ll get dirty and the pig enjoys it? Definitely applies here.

      Yes she should deal. And that’s not to excuse the trolls’ behavior, but it’s a cost of doing business as far as I’m concerned.

      A cheap one if you ask me. If she can’t handle it, then she should stay off social media. Problem solved.

  • Laughing@Fools

    Glad she put them on blast!!!

    • baudoinjulian

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      People are so into their feelings that it’s ridiculous. Just block the girl and keep it moving.