Stereotypes About Light-Skinned Black Men That We Need To Put To An End

September 27, 2013  |  
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First J. Cole made a statement that President Obama’s complexion is what got him into the White House, then a friend of mine matter-of-factly informed me that, “All light-skinned men are conceited…and every basic black woman’s dream.” And even though such statements aren’t meant to be malicious, I must say the meme’s that go, “Light-skinned dudes be like…” kind of bothers me on some level.

It’s no secret that as a race we haven’t overcome our issues with a light-skin vs. dark-skin mentality, but there are some stereotypes that are just plain not true. All they do is reiterate our own insecurities.  I’ve dated enough black men, of different complexions and backgrounds, to reassure you that both jerks and gentlemen alike come in all different colors.
If you are still limiting your choice of men with these common stereotypes, I need you to Netflix Spike Lee’s School Daze, WAKE UP! and then join us in 2013.

Light-skinned men are conceited.

Conceited isn’t a light-skinned quality, it’s a cocky, arrogant man quality.  I’ve seen guys who make Shabba Ranks look like Trey Songz fighting their woman for the mirror.  I think when some women are rejected, we set a dangerous pattern of associating all men with the boy in middle school who told us we were ugly or checked “No” on our “Do you like me?” note.  Then we make all kinds of excuses for why we aren’t attracted to guys like that, when the truth is on some level we think they are off limits to us.  Besides, every man who takes pride in their appearance isn’t conceited.
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Light-skinned men are “out of style.”

I remember when I first heard Chris Brown and Drake were involved in a scuffle and jokingly thought, “Come on guys, you have to stick together. Y’all are just getting hot again.”  Everyone’s entitled to have a “type.” We like what we like.  But skin complexion isn’t like skinny jeans or Ugg boots.  There are real people behind those skin colors we like to casually glorify or degrade. I didn’t think Tyrese or Tyson Beckford were the sexiest things alive just because ’90s mass marketing told me they were the new face of “Black is Beautiful” in America, nor do I believe women were chasing after light-skinned men just because Al B. Sure and Christopher Williams were new jack swinging it in the late ’80s.  You know what isn’t in style?  Racism and bigotry. And just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re incapable of it.

Light-skinned people are more polite, or less ratchet.

Once again, corner boys and college grads come in all colors. Just because he’s the same complexion as our President doesn’t mean you can take him home to momma.

Light-skinned guys are too “soft” or emotional.

Thank you to the geniuses of Instagram for repeatedly reminding us that Drake is the kind of dude who makes photo collages of friends, dots his I’s with hearts and feels guilty for bruising fruit.  Men like to say things like that, but I think it’s sad that as women we also have issues with sensitivity no matter whom it’s coming from.  We’re so used to being in dysfunctional relationships that if a man is not cussing us out, gripping us up or having sex like he’s having Vietnam flashbacks, he must not love us because he’s lacking “thug passion.”  I don’t want a man breaking down in front of me like I’m Iyanla, but it’s nice to know that on some level they are vulnerable, have regrets, and that they think about things other than getting money and what girl can twerk the best.
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They all have “good” hair.

If you still have the archaic state of mind that good hair falls on a scale of Eric Benet to Ginuwine, I have a rude awakening for you: Who can’t have good hair these days?  I hope we’re not still stuck in the grade school dream that if we snag some Evan Ross look-a-like, our future babies will emerge from the womb with golden curly tendrils.  Guess what?  There were probably a lot of broken combs and hair grease in light-skinned curly’s past before he discovered wave caps and texturizer.  For now, let’s try paying some more attention in biology before we try to use our talents as part-time geneticists to choose who we pro-create with.
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All light-skinned men are attractive.

I don’t like to call anyone ugly, but we all know that there are plenty of people in the world who aren’t attractive according to society’s strict standards.  With that said, being born light-skinned doesn’t give you a lifetime pass into the Beautiful People’s Club or guarantee that you are only capable of creating Huggies models for children. Acne, overbites and lazy eyes know no color.

Light-skinned men can’t be afro-centric or display black pride.

So a man can’t lead a protest or be a victim of racism when he passes the paper bag test?  Malcolm X was looking more like Tre than Ricky in Boyz in the Hood. I’m just saying.

Light-skinned man can’t adequately perform “alpha-male” tasks.

My fiancée is living proof that light-skinned men aren’t sitting back filing their nails or brushing their hair when there’s a flat tire that needs to be fixed or a toilet that’s calling for an unclogging.  There are plenty of men who would rather get their hands dirty then sit back admiring their own red-boned beauty all day.


They are weak and can’t defend themselves.

I don’t care if your boyfriend is cobalt blue, a man should be able to defend his woman’s honor and make her feel protected.  That doesn’t mean he needs to be knocking out every man that makes a rude comment, but don’t assume that if your man is on the lighter side he’s more worried about not getting his face scratched than standing up for you or himself. Light-skinned men seem to get tested more and some men seem to think they can say things to a “Shemar Moore” that they wouldn’t say to someone walking down the street looking like Omar off The Wire, so you never know who is more of a lover than a fighter and who is ready to throw down when it’s time to go down.
Toya Sharee is a community health educator and parenting education coordinator who has a  passion for helping  young women build their self-esteem and make well-informed choices about their sexual health.  She also advocates for women’s reproductive rights and blogs about  everything from beauty to love and relationships. Follow her on Twitter @TheTrueTSharee or visit her blog, Bullets and Blessings.  


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  • Jon Johnson

    Yeah, we as a people always talk all that usual smack about “light skin vs dark skin”, and how it doesn’t make a difference! But, we’re only continuing to lie to ourselves…because that’s the real truth, and exactly how most Black folks really feel! We, talk as though being dark skin, or light skin doesn’t matter, but just take a look around you, and hopefully you’ll see the real truth! Bottom line ..we’re just as much “racists” as are white people! That’s, truly sad! That’s also only one of the reasons why we as a people are really jacked up! We, literally hate ourselves, for one stupid reason, or another!

  • Blacks caught upon external vision? Refuse write further nonsense men. Whom have careers enjoying success. Attractive to mind resent unclothe minds. African allure popular in EU is. This wrong media USA taught. Bigotry please retain this hate. USA we laugh so many. Gotten acclaim in EU and South America. Afro/French men have credentials women. Seek yes together still playing. Fields also human nature topic. Appearance why? Men above not stereotypical image. Gangsta or non achievers this appeasing. Racist attitude lack luster haters So giving a damn promote positive. Asian going next hot market movies. Sharing there cultural appeal enough. Nothing wrong human attraction. Daughter married to physician from Cameroon. Ask me people stare or dare. Inquire EU certainly not. Ancient ways of USA ideal. Society going rewrite culture. Visit France difference Blacks success. Not aggress why there residing.Non African if so problematic governments. Many immigrate become success. Time for careers,education and political awareness. Color of men a waste Merci. Indians whom reside in UK and USA. Support there heritage Bollywood films. Success yes fashion world editions. India and ASEAN markets why survival. Enjoy your site present success. Not regression article mention 40yrs. Ago still reverting inept discussion. What happen to Africa?

  • tmoneyb

    What is this BS, anyone who has a brain should know that arrogance and rachettness has no certain shade or skin tone. Who wrote this, I’ve heard enough.

  • Aliyah

    Nobody wants dark babies really dark babies are just as beautiful, threes on who made this comment needs to stop ! I seen ugly light babies too so stop with this dark skin Is ugly ! Anyway I like light and dark skin black men . Sadly the men here are not looking my way . I only get guys out of state that’s why I’m moving in a few years closer to were I have more option .

    • Valencia Stokes

      Plenty of people want dark babies because every dark person is not insecure

  • Alexious Johnson

    So glad I grew up in Alaska. ….

  • Dre

    As a light skin man, I find it funny when people think light skin men are soft, because growing up we are constantly fucked with. Dark skin boys would think I was soft until I made a reputation for myself not to be messed with. Another thing is, we have to prove how Black we are, more to our people than to anyone else. Sometimes I feel like I should just cut my ‘Black card’ and just date White women/ Latina women because they don’t care if I’m light skin like Black women do. It’s the most logical and stress free thing to do. I would elaborate on my points and go more in-depth about this issue but to be honest I’m tired of you Black folks and your superficial hangups.

    • SANDRA

      What do you mean ? You want to cut your ” black card”.?

  • IronEvilWT

    Being a light brown skin guy myself,I have had to deal with the same ignorance from all nationalities! To me it’s Bull shhhh. Seriously I think that we’re all human beings at the end of the day regardless what damn complexion you are! This issue has been a problem for centuries. It’s the main reason why people stay and die alone without being treated like you don’t exist? For instance,I never have been able to find a woman I took interest in because she assumes I’m another immature fool like the other brown skin dudes on television? I don’t even have time to keep up with the crap on the media being a full time college student and Security Guard.How the hell could I be any of them when I’m 1000% me 24/7! Nowadays people in the states and towns, I use to live in want to see people in my complexion struggle. I can care less being a fighter never giving up! Today I can say many people go on looks and not how you use your mind and common sense. As human beings we shouldn’t keep letting Hollywood and reality television screw our minds up! Keep living for you,keep being healthy and powerful. Be 1000% real daily no excuses!

  • Deelishis23

    I love lightskin men i find them very attractive im a darkskin woman myself and im very attracted to the opposite of me. Most men my skin complexion aren’t really attracted to me i usually get noticed by lighter tone men or hispanic,white etc.

    • Guest

      Yeah, you’re right, but secretly, all men prefer light skinned women. The world sees dark as ugly, not just black people, and honestly, I made fun of dark as hell boys, and I called them “burnt” “black as hell” etc. But it seems like a natural negative condition that many people have. Being black is negative. Dark girls think light men are all into them, but lighter people don’t want darker babies. I sure as hell don’t want kids that are darker than me

      • Valencia Stokes

        And thats why i see dark skinned people with lighter spouses all the time right? Get over yourself sweetie. Everybody does not like the same thing. There are people that DO prefer chocolate hun

    • Savon Hankins

      Black women are delusional

  • Nyomi

    I have NEVER been attracted to lightskin men. This is coming from a darkskin female

    • Mark

      Im sure they dont find u attractive either. Were u jealous of the pretty light skin girls in high school? Lol

      • deedee

        You sound disgustingly ignorant. Dark skin girl took yo man or nah?

        • Mark

          Took my man? Lol I AM a man u dolt. Who’s the ignorant one?

      • Valencia Stokes

        Why did she have to be jealous of someone because she’s not attracted to lighter complected men? Obviously she likes being dark, because she prefers to mate with dark men.

  • Kay Bu

    Why does light/ dark skin even matter? At the end of the day we are all black, we are soo divided over dumb stuff like this while we should be building each other up! Im a light skin women with a dark skin twin brother, and my Mom is brown skin & dad is dark skin. People would ask me where I came from, &I got made fun of for being light skin. &no I never thought I was better than anyone. Most of my friends are dark skin, &they would always tell me I’m an exception when it comes to light skin people becuase im nice and not cocky. What?! We need to do better.
    Also I’ve dated men of difference races, light and dark skin…they are all capable of fitting these stereotypes. At the end of the day, black is beautiful, light and dark skin, &more people in the black community should appreciate each other instead of tearing each other down

    • Nyomi

      I agree ❤


    black folks just fucked up in the mind…funny how a white man will accept a black woman for her color from midnight chocolate to high yella…but a black dude will be like nahhhhh i love me some yellas …

    • Nyomi

      Yeah most guys go crazy over lightskin girls smh

  • myra

    This article is very racist and stereotypical whos trying to convice that darkskins are better than us lightskins. Damnit we are all equal!!!!

  • Lee Curtis

    The first step towards joining the year 2013 is to stop referring to men who are often simply biracial as ” light skinned black”. It’s an oxymoron ( like a fat skinny person, or a short tall person), and the term can’t be used universally. How can you be light skinned when you’re the darkest person in a room full of white and Asian people? It’s only relative to dark skinned black people. Finally, it’s a carry over from slavery when some biracial kids didn’t know who their white fathers were, so they denied their whiteness altogether to fit in with blacks.

  • Argenis Ovalles

    Then why don’t I have good hair? 🙂 This is so stupid!

  • anala

    Most of the light skinned black men stereotypes are basically projecting kind of white people stereotype characteristics onto them, both implying that darkness of skin means you’re “blacker” than someone else and that whiteness is a less masculine – but more desirable – trait. Sad.

  • Gay Black Latino Man

    I don’t consider none of the men in the photos as being light skin. They are brown skin and President Obama isn’t light skin either. President Obama is brown skin like most black men in America. What I consider as being light skin are blacks that look like former New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell and Lena Horne.

    • gapch

      finally someone says what i was thinking… who came up with those pics and what is their definition of light skin… all of the men were brown skinned….

    • Real Black Man

      You’re over-simplifying things a bit. The lightskin/darksin thing is mostly an intraracial term used mainly ‘within’ the African-American (aka Black) race. So from the majority of black people, President Obama would definitely be considered light skinned. He’s definitely lighter than me, and some people (‘within’ our race of course) have called me light skinned. Using your reference, if people had to be as fair-skinned as Lena Horne to be considered light skinned, then there would hardly be any light skinned people at all. Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Chris Brown would be medium-range brown-skinned (as you say), and people like Meagan Good and Carmelo Anthony would be dark chocolate. To some in the white race, all of the people who we consider light skinned are not light at all. They look at caucasian men such as Tom Selleck and George Clooney as ‘dark-skinned,’ meaning dark features (e.g. dark hair, brown eyes, etc.). In fact the term ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’ was meant to describe a man of European descent (what we would call a WHITE MAN) with dark hair/eyes, etc. It was never meant to describe a man of another ethnicity (i.e. not a black man).
      We have formed our own color spectrum, and it’s not perfect, it’s relative at best. And suffice it to say, most black people I know don’t end the ‘light-skin’ range at Lena Horne. To all the black intellectuals that think the Willie Lynch document is a hoax: it sure in hell is one of the most accurate hoaxes I’ve ever seen in my life. We are literally playing out (as a race of people) everything it described in the letter…as far as psychological conditioning.

      • Valencia Stokes

        But I think that’s the point he was trying to make. When compared to the range of skin complexions throughout the world most black people would NOT be described as light skinned by people of other ethnicities. Perhaps LIGHTER than other blacks but not fair. Case in point, i had a friend in high school who had long wavy hair, a pointy nose and ‘high’ yellow skin shades lighter than my chocolate skin but she was still dark or black looking enough for a white class mate of mine to say we had the same skin color. Blacks spend so much nit picking at slight differences in shade, accusing each other of supposedly receiving greater privileges for being a couple tones lighter when in reality they are being viewed the same way as you by non blacks. By the way Meagan Good and Carmelo are dark skinned. Most blacks are, just different shades of dark. Its all just so sad and silly at the same time.

      • Valencia Stokes

        You give Willie Lynch too much credit. We have our civil rights, make more money than most blacks around the world, and have a black president in a majority non black nation. We have our problems as a community but we DO know how to band together for greater causes in our community. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Junebug123

      Obama is light skin in south Africa he is considered light skin

  • Gay Black Latino Man

    As a gay black Latino, I prefer light skin black men or light skin or white Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans with curley or straight hair. Dark skin men like Wesley Snipes is such a turn off to me. LOL White gorgeous Cubanos like William Levy is a big turn on to me or light skin Puerto Ricans like Jon Seda.

    • Nyomi


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  • Caramel Empress

    Im a caramel empress and mum to a beautiful chocolate princess.My sister is a mixed beauty, My mother is a dark skinned Queen! I prefer a chocolate king but love me some fellow caramel brothers too! Light, dark,mixed who cares? Its just MELANIN! Be done with the foolishness and praise God for the diversity that he created! Amen to beautiful people! 🙂

  • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

    both dark and light skinned black men can be some of everything…it has been my personal experience that most, not all, but most light skinned men that i have met are crazy, especially the ones with light eyes. that is all.

  • khalil

    I am light skin and I love my skin tone wouldn’t trade it for nothing I am attracted to all colors and races It don’t matter to me as long as you look good and have a good heart

    • Nyomi

      Of course you love it. You closer to white.

      • khalil

        I’m sorry that you hate yourself. You must have misunderstood my point. I love myself the way that God made me. That is what is wrong with African Americans now some of us Love white too much. You think white is the world I’m not one of those people. My comment was that I love all variations of the race no matter how dark or light, it’s the heart that matters. One word that might help you out a little..Education. I think that you need some attention..
        Look at your profile pic…Js

        • Mark

          Haha. Agreed.

      • Valencia Stokes

        So you must think that white people are superior then right? I bet you wish you were ‘closer to white’

  • Chanda

    Seems like people are taking this way too seriously. I don’t believe in these light-skinned, dark-skinned stereotypes either but I don’t let it upset me and eat me up inside. People have always made these jokes so if you don’t fit the description of said stereotypes then don’t worry about it.

  • mimi

    Steady diet of garbage. Ppl need to stop it!!!

  • qwerty

    I don’t get it. I don’t understand this at all, lol. But I guess I wouldn’t, since I’m not black. Is it supposed to be just a joke, or is it actually serious or what? In my home country, we have this same kind of stereotypes, but it will be based on what region of the country you’re from. It’s sort of just a stereotype / joke though. I asked my boyfriend about this the other day and he said it was just jokes, but when I go online, it seems like people take it pretty serious.

    • Mike

      Only ugly ppl belive n these stereotypes im a brown brother n have no problems getting any women I want never thought a person was better because of tha color of there skin again im brown but both of my boys r light but that doesn’t make them better they both look like light versions of me blk ppl need to stop cuz as a race we dont see tha greatness of being blk we to busy judgeing each other witch is very ignorant. ….. handsome blk man

      • qwerty

        “Only ugly ppl belive n these stereotypes” – I couldn’t disagree more. Looks usually have nothing to do with beliefs.
        I think it’s good that you don’t judge people based on their skin color, though. It’s silly that other people do that.

      • cvxxx

        There is no greatness, we are just human.

    • hollyw

      They’re used jokingly now, but used to be taken seriously, and still rooted in prejudiced beliefs, called colorism. Just like I’m sure the regional stereotypes used in your country weren’t always used jokingly…

      • qwerty

        I see. That was kind of the way my boyfriend explained it to me I guess but he just made it seem like it’s nothing anyone should worry about because it’s just a joke, and basically if black people want to joke that way that nobody else really should question it because we aren’t black and it shouldn’t matter to us. Which I don’t really disagree with, I just was wondering if what he told me was really accurate or not or if that people think it’s no big deal like he does.

        And yeah, the regional stereotypes in Iran definitely come from some actual beliefs or incidents, they don’t just come from nothing / nowhere. Some are negative, some aren’t. Most are just silly but a lot of them actually seem true. Stereotypes are a weird thing that border between fact and fiction.

  • realadulttalk

    The whole light/dark thing has always annoyed the heck outta me. We come in many shades–and who cares what yours is as they are all beautiful. Last I checked, ugly souls are available in every hue.

  • MM82

    I’ve always loved light skin men and I eventually married one . I’ve been told by many that it was strange that I liked light guys because light girls like chocolate men. I was also told I was wrong for my attraction of light skin men but no one ever said anything to my friends who confessed their love of chocolate men.

    • What?

      “I’ve been told by many that it was strange that I liked light guys because light girls like chocolate men.”

      Same here.

      “I was also told I was wrong for my attraction of light skin men but no one ever said anything to my friends who confessed their love of chocolate men.”

      I agree. They never say anything is wrong when girls of any shade likes dark skinned guys.

  • Guest

    Dark black men’s biggest fear is that the light skin dark skin colorism turns on them in their disadvantage. If they see beyonce as more beautiful that kelly rowland solely because she’s light skinned well that means those same guys indirectlt think boris and matt kemp and Chris brown look better than mario or kanye west deep down inside.

    • Valencia Stokes

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Dark men are just as insecure a black women

    • SimpleTruth27

      You made 0 sense. What do black men have to fear? We are strong, masculine, ave great personalities, got style, ambitious,etc. Women from all races like us and we have no problem attracting them unlike black women who constantly complain, moan and rant about ow nobody loves them, criticizing others in such a hypocritical way. It’s not our fault light skin men don’t like you.

  • MPT

    I get the point the writer was trying to make and agree, but tbh this article sounded more defensive than informative. The root of attitudes toward skin color is deeper than portrayals of shades in pop culture. Ijs, if you’re going to address an issue like this, really address it. Don’t just dismiss misinformation that comes from real issues.

  • d.

    Come on people, let’s not feed into the ignorance!

  • marsha

    Its a really unfortunate by product of slavery. Its really disturbing that we as black ppl have become what someone else thought we should be (e.g. white ppl feel more comfortable with lighter skinned blacks – even though it is not true).

    Black ppl have got to stop being feeble minded victims of slavery.

  • pinkvanity

    these are some stereotypes baby!! My brother is a light-skinned man,and he is a very hansom,respectable person,he defends himself very well and he does alpha man task like wtf ,all these stereotypes they put above, my brother and along with other light-skinned males I know are the complete opposite!!!STOP THE STEREOTYPING!!

  • Monica

    Black people in general have too many bad stereotypes. Why give each other more?


    Someone actually put a lot of thought into writing this article? Anyone dumb enough to believe in stereotypes in 2013 needs to get out more.

    • realadulttalk

      A stereotype is generally born from a truth–however it is a truth that may only apply to a one or a few people and has been generalized to include the masses. So I guess your comment sounds kinda dumb to me.

      • WTFITBS

        I guess you’re just dumb…

        • realadulttalk

          Nah, pretty sure that’s all you boo boo. I’m not the idiot who doesn’t understand the nature of stereotypes. Come smarter…not harder.

      • Chris

        A stereotype is born from illogical observation not from truth, you idiot.For example,a person might see a black person stealing and then that person’s schema is all black people are criminals.Which is obvious not the case but according to you it’s the truth. Go read a book on social psychology before writing about things that you have little knowledge of!

  • mimi

    Living where i do in the uk a small city the stereo types for light skin guys are mostly true and they willingly say they don’t like dark skin girls and think they are better looking then darker guys 8/10 go for white or light skin girls but then again where I live dark skin guy are the same look down on dark girls its terrible darker girls only get noticed by jamaicans and African english born guy not interested in brown/dark girls

    • mimi

      English born guys are not interested in brown/dark girls unless you go to the bigger cities like london*

    • Bravo

      Girl u must be ugly. No offence.

      • hollyw

        That is such an ignorant thing to say. I doubt you’ve even been to the UK.

        Many English-born minorities who come to the States attest to this. In fact, you’d probably readily find a White English man who’d want you before a Black one…no offense.

        • Rasharne

          Living in the UK, I can completey agree with Mimi. A lot of black guys here aren’t interested unless you are white or light (Arab, Asian) ect. I have heard my own family members say that light or white is better. Smh

          • …..

            It’s because they’re following what they see on television. People are slow and easily brainwashed. If everyone’s doing it, dumb dumbs will follow.

            • cvxxx

              ROFL it is the same over most of the world. It is a matter of status. Redneck has been a put down in the south of the US as a laborer,a person of low worth. People tend to look for the highest status person they can attract.

          • Real Black Man

            It just means the same social conditioning (white supremacy) that’s been a part of U.S. culture for a few centuries it thriving in places like the UK as well. If the black man (yellow to blue-black) doesn’t realized that he has been ‘conditioned’ (i.e. made to feel inferior to other men), then he will never rid himself of this mental/spiritual form of slavery. no matter how much money our BALL-PLAYERS and ENTERTAINERS make. Money alone can’t rectify the condition. But it can complicate it and make it worse. Rich black celebrities can now “BUY” an attractive woman of another race and reproduce with her to wash out the blackness (mental condition of inferiority) of his own race. Black men will say that it’s my “PREFERENCE” for white or very light complexion women (i.e. anything but a darkskin black woman). But what they don’t understand is …. it’s their “conditioned” preference (their so-called preference was programmed into them). But they’re in denial and they’ll NEVER admit it. To do so it too embarrassing and painful, and takes much humility (and humility is wrongfully looked upon as a “weak” trait)….even though it takes much strength for a man to show humility. Unfortunately wherever we see the descendents of the former Trans-Atlantic slaves, we will see these “conditions” among the majority of black men.

  • RiRi Osborne

    Mia did your light skinned father and mother marry so they would have light skinned children.

    • Morgan C

      What the hell does that have to do with anything? You’re perpetuating the very point that this article is against. GTFOHWTBS! You’re probably some insecure person who has deep seeded issues in colorism and is jealous hearted about anyone who gets any kind of “play” based on their skin their tone that isn’t close to yours.

    • Mia

      No, they married because they loved each other, like normal human beings. Ignorance….smh.

  • rita

    Smh. I was raised among white people and I can’t even believe I count as lightskinned. Its not that serious we are all black

    • HUgrad13

      agreed. I really didnt know till i went to HU, and i was teased for a year cuz of it

  • Slingz


  • Chanda

    If it makes you feel better, when they did the Unsung episode on DeBarge, it was mentioned that they were thuggish and that their love songs had nothing to do with their lifestyles. Then they had their drug issues.

  • Audio

    Yall can be nice if you want to, but I’m going to be official. Us light skinned niccas are usually better than dark skinned niccas. Dark skin cats have a funkin chip on their shoulder that lighter cats don’t. Honestly, I use to have to beat dark skin chicks off with a bat. And yea, Barrack won because he’s light skinned. That was us light skin cats taking the title. Superior, we kinda are. Sorry about that.

    • Chanda

      Now see, that’s why Christopher Williams got stabbed in the hand because Wesley Snipes “Never liked you light-skinned niccas anyway.”

    • Ms_Mara

      Bless your heart… smh

    • HUgrad13

      Is this real? oh.

    • realadulttalk

      That sounded so d*mn dumb–and it sounds like it is you with the chip. Is it b/c light skinned dudes have been outta style for a long time now? Lmao The second sentence was in jest–the first was totally legit.

      • Nah!

        Light skinned men will never go out of style. They will always get women.

        • realadulttalk

          Do you know the meaning of the word jest?!?!?

          • Clive Linington

            Would that be pretty much the same as a dark skinned white man? Tell me, how many light years does it take to get to your planet?

    • pdc29


  • Karim

    I find a lot of this hilarious but a lot of this is not particularly accurate to the skin color.

  • young afrique

    lol…wow..thiS IS FUNNY
    I had no idea it was that deep! cmon!

  • GuestwithacapG

    I’m the lightest child of 6 kids and my brothers and sisters used to tease me mercilessly about my skin tone. That is why I find it funny when people say lightskinned people think they are better. I probably break every stereotype on this list. I’m definitely not conceited.Not a pretty boy. Not scared to get dirty. I’m more militant/black power than most and if somebody wants to throw them hands, I’m with it. I do get prejudged though.It really ticks me off. I do have a thing for darkskinned women. I like all shades of women but darkskinned women are what ireally go crazy for. They usually have issues with lightskinned people though. For the reasons stated in the article. Rejection back in high school from some light dude or the guy they liked liked a lightskinned girl. That isn’t my fault. I went to prom with the prettiest brownskinned girl you would ever want to see.

  • Rosa

    i have to say that there are light skin men who adhere to every single stereotype on the list. however, that doesnt mean that ALL of them conduct themselves in that manner. when forming our impressions of others, we have to look beyond our limited experience and NOT use that as a reference to generalize an entire group of people. i know it may be easier said than done for some, but i believe if you make an effort to practice doing that daily it will become habitual.

    • Diggs LES

      well for that matter, there are dark skin dudes who adhere to the exact same stereo type.
      im high yello myself grew up in a dark skind home, and heard a bit of every yellow joke in the books. mostly from mom and here friends. it never bothered me, and still doesnt. I have never seen these stereotypes played out by any one perticular grouping. but i have heard people talking junk. my favorite is how light skin people ar eout of style or the darker the berry. lol. i bever been much on style and would consider my a hard liquor vs the sweet juice. I think anybody focused on this nonsense is just too self aborbed.

  • who cares

    I like all shades and colors…doesnt matter to me. Ive dated dark skinned men and light skinned men too.

  • MSpencer

    Lemme insecure “dark girl” wrote this meaningless post trying to play spin doctor on everybody else….***YAWNS***(Get a life)

    • Sheena B

      Ooooooohhhhhh ooh the Sssshhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaadddde….

    • yup

      Or your an insecure dark men that doesnt want the colorism to tread into black men. Yall cool with pitting light and dark women against each other. Your the only nugga on here spewing bitterness. People do need to quit hating on lighter skin men as people need to stop hating on dark skin women and men.

      • hollyw

        Girl, yas, I don’t even know where he could’ve gotten that from, I was truly confused…

    • hollyw


  • MrCubano

    As a light skin guy I wish the stereotypes that would go away are
    1) We think we are better than Darkskin people
    2) We are all conceited
    3) That we don’t consider ourself Black
    4) That we are not into Darkskin people

    • JustAshley

      This is true. As a brown skinned girl, I get hit on the most by light skinned guys with light eyes. My exes who fit this description hated that people assumed they were mixed or not black- which they found offensive. They were all very masculine men, all of them could fight, had great careers, and the majority of them preferred brown and darker skinned women.

      • MrCubano

        Truth. I always preferred Brownskin or Darkskin women.

        • Meghan

          Lucky for you, the only people who liked this comment are dark skin women; most likely insecure.

          • MrCubano

            Why would they be insecure. I know plenty of Lightskin people who are into Darkskin tone women and vice versa.

            • Gay Black Latino Man

              I prefer light skin black men or light skin Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans. I prefer white Cubanos light gorgeous William Levy.

          • HonestBrotha1911

            I find this to be extremely ironic. Whenever someone professes a preference for dark complexioned Black women there always has to be some ulterior or motive. I’ve noticed this a lot when it comes to lighter complexioned Black women. While they are the biggest champions when it comes to darker complexioned Black women it seems there’s still a part of them that BELIEVES they either are preferred are SHOULD be preferred by ALL Black men. Can’t a brotha, regardless of complexion, simply prefer darker sistas?!

            Personally I find darker complexioned Black women to have stronger dispositions than their lighter counterparts. They are constantly bombarded with images detracting from their individuality and beauty and yet they maintain a sense of style and grace that can’t be matched.

      • Love my skin

        Honesty it’s not the color it’s the personality that counts the most.

  • …..

    I love light skinned men. I wish they put more of them in movies. They’ll never go out of style. My favorite male actor to look at is Mark Taylor. He’s absolutely gorgeous and his voice is super s*xy.

    • katie

      Yeah I agree there needs to be more variety with the men. Everyone has preferences so light skin men should be equally shown. I like lighter skin men myself but im not against darker skinned guys.

  • DrOVOandLipstick

    I like Men all types of Men! Dark or Light! Any Race! I am not gay…I am right in between the colors so I have never had a prob with any color or race…I was told by a LightDark couple that they (lightdark) have babies to get my color! So, I think both are great!

    • Drew

      Ummm… what the f*ck???

  • ClassyNSouthern

    Ser I was birn and raised in Atlanta so I always thought:
    -Pretty boys aka conceited
    -Weaker than dark guys
    -Think every female will fall all over them
    -Want to be taken care of by a woman
    -Look past dark women
    -Too pretty to work
    -Think they’re superior to dark people
    -Intentionally have kids with light women so their kids can come out light

    But I know better now, nobody should be judged by their skin….only their actions

    • Bria

      All of this! I too know better now, but old stereotypes by hard.

      Also, they think just because their beige or taupe they’re automatically Boris Kodjoe or his Wife. Being ‘yellow’ highlights the flaws in your face, not mask it.

      • HonestBrotha1911

        Funny how you start positive but can’t resist ending with negativity.

      • Settle Down, Beavis!


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  • Morelow

    dumb shyt

  • Mia

    I am very tired of the stereotyping of light skinned black men and women. As a light skinned person with light siblings and parents, our color has nothing to do with our personality. Light skinned Black men are just as tough, nice, cute, evil and caring as dark skinned men. This light skinned meme is just a way to further separate us from the real issue of building up the Black community as a whole. It’s just another pathetic distraction that’s making us look foolish while holding us back at the same time.

    • Sheena B


    • CKT76

      So true!!

    • Reginarose Alexina

      Preach!! 🙂

    • Jordan Mickenz

      This post is giving me life on so many levels