I Remember Where I Was When… Huge Moments In Pop Culture

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For our parents it was the moon landing, the assassinations of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. But each generation has huge political, social and cultural moments that will remain forever ingrained in our minds. Check out these moments, so iconic, that we remembered where we were when we heard that they’d happened.

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  • What about Casey Anthony

  • cellyb2000

    Prettttty sure that Aaliyah died on a Saturday afternoon so you couldn’t have heard it saturday morning

  • alex

    I think Tupac and biggie shoulda been on the list….

  • Kelly

    I think the Janet Jackson Superbowl performance (nipplegate) was a big moment in pop culture too!

  • jasmyne riley

    What happened to the DC sniper. Jordan retiring from the NBA. Kobe getting arrested for rape. Tiger’s mistresses.

  • thepreshest

    I think a lot of people’s opinion is that Bey’s pregnancy was not “huge” but I think it’s on the list because Veronica said it was the most TWEETED about moment in history. Although Obama being elected as president for his first term is on the list I also think him being elected for his second term was huge too.

    • Meemo

      Just b/c something is most “tweeted” about simply means it was important to those who post on twitter. Doesn’t necessarily reflect a consensus that it was “huge”.

  • Brickleberry

    Proofreading is a MUST!!! MM, where do you all find these bloggers/wanna-be journalists?

  • Theresia

    What’s so special about Beyonce being pregnant? Women get pregnant and give birth everyday. The only reason why I could see why she made it on this list was because she’s Black and she was actually married. What about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie? What about the death of Eazy-E from AIDS?

  • bluekissess

    By the looks of it people are mad about Beyonce and her pregnancy. When I found out that she was pregnant I said about time and then I thought about what the baby will look like(blue stays mean muggin). I can see how that can be on the list. Pop is short for popular so, I’m sure other celebs were pregnant at that time? Me trying to find a excuse for why it should is giving me a headache. Her announcement wasn’t that popular. MN wanted her on the list some way some how.

  • Confessions I didnt buy the CD. Beyonce announcing she was preggo, I missed that VMA. Everything else I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. Especially MJ passing.

  • scandalous7

    didnt she debut her pragnancy in that orange dress on the red carpet?

  • Racquel

    Unlike some haters on this list, I was excited to hear about Beyonce’s pregnancy. Not just because its an everyday pregnancy but we’re close in age and I followed her career since I was in high school. It’s almost like you know her as much as you can know a celebrity you’ve never met. I think she’s an inspiration to young women everywhere, the Tina Turner of our day, and we shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate her or her accomplishments as her fans. But if you’re not a fan, sobeit.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Not a fan does not = hater.

      • Racquel

        *Kanye shrug*

      • guest

        Saying you aren’t a fan and making rude comments as if you just left her house and know her are totally different.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Saying that her announcing her pregnancy wasn’t a life shattering event is rude? Might want to go check the dictionary on that one.

    • Pam

      Well, she’s not an inspiration to THIS young woman, the real heroes like firefighter, military and women who beat cancer are more like inspiration to me, sorry bout it!

      • Racquel

        And that’s cool if that’s who you look up to but your comment also reeks of hostility and…dare I say…jealousy?

        • Pam

          I’m not jealous, just bored and tired of the hype around her. Why would I be jealous of another human being for, because she has more money than me and she’s a celebrity, chile please! Sorry I can’t conform to worshiping Bey, sorry bout it!

          *SMH, LMFAO and rolls eyes*

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          GIrl STOP reaching for something that isn’t there before you fall.

      • Thank you! From someone that was prior navy.

    • ChickenNoodleSoup

      Come back to earth girl, come back to earth! Just because someone is not a fan of Beyonce doesn’t mean that they’re a hater or jealous of her. Not everybody has to be a fan on Beyonce because she’s a bigger celebrity.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    When 9/11 happened I was in Art Class in middle school. I think I was 13

    When Aaliyah I was at home watching the news getting ready for school. Again I was 13.

    When Obama was elected I was watching it at home having a huge Obama party

    Don’t remember where I was when Confessions came out. Even though it was the jam, it wasn’t a serious event NOR was Beyoncé’s pregnancy. Come on MN yall doing too much.

    When Michael Jackson died, I was in the hair salon getting her laid and I heard it on the radio before anyone else noticed. So I repeated what the radio said and then started to cry a little bit.

    When Whitney died, I was sitting in Mcdonalds with my ex when it flashed across the tv screen. My heart sank so deep. I felt like I lost an aunt in my own mind. She was such an inspiration to me

  • Maile00

    I feel old…we were all headed to the club when we heard Aaliyah died. We couldn’t believe it.

    • chaka1

      I remember we were in the club when Princess Diana died. Everyone got emotional and started crying. Even two men.

  • Superfox Mackin

    When 9/11 happened I was in the 8th grade and I was at home and then I went to school. Our principal told us to go home for the day because it was possible that the Transamerica Building in San Francisco was going to be attacked, thankfully which never happened. It didn’t until hours later when my grandma explained to me what happened, it was so sad…….it was like America was quiet that day.

    When Aaliyah I was at home watching the news, I was in shock, I could believe it, I felt sad because I felt the time she did shine was after her death.

    When Obama was elected I was in my living room screaming my lungs and on the phone. It was my first election and I don’t regret my decision ever for voting for President Obama.

    When Zimmerman was acquitted, I was at home pissed the hell off.

    When Usher’s Confessions came out I was in Summer School

    When Michael Jackson died, I was on the BART train on my way home, I called my mom and she was very sad.

    When Beyonce announced her pregnancy…..well I was at home doing homework….that didn’t matter much….I felt that was totally overrated although I was happy for them both and that Blue Ivy is totally adorable.

  • Tiki

    When I heard Beyonce was pregnant, I was……..wait, who gives a rat’s isht! Like women don’t have babies everyday! And I’m with ODB63, why Tupac and Biggie’s deaths ain’t on this list!

  • ODB63

    You could have replaced Beyoncé pregnancy for Biggie and Tupac’s death

    • Superfox Mackin

      I know right?

    • Pam

      Thank you! Women get preggers everyday, the media treated it like she was giving birth to second coming of Jesus. Tupac and Biggie’s deaths should have been on this list because I was a freshman in high school when both their deaths occur.

    • chaka1

      and when Left Eye was killed in that car crash!! I was very upset…

  • Natasha Thomas

    OJ Trial- was 13, sitting in my 8th grade class and we all jumped for joy when the verdict was read.

    Aaliyah Plane Crash- was 19, just came home from a party and listened to the radio and the DJ said she died in a plane crash, I cried because she was (and still) my fave female singer and I ending up naming my daughter after her.

    9/11- was 19, home sick from college and my mom called me to tell me what happened

    Obama elected- was 26, at home taking care of my 4 month old daughter (now 5 years old) and waited for the results of the election. My hubby and I voted for him earlier in the day and celebrated when he won.

    MJ’s death- was 27, at Party City shopping for my daughter’s 1st birthday party which was 3 days away and I heard on the radio at the store that he died.

    Whitney’s death- Was 30, at my friend’s birthday party and looked on FB from my phone and found out the news and told my friends that she died. They turned on the TV and to hear more about her death.

    I could care less about anything else on the list, especially the Beyonce pregnancy announcement.

    • chaka1

      I’m a little older. I can remember earlier defining moments:

      I was in elementary school when Elvis died. I remember this because my teacher had a huge poster of him in the back of the classroom. She walked out in the hallway and cried.

      I remember being a kid when serial k1ller Wayne Williams murdered all those black boys in Atlanta.

      I remember watching Michael Jackson moonwalked on the Motown special and debuted Billie Jean.

      I remember watching Madonna in the wedding dress on the MTV awards.

      I was in middle school when Marvin Gaye died. I remember my mother sobbing in the kitchen while watching the news.

      I remember standing in line at the record store for about an hour as we waited to buy a copy of Purple Rain.

      I was a Junior in high school when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. I remember a Freshman came running into the lunchroom screaming that the shuttle blew up. We watched the replay on TV in Chemistry class all afternoon. My teacher was crying the whole time. We were supposed to watch the mission because there was a teacher on board and an astronaut from our state. I remember that being the sadden day ever.

      I was in college when Magic Johnson admitted he had HIV. I remember watching it in our dorm room on the news and everyone was in disbelief.

      I was on a plane to LA the day the Gulf War started. I vividly remember there were a total of 15 people on a 250 passenger aircraft from Atlanta. Both airports were empty.

  • Trisha_B

    I remember when Obama won. My freshman year at my HBCU. I remember being in the dorm & everyone sitting in front of the tv waiting for it to be announced. The minute his name flashed across the screen, the dorm building erupted. People ran out their rooms screaming, all the other dorm buildings ran outside. People started playing Jeezy “my president is black…” The crowd went around the whole campus that night yelling out for Obama. The crowd somehow made it’s way to the middle of street, stopping traffic. Police came out & tried to break up the crowd but failed LOL. So they redirected traffic for the next hour while we celebrated for our president. We have a statue of Fredrick Douglass on our campus, someone put on an OBama shirt on it lol. That day is when i realized how much i loved being at an HBCU, as much as it drives me crazy, i loved what it meant to be there during that time!

    W/ that said, i really don’t get why beyonce’s pregnancy is on the list. Even Usher’s confessions lol

    • CoCo Lee

      OK so did we go 2 the same hbcu? Because we did the exact same thing when Obama won… And it was my freshman year also lol

      • Jacara Fatin

        We did the SAME thing at my college. Lol, wasn’t an HBCU…so you know we made a certain group of people PRETTY upset lol

      • Trisha_B

        Morgan State University?!

    • Meemo


      • Trisha_B

        Morgan State

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    idk about Confessions… really? All these moments and y’all got Confessions…just sayin…

  • Kiana

    Wow…haters are rampant

    • Stacy

      Haters?? What is there to hate on? SYDAD!

  • LadiesNight

    Beyonce announcing her pregnancy was not something to remember. How was it a “huge” moment in pop culture? People get pregnant and have babies EVERYDAY,so how is it a “huge” moment?SMFH!!!

    • Suchalady

      That part HAD to be a joke. How is her pregnancy a huge moment in pop culture? Is she the first person to have a baby?! Gtfoh…

    • chaka1

      It was a big moment because….
      Hold on…

      I’m going to stretch here because maybe she was the first black A-lister for this generation who is married to another black celebrity to get pregnant?

      That’s all I have. I honestly don’t know.