All Hail King & Queen James! Lebron James And Savannah Brinson Tie The Knot!

September 15, 2013  |  

Lebron James’ Instagram

High school sweethearts Lebron James and Savannah Brinson, by all accounts, were married in San Diego on Saturday!

The couple, who have two children, have been pretty tight-lipped about the ceremony and Savannah only began mentioning bridal details after their “Save the Date” was leaked to the blogs. No details have been released, but one of Savannah’s sisters posted pictures on Instagram of the very fancy Grand Del Mar where the festivities were reportedly held.

According to Yahoo! Sports, this was a three day affair which will conclude with a Sunday brunch.

But back to the wedding.

Reports are surfacing that there were about 200 guests in attendance, many of whom were ushered in under umbrellas. Actress Gabrielle Union, among many others, posted pictures prior to going to the wedding and then after the wedding, leading many to believe that all phones were seized for the day in an attempt to keep pictures from hitting the web.

The other huge rumor is that Beyoncé and Jay Z flew in from South America for the wedding and allegedly performed “Crazy In Love” at the reception.  While that may sound a bit farfetched, it isn’t impossible since Jay and Lebron are very close friends.

So many rumors, so much anticipation to see the pictures. We know Savannah has been working out intensely and eating “clean” in order to get ready for the big day.

Congratulations to Lebron James and Savannah Brinson, now known as Mr. and Mrs. James!

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  • enlightenment

    Stop calling these celebs “kings” and “queens.”

  • Jacara Fatin

    Why are people so evil and hateful about their union? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM. You don’t know what LeBron has been doing or NOT doing. He loves Savannah and she loves him and thats all that matters. Not haters starting and stirring rumors that he cheated, could’ve cheated or is cheating. This wedding was something they obviously did when they were BOTH ready for marriage. Although they have been together for ten years, they got together when they were 16. This isn’t to say that their love isn’t real…but they are only 26/27! This is a respectable age for people to get married, no matter how long they were together….its nothing wrong with that. NO ONE is the same person as they are when they were 16 as they are when they are 27. Give them a break…they are clearly going into this marriage with sound mind. They have two beautiful children and are happy. Let them live and be great.

  • stewie

    ….And this how n!ggas get broke, why do this fools keep getting married ?

  • guest

    10 years and 2 kids later! Still CONGRATS! I also hopes she continues to work out and eat “clean”. There is no sense in looking gorgeous on your wedding day and not continuing to put your best foot forward throughout the marriage.

  • UdonNo


  • YouStupid!

    I’m Happy Lebron did right by the Lady who has been by his side before the Paper ever started rolling in, so he knows her love is Authentic and Now she confirm to the World (and haters) so is His. Congrats.

  • louvres

    he cheated on her before the marriage (YOU KNOW IT) and when he will
    cheat IN the marriage she will divorce him , take half and all of you
    here will applaud saying : “he should have keep it in his pants” I want
    to congratulate them but I will say DON’T GET MARRIED IF YOU CAN’T BE
    FAITHFUL!! And the same who are happy for a black women getting married to her cheating black baby daddy are hypocrites!

    • AnonyChick

      How exactly do you “KNOW” he cheated? ‘Cause he’s a ball player?

    • iammyfatherson

      and u know he cheated how?? oh i know u read it from a damn gossip blog so until u have proof u should keep quiet

    • YouStupid!

      Louvres…You do know black women aren’t the only ethnic group with the so called ‘ baby daddy’ right? and don’t have the market cornered on the cheating men either.

    • Brian Odom

      If he does cheat in their marriage, then so what? It’s not our relationship. If I were a man of LeBron’s stature, I wouldn’t marry, because I would have all the money and power and I wouldn’t want to get tied down, so props to LeBron for making it right for himself. Forget faithfulness, don’t get married if you can’t part with your money. She’ll stick by him regardless. Heck, Cookie stayed with Magic Johnson AFTER HIV.

      By marrying her, I hope she try to pull a Vanessa Layne on him. But unlike Kobe, Savannah has been with him for years. As always, the black women do it backwards. Have the kids first, then hope he marries you later. But, congrats to them.

  • bluekissess

    I’ve always wanted to know celebrity couple “agreements.” I just hope that these two take those vows seriously and not just reciting them for kicks. I really don’t want to see a Tiger Woods scandal. Good Luck

  • Valerie Williams

    Congratulations to you both, God Bless your union! 🙂

  • Ladylove223

    Congrats to them!!! She is such a gorgeous lady and always so classy!