Lil’ Mo Says She’s Done With Kelly Price And Her ‘Multiple Spirits’

September 13, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

After they seemed to have somewhat made amends during part two of the R&B Divas: LA reunion show, Lil Mo says things will never be the same again between she and her co-star Kelly Price.

“If we do a season 2, I’mma do my part for the camera, but that BFF stuff and going to her [Kelly’s] house and her church…never again. I’m not doing that. I wasted too much gas money and too much of my personal time being a friend to be turn-coated on for something I had no control over,” Mo said during a Google Hangout interview with TheFeedBack Live.

“I don’t trust people and their hidden agendas. There are people and we call them “multiple personalities” but in the church world we say, “people have multiple spirits” and I just want everyone to get delivered, like for real.”

She went on to say that even though it appears that she and Kelly smoothed things at during the reunion taping, it seems like it was all for show because she hasn’t heard from Kelly since.

“Ain’t heard from her since, but am I mad? Not at all. I think that was rehearsed. I think she rehearsed everything she was going to say.”

Mo also expressed that she believes their friendship has run its course.

“As a friend, I just don’t like the different faces that she gives. She has a representative. She has who she really is. She has who she wants to be. I’m not giving nobody 490 forgives. You got one time to shade me, and we’re through.”

Watch Mo’s interview on the next page. Do you blame her for not wanting to reconcile with Kelly?

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  • jacqueline

    i don’t watch reality tv i do like ti and love and hip hop ATL the divas sucks both shows KELLY PRICE is not crazy ”SHE HAS FAT GIRL PROBLEMS ” she don’t like her self there for she takes it out on others….


    damn..i didnt watch the show but by reading the comments not just on ths site but all over the place it seems like kelly price may have potentially fukked up her brand doing this show…back in 2011 when reality tv shows really started taking off i heard that artists who want crediblity in the industry shouldnt partcipate and this is a prime example

  • Brittany

    I pretty much was disgusting by Kelly Price behavior, she was very over the top. Reading Doris G comment yes, she can be forgiven by God, but that doesn’t mean that Lil’ Mo have to be friends with her, she don’t hate her, she just sees it better if she doesn’t be associated with her type of energy. Kelly was bless with a amazing talent, does that necessarily mean that she act the way she does, is that what were condoning now, have a talent act like a banshee….she just put light on her attitude and the way she is with people..Get it together Kelly..

  • Doris G

    Let’s pray for Kelly because everyone deserves a second chance. I do want her to come back for season 2 and show a change. I’m standing with Kelly, because I believe she made a mistake in her behavior, just as I and many others have. The answer is this, “if you confess your faults God will forgive you” Everyone has messed up and everyone needs forgiveness, One thing for sure God has blessed her with an amazing gift, “her voice” and for that I can forgive her mistakes on the show.

  • Wanda Clark-Hester

    #Donewitkellyprice! She’s fake and full of shade.

  • Mega Mills

    i think lil mo needs to lower her expectations. She’s a mean one, because she didnt get the friendship she wanted she aims to totally destroy Kelly’s reputation. It’s really petty and the only way she is getting any attention right now. No one is checking for Lil mo’s music and hasnt for a while. Kelly has a beautiful voice and I for one am not gonna think otherwise. Someone had to be the black sheep and Kelly was made for tv. Who watches a show with no drama?

    • Brittany

      your argument doesn’t even make sense..I can see if she was like : I’m not friends with Kelly, but album coming out December. She’s not like that..she’s speaking on how kelly acted the ENTIRE season..and just cause she can sing oh ok..that doesn’t make her jesus or any other person. She has a beautiful talent but a very ugly attitude and she showed it countless of times on the show and the reunion. I think you need to watch the show again.

  • Yvette

    I totally feel what Lil Mo is saying. I’ve dealt with a few “Kelly Price” type of chicks in my lifetime and so glad they are now out of my life. I can count the number of true friends I have in my life on one hand and I still have a few fingers left. Folks are not always who they portray themselves to be. Lil Mo keeps it 100% real and I love it! If there is a season 2, I think it should be Lil Mo, Chante’, Claudette, and Michel’le. Kelly and Dawn has worn out their welcome!

  • Tee Elyse

    Kelly is trying to do major damage control, but my image of her had been forever tainted. No amount of editing could make her look that bad, and no amount of reality TV money is worth me selling out and acting a certain way, potentially losing fans. This def hurt her more than it helped!

  • NeaJ

    Reality tv can make or break ppl. It made Lil Mo & it broke Kelly Price. I love Lil Mo for keeping it as real as she does. I think this was a bad career move for Kelly because now ppl are seeing how she acts in “real life”. To tell you the truth, I can’t decide which one of her faces is the real one. Smh

  • Lanaa

    Lil Mo is the truth.

  • jjac401

    Mo be telling it like it is!

  • Aaliyah

    Is it normal that I never watch a single episode of this show, ever?

    • Sunshinegirl

      It’s actually pretty good. I didn’t even bother to tune in to the other one (Atlanta, I think), but I was bored one day and said “let me check this out.” These women are more positive and don’t do the ratchet. I like ratchet sometimes, though, LOL! Can you say LAHHATL?!!?

  • honeychildnocollardgreenstoday

    Reality TV was not a good idea for Kelly. It has done her more harm than good. The Lord know how to bring you out of DARKNESS into LIGHT