Good Riddance: Claudia Jordan Says ‘Tiny Tonight’ Has A Much ‘Better Vibe’ Without Tamar

September 13, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

The long-lived beef between Claudia Jordan and her former Tiny Tonight co-host Tamar Braxton is no secret. Fans have witnessed the reality stars exchange catty words on-air and on social media site Twitter, so it’s definitely not shocking that Claudia is elated that her rival has been replaced by Basketball Wives star Tami Roman.

Filming for the nighttime talk show, which is reportedly scheduled to return September 20th, has already begun and Claudia says Tamar’s absence is definitely a good thing.

“At least Tamar is no longer on the show to thhrow shade and hate your way,” one follower wrote beneath a photo from the set that Claudia shared to her Instagram page.

“It was such a better vibe across the board! All the girls were able to shine and speak their peace and respectfully disagree. Everyone left happy knowing we just created some good television. I personally had a blast!” Claudia responded.

And in case you forgot how their petty feud began, it all started when the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye about what the perfect date looks like and Claudia began throwing words like “gold digger” around, which Tamar took as a below-the-belt jab.

“Listen, if you think that by me saying, ‘I’m not a gold digger’, when I’m being attacked from all angles because I say that my perfect first date is not necessarily getting into a private jet, which is so freaking unrealistic and I say, ‘Hey, I’m not a gold digger,’ and you take offense to that, then you might want to take a look at yourself. I never said anything about her being a gold digger. I don’t know her life. She was definitely firing shots like I don’t have standards because I don’t expect a guy on a first date to take me on a private jet. Who does that? I think hookers do that and high-end call girls, escorts,” Claudia said of their childish feud in an interview earlier this year.

How do you think the show will do without Tamar? Will you be tuning in?

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  • Shea

    Who is that in the picture on the right? She looks ratchet as *explicit*


    this chick tamar needs to be in her own bubble and stay there cuz every time i see something about her its a negative where she’s going at somebody

  • newvee

    I will not watch with trouble-maker Tami there. I have nothing but shade for her!! She is a disgrace& a bully.

  • …and who the heck is Claudia Jordan again?

  • brianadams325

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  • DoinMe

    I thought Tamar made the show. The other girls were dry. It should have been called Tamar Tonight.

  • cocochanel31

    Have not seen the real yet but heard there is nothing classy about it. Tiny tonight was very entertaining. Has The REal been picked up to air in the fall? I know it was doing a trial run.

  • cocochanel31

    I liked the show and remember that episode, however, Trina actually seemed to be coming for Claudia more like she tried to say she was cheap for not wanting a man to fly her to a private island for a first date which is what Trina wants and was used to. ( umm no who does that?)

  • Baddvixentype

    It don’t really matter how the “vibe” is now because it’ll be canceled before we know it. Everybody knows BET cant keep nothing running. Plus it looks cheap, not good TV at all. In the End Tamar won cuz she’s on another DAYTIME talk show called THE REAL and it’s so entertaining and natural. Plus it’s on a MAJOR NETWORK…anyone heard of FOX 11?? lol uh huh, yeah. SHE WINS!
    regardless of whos around you, no one should be able to keep you from shining so Ms. Claudia should grow a backbone.

    • DRJ

      It was on VH1 not BET

  • Gworl!

    The show was just okay to begin with. It seemed a little awkward and forced.