15 Things You Need to Know About Chiwetel Ejiofor

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Chiwetel Ejiofor is talented, gorgeous and getting a lot of buzz. Before you run out to watch “12 Years A Slave”, take a minute to get to know Hollywood’s new favorite actor a little bit better.

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He’s Gorgeous

Just look at that smile.

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He Looks Even Better With a Beard

That is, if you’ve got a thing for beards.

You’ve Been Pronouncing His Name Wrong

It’s Chew-it-ell Edge-ee-oh-for. Say it three times slowly and you’ll get the hang of it.

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Still Having Trouble?

You can call him Chewy for short, all of his friends do.

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He’s English

He’s really good at his American accent, but Chiwetel was born in London’s Forest Gate. His parents hail from Nigeria.

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His Scar Is Kind of a Sad Story

Back in 1988, When Ejiofor was 11, he was in a car crash on his way to a family wedding in Nigeria. Chiwetel survived, but his father was killed.

He’s Only 36

For some reason, he looks a lot older. But that has more to do with his serious dramatic acting chops than his actual age.

He’s Not Serious All the Time

Chiwetel’s not afraid to branch out. He once played a singing Soho drag queen named Lola in a 2005 movie called “Kinky Boots”.

He’s Getting Ready to Blowup in a Big Way

There’s a lot of Academy buzz surrounding “12 Years a Slave”. Whether or not he gets the award, his stellar performance is going to launch him into superstar status.

It’s About Time

Chiwetel spent a long time playing supporting roles. Trying to remember where you recognize him from? He had roles in “American Gangster”, “Inside Man”, “Children of Men” and even “Serenity”. But “12 Years A Slave” is his biggest role yet.

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He’s Branching Out Into Directing

He’s already written and directed one short film: “Slapper.” And the industry is eagerly awaiting his next feature project.

He Doesn’t Have a Twitter Page

Sorry ladies. You’ll have to save those love Tweets for a later date.

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He Likes Confident Women

“Knowing yourself, taking care of yourself and liking yourself is s*xy,” he says. “It takes work to really feel at peace with yourself, but when you do, you shine more.”

We Have No Idea Who He’s Dating

Chiwetel is notoriously private. He’s gone on the record to say that he’s a romantic. But he refuses to say if he’s dating someone or who it is.

He Can Sing

In fact, he was a in a band called Blind in the early 90s. He sang backup and even performedat The Rock Garden in London’s Covent Garden.

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  • Beamer Beamer

    So done with him, what a let down.

  • Beamer Beamer

    I absolutely agree.

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  • Guess

    I only know that he dated Rhada Mitchell. No matter, I admire his body of work.

  • Marie Bano

    I used to be a big fan and I met him once after a play. He did not have much time for people waiting to see him after the performance unless they were white. I always thought he was a strong cultural brother but now I have my doubts.

    • Negrakitty

      me to until i saw him recently holding hands with a plain looking becky – aint spending my man’s hard earned cash for him to spend on her!lol!

      • Andrea

        He does seem to have a penchant for white women but has also dated a few black women….Sophie Okonedo and Naomi Harris. Hey, I guess the man loves women and doesn’t discriminate……..hopefully!

  • LaLa

    OMG, I absolutely love Chiwetel Ejiofor! He has been my guilty pleasure for years! Every role he has played has been done superbly. Amistad, Love Actually, Inside Man, Salt, Kinky Boots, 2012 – the list is endless. I am so excited about this new film coming out, because his talent has been seriously slept on. I’m only sad that I’ll have to share him with others now :P.

    • Myrna Orvam

      You forgot about his role in Four Brothers. He was the ONLY good thing in that God awful movie…that’s when I first noticed him. I agree..now us few who’ve been sweating him for years..now have to share. Sighhhhh

  • Brickleberry

    Get the math right. If he was only 11 years in 1998 then there’s no way in the world he is 36 years old now!!! SMH @ this wanna-be journalist!

    • Beffa

      Unless they changed it, it says 1988