Why Bruno Mars Doesn’t Do It For Black Women

September 12, 2013  |  


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Bruno Mars has the looks, the voice and the talent, but there’s still a disconnect. For some reason, not everyone is feeling the new school crooner. He’d catch a grenade for us. He’s told us that all those other girls had nothing on us. And most of all, he told us he loves us just the way we are. So what’s the problem ladies–well, sistas–why aren’t we head over heels (or at least willing to put heels over head) for Bruno Mars?

Are we not convinced by the Grammy winner’s cooler-than-the-other-side-of-the-pillow, Fedora-rocking image? What about his sweet, pleading, I-mean-every-word vocals?

It’s not like we don’t enjoy unconventional soul like–John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke–but it seems that Bruno’s soul is a facade put on by the powers that be at his record label. Motown Records wasn’t even feeling the Filipino and Puerto Rican singer/songwriter, as he was let go from an unfruitful deal with them. You can never fool the listening public and personally, I don’t buy it. Instead of closing my eyes, snapping my fingers and getting lost in Bruno Mars’ visit to Motown, I get irritated. It feels as if Bruno’s music comes off a little cheesy and almost whiny, but not in that good Keith Sweat-kind of way.

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  • Kaitlin Rush

    I am a black woman who believes Bruno Mars is hands down the BEST pop artist on the scene right now, including better than Beyonce or any male vocalist/musician/producer.

    To MN and their usual BS “writers”:

    #Bye Felicia

  • rashabrunofan86

    This article is still funny after more than a year, coming for Bruno and then praising white male singers who are definitely not as talented as Bruno. Bruno is one of those artists that come every decade and prove themselves as worthy of their success which is because of their talent and not good looks or constant media support.

  • SteelCityRose

    I love me some Bruno. So….yeah… This article is in serious need of a fact-checker. Bruno left Motown because they (and one other label) looked at his last name (Hernandez), and tried to market him as just a Latin artist. That totally ignores his Asian heritage #1, and #2 is not where his motivations were musically. The man was raised on Doo-Wop, R&B, Reggae, Soul, and a lot of other genres most consider “black”.

    This article is totally based on the writer’s personal taste and opinion, because THIS Black woman is a Ride-or-Die Hooligan (technically a Doo-Wop since I’m a lady).

    And FYI to the writer…his one ex-girl is African American, and he dated Rita Ora (North African decent). Most of his friggin’ friends are Black with exception of Ari, his co-producer. Boyfriend does not give a damn about color.

  • Mr. &Mrs. Bruno and Imoni Mars

    )Me as a RIDE OR DIE, HANDS DOWN, DEDICATED HOOLIGAN (bruno fans) i must say when i went to his concert this summer there was a bunch of black girls and women swooning over his deep seductive voice ( not at much me)… so i don’t get why he doesn’t “do it for black women”??? He certainly did it for his ex WHO IS BLACK AND SUCCESSFUL…

  • smokingypsy

    It’s funny, I personally know the person who wrote this article. I could have sworn she was more intelligent than this :/

    • Kaitlin Rush

      MN brings out the stupid in ppl. Just sayin’.

  • Nubian

    This article made me want to go listen to Some Bruno Mars!!! Bye!!!

  • Angela

    HelloBeautiful article is two years old and still stupid. And the idea that Bruno Mars’ unconventional music is a facade but Justin Timberlake isn’t? Haha.

  • Janae

    I am a black woman who loves Bruno Mars and all the black women I know like him. I have never heard any black women say that they don’t like Bruno Mars. If any black female wonders why black women are so disliked, so isolated from everyone else and always othered by the rest of society, just look at articles like this. And we are not a monolith!!!!

  • lala

    He does for me. I went to his concert with my friend and she is a big Bruno fan. I was just there for fun, not thinking that dude would make me feel some type of way. He did though I loved the performance him and the guys put on. And I feel in love with Gorillas my favorite song and his cd is good. He is a great performer.

  • Pas

    What was the point of this article??

  • I am a huge fan.

  • Itsme

    I am a black woman of a certain age and I LOVE Bruno Mars, so speak for yourself. In fact, Imma head over to YouTube right now and dream about making him feel like he’s Locked Out of Heaven.

  • mamazulu

    Bruno Mars was the only performer at the VMA’s that had an all black band that he didn’t parade around as props.Bruno actually has soul where as justin timberlake, miley cirus and robin thick are culture vultures. They Steal soul music and then have the mass media label them as pioneers and legends. We support bruno!!

    • Angela

      Lmao Miley Cyrus does not sing “soul” music. She probably doesn’t even know who Al Green is.

    • Kaitlin Rush


  • MsTwix

    Goodness MN ya’ll wrong for that lol! I checked the date of that article and it was written in 2011! He was still fairly new to the scene. Today, I can say that I need to hear the “Our First Time” daily on my drive to work (yum). He is adorable and talented. And FUNNY! Check the youtube videos.. search “bruno mars funny moments” he and Phil are insanely funny. Can’t wait for his SuperBowl set!!

  • JDubb

    WRONG again! I am a black woman and I loveeeee Bruno Mars! His latest album – Unorthodox Jukebox is a GREAT album!!!

    • pretty1908

      me too ! i wake up jamming gorilla so whoever wrotes this needs to open up their mind and expand their musical palet. this man is beautiful , funny, and very talented. I will take bruno over chris autotuning and trey songz yelping and shaking her throat for notes.

  • Jocelyn Beverly

    Not sure where she is coming from I love Bruno Mars.

  • Growth

    MN have. Several. Seats. The original site, and the nut that thought it was a good idea to repost it here all need to stop. Just quit.

  • Angela

    I’m a GBW and I LOVE Bruno Mars and I can’t wait to see what he does during the Super Bowl halftime. He always bring it when he performs. Treasure and Dancing with Another Man are two of my favorite songs.

  • Trisha_B

    This article is from 2011 -___- really, compare Bruno then & now. 2011 is when he 1st came on the scene, everybody was still feeling him out. Now, everybody loves Bruno. I love me some Bruno. Treasure is one of my favorite songs, i honestly listen to it everyday

  • Chey

    Might I say, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bruno Mars at a restaurant called Casa Vega in LA. I was there with my sister and cousin, we kept staring at him to see if it was REALLY him, but didn’t want to bother. At the end of his meal, he came over to our table and thanked us for not making a scene, but also mentioned his love for black women. Please believe we did NOT hesitate to make sure he knew we loved him too!! Lol the author is tripping!

    • Annie Hernandez

      Did he really says he loves black women to you ? I know he has dated a black woman, a gorgeous and talented black woman, before but to say it out loud to a stranger is a bit weird.

      • Chey

        Yeah, he did. He was complimenting me on my smile, and then proceeded to sigh and say ” I just love black women. I grew up around them in Hawaii…” It caught me a little off guard as well, but yeah.

  • Meecheroo

    He looks like a grasshopper.

  • Timothy S

    Just in case some of you ladies didn’t know, he will be the Super Bowl halftime act.

    • Bren

      I’m soooooo excited! Which has never happened for me when it came to half-time shows.

  • Mz.LadiWells

    Speak for yourself hunty!!! I love me sum Bruno Mars!!! I went to his concert and have declared it the best I have EVER been to… His voice is amazing live…You crazy as hell

  • DianaDT

    Where do you guys get this stuff from? Is it from a survey? This is crazy!! The title should be “Why Lauren Fox doesn’t like Bruno Mars”.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Well this black woman loves Bruno Mars and I personally have a crush on him. I have 2 of his albums and my 5 year old knows the words to his song Treasure. This article is just dumb and inaccurate.


    lol judging by the comments this article sounds like an expression of a personal problem

  • LadyDujour

    this article is stupid…like a lot of the articles on this site.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Speak for yourself, I blast the sh!to out of both his albums every time I drive. . .

  • NegraGata

    Someone had too much time on their hands…some times articles are just too SILLY to comment on…but I will.

    How did the author of this article come to the conclusion that “Black women” don’t like Bruno Mars…I haven’t run across one yet. We all know he is vertically challenged, but outside of that, what is there NOT to like??? He has his OWN SWAG, and that is adorable. Also, whenever I see him perform at a show that has “BLACK WOMEN” in attendance, they seem to be ALL INTO HIM…

    In conclusion – this article is just plain ole stoopid!!!

  • Guest

    Last time I loked I was a black woman a full grown woman and I likes me some Bruno Mars

  • Ladybug94

    Speak for yourself, all the black women I know including myself love Bruno Mars.

  • Bruno Mars Fan

    What you talking about? I loooooove Bruno Mars. Shoot, he was the only one who put on a good performance at the VMA’s. I like his music.

  • Gigi

    Umm…wow…So I clicked the link to finish reading the article. Then I kept scrolling to read the comments left on the linked site. And because of one of the commenters acknowledging that she was late in adding her 2 cents, I realized that this article was written 2 years ago. Doesn’t that make the discussion irrelevant? Are you running out of material MN?

    I love Bruno, precisely because his sound is different. I find it interesting that the writer calls him out for lacking that soulful croon once attributed to R&B when, truthfully, it doesn’t exist anymore. Usher doesn’t croon anymore. He does pop and/dance music. Also, it irks me that the entire collective of black women got grouped into this close-minded writer’s critique. I wasn’t even sure Bruno WAS black when I began liking his music. His race has nothing to do with his talent or the genre in which his music falls.

  • Happy

    Speak for yourself…i love Bruno mars

  • bluekissess

    For some odd reason I don’t connect with Bruno. He has everything I like about music. I enjoy the band, old school videos, old school performances. But, I can’t bare to listen to his voice for five minutes.

    • I agree

    • Bren

      I feel the same way about Beyonce.

  • AnonyChick

    Yes, please speak for yourself. I am an adult Black woman and I am a big Bruno Mars fan.

  • dhoward

    This is such a stupid article…..

  • Marlène Henri

    I am a Black Woman and Bruno Mars is my favorite singer ever. His fanbase called the Hooligans has plenty of black women, not just teenagers but Grown Black Women. So this article is sooo wrong !

    • NICE

      I agree, I demand that MN take this FALSE article down before he catches wind of this foolishness, and NONE of us will have a chance with him! Its hard enough for us as it is sheesh…Bruno baby, if your eyes catch sight of this just kno my sistas got so much love for u.

      BTW what research was conducted based upon this study of AA women not feeling him?

      • NICE

        And then out of all people, adding John Mayer to one of the voices we like to hear? This guy on more than one occasion stated his dislike for AA women and how he has no interest in us at all…yet we like him over Bruno rite? Str8 BLASPHEMY!

        • pretty1908

          exactly who wrote this foolishness

    • Roxie

      I agree, Bruno Mars is my favorite right now! This article is a #fail