Aisha Tyler Reveals She Can’t Conceive: The Hardest Part Is Knowing What A Good Father My Husband Would Be

September 12, 2013  |  

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Aisha Tyler is known for being the funny girl in any crowd, and daily she brings her humor to the set of afternoon talk show, “The Talk.” But on Tuesday, Aisha Tyler opened up about something that’s no laughing matter at all for her and her husband,  Jeff Tietjens — their inability to have a child.

The concept for the day’s show was for the co-hosts to tell a never-before-told secret about themselves. And while everyone was shocked to learn Sharon Osbourne had had a fling with Jay Leno, Aisha’s painful secret was far more moving. Here’s what the 42-year-old revealed to her co-hosts and the whole world about her infertility issues.

“We [she and her husband] stopped using birth control and nothing really happened. So we went to a doctor to get examined and I was told that I have some problems with a torturous fallopian tube, which makes it very hard for the sp*erm to get to the egg, so the doctors recommended that we maybe think about IVF… but after 40 your chances of getting pregnant are between 2% and 8%. My chance was about 5%.

“We went through the process. There are all these shots, they make your body crazy, they make you emotional, they hurt, and after going through a lot of procedures and spending a lot of money… the doctor said, ‘Look, based on what we’re seeing here, I just don’t think this is going to happen to you and I think you really need to think about whether you want to spend all this money and go through all this emotional effort and probably still not get pregnant.’

“So after thinking about it and talking about it a lot, we decided that we weren’t  going to try. The hardest part, I think, is I really love my husband, he’s such a good person and he would be such a great father and it would be so great to see a little him running around. But we just decided it wasn’t worth it to go through that, so we decided to stop…

“It’s OK because I married my husband because I love him and I don’t feel like there’s anything missing from our marriage, but when you think about this person that you love what a wonderful thing it would be to bring another person like that into the world. That’s the hardest part about it.”

For someone who isn’t even certain I want to have children, Aisha’s story still nearly moved me to tears, and she even said her husband has probably cried more than she has over their fertility struggles. When asked whether she and Jeff might consider adopting one day, Aisha replied:

“I love kids. I love the idea of adoption, but I feel like this is such a fresh wound that I want to let it heal for a while before I think about what we would do next.”

That’s definitely a smart move. We’re sending warm thoughts to Aisha and her husband at this time. Watch as she emotionally reveals her secret to the world below.

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  • LoveIt

    Hopefully, she realizes what a blessing it is to just enjoy your life with your love without having to worry about raising a child. I can’t conceive either and I was heartbroken at first, but once I started reading articles about the cost of children and the sacrifices that have to be made, I was glad that I wasn’t able to. 6 years later, I am enjoying life with a dog and my husband. Good looking out, God!

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  • Just saying!!

    Stuff like this scares me and makes me want to cry. But miracles happen. Many people weren’t supposed to get pregnant and did. (Including Tamar). I still have hope, but am glad that her husband is so supportive in all of this.

  • Theresa

    Hubby and I did IVF for five years ($37,000.). Then we decided to use a Gestational Carrier (like Juliana Rancic), Now we have six wonderful boys and we could not be happier. I wish her and her husband all the luck in the world.

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  • Meandmybish

    Get a surrogate! It can still be both of yours!

  • Rosheena Beek

    This young lady is going through what a lot of women are experiencing. Unfortunately, Corporate Industry Worldwide does not inform you of all the risks that you are running when you use any unnatural product on your skin, ie. antiperspirant deodorants that stop you from sweating (releasing of hazardous toxins) or the shampoos and toothpastes, lotions, nail polish etc. or all of your birth control pills and methods outside of abstinence and the Rhythm Method and don’t let me get started on the fake foods laden with pesticides, estrogen, steroids and other killer agents and last but certainly not least STRESS the silent killer! All of these bombardments into/onto your womb system are deadly, hence, all the infertility issues women are facing and experiencing today. From heavy periods, irregular periods, heavy cramping, fibroids, detrimental mood swings, andometriosis etc… are killing us month by crucial month.
    Use less chemicals in/on your body and your body will serve you well. It’s a shame the lies that we’re taught BUT with all of the pertinent information available to us, we have to STOP LISTENING to this society that once told us that smoking is fashionable!!!! They don’t care about your womb, only money. Good books to read and learn from, from my experiences are: African Holistic Health by Dr. Llala Afrika; How to Eat to Live by Elijah Mohammed; Heal Thyself by Queen Afua; Wounded Womb by Phil Valentine (in order to understand the psychosis of why we are going through this degeneration) and many other books that are tailored towards YOU the BLACK WOMAN. Remember you were/are the womb of all Civilization and The Creator of All makes no mistakes! TAKE YOUR MIND,BODY AND SOUL BACK AND WATCH YOUR WORLD PROSPER! Peace…

    • enlightenment

      damn you wrote an essay.

      • Rosheena Beek

        I may just have one opportunity to say what’s on my mind, so, I always seize the moment. I hope you were able to walk away with something new. Peace enlightenment.

  • Rose

    Ok. Rent a womb… Find someone that can carry that baby for you… There are so many options I can’t believe she gave up :/

    • GirlSixx

      Yeah, I’m surprised her doctor never suggested that to her as an second opinion/option… *shrug* if her eggs are still viable they can easily be placed in a fertile womb and VIOLA!!!!!

      • Ambrea Pinnell

        It is incredibly expensive to find a surrogate, not to mention that depending on the laws of the state they live in that it might be illegal. My husband and I have tried for over 5 years to get pregnant. We’ve had to do multiple treatments and shots just for a chance to get pregnant. I did this past January and miscarried that baby. I had friends who were willing to be a surrogate but the legal fees to get that taken care of plus, having to leave Arizona, plus the cost of IVF, lining up your cycles, paying the surrogate, insurance, etc all of that can cost close or upwards of $100K. Even with her being a celebrity and her having access to funds I could only dream of, it is very expensive. Plus when its YOUR OWN BODY that is stopping you from doing the one thing its supposed to do biologically and that’s reproduce, it is a huge blow emotionally. And its even worse when you hear women talk about “accidentally” getting pregnant or having babies to trap a man or whatever ratchet-ness you hear about today, its an even bigger blow. So its not so simple to just “rent a womb”. Obviously, y’all don’t know the struggle. Please be mindful of this when you speak to or about those of us who have fertility problems.

        • J

          I agree 100%! Not only that, Aisha is over 40. Even without the infertility issues, women over 40 have a much harder (though not impossible) chance of getting pregnant than 20-somethings (like myself) and 30-somethings.

        • Sheena B

          Im sorry to hear of your story. I suffer from severe endometriosis and fibroids and just finished my second round of Lupron. I did natural family planning to conceive my daughter (Taking Charge of Your Fertility; don’t remember the author). If you have never read the book I would like to suggest it. If nothing else, it helps you understand your body and the natural ways it works. My doctor didnt think i had a good window for fertility but he was optimistic. I had a friend who tried for 7 years and this book helped her; she referred it to me. Not sure of your circumstances (I see hope in that you got pregnant) but I hope that helps. Baby dust!

          • Ambrea Pinnell

            No, I hadn’t heard of the book, but thank you for the recommendation. I was taking Femara, Follistim and obviously Ovidrel. We have a small battle to fight but we will overcome it and have our baby. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • young afrique

        I would love to explain but that’s now how it works!

    • Sheena B

      “Rent a womb”? Wow! It’s not that easy.

    • YouStupid!

      She gave up continuing the IVF procedure. She didn’t say she had totally given up.. just what they were trying was Painful , emotional and expensive. A surrogate
      is a good Idea.

    • Chas

      She didn’t give up she said that in the last response about adoption

  • kierah

    Infertility can be so difficult for couples. I hope that Aisha and her husband are able to have the family they dream of – no matter how it happens.