Draya Michele Talks Criticism Of Her Parenting And Basketball Wives LA’s Return

September 11, 2013  |  

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Just a few years ago, Draya Michele was just another video girl who dated Chris Brown for a hot second and somehow found herself picked to be on Basketball Wives LA. Years later, she’s found herself to be the most popular member of that cast, and used her exposure from the show to become a successful businesswoman with her clothing line Fine A** Girls. But with such success comes a lot of criticism, including that of her parenting skills (which was exposed during season one of the show) and more. The beauty spoke with Vibe Vixen about the new season of Basketball Wives LA (who knew that was happening!?), claims she only uses light-skinned women for her clothing line, and criticism of her parenting. Here’s the low-down from that interview.


Have you guys already filmed the new season? And can you tell me a little bit about what we’re going to see? 

Well you’re going to see me of course and just a more in-depth side of my life. You’ll see my family more; you’ll see bits and pieces of my love life, a more intimate side of my life. It’s not so much what I’m doing for my jobs, or money, it’s just more personal so you’ll see that. And you’ll definitely see a lot of new things with everyone; whole new people, people you’ve never seen before.

There was a rift in your friendship with model Brooke Bailey during the last season. Where does your relationship with her stand now? 

There is no relationship between Brooke and I and on Season 3 you won’t see Brooke at all.

You’ve been getting a lot of ridicule on Instagram by people who feel you only find beauty in lighter skinned women, how do you feel about that? 

Oh good! I am in no way biased or do I prefer light skin or dark skin it’s just that the people that model my clothing are my friends in real life. I don’t hire models and I don’t have castings and say “not her or her.” These are just my friends and these are just regular girls and I just pick them based on if them being my friends, I don’t see color. It’s just about how the shirt looks, so really I could use headless pictures, it’s just about if my t-shirt looks good that’s all I really care about.

As a person who lives in the public eye, people think that they know based on what they see. What do you want people to know about Draya?

I just want people to know that Instagram is just a small fraction of my life. It’s pictures that I select to go up there and you know there are some things in my life that I like to keep private. There are people that inquire so much about my family and as a mother that is a very scary thing so I have to protect my family and keep them a little out of the limelight just because they’re so in demand. When people say “well where’s your son? Where’s your son? Where’s son?” it has the opposite effect on me, instead of making me actually want to post my son, it puts a slight fear in me like why are you guys so obsessed with my son? That would scare any parent for strangers to be so concerned for their child. I just need people to know that I keep it private.

Interesting indeed…what do you think of her comments?

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  • Wedlock4eva

    Why do we even care what any of these reality show stars have to say?

  • Marie Bano

    This site should not be giving attention to women like this. She has no talent, no intelligence and no skills. Her whole life is being another new mans mattress. Draya is damaged and you would think she would use her new money to get an education, start a business and be a better mother.

  • cryssi

    Umm, okay….I’m no Draya drone and I’m not going to comment on the rest, but where in the interview did she say, “I only use light skin models”?

    I really feel like that was a bit of a reach up someones arsenal of bs.

    Love how MN used that misquote at first in the title and then scrapped it.

    Anywho BBW MIA, has been super lame. So I doubt BBW LA will be any better, suprised it was even renewed.

  • realadulttalk

    This child is confused–it’s not that people are obsessed with your child honey–it’s that people don’t believe you ever have your child. A few less people might knock your parenting skills should you ever take the time to display that you have those. Pretty and vapid–gotta love that. Lol

  • Diveta Cranford

    Ummmm…who the hell is Draya Michelle? *blankstare*

  • Clarke

    Who is she? Is she of any significance to Popular Culture, American Society or the World over? No, you say? Well, in that case, goodbye.

  • Meep

    I like Draya, she’s entertaining. I look forward to seeing her on BBW LA. This BBW is boring.

  • Nia

    Yawn! Ho ho go away!

  • Tonya

    Is it just me or does Draya look like a bird in that pic?

    • LoLz

      an Ostrich or something!

    • anonymouse

      she looks like and is a bird………her ‘beauty’ is way overrated

  • jessicasullivan325

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