From The Cemetary To The Wedding Aisle: 15 Hilarious Twerking Fails In Gifs

September 13, 2013  |  
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When ratchetness goes viral, we all suffer. Check out these 15 gifs that prove once and for all that this twerking trend is out of control.

Pouring Out A Little Twerk For the Homies

Exactly what part of being in a cemetery makes you want to bust a move?

Over Before It Began

Do we need to change the signs to “No Running” and “No Twerking” by the pool?

Sink Twerking

You’ve got to learn to crawl before you walk. This isn’t planking. Twerking in high places is dangerous.

Starting Early

I hope his parents delete this video before he grows up and realizes that his parents don’t have any sense.

Can I Get Some Fries with This Shake?

And the award for the Most Ratchet Twerking video goes to these two ladies dropping it like its hot in front of Mickey D’s…hopefully not in exchange for some free nuggets.

Amber Rose, Twerking Down the Aisle

There is something extra ratchet about twerking in your wedding dress right before you go down the aisle.

Library Twerking

“Is this what I’m paying for you to go to school for?!”
— This girl’s mama.

We May Need An Ambulance

Seriously though, is that girl OK?

This Is Garbage

We wholeheartedly agree that this trend belongs in the trash. But this chick might be taking that a little too literally.

Somebody Call Geico

I hope their car insurance plan covers “Acts of Twerking”. ‘Cause the hood of that car is taking a serious beating. You can almost hear it.

Come On, Now

Really ya’ll? We’ve got twerking pets now? This is a shame? And who shares their drawers with the dog?

This Twerk Is On Fi-re

This hilarious twerk fail fire turned out to be a hoax by Jimmy Kimmel. But it’s still one of the funniest twerk fail videos on the internet.

Miley Cyrus

We really need to thank Miley Cyrus for finally making twerking un-cool to do. Why is it about the way she dances that makes it so frustrating to watch?

Big Girl, Big Fail

“Shake it don’t break it. Took your mama 9 months to make it.”


What is it about bad decision making skills and twerking videos that go so well together? Why would you try to drop it like it’s hot right by the stairs?

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