Could It Be? Queen Latifah Tosses Around The Idea Of A “Living Single” Reunion!

September 7, 2013  |  

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This fall, Queen Latifah will jump back into the talk show game after a 12-year absence and her fans couldn’t be more excited. (Remember 1999’s Queen Latifah Show!?) Revamped version, The Queen Latifah Show, which will air on CBS, promises to be more of her own unique vision than the last. Plus, it just so happens, that her return to daytime TV coincides with the 20th anniversary of Living Single.

With a new platform on her hands, die-hard Living Single fans want to know, could the bubbly Brooklyn cast be planning to reunite to mark the occasion?

“Oh man! I would love to! I was just talking to Kim Coles the other day and Erika [Alexander] and I were texting. The Living Single cast is like family to me,” Latifah told “We spent five years together. I love all of them. Everybody is doing different things, all over the place. That will always be my family.”

Are we the only ones hoping there will really be a Living Single reunion?  There was a chemistry between the cast that has never been duplicated (we could also add that there haven’t been many shows like it since) and we’d love to see them sit down again even if just to chit chat!

You can check out the rest of this exclusive interview with Queen Latifah over on  She dishes a little more about her upcoming talk show.

We’ll all be watching…right?

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  • randomtandem

    that would be good for ratings.

  • Guest

    Queen Latifiah is so classy! Love her

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Yess I hope she does another reunion since she didn’t make the first one. I really wish they bring it back. They so could still carry it on.

  • foreveramber

    They did a reunion a few years ago and Queen didn’t show up!!!

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  • J Mc

    i would love to see a reunion. It would be something to see the real life chemistry they have without the scripts. I would love to find out some funny behind the scenes stories.

  • fireinside

    I would like a two hour re-union special. They could finally find a man for Regime or something.

    • S. Kiara Williams

      She did get a man. He proposed in the living room, playing the piano for her while her mom and the rest of them were there to witness

      • fireinside

        I don’t remember but by the end I’d stopped watching. This IS Regime we’re talking about though.

  • Dreby

    I would love to see an reunion!!!!

  • free0001

    Somebody start a petition to renew the show, I’ll sign it now

  • Yes yes! Please bring real sitcoms back. Living Single has been one of my favorite shows for years. Can someone please tell Warner Bros to release the other seasons one DVD

  • LeeLee81

    I think this could work if done right. Sometimes when shows try to do reunions they don’t work because they don’t follow the same storyline they left off with. They’d have to keep everything the same, Sinclair and Overton still together, Max and Kyle still together. Then it could work.

    • Mia

      Idk. The show is a classic and very much a product of its time. I think a re vamp may tarnish the show’s iconic status.
      You can’t recapture that kind of magic (look at MJ when he returned to b ball)

      I would love to see them all get together for another sit down though! 🙂

  • Growth

    I think you guys are misreading. I think they mean reunion like, come sit and talk about the show. Not bring the show back. But I’m excited about Queen La’s show coming back! And they need to release a box set of the Living Single series. I have looked for years and I’m tired of having to dvr tv1 all day.

    • Nia

      They did that already. I thought that she meant like a tv movie.

      • Yaya

        That’s what I was thinking. They did a reunion a few years ago on TV One.

        • Mia

          Which btw, Queen Latifah didn’t even show up for or make a statement abt.

          • therealnumber1

            She was shooting a movie or something

      • Growth

        I don’t think she went to it. Plus this is the 20th anniversary which is a really big deal. I honestly don’t think a re-up of the show would work. It would be TOTALLY different. They all old now. Lol

    • therealnumber1

      They realeased Season 1 on dvd only because apparently sales were low…I find that hard to believe since everyone loves Living Single

      • Growth

        Yep. After I read your comment I went online and found it! Thanks!

  • allen

    That would be wonderful it will only be the same if they use the same director and creator of the show. That way it will have an original feel to it.

  • Nia

    OMG! Please please please!

  • bluekissess

    She is so beautiful. Although I would love a reunion I don’t think it would be the same if they came back.

    • free0001

      They don’t necessarily need to be the same. Many of us are not the same as we were then. It was the chemistry of the cast that made the show….but I respect your opinion.

    • Wepo1

      That show was garbage and nothing is beautiful about a d!ke.

      • Suk_m3_h47d

        Your POST shares similar characteristics.

        • Wepo1

          That’s why I’m here to uplift!

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Funny how you just described yourself

    • jenniferchen24

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