19-Year-Old College Freshman Gives Birth In Dorm Room Alone, Bleeds To Death

September 6, 2013  |  

School has just started for many college freshman, excited young people opening a new chapter in their lives. But for one 19-year-old college freshman, the school year started on a whole different note, as she gave birth to a baby, born stillborn, and bled to death alone in her dorm room.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Ayaanah Gibson of Sacramento was by herself in her dorm down south at Benedict College down in Columbia, S.C.when she gave birth over the Labor Day weekend. She was about 30 to 32 weeks pregnant according to the local coroner, and after giving birth, Gibson passed out and eventually bled to death due to the out-of-the-blue delivery. She was found Tuesday night with her child. For some reason, the chemistry student didn’t call 911 and didn’t receive help from any students nearby if she did call out for some assistance, and she couldn’t get any immediate help from a roommate because she lived by herself in a single-person dorm. The local coroner says toxicology tests will be done to try and figure out if Gibson was taking any medication that might have caused her to go unconscious.

Benedict, the Baptist college, which is an HBCU and has only about 3, 200 students, put out a statement to offer condolences to Gibson and to also express their sadness over her passing.

“The Benedict family is deeply saddened about the unexpected loss of one of its students. Please continue to pray for the Gibson and Benedict College Family.”

The idea that this young woman gave birth, alone, and died, alone, away from her family off at school is just heartbreaking.


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  • marie1789

    Said she survived cancer as well… stop judging people

  • zaiya

    RIP to her and her baby. For people saying that she wasn’t planning on being a mother, don’t comment. save yourself from getting told off. do us all a favor. change your life

  • mom

    being that a lot of people tend to judge a situation without actually knowing is as usual sad! my daughter also aftended benedict and became pregnant which led to her coming home and to go thru her pregnancy with our loving family.. I can truly say that my heart was hurt over her impending motherhood simply because of the hardship that often follows single pregnant women in this society. However since my granddaughters birth she was welcomed with hearts filled with love , and my daughter has returned to benedict to complete her degree, with all the intentions of offering a good life for her child. She returned with my granddaughter to her place of creation, and is now co-parentng with her childs father as he continues his education. So for those filled with negativity I say all this to say, all pregnant college students baptist or otherwise do not necessarily have intentions of ridding themselves of their baby, hiding a pregnancy , or mia fathers. Stop being so quick to pass judgement as none of us are without sin, condolences are what is needed and prayer for the family thru their loss is required! WE as a society never know when it may hit home!

    • clwa0303

      Congratulations on your grandbaby
      and so glad your daughter is doing well. Very true words you wrote:)

  • my bday March 23

    i wonder what happened to the baby????

  • L-Boogie

    That is a lonely and horrible way to pass away. Rest in peace.

  • Naja

    Some of you need serious prayer a child and a whole adult los t their lives and some of you are so miserable you are trying to find something to judge so you can feel better about your own situation. New getting real how many of you stating such hateful things have lived a flawless life? Don’t worry I’ll wait. …………………. That’s what I thought. Now take your pitiful cowardly self somewhere and sat down not sit. SAT!

    • zaiya

      thank you

  • Child_Puhleez

    Oh, have mercy, Jesus! This is heartbreaking. RIP – both were just babies. :””-(

  • theonegod

    truely god is love

  • FromUR2UB

    What a sad, sad story. It sounds like no one knew she was pregnant, because I’m pretty sure her family would her wanted her close by if they had known.

  • lwheels

    Wow…….a little judgmental are we? Nobody knows all the circumstances because nobody was there. For some to say she would have killed it, that is horrible. And my daughter was a college freshman last year, and had a dorm room to herself. Also, it was Labor Day weekend. Maybe no one was around the dorm at that time. What a horrible way to die. My condolences to this young lady’s family.

  • Lol

    She ate the baby

    • zaiya

      she ate the baby. this is not the time to make jokes. do us all a favor. don’t comment. your comment makes people want to let you have it.

  • phillipskification .

    This is so tragic. I am an RA at my school and we try to check in on residents regularly. I know that it is easy for a student to fall under the radar. Hopefully this can be prevented in the future. May she rest in peace/

  • I see all a lot of comments saying she should have called for help, but it probably happened so fast that she have didn’t a chance.
    When I miscarried, I didn’t know I was pregnant and it was the most terrifying experience of my LIFE. I too was young, scared and alone, but it happened so fast and before I knew it, it was over.
    There’s not a day that passes without me thinking about the night I lost my child… I thank God for his grace and mercy because this could have been me.

  • Penelope

    I am absolutely broken hearted by this story. This was just so sad. To say that I feel badly for her parents and family is an understatement. They have to bury their child and grandchild. Just sad

  • Travina Nettles

    Omg that is so sad. Maybe she didnt think to call anyone in the process of going into labor who knows. So sad i can’t imagine having to go through that alone. My prayers go out to her family, as well as her and her child.

  • China Lovehard


  • Mahoganie

    Who is this photo of? I’m sure it is not the young mother that died. It is so unnecessary to include a photo with every news story. Especially, if the photo is bogus. #ijs

    • Kari

      That is a real photo of the student that died. It is not a fake.

      • 11 bossip

        So sad indeed. if only she kept her legs closed.

        • anonymous

          Really? “If only she left her legs closed”? Smfh shame on you for judging her. You don’t know her circumstances. Maybe you should keep your legs closed…

        • Chas

          That’s a horrible thing to say. I highly doubt you have always kept yours closed and by the immaturity in you comments I can only assume you shouldn’t advise people of what they should be doing with their legs.

        • zaiya

          kept her legs closed she dead no respect for her all you had to say was if only she kept her legs closed people like you don’t need to comment on anything just so stupid do you keep your legs closed or you just waiting to bust them wide open

  • Does anyone know what happened to the baby??

    • Dee


    • Mahoganie

      It.read the baby as still born…As in born not alive.

    • Cavisha Hollywood

      The article states the baby was still born. This hit very close to home. This young lady was from my home town and my 19 year old niece knew her well. Keep the family & those who knew & loved her in your prayers

    • Tricia Griffin

      The story stated “she gave birth to a baby, born stillborn”.

  • ANirvana

    My condolences, I can’t imagine what she went through in her last hours. I also didn’t know that some colleges allow their freshmen to be in a single dorm…

    • mac

      Yes, I was going to bring this up. At my school you had to be at least 21 or an upperclassman to stay in a single room and I think situations like these are why.

    • SMHgurl24

      For my school I learned that the only way anybody besides RAs who can live in a single dorm is if they have a documented reason (from a doctor, ect) for needing a single room. The few people who I saw who had single dorms kept to themselves mostly

  • Trisha_B

    A baptist college? Yea, She was most likely hiding her pregnancy from her family who probably have Christian values. She didnt want to attract attention by calling for help or 911, b/c of the schools Christian values. Who knows what she was gonna do w/ that baby if she didnt pass out smh. This is sad. RIP to her & the baby.

    • Oh So Nice

      Why imply that she would of or could of done something to the baby had she not passed out.

    • Terri

      That’s a very ignorant and disgusting comment to make about a girl you don’t know who just died a horrible death. All you read was Baptist and projected your own senseless hate and prejudice against this young woman and her family. SHAME ON YOU!! She just as well may have applied because the school is an HBCU or has fewer students. Let’s concentrate on sending love in this dark time for this young woman’s family.

      • Cassandra

        I actually thought the same thing. I don’t know how long it takes to deliver a baby but I would think she had enough time to scream, go for a phone, or something. And I don’t know the circumstances so I’m definitely speaking from ignorance meaning I don’t know what happened, not that I’m stupid or not feeling sympathy towards the situation. You have to ask questions like that in this type of situation

        • Trisha_B

          Thank you

        • Trisha_B

          Thank you

        • lyn

          The article mentioned that she might’ve been taking medications that made her pass out, there’s an chance that she had a negative reaction to some medication, passed out, and her body went into labour as a natural reaction to try and preserve the fetus.

          • jenniferchen24

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      • Trisha_B

        What hate? The scenario I put above is a common scenario. No where did I put blame on the parents, her, or anyone else smh. I’ve lived in a dorm, scream loud enough & someone would hear you outside of your room. Being that she didn’t call anyone for help, you can imply that she didn’t want anyone to know about the baby. A very common, but sad situation

      • Chas

        I thought the same thing as well. I’ve had a baby and even if its a quick birth she had to have some kind of time during contractions or if her water broke to call for help. Its no ones fault. Shes just a kid and having a baby is scary enough, even scarier depending on your situation (extremely religious family, child’s father is MIA) It does look like she may have wanted to get rid of the baby (hopefully through dropping it off at the hospital) and it definitely looks like no one knew about the pregnancy. I feel for her and her family and pray they get through this.

    • misha

      i agree, i think she was goin to throw the baby away and thats why she never called for help.

      • kymi

        One CAN only infer that’s what she might have done and I concur with the synopses that most likely she was gonna’ trash the baby and you know what? I’m VERY sorry and do empathize with this young lady that she felt most likely and obviously felt she couldn’t turn to SOME one at such a significant time but God only knows so with that being said sorry to say if that was her agenda..its no wonder things turned out the way they did!

      • zaiya

        how can you agree to something so stupid you dont know why she did not call for help you just repeat what she said

    • misha

      i agree, i think she was goin to throw the baby away and thats why she never called for help.

    • zaiya

      don’t judge from a window