Meagan Good Defends Kanye’s ‘Walk With God’ Against Christian Critics

September 6, 2013  |  

Source(s): Tumblr, WENN

Despite illuminati rumors and considerably blasphemous song lyrics, Meagan Good says that no one is in the position to judge Kanye West’s personal walk with God because none of us are perfect.

It all began when Meagan reportedly tweeted an article titled, Kanye West I’m a Disciple of Christ, which urged readers to take a closer look at celebrities who refer to themselves as Christians, such as Kanye West. She followed up with a clip from Kanye’s infamous interview on Kris Jenner’s talk show where he discussed his What Would Jesus Do bracelet and his relationship with God, accompanied by a caption that reads: “Kanye loves Jesus.”

“Rob [Kardashian] gave me this, and it’s just ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ and I love it. It’ s just such a cool bracelet and I’m a Christian and I wanted to let people know that that’s what’s on my mind. It’s important to me that I grow and walk and raise my family with Christian values,” Kanye told Kris during the August interview.

As you can probably guess, Meagan’s tweet did not sit too well with some followers. In no time, the Anchor Man 2 actress’s mentions were filled with people questioning how Kanye could consider himself a Christian while putting out songs such as, “I Am God.” Meagan, however, only continued to defend Kim K’s baby daddy, scolding them for being so negative.


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  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    She is so ANNOYING!!!! She is trying to twist turn the Bible to fit her life of sin. There is nothing “Christian” about Kanye. Really Megan? The same guy who broadcasted “6” videos, on “6” buildings in “6” different cities. Girl get off the gas right now!

  • Diveta Cranford

    Even the devil knowsthe bible so what’s Meagan Good’s point? She’s doing an excellent job of keeping her name out there….I see you Meagan and Girl I’m so not impressed. PUHLEEZE go sit down somewhere DAMN!!!

  • Child_Puhleez

    Some of you people have clearly overlooked God’s word on using righteous judgment (NOT condemnation), PROVIDED our own houses are in order.

    We ARE to judge because it is Him who is risen who has empowered us to do so! If there was no judgment, those of us “Do As Thou Wilt” types will remain in darkness. Get a clue.

    Only a fool hates correction & only a hit dog will holler.

  • TMoney

    I’m convinced that “Judge not, lest ye be judged” (Matt 7:1) is the devil’s favorite passage of scripture.

    It’s been quoted out of context and misapplied more than any other scripture I can think of, and is too often used to justify blatantly wrong behavior.

  • Drew

    Some of you people are real pieces of work and are preoccupied with the wrong things. Focus your efforts on getting your own 2-bit houses in order, THEN purport self-righteousness. Half of you can’t even form a decent, coherent thought on your own accord (i.e., ignorance), which should be the 8th deadly sin if you ask me…

  • Christine

    I’m not claiming to be better than Meagan Good by any means, but there is seriously something off about this girl’s faith. Over and over again she keeps trying to defend and justify what cannot be justified before God. Sin is sin, and deception is deception. I’ll leave it at that. Her “hippie” and “flower power” idea of what is a Christian, is far different from Jesus telling us to pick up our cross to follow Him.

  • mac

    This lukewarm, “do whatever you want, God understands” Christianity of today, is gonna send a lot of folk straight to hell.

  • Mireya

    The eyebrows are really distracting smh…I def don’t see Kanye as a Christian if he claims to be God on his albums.

  • minenameno

    LOL!!!!! I aint buyin that crap!!lol but @ the same time who am I?We all got issues hell we sin all the time if you say you don’t sin you a damn lie you can sin and don’t even know you sinning some of us so call love God so much we check other people on they opinion and we sin more then they do if ya love God so much you’ll keep his laws obeying him is showin him that you love him hey we all slipped ITs ALRITE he knew you before you was born just change and do better without goin back!! aye all I know we all better hurry up and get right some kind of way cause God aint playin…Oh by the way wearing Jesus Tshirts and big giant crosses aint gone get it either.. yall have a nice day….

  • Lola

    Meagan Good needs to go sit down somewhere and SHUT UP. We are all a work in progress means there should be proof and evidence of progress. The Bible says, “By their fruit, ye shall know them.” Also, where was all of her Jesus talk prior to her marriage? Did you hear any of it? I certainly didn’t!

  • Sharon

    For all you that say ‘YOU’ can’t judge Kanye West, trust me all I’m doing is looking at his “FRUIT”. None of his fruit lines up with God’s word.

    • really

      Have you seen them all?

  • Jason Hall

    34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;John 10:34-35.
    Why don’t people read the Bible rather than speak ignorance?

    • ElonNicole

      thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a ploy for relevancy. If you’re going to take the “religious police” stance Meagan, it was done 2000 years ago when Jesus ripped apart the Pharisees. Meagan Good needs a Good cup of tea, and a relevant white starlet girlfriend to give her relevancy. People always forget the rest of “Judge ye not,” to excuse foolishness. Discipleship should be shared within the body of Christ, and so this discussion isn’t even for the World to take part in.

  • young afrique

    beautiful girl…looks like she is bleaching as well

  • sabrina

    I always believed that Kanye would return back to Jesus. I pray that this is him beginning to turn his life around. When you’re Christian, sometimes it takes a while for you to truly get in alignment with God. It took me 3-4 years after being saved to truly live for Jesus. During that time, I was doing things that were not of God and even turned my back on Him at so many points, but guess what? God still had mercy on me and had His hand on me and brought me to where I am now. NO ONE is unworthy of God’s love, regardless of what they do or did. We were ALL saved by grace, and grace alone.

  • Lockstress

    Uhm…sweetie…SHUT UP!
    Kanye has gone on stage and DECLARED that he sold his soul to the devil for fame so please….get a grip, get prayer and get him his life and path back on track b/c his demonic music and blasphemy of our Lord and Savior is not the least bit ENTERTAINING AT ALL!

  • JaneDoe

    Every single time this woman speaks I cringe.. Just mad that they are using my father’s name and all he stands for as a right of way to live their lives.
    We are all born in sin but when you become a child of God old things are passed away and all things become new. That old way of thinking and speaking is dead. Now if she is trying to set an example she needs to study the bible and get her mind right bc this is not the way

    • Lola

      That’s really all they’re doing…”using my father’s name and all he stands for as a right of way to live their lives”

  • Shirley768

    I think Megan is coming from a “grace place” meaning that God is graceful because of His love and sending Jesus to atone for all humanity’s sins. We have not earned grace, and have our own actions to repent for. If I personally knew Kanye, I’d feel obligated as his sister in Christ to talk with/correct on some of the things he does as it says in the word, but for the saints who don’t know the brotha, just pray for him if his behavior concerns you so much. Kanye hasn’t arrived yet, but it doesn’t mean he ever won’t.

  • ablain

    I agree with her wholeheartedly because what she said is true, in my opinion…too.
    The Bible states that this day would come when false prophets, teachers, Christians, and the like would be speaking out and trying to deceive the masses. We shouldn’t be surprised…, it was already written and it shall be done… Now is the time for true Christians to really buckle down and hold to our faith because the Word says that we’re in for a bumpy bumpy ride.

    • Lola

      We certainly are in for a bumpy ride. Those of us that know the truth need to stand up and speak up for righteousness. There are too many Meagan Goods out there that have no clue! The blind leading the blind!

  • kassie

    I’m sick of megan good I really am

    • Lola

      Me too!

  • Kath

    Meagan is married to an alleged Christian, yet she desperately craves the world. You can’t have both, and God is not a game. So step out, or step in. God isn’t your toy to play with or put down when you feel like it.

  • ijustcameforthecomments

    Ya know what I’m going to read my darn bible

  • Nope

    Jesus wasn’t even a Christian, but don’t tell bible thumpers that.

    • OSHH

      Could that be because Jesus was and IS the Christ in Christianity?!?!?!
      Stop playing Nope LOL

  • Toni Davis

    What kills me is when believers think they are the end all be all. They think they have the right to judge others, not one on this earth is perfect. The so called believers have sinned as well, heck we all have sinned. I believe in the Word of God, and love one another as I have loved you, if the believers would live by the Word, the world would be a better place. I detest haters, that man has a God given right to make the choices that he has made, and if he wants to try to follow the Light who are we to stand in his way and call him wrong. Folks need to grow up, Jesus loved everyone, who are you to say that his path is wrong….for the love of God get over yourselves.

  • Atin

    I don’t agree with everything Kanye says or does, but only God can judge. We don’t know a thing about Kanye, besides what’s on t.v. So called “Christians” really bug me judging other people. Like they haven’t sinned. Celebrities are constantly under watch, so a lot of their dirt is in the media. Most people just cover up their dirt. People think as soon as they become Christian, they have the right to condemn everyone else. NO ONE is following every law in the Bible, because we’re imperfect humans. I’m sure that’s why Jesus exist. The most important things are loving God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself, and helping those in need. Yes, there is more to being Christian, but those are the most important. It’s up to God to decide rather Kanye is right or wrong, not us imperfect human beings. And if we want to talk about following the Bible, a lot of people God used did some messed up stuff; Moses, Paul, David, Jacob, Solomon, etc. So who are mere humans to judge his walk with God? That’s between him and God.

  • I rebuke her Cruella De Villa/Ursula the sea witch eyebrows.

    • kassie

      Lol you are so wrong but it was funny lol

    • really?!?!

      Thou shalt not judge

      • water bread love

        shes not judging she is just having her own opinion. sad isnt it that jezus died for our sins because he had his own opinion aswell, and people judged him for it because of that, so why do u judge others when they are saying their opinion?

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


  • appassionata

    Meagan Good needs some SERIOUS bible study and discipleship. Whoever is responsible for teaching her has dropped the ball big time. Not only does she take verses completely out of context, she uses the same cliches that unbelievers use to justify their behavior. So much for being salt and light…

    Believers are most certainly supposed to examine other believers (or in this case, people claiming to be believers). Jesus said you would know people by their fruit. Kanye West does not have the fruit of a believer–even a cursory examination of his lifestyle, not to mention the imagery in his videos and performances, and the lyrics to his songs, is enough to see this. It takes more than wearing a bracelet and saying “I’m a disciple” to make someone a disciple, and if Meagan Good is that easily fooled then her walk and witness are to be questioned as well. When people like her make these kinds of comments they misrepresent our Messiah and what it means to follow him and be like him.

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      I can’t stand that “Only God can judge” cliche’ either. The Bible is clear about certain matters and if you are not living up to those standards, then you are not a true Christian. Period. Even Jesus said that he would deny many so-called Christians because they were not living up to the standards in the Bible and doing God’s will.

      • tg

        Who Wrote the Bible Genius? Do you have ANY CLUE whose word you are following?

        • Is It 5:00 Yet?

          Of course I have a clue Einstein. God wrote the Bible by means of Holy Spirit. He inspired 40 different men to write it over a course of 1,600 years (2 Pet 1:20,21). No other book could have that much harmony and be accurate.

          My faith in the Bible is not built on blind allegiance, but a careful study of the Bible. You’d be surprised to learn how Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago are being fulfilled today. In addition, the mention of historical and scientific facts can be proved today.

          • guest

            great reply message. 🙂 The people who constantly say ” who wrote the bible”…they just dont get it.

            • Is It 5:00 Yet?

              No they don’t. It’s sad.

          • just my thoughts

            but even if we all study the bible we will never 100% be for sure who indeed did the writing or how it all was put down in the book some say god inspired people others say it was written down by stories they heard, the people that do know died many many years ago only thing we can do is quess and scientific studies arent 100% neither they can look for proof but tobad we cant have the real story behind the bible just like some of the people that wrote in the bible the only way to know about the bible is things i hear or read about it because everybody have their own version and his own opinion about it.

            • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

              But if you are a firm believer in God, you will know what is accurate and what is not. Even though it has been translated into many forms over time, the message still has barely changed.

      • Ash.

        Someone on my Twitter TL said, “People say “Only God can judge me” as a way of deflecting correction but if they took a moment and thought about it… are they even ready for God to judge their lives?” That’s a sobering thought!

        • uhu

          lol thats thats true they say only god can judge me, while hitting the clubs and open their legs like its alright and they act that god approves.

        • Is It 5:00 Yet?

          That is true…they aint ready.

    • tg

      In other words – people who THINK they are TRUE Believers have a right to question other people who think they are true believers. People need to worry about their own salvation. Let Kanye worry about his relationship with GOD – just like Meagan said. You can’t take anyone to Heaven and you can’t Stop anyone from getting in heaven – so you need to worry about getting YOURSELF in heaven – if you believe in that.

      • appassionata

        Please do not confuse the issue or put words in my mouth. I said nothing about Kanye West’s or Meagan Good’s salvation.

        The fact of the matter is that repentance and self-denial are at the heart of the gospel. The first step in becoming a disciple is repentance. That means “turning around”. You turn away from things that God hates and you turn toward the things that God loves–and while sanctification (becoming more like Jesus) is a process, anyone who willfully continues in or endorses things that God hates is in open rebellion and is obviously unrepentant. If a person lives such a life but claims to be a follower of Jesus, you’re absolutely right that believers should examine such a person. Jesus did not condemn judging; how else would we discern right from wrong? To judge is to examine and discern. What Jesus condemned judging hypocritically, which is clear when people bother to read beyond the first verse of Matthew 7. (Later in that same chapter, Jesus warns his disciples to beware of false prophets; one would have to JUDGE these people and their teachings in order to determine whether or not they are a false prophets.)

        • Sharon

          Thank YOU!

        • guest

          Another great reply!

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        But you can “help” someone get into heaven.

    • Sharon

      She really needs to sit down and be quiet, she’s been a “Christian” for a minute, and she has too much to say. She needs to attend Bible Study before she opens her mouth again. I’m not sure why some people believe ‘Christians’ should do whatever they want. When Christ lives in you, YOU really want to be an example to the world.

    • Sadie

      Amen! And the part that really has me scratching my head is she is married to a pastor! Doesn’t he twll her better?

    • mac

      bruh…end of thread. You win.

    • uhu

      and i find kanye to selfish to even act like a god =/