That’s Something You Don’t Hear Everyday: Tiffney Cambridge Says Reality TV Helped Her Relationship

September 5, 2013  |  

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Many of us would agree that reality TV is rarely a good thing for celebrity couples who actually desire to stay together. But despite calling off her engagement, giving her rapper fiancé back his engagement ring and willingly airing out their dirty laundry for the world to see, Marry the Game star Tiffney Cambridge says that being on television has actually helped her relationship with The Game (aka Jayceon Taylor).

“I would say it helped it. I definitely don’t think that it did anything negative, but I think that being able to see yourself outside of yourself, and really watch how you handle situations and how you react, is very helpful,” Tiffney told Necole Bitchie.

“A lot of the times, these shows will tear your family apart or tear your relationship apart.  I don’t really think that’s been the case for us. I have really been be able to look at our show and get a good retrospective thought process going on. Like, ‘Wow! That’s you?  You really went through that, you handled yourself well girl!’” she continued.

The elementary school teacher also opened up about what pushed her to call off the engagement and how she felt about giving Jayceon his ring back.

“It was very difficult, because I want to be married. I didn’t give him the ring back because I don’t want to be with him or I don’t want to marry him. I just want our focuses to be the same.  I don’t want it to be about anything materialistic. I don’t want it to be about a wedding ring, I want it to be about the commitment the ring signifies. What it stands for,” Tiffney confessed.

“How you gonna buy someone a 10k ring with a 2k commitment? You walking around with this big ol’ 10k ring on that you would think the person that gave it to you would make a commitment to be as big as the ring they gave you. Thats what we’ve been working on. Tryna get the size of the ring and commitment to match up. [Laughs].”

She went on to discuss why she believes that on-again, off-again boo isn’t exactly prepared to make a “10k commitment” just yet.

“Because Jayceon is still young, and he is a rapper! They like to go out all of the time. They like to club all the time. They got women around them all the time. They can be disrespectful at times. There are just certain things that a husband should and shouldn’t do. If everybody follows him on Twitter and IG, I mean you can look at it and say to yourself, ‘Okay, if this is my husband would I want my husband to be doing this right here?’ When you’re somebody’s husband you’re supposed to govern yourself accordingly, there are certain things that you just can’t do. We are just trying get him to that point.”


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  • brownkutie

    If the show has really helped their relationship, when are they getting married?

  • Opinionated

    The bottom line is this… she is too old for him. She needs an older mature man like herself and she needs to take accountability for her actions. He didn’t just get immature. He was even more immature when you gave him 2 babies. She wanted that life and she got it so deal with it. As he gets older, she is too. She already looks 45, she is a control freak, and if you have to raise a man to be your man you are making a big mistake.

  • QueenOfLife

    I like Tiffney. I just sometimes think that she will be waiting a long time until he is ready to get married. Sometimes they seem like such opposites. She seems more mature, and he seems like he just isnt ready yet..

  • Sari L.

    Ijs,.. In a relationship you can’t be a mother, to the man you want to marry about this waiting for him to grow think again honey??? And having kids outside of wedlock isn’t going to get him moving any faster…GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Hello its called a plot twist and justifies a second season. Its called “marrying” the game. Watch next season he’ll propose again.

    • Meemo

      This is the second season when she gave the ring back.

      • Okay so this justifies a third season. My point remains ‘reality’ TV still has to be entertaining. You need plot twists and drama I think it was a stunt.

  • ibdw

    I respect her for her decision. A lot of women would have kept the ring and, married him because of the lifestyle he could provide and, just close their eyes to the rest. She is saying he has to meet her standards and, he will respect her more for that and, really love her if they do get together eventually because she didn’t just look at the fame and money but, the man.

  • Hazy

    she’s got 3 choices….accept him for who he is and learn to be happy, continue to tolerate him and be miserable, or reject him and move on. if that man wants to change then it will be when he wants to.

    • bluekissess

      Or when its time to. She can’t control the process of manhood.

  • FeelsGood

    She is probably much better off finding someone who is her age who is ready and willing to give her what she is asking. The Game will NOT change and its overdue that she stop asking him to. He’s a freaking rapper of all things and some things just come along with the territory. If she wants someone who is “turned down,” she may want to go get her a business exec. She is so annoying and would get on anybody’s nerves.

    • bluekissess

      Business exec can do business m-f and still can get turnt up on the weekends. The job title in my opinion doesn’t make the person.

      • FeelsGood

        “Because Jayceon is still young, and he is a rapper! They like to go out all of the time. They like to club all the time. They got women around them all the time. They can be disrespectful at times. There are just certain things that a husband should and shouldn’t do.”

        These are HER words and HER complaints, and while I do understand that there are business execs that fit this description too, my point is that she would be much better off finding someone with whom she has something in common with. She’s a teacher and he’s a rapper after all.



    • bluekissess

      What exactly is the definition of a husband? The Game can’t be someone he has no clue about. He probably doesn’t know what its like to be a husband. Based on that maybe she needs to turn down her expectations and compromise.

  • bluekissess

    I’m still confused as to what she wants to do? Based off of the last couple of paragraphs it seems as if she wants him to stop rapping to become a husband. Based on the show I see that he does love her and wants to marry her BUT she’s not willing to embrace his career and the lifestyle that comes with it. This is the same lifestyle that got her the 10k ring. Why should he sacrifice his career and she give continues to be a teacher & someone who nags?

    • She’s saying he’s young and getting a lot of shine from the groupies and isn’t ready to stop cheating. She’s hoping to hang around until he out grows being a ho’

      • GirlSixx

        Yeah basically.. . Emily (fabolous babymomma) must be her life coach….. *lol*
        It’s not like he changed overnight, she knew what he was about when she got with him but I guess just like alot of us women; she thought he would change once she got pregnant or even married. *smh* I said it before the only thing marriage changes is a person’s relationship status, or last name if your a woman it doesn’t necesarrily change a person’s character, although pregnancy and kids will make force some people to grown up and mature but it’s doesn’t happen to everybody.

      • bluekissess

        She looks like a fool. The only thing The Game was good for us blessing her with two children she needs to take that mess as a loss and keep it pushing.

        • You ain’t lyin. I’m just reading through her PC wordage. She know good and well he’s gonna be a ho’ til the end of time. She should stop wasting the pretty and the rest of her youth on a no win situation. As long as he maintains a little bread he will always have a few birds pecking for some crumbs. Onward and upward.

          • bluekissess

            Girl yea. She needs to dig in her lesson plans and do something else. I don’t know why women make it hard on themselves. No matter how long you talk to a dog, look at a dog or feed a dog it will NEVER turn into a cat. Seems logical to me.