Gone Too Soon: Celebrities Who’ve Committed Suicide

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We’ve all felt pressure at some point in our lives, especially when it comes to balancing a stressful 9 to 5 and tending to our family’s needs. Sprinkle in time for the hubs too, and by the time you can grab a couple minutes to take in a breath, you are worn out. That life can get completely overwhelming, and you may experience bouts of depression and even contemplate suicide. Celebs are no different, only they lead their lives in the limelight for all to see. They, too, harbor feelings of self-doubt and a sense of worthlessness at times, to the point of wanting to end it all. Unfortunately, some celebs couldn’t handle the pressure, and ended up doing just that. Let’s remember these cherished celebrities who’ve committed suicide.

Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young

Former Disney star Lee Thompson Young committed suicide without leaving a note. The 29-year-old actor of Rizzoli and Isles died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and was found by his landlord in his North Hollywood Apartment. Friends and family were not aware of any life issues the young star was going through.

Don Cornelius

Don Cornelius

Creator and host of Soul Train, Don Cornelius was devastated over his declining health and chose to put himself out of pain with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. After suffering from seizures due to an aneurysm suffered 15 years ago, Cornelius found it increasingly difficult to treat his symptoms with medication.

Alexander McQueen

A week after his mother died, the famous fashion designer lost his will to live. Plagued by depression for many years of his life, and dealing with backstabbing friends in the fashion industry pushed McQueen to do the unthinkable. He consumed a cocktail of coke and prescription drugs, slit his wrists and then hanged himself. He was found in his $40 million dollar home by his maid

Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze

Musician Freddie Prinze died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after struggling with depression, marital problems and heavy drug use. After expressing that he was going to “end it all,” Prinze made a series of goodbye calls to friends and family. Worried, his manager came to the hotel where he was staying to try to talk him out of it, but Prinze went through with his promise.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain died in his home on Lake Washington Boulevard East. Marks on Cobain’s hand were consistent with firing a gun and he had 225 milligrams of heroin in his blood, three times the lethal dose.

Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit

World famous WWE wrestler Chris Benoit committed suicide by hanging after strangling his wife to death and suffocating his 7-year-old son, Daniel. Bibles were found by both victims. He was found hanging from his weight machine in the basement. The wrestler suffered from brain damage, which is said to be the cause for the double murder-suicide.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

The beautiful actress allegedly committed suicide by accident. The film star known for her good looks and curvy figure wrote such things as “I think I’m going crazy” and “I don’t want to live.” She died of an overdose of barbiturates. Apparently she shared her struggles with acting coach Lee Strasberg.

Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan

Bollywood actress took her own life by hanging, and reports indicate that the young starlet was drinking the night she committed suicide. She left behind a suicide note that indicated serious heartbreak. It was addressed to Suraj Pancholi. Khan’s mother shared it with the media through her publicist.


Chris Lighty

Hip-Hop manager Chris Lighty took his life allegedly after a huge argument with his wife. He walked away exclaiming, “I’m tired of this,” before shooting himself behind his home in South Riverdale. He worked with such artists as Diddy, Ja Rule, 50 Cents and Mariah Carey.

Ernest Hemingway

Great American writer Ernest Hemingway suffered from depression and alcoholism. He was found dead of a shotgun wound in the head at his home. His wife insisted it was an accident after the writer was cleaning his weapon.

Jovan Belcher

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his longtime girlfriend multiple times and then drove to team headquarters where he shot and killed himself in front of his coach and general manager. Right before he shot himself, he said “I wasn’t able to get enough help.” Apparently, he was worried about money and his girlfriend taking his baby away from him.

Gia Allemand

Former Bachelor contestant committed suicide by hanging. Her boyfriend found the former Maxim model in her New Orleans home. The 29-year-old was removed from life support after doctors informed the family that she’d suffered a critical loss of brain and organ function.

Tony Scott

Director of hit film “Top Gun,” Tony Scott died from multiple blunt force injuries from jumping off the bridge into the Los Angeles Harbor. He also drowned, and medical records revealed he had high levels of the anti-depressant Remeron and the sleep aid Lunesta in his system. He left notes in his car to friends and family, but they didn’t reveal the reason why he chose to kill himself.

Freddie E

The young Seattle rapper died from a self-inflicted rifle wound to the head. Known for his JerkTV series on YouTube, the rapper tweeted the moments leading up to his suicide. He posted the following: “If there’s a God then He’s calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It’s cold & I’d rather die than live alone.” It is rumored he was heartbroken, and was formerly romantically involved with fellow rapper Honey coke.

Shakir Stewart

Def Jam executive vice president Shakir Stewart was found in his bathroom in his Atlanta area home. He suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His fiancé said he was “in deep pain and largely suffering in silence.”

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  • Person

    Jiah Khan actually was murdered by her ex-fiancé, her suicide was a cover up nd her mom got her case re-opened nd now Jiah Khan’s ex is behind bars.

  • birddog11

    Why don’t people try

  • That Black Dude Over there….

    Reading some of these comments shows me exactly why some choose to take their own lives. As a military vet, I’ve seen three men commit suicide. How can you judge someone as selfish for doing something that may relieve them of extreme mental illness. I, myself once considered taking my own life once, it wasn’t to be selfish. It was to not feel alone anymore, to not hurt anymore. It’s selfish that you’d want someone to continue to hurt with every heartbeat. I’m now an advocate for Mental health awareness, it’s real. Everyone is so quick to call them selfish, shame on you. To take your own life is the result of unimaginable pain. While I wish they hadn’t taken their lives, I’m glad they’re no longer suffering.

  • Stupid People Everywhere

    What is it with all you self-important, arrogant and SELFISH, moronic individuals who call suicide selfish? Have you walked in their shoes? Selfish to friends and family? How about friends and family being there for the true victim the one who actually ended their own life.

    Have you any idea what these people go through? No one wants to die! They take their own lives because of the anguish going through their mind. Waking up every day feeling worthless, self- depreciation, wishing they were dead. Spending each day feeling alien in their own surroundings, hating the fact they have to meet people because everyone is judging them, and if they read the thread from the bunch of uneducated freaks on here they would have a right.

    Have you any idea whatsoever what it is like to go through each minute of every day, just wanting to not think about death. To not think about dying. To not think everyone and everything around you is foreign and your mind never stops with the negativity and the feelings of inadequacy.

    You morons think “Oh yeah, they should just suffer cos it’s selfish to those left behind” If those left behind actually took a moment to see what was actually going on instead of always down putting them because they cannot get motivated, shut-down and feel lost, and can’t stop their minds from turning over every single minute of the day with negative and morbid thoughts.

    The selfish idiotic morons in this world who are the ones so completely self-obsessed they can’t take a moment out of their own bubble to see what’s really going on and what other people suffer day in day out.

    Get an education on real mental health issues instead of blowing your thoughts out your own asses.

    People don’t go to doctors or even know so plainly what is going on because their mind is not their own, they can’t function. They can’t think straight. They can’t live because they don’t know how to. The disease, and it is a disease, has control over them, and no they can’t shake it off and there is not any magic pill on the market that suddenly takes care of it. You people sicken me. So caught up inside your own reflection you have no vision other people’s lives.

    I hope you all rot, you should be ashamed. Selfish? You’re selfish contending that this is a life someone should just life regardless. Idiots is too kind a word for the likes of you.

  • Goldolpho

    Never heard anything about Freddie Prinze being a musician. I know he was a comedian and the star of “Chico and the Man”. When he passed, they brought a kid onto the show to be the new ‘Chico’.

  • hanalei

    Who really knows what goes on in the head of someone that desperate, is it courageous or selfish, I hope I never have to find out personally. Although I have been related to someone who did.

  • Guest

    As a Paramedic, I have witnessed the after math of multiple suicides. I
    always thought of suicide as a cowardly and selfish way out, I saw the devastation,
    horror, pain and difficulty, family turmoil and so much more. However in the weeks leading up to my sister’s death, the Lord God, started working on my heart? My sister took her life on a Thursday, The day before, (Wednesday) I had a nudge to call her, and I did
    not. The guilt I have experienced over the years has been difficult, what if I had called her? Would I have been able to talk her down, or have made a difference?, could I have made this easier on her, and the rest of the family?, Why? There was no note, nothing, the worst of it, was she got in her car and went into the wildness before shooting herself. So a search had to be done to find her, they recovered her body on Saturday.
    She did not do the normal things most suicide victims do. No note, no freshly bought groceries, no laundry or house cleaning done, nothing.

    I have a vibrant strong faith in God, however God was working on my heart and my mind, and along with the condemnation I had and held towards those who committed suicide. When my parent’s received the call, I followed them and we headed to Bend. All the above questions I continued to ask myself on the drive over. Upon arriving the family had its break down. My parent’s wanted to see her, along with me, because of multiple questions and other things. I had been told that before her suicide, there had been threats from the US Government towards here. I believe she worked for DSH. I wanted to verify that she indeed committed the suicide, she was left handed, and there were a lot of conspiracy theories
    and ideas going on in everyone’s mind. Some of family blamed her husband, others did not know. Upon arrival at the mortuary, I went in first, cleaned her up before my parents saw her, and checked to make sure the bullet had existed out the right side of the brain. Then her daughter wanted a piece of her hair, so I cut off a section. My sister was so excited about her new granddaughter, planning two weddings that were coming up, etc. She had also been at my parents’ house and attended a family friend’s service after he committed suicide.

    My sister, at that point told my parents and siblings she would never commit suicide, she had witnessed the turmoil, pain, devastation and after math of the family and everyone involved. Besides that, she was a believer, and we did not think she would do that, because of her faith. We were wrong. Upon examination of her body, entrance and
    exist wounds, and a conversation with the county contracted medical examiner, I
    was able to resolve some questions. You should also know the vast majority of women DO NOT SHOOT THEMSELVES. They think about how they will look after
    death, instead most take pills and drink themselves to death, fall asleep and
    never wake up. Society has taught us that death is painless, and there is nothing to fear. As a witness to multiple suicides, death is painful and very ugly to look upon. The contorted bodies and features, buckets of green emesis, books on ways to kill yourself, stretched
    out necks from hanging, none of this is peaceful.

    After my sister’s suicide, the way she died, and what I knew about suicides, I started realizing how brave she was. I was going through a divorce after 27 years of marriage, his choice, and his choice to violate all court orders. Yet here I was, now facing
    my sister’s suicide and a week later to find out my dad was diagnosed with ALS,
    (Lu Gehrig’s disease), he died less than 9 months later. She was brave, even with all this crap going on in my life I was to cowardly, angry, and unselfish, besides that, I was not going to let him off the hook that easy.

    Suicide is not a peaceful way to go; even after shooting herself she laid there and had
    multiple seizures before her heart stopped and she bleed out, blood seeping into the ground below her. This was not peaceful or pretty, maybe selfish, BUT NOT A COWARDLY death. She was very brave, even with my crap, Iwould never had been brave enough to take a gun to my temples.

    In summary, suicide may be selfish, however think about that person, were they
    bright, cheerful, exuberant, helpful, now do you really believe they were
    selfish? Could they have been in so much pain and confusion that they just were in a catatonic like state when they committed suicide? I think or would like
    to believe, my sister was not selfish, however, hormones or whatever in her
    brain led her to this. Have you ever been in such fear that a quirt whisper from the devil makes you do things you really did not mean to do? Suicide is and end, there is no going back and saying I am sorry, no second chances, nothing, THE END. Try practicing God’s GRACE AND FORGIVENESS on them. We do not know
    what was going on in that persons mind. Take your shoes off and walk 10 miles
    (4 weeks, months, years) in that person shoes, before passing a judgment on them. How do you not know that maybe their best friend, true love, child, parent just died on them, leaving them totally alone in this world? Have you walked in their shoes, picked up their mindset and processing pattern?

  • goonyberry

    The person who does the fact checking should be fired! Freddie Prinze was comedian and actor well known for Chico and the Man in the 70’s. Really hire me can do a better job!

  • jonadenz

    Freddie Prinze is mistakenly described as a musician in this article. Of course, he was a popular comedian with his own hit sitcom, Chico and the Man.

  • TMZ

    Robin Williams joined the list when he committed suicide on Monday August 11, 2014 at 11am Pacific Time. RIP

  • most of them didn’t commit suicide…don’t believe the hype

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  • darkshadoe

    Freddie Prinze was a comedian, not a musician.

  • Ade Aderinto

    Phyllis Hyman deserves a mention.

  • Krazidawg

    To be totally honest, yes I have thought about it. The problem is that your life is not yours to take. God gave you life, he’s watching everything. He also gave us free will.

  • mrswright

    Freddie Prinze Sr was hurting very badly. Please go and read the book THE FREDDIE PRINZE STORY written by his mother Maria Pruetzel in 1978. You can read it for free at the Open Library site. It’s worth taking the time.

  • Flo

    A site called Madame Noire that features Marilyn Monroe on the list, but not Dorothy Dandridge? Hmmm…

  • Kanisha Smith Privott

    Reading the comments just makes me sad to think how people can make these articles an argument about people voicing their own opinions. I have been through many things in my life…molestation, rape, prostitution, drugs, homelessness, poverty, depression and anorexia…through everything that I went through, I have many times contemplated suicide. What made me change my mind every single time was thinking about how other people would be affected by my own selfishness. Do not get what I am saying twisted: I am not calling anyone selfish. I am saying that I felt that it was selfish if I were to go through with it. I had the courage to reach out to others because I wanted to live. I prayed and formed a relationship with God. I even tested God and told Him that if He had something for me then He would show me and He did. I am glad that I did not do it because I have a beautiful family and I am currently carrying another life. What good am I to my children if I give up on them?? Or if I give them the message that taking their own lives is the answer when I know that they have so much to live for??

  • Rob

    Re: Chris Lightly……Yea sometimes a wife can drive a man to do crazy things.

  • Morrison Thompson

    One you forgot was the extremely talented and lovely Elizabeth Hartman, who won a Tony and Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of a blind girl in A Patch Of Blue with Sidney Poitier. Unfortunately she threw herself out of a 5th floor apt building at the age of 43. RIP Elizabeth, I have never forgotten you.

  • MissTruth Hurts

    Shake killed himself because he was about to get exposed for being GAY via sex video & photos. All them folks in the industry have to “get down” to prosper in it. Trust me EVERY one that is doing financial well has done SOMETHING on cam/video to be given the riches & or fame that they have. The holder of those “insurance policies” (incriminating videos, photos, etc.) are their “handlers”. Sick sad sh_t man.

    -Illuminati Puppets

  • 2bshur

    A whole lot of heavy drug users on this list. Last thing one wants to do when depressed is make it worse by self medicating with depressants.

  • skooter

    Taking ones own life is tragic, but spending eternity in Hell is truly tragic for those of us who live with that curse of knowing loved ones are in erternal hell fire and brimstone pain FOREVER!!!!!! Thats the curse we have the umfortunate burden of carrying forever. STOP ROMANTACIZING THAT IT IS COURAGE TO TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE AND SOMEHOW ITS OK.
    Knowing my loved ones unless they turn their lives around will never be in Heaven is something that saddens me to no end.

  • Charlene Lopez

    Freddie Prinze was not a musician he was a comedian!!!!!!!!!

  • tecton47

    I really wish that pundits and so-called “experts” would learn about what depression really is. You don’ “catch” depression because your life feels overwhelming, you broke up, lost a job, etc. Clinical depression is the result of brain chemistry gone awry. In the early 1990’s, I was diagnosed as bipolar by four different doctors and I have attempted suicide because of the disease. Fortunately, I’ve found which meds work for me (after much trial and error!) and I see my therapist once a month, so I’m doing fine these days. Depression is not a term to be loosely tossed about; people who feel overwhelmed, or are at their wit’s end have the “Blues” and not actual clinical depression.

  • RicdeauTheRealist

    Suicide, huh? I think i understand. It’s the ultimate cop-out. Why live and fight your sorrows when you can wpe them away with a pull of a trigger, slit of a wrist etc. But isn’t that reason to fight? So you be strong and become a pillar to stand against the heaviest of burdens. I know plenty of people who went through so much but outright REFUSED to bend or even break…atleast externally. How i envy them.

  • nanci

    its either a deep secret that came out, money, job loss, or relationship problems but shakir was fired from his high paying job and maybe didnt know how he would pay for his home and car or whatever commitments he had, that executive job, he had all kinds of people withe more money pushing him out, hr saw no other way out of his pain

  • Nikita Beth

    Just because the news says it is suicide,does not mean or make it suicide. Unbelievable! People just eat this stuff up.Stop believing everything that is written, when no one was there to witness this, not even his family.I find it strange that this young man was at the pinnacle of his career and just called it quits.Yeah right!If it was my loved one i would dig deeper into this.Something is not right with that whole Disney franchise of young stars. The Media, newspaper, Television, are all the same, they tell you what they want, and no more than what they you need to know.

  • Niqi

    The ignorance,hate and stupidity on this thread is just amazing.

  • Mack

    Suicide is a sin so for all yall thinkin god will accept some how because u some how think he wants you to die now you really do need to be checked mentally…..nothing on this earth is worth killing yourself over everyone can make a come back from there mistakes or issues

  • Mack

    All i know is if u believe in the lord jesus christ and u commit suicide your going to hell and whether or not if god is real or not im not willing to take that chance so yea that is courage but at the sametime stupidity to risk eternal damnation.

  • dyshellie

    she did not commit suicide she was killed by the white house for having an affair with JFK I wish people would do their research

  • SoTxJoe

    “Too soon” is a matter of opinion.

  • vratrm

    Sometimes, however, as quipped by Vidal, it’s a good career move.

  • Allen Watkins

    Never heard of any of these people except one or two. Since I’m not related to any of them, I’m afraid I don’t miss any of them. Sorry.

    • LuckyCastan

      You have great compassion…wow.

  • Dr Haver

    Correction. Freddie Prinze was a Comedian and NOT a musician. But, the others on this list – who killed themselves because of overwhelming physical problems – should be excused. Very understandable and most of us would do the same in those horrible circumstances.

  • Toria

    I believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered. Why would she kill herself right before a press conference SHE had scheduled?

  • Victoria

    If Jovan Belcher wanted to end his life that was his choice. But why kill his girlfriend and leave his child without any parents? What a truly selfish bastard!

  • roger1968

    Kelly Franklin, you need to do better research, because the Marylin Monroe case was re-opened, investigated in 1982 and was changed from suicide to a homicide.

    • HereComesTheSun

      Actually that’s a myth. Her case was never ruled a homicide at all. It was officially classified as a “probable suicide” and that has never changed.

  • Jason Kauffman

    No mention of Jonathan Brandis,Richard Jeni,Dana Plato,Herve Villechaize, MARGOT HEMINGWAY(funny they should mention Ernest and not his suicidal grand-daughter),Andrew Koenig,Sigmund Freud and many others more notable than half of these people listed.

  • Carla Martin

    Freddie Prinze was an actor.

  • Julia Morrow

    The first celebrity I remember killing themselves was Pete Duel, who was starring in a highly rated TV show at the time, Alias Smith and Jones. I cried for days. Cried when Freddie Prinze died too, but I remember him as a comic and actor, not a musician. Can understand why Pete Duel didn’t make this list, but am shocked Junior Seau wasn’t included.

    • smoothyd

      Because this is a list of celebrities……Junior Seau was an athlete, but if they did a list of athletes specifically wrestlers then that would be a very long list.

    • smoothyd

      Oh….okay I see they listed a few athletes but not sure why not Junior Seau……I guess the term celebrity means different things to different people but I always kept athletes seperate from celebrities.

  • KarmasABeyotch

    Marilyn Monroe? Really? It was kind of out of place and outdated based on the others listed in this story…Im jus sayin.

  • Fartknocker

    Hemochromatosis is what really killed Hemingway…

  • kmanthie

    I thought this was about celebrities? Someone who’s posted a video on You Tube doesn’t count as a celebrity

  • kmanthie

    who the hell was Alexander McQueen???

  • James

    I’m so fucked

  • Puertorock

    Please get your facts STRAIGHT… Freddie prince was NOT a musician he was a COMEDIAN… Thank you…

  • Hen

    The deeper spiritual sadness is a person who commits suicide thinks they are freeing themselves from mental anguish or depression only to find out in death. They are in more torment because they died not knowing the only begotten Son who is in the bosoom of the father, John 3:16.

  • Hen

    Freddie Prince was not a musician. He was a comedian. He starred in the tv series Chico and the man. It was the latin version of Sanford and Son.

  • Peachfuzz

    I’d like to know why there was no mention of the beautiful Phyllis Hyman.

  • Kira Weber Hopwood

    Freddie Prinze was an actor and comedian, not a musician

  • Monkeywrench542 .

    i still do not believe Marilyn Monroe killed herself, Call me the conspiracy theorist if you like, but the circumstances of her death was very fishy.

  • DropZoneMom

    “…suicide by accident…” ISN’T SUICIDE. Who is the idiot who wrote this?

  • TryThinking1956

    What GED grad wrote this article? Freddie Prinze was an ACTOR, not a musician. You know, people always talk down Black publications and media…but it’s &%$* like this that makes it hard to defend. How about hiring a damn copy editor and forgo that extra pair of ‘red soles’, girls?

    • Dante Laboy

      Geez…calm down, and get off your high horse. Confusing the stylings of Freddie Prinze isnt exactly an unpardonable sin. All colors make basic mistakes about small particulars of an issue you know — especially concerning a topic thats almost 40 years old.

  • gerry

    I’m disappointed that there was not enough discussion about people reaching out for help. Suicide happens every day and while these people are or were celebrities, it doesn’t mean they deserve to be remembered anymore than someone’s loved one.
    I’m really not sure what your point was except to remind us that most of the victims shot themselves. There poor families don’t need to be reminded.

  • dshoot

    So SAD they don’t know God all of them were SELFISH full of themselfs and the DEVIL this is what happens when he is in control

  • Ken VanderHamm

    One correction, Marilyn Monroe did not kill herself, she was murdered .

  • Donnie Richardson

    Look at the reasons people kill themselves.. they do it to hurt the one that hurt them.. not caring about the other peoples feelings in their lives.. their suicide is directed at the very person that hurt them to make them feel guilty.. i personally dont believe in mental health. All these suicides are based off emotions.. people cant deal with their emotions. These are weak minded people. There is nothing in this world no situation that would want me to take my own life.

    • Guest

      You are seriously uneducated on the subject, For one thing if one kills themselves because their only remaining loved one has passed away they are NOT killing themselves to “get back at” anyone. Another how can you not believe in mental health issues? Have you never seen someone babbling to themselves incessantly as if they have someone with them, Do you believe them to be the picture of perfect mental health? You think they do that based off emotions? get real and get educated on the subject by people who have actual experience in the matter.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Would be responsible for the writer to add a slide with information on seeking help for suicidal ideations and depression. 1-800-273-TALK

  • AThoughtfulWoman

    As someone who has come home to find the man she loved hanging by a dog chain in the closet after drinking a whole bottle of rum…Suicide is one of the worst things any person can do to themselves and the people in their life. There is no courage in killing yourself and there is NO PAIN so bad that its worth doing that. Though I have the scars from such depression, all it takes is talking out your feelings and issues.. Being brave enough to be real to let the sunshine back in. My boyfriend killed himself because he was being bullied at work. He never let on how bad he felt or about what was being said, he battled alcoholism and drug problems but everyone thought he was better till he did what he did. It didn’t help that some people glorify suicide. There is nothing glorious about what your loved ones find, most people are a terrible mess. I was completely traumatized and it took 2 years of EMDR therapy to be a healthy person again. During that time my best friends Mother shot herself in the head, her son found her after she didn’t answer his calls for 2 days. She didn’t have any hardship in her life, but they attribute her death to loneliness, alcohol, pills and access to guns in her home. Her daughter had spoken to her 2 hours before she did it and never gave a hint that she was thinking of doing that. If I would have given up and died in those times I was so sad I thought life was pointless. I wouldn’t have found a man willing to do anything for our love and I wouldn’t have a beautiful happy little boy now. SO PUSH OUT THAT DARKNESS! DON’T LET THE DEVIL PLAY ON YOUR HEART. THE WORLD IS PARADISE YOU JUST HAVE TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEE THE LIGHT!

  • Sammee

    “Marilyn Monroe
    The beautiful actress allegedly committed suicide by accident.”

    Could someone please explain to me how this is possible? The very definition of suicide is that you kill yourself intentionally – not by accident. I get that Marilyn’s behavior led to her own death, but unless she took those drugs with the specific purpose of killing herself, then it wasn’t suicide. It was accidental death.

  • JawsJaws .

    Stacey Dash is a wonderful person.

    • AnyoneThere

      Just a guess here but I’m thinking you posted this in the wrong place?

  • Dan Meyers

    Don Cornelius was gone too soon? Dude was 75 and host of Soul Train. I’d say that was a pretty good run.

  • Bill Smith

    No great losses here!

  • Jeff Rittenour

    and the benoit thing was his wife liked rough sex – like being choked, and they were totally drunk and more than likely he killed her accidentally during sex (on friday)…he suffocated his son on sat cuz he had the brain of an 80 yr old alzheimer’s patient and thought it was the best thing to do cuz he would go to jail and his son would suffer the burden of this tragedy. Doesn’t justify it – but he was in a BAD PLACE and that’s sad Most people don;t just MURDER their family and then place bibles beside them.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Ok, the tony scott thing is just irresponsible…left note that didn’t explain anything? why not add the had inoperable brain cancer? c’mon…

  • themaintrain

    When was Freddy Prinze a musician? He was an actor/comedian!

  • Brett Smith

    Marilyn Monroe’s death has never been confirmed as suicide. It has been suspected but there have been other beliefs as to the cause of her death.

  • Anastasia Elizondo-Lossow

    Freddie Prinze (Sr.) was an Actor/Comedian more than a Musician. Check out the TV show Chico and The Man. Best ever.

  • Purplesop

    Freddie Prinze was a COMEDIAN–not a musician.

  • Rob Allen

    Sad, all.

  • David Sturdevant

    If ONLY the COMMUNIST MUSLIM “CELEB” Obama would commit suicide THEN I’d “CHEER”….

    • lolol

      Please break your computer. Now.

  • Dev2008

    Suicide actually can run in families. I don’t think it is their intent to be selfish. You have no idea, so why criticize? I guess it makes it easier for some to criticize something so sad that they don’t understand. Rest In Peace.

  • Devin Meek

    “50 Cents”

  • SuperGuy1

    Who cares?

  • Olivia88

    I’m so happy, and yet, I don’t have a lot of money. As a matter of fact, if I did hit a lottery or something like that, I’d find ways to help people, and definitely donate to worthy organizations. I don’t need a mega house; a nice house sure, but I don’t need 8 cars. I love helping people learn how to help themselves. Alexander McQueen was a multimillionaire and couldn’t find happiness, perhaps because he looked for happiness in others instead of looking for happiness within. Sometimes, you have to get rid of old friends; take a cruise, mingle with some real people and find out who you really are. This is very sad.

  • Olivia88

    Suicide is the ultimate form of selfish; however, we have to take into account mental illness. I was shocked and saddened when I read about Lee Thompson Young. I loved watching him in Rizzoli and Isles, and thought he had a promising career. I keep thinking about how horrible his mother must feel losing her baby this way. He wasn’t crazy; I don’t think he was on drugs. I just can’t imagine what was so bad that he took his life. What was so bad that it wouldn’t straighten itself out had he had the courage to face his challenges. That’s what life is about, overcoming challenges. We all have to face them; some more than others, but when you do, it’s a beautiful thing. If a person feels like killing themselves, they should talk to someone, anyone, talk and talk and talk. At some point you’ll realize that your life isn’t that bad. I always think about the young babies/children at St. Judes Hospital for Sick Children. They SUFFER every day; they’re in pain, and yet they still believe in life; they still believe a cure will come to save them; if not them, then another child. If you’re really sad, go visit a hospital for sick children. Share your pain with them, you’ll find that they’d be happy to change places with you in the blink of an eye. If you can’t live for yourself, live for one of these beautiful babies who are stronger than so many of us. Live, and you’ll find that as time goes on, your problem is not more than a passing thought. Have courage; have faith in something or someone. One day at a time.

  • Catherine Gilmour

    My father suffered the last 5 years of his life because of his health. It would have been 4 years, but we selfishly kept him alive.

    To take your own life is heartbreaking, no doubt, but for us to keep my father alive was selfish. It was selfish of us to get what we wanted but not what he wanted. And for what? For us to be happy for one more year? We forgot that he wanted something and we took that away from him. Therefore he lived his last year in misery because of us.

    And I will never forgive myself for being selfish for one more year of my happiness — and his misery.

    Now that is selfish.

  • Joey L.

    Highly doubt M.M. committed suicide. Likely, not in my lifetime — materials will be released connecting her death to a larger conspiracy.

  • Marc Lawrence

    #5: “Musician Freddie Prinze?” Prinze was not a musician, but was a successful comic actor with a hit TV show. Sweet Lord.

    • The Real Corey Haim

      The headline says “celebrities.”

  • whocaresiknowidont

    The grass is always greener. Remember that before you start throwing around words like selfish and God and silly analogies like comparing physical illness with that of mental. There are many people that are ignorant to the fact that they have a problem because it is not a physical manifestation…at least not at first. Chemo can’t make it better and for that matter neither can prescriptive drugs. It is a painful, dark, and loud world. Imagine yourselves, if some of you self centered individuals can, locked in a room with all of your self doubts, your fears, and shortcomings all magnified times a thousand nagging you day in and out without cease and the only way you saw out of the constant ridicule, loneliness, and pain was through an open window 100 feet up…after awhile the fear of that fall ain’t all that bad, if it means those feeling will stop. I am sad that these people are gone because they never got the chance to find out that it gets better…it really does. If you insist on comparing this type of darkness to cancer–then why are those that commit suicide selfish for choosing to die if they are in unbearable pain? Is not the cancer ridden patient granted a mercy killing to stop theirs? Find another analogy or just stop talking about things in which you know nothing about.

  • Big Dog9MM

    I still think Robert Kennedy killed Marilyn…don’t miss any of the others.

  • dave

    What about Mr Greenjeans?

  • gtrfff

    Peter Duel?

  • Murica Scatculottes

    Maybe instead of 60 f*cking ads going, you could only have 59. JESUS CHRIST

  • Kina

    OMG, Soul Train.

  • Kina

    To cute, he should have not done it, Another good looking brother.

  • Ensheslovely

    The people in Hollywood who wear the crucifixion cross are worshippers of Michael Joseph Jackson and there are more than one Michael Joseph Jackson. He faked his death because of the horrible things he was doing to innocent people and he faked his death to continue their reign of terror. Even though in the beginning, middle the Europeans was doing bad things, black people in the business became the enemy of the very ones that supported them. He is definitely my enemy, and has done terrible things in reign to be god in their world.

    • whocaresiknowidont

      Mmm-hmm. I see. Now people, pay close attention: this is an example of mental illness manifesting itself physically. Strangely, these types of people aren’t the ones that decide life just isn’t worth living.

      • Ensheslovely

        Either you are Michael Joseph Jackson (s) or one of his paid yes people. We all know he faked his death to continue his reign of terror and to play his devil role. Not only is a horrible persons, he is disgusting, doing all he can to bring women down even though he plays the women role. Every wonder why the men dress like women, well they became that way because they started worshipping Michael as a woman, then they followed suit to be his sons as women, the Masons. They are the Mason and the illuminati.

        One thing is about these shows, I learned is they do not come close to realness.

        • TNAsuckz

          Maybe you should think about putting a gun to your head. One less looney in this world wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • Ensheslovely

    Their god allow them to fake their deaths, to be controllers and handlers in other word a alter ego for another child more than likely. The ones who fake their deaths are the ones that commit murder, rape and so on and they will not be charged even though these people have a so call secret court.

  • Kylie

    Uggggh Freddy E :((((( I cried so much after he died

  • scmaize

    The article says Monroe committed suicide by accident. That isnt a suicide; its just an accidental overdose.

    • Tamarind Lemur

      Not to mention the “evidence” was all kinds of tainted.
      I’ve known a lot of ppl who weren’t that young when Marilyn died (I used to work in nursing) who were of the mind that she was the target of a hit. Affair with JFK made her a liability, supposedly.

  • Brian Diffenderfer

    we all know Cobain was murdered

    • whocaresiknowidont

      Well ish…I didn’t know that. Interesting.

  • nearboston

    And Vince Foster….

  • Meekrob

    Freddie Prinze was a comedian, not a musician.

  • Kerri Cee

    I am sorely disappointed with the author of this ‘article’, Kelly Franklin. Her opening introduction to mental illness and suicide is juvenile at best. She offers no science nor any references to support groups to those who may be in need of help. Kelly Franklin and her editor should be ashamed of this irresponsible piece. I hope they will visit NAMI and take some sensitivity courses on how to best discuss this delicate illness and offer support to their readers.

  • Budkis Mandel

    Suicide? I think I offd some of those guys, when I became Ghangus Khan.. right now I am a small school girl.. hee hee

  • Ensheslovely

    This is a common practice, most of them faked their death to be controllers and handlers. I have studied their practice of leaving the world stage.

    • SendHim2Jail

      Umm what? Enlighten me on this theory.

      • TNAsuckz

        Don’t feed that troll. He’s just some fat forty year old loser with nothing better to do in his pathetic life. He has nothing to base his so called theories on.

  • Dani

    I am so tired of hearing how Kurt killed himself. I have 17 years experience in police forensics, and I will not believe it until the case is re-opened. Think I’m crazy? Think I’m in denial? If you don’t have experience in forensics, pick up the book “Love and Death” or read Tom Grant’s short book. Mr. Grant has tapes of condemning evidence that he was murdered.

    Maybe he did kill himself, maybe he didn’t but this case needs to be re-opened and the PROPER procedures need to be followed. One the reasons Seattle PD labeled it as a suicide without doing any additional follow-up was because Kurt’s wife called Seattle PD and claimed she was Kurt’s mother and said Kurt was missing and suicidal. This put the idea in the PD’s mind. All the forensic “evidence” can be disproved rather easily.

    I think he deserves justice, since so many people have such horrible things to say about him, I, for one, want to know the truth.

    • siriusthecat

      I hear you, there. I realize he was a major user, but that much heroin, if nothing else should have calmed him to the point of being unable to light a cigarette, let alone put a large gun to his head. Add his estranged wifes behavior and how could you not investigate fully?

  • Waylynn

    Why is Phyllis Hyman not on this list?

  • been there

    some times when you are in a very dark place in your mind and you think about everything in your life that you have done wrong and many times hope and pray that no one you love ever finds out about it you decide that death is better than life with all the guilt and stress of your actions. Death seems to be the only way to gain any peace of mind and heart. I do not believe the action is meant to hurt others but more to protect them an
    just get some peace and escape the prison you have built in your mind.

  • SoTxJoe

    Freddie Prinze was a musician? Please know your subject matter before you write an “authoritative” item. With this pretty important piece of false information, i can’t trust anything else in this article.

    Bush league amateur, lazy writing.

  • Liz Leyden

    Remeron is an antipsychotic, not an antidepressant.

    • roundthings

      No, it’s an antidepressant. Very effective too, but man it makes you want to eat everything in sight. Pot in a pill

  • JustTruth

    I once thought any reason for suicide was selfish until I found my self so sick I couldn’t even care of my toddler son. Ever since then my view has changed and I can now understand why someone can let the thought creep into they mind, if they are extremely sick, in chronic pain, things like that I get. Now offing yourself because ur x dumped u is just dumb

  • Kaho’olawe

    The comments on here demonstrate why people don’t talk about their emotional health.

    • whocaresiknowidont

      Indeed, madam,,,indeed.

  • ShazzNem

    These humans were as unhappy as the thousands of other potential suicides are, something in their lives was not working and that area is what would keep them happy. Understand, when a particular area of your life is not working..the other areas that are working pale in creating, in being a substitute effect because they actually become less important in your scale of things. No suicide victim shows signs of deep depression above and beyond the norm of “feeling depressed” like almost everybody else suffers and speaks of. It takes discernment to detect they are deep under and only close relationships get that victory. They act normally like the rest of us do, putting the best outside but heading home alone to face the darkness of their thoughts which becomes less positive everyday and crying their hearts out when no one can hear and that is why we lose them because it is dangerous to be left alone with no ability to control voices that convince you there is no hope. I pray that anyone suffering like these and my neighbour who took his life on August 14 were will please test the God you have difficulty believing in for Help, cry out to Him, scream if you must in earnest, in surrender to the pain, in desperation because that is where you actually are and you have nothing else to lose. Allow Him to deliver you from your dark thoughts, for God is always on time for the despondent and desolate.

    • Ashley

      People that commit suicide are usually not selfish, but mentally ill. I seriously don’t hear about people who were not mentally ill going and killing themselves. My best friend did that and she was bipolar and was really depressed from her mom dying of cancer. You guys may think it it is selfish but y’all need to understand that these people were ill sick mentally and emotionally and did not understand that there were other ways of handling their lives without suicide as an answer!

    • Tamarind Lemur

      “No suicide victim shows signs of deep depression above and beyond the
      norm of “feeling depressed” like almost everybody else suffers and
      speaks of”
      You have absolutely NO idea of what depression feels like if you believe this.

  • Sheena Hill

    Jonathan Brandis also committed suicide by hanging I think

  • Leslie Rene Anderson

    so sad to see so many beautiful lives gone…I had a good friend who committed suicicide about 2 months ago…his birthday was yesterday…he would have been 40. I wish things were different but you never think that somebody would ever do anything so drastic..RIP

  • LaughtRiot88

    Some insurances don’t cover psychiatry or many people are uninsured. You can get a referral, but the whole thing becomes rather costly. Without being able to prove you have a condition, applying for Medicaid can be filled with rejection (Trust me, I know 🙂 ) I truly believe that people try to find help and reach out to others, but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes it can be scary to express those hurts and some people don’t have a strong support system. I know I’m going against the grain, but I don’t consider suicide selfish. I think it’s sad and I know the people left behind have to grieve and that is unfortunate. But I think it’s selfish for people here still on earth saying this person should’ve held on for ME. And if you’ve never dealt with depression or a mood disorder like bipolar, you can’t begin to imagine what that person feels like. Your version of “sad” is nothing compared to that feeling. I’m not saying people should kill themselves. In a perfect world I pray that everyone can find help. But if someone does commit suicide I wouldn’t call them selfish. Just my opinion.

    • Kerri Cee

      You’re absolutely right. Mental healthy parity laws, I believe, if not already in place in some states will be in place with the new Obama care rolling out. It’s a shame our country has taken so long to offer equal support to mental health sufferers as it has other patines with ‘visible’ diseases.

      And it’s true what you said, if you’ve never ‘walked the walk’ don’t even begin to talk as if you know what living with depression or any other illness experience. Be sympathetic. Offer support by listening. Asking what you can do to help. There’s SO much our American community could do to offer support to people with all illnesses, yet we seem to stick to our own little bubbles and hope someone else takes care of things. Well, that’s not how it works. We must practice compassion and look out for one another.

  • Janae

    I was watching Lee Thompson Young on a detective show because I had never seen this handsome young man before and his presence was so quiet. He did not have a presence at all. Almost like a soft presence and he seemed painfully shy.

  • kei

    They forgot Dorothy Danderidge killed herself

  • Michele

    So sad looking over this list. But I’m pretty sure Freddie Prinze was an actor and commedian. I don’t believe he was a Musician.

    • Michele


    • Rhonda Parker

      Yes, he was a country singer,

      • lsbrew

        are we thinking Freddy Fender?

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I just think the Lee Thompson young incident is so suspicious. He showed no signs of depression (which doesn’t mean he wasn’t) but usually suicidal people leave a note, or get rid of personal belongings, blow their savings, call to speak to their families one last time, or atleast have high contents of alcohol or some sort of drug in their system. He did none of it. It just doesn’t make sense. Regardless, he is no longer with us which is extremely unfortunate. I hope his family finds some closure.

    • Rissie75

      Not all, my brother left nothing before shooting himself. Not a note, a
      call, wasn’t into drugs or alcohol…..He really showed no sighs either
      but something was bothering him. You never know what a person is really going
      through, no matter how close you are to the….

  • guest

    I tried to commit suicide before. I suffered from depression. I am now thankful I was given a 2nd chance. Years later my mother really needed me and had I not been here, things would’ve been really bad. I now understand the impact suicide has on your loved ones. Please have yourself treated if you are depressed. I am proof that you can turn things around.

    Suicide Life Line 1-800-273-8255

    They helped me see the value of my life. I promise things will get better. They can help you too!
    Thank you!

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Thank you for this and God bless you!

    • bluekissess

      You are so right. I didn’t have access to the hotline but what I did have was love and support from my family while I considered ending it.

    • Leslie Rene Anderson

      Good for you. And thanks for sharing. I’m sure you’re mother is so happy to have you here with her. Much love. And remember you are valualbe and loved by many.

    • ShazzNem

      Thank you for taking that second chance. Thank you! Depression is a spirit and is companion to the spirit of suicide. Thank you for defeating them both!

      • Dirty Diana Let Me Be


    • Dirty Diana Let Me Be

      Thank you for sharing your story.

  • bluekissess

    I find it sad that I can’t use my freedom of speech to express an opinion. I didn’t say anything disrespectful.

    **I don’t know who honey Coke is. I also said that those who commit suicide are in many ways selfish. I also said that people can go to the doctors to treat cancer and heart disease but ignore mental health. I wonder why that is.**

    • Ms. Kameria

      I agree with you about those who commit suicide are selfish. That is what I was about to type as a matter of fact…..nothing in the world could be that bad to where you would want to take yourself from your family, friends, and loved ones.

      • Chas

        Ya know I agree its selfish but it is their own life so its kind of hard to argue since you never know what someone is going through but I think its a whole new selfish low when they take others with them. Situations like that make it hard for me to really feel for the person who committed suicide.

        • namguy

          I agree, if you want to off yourself, then off yourself; but don’t take innocent people with you.

      • Rissie75

        You really never know that….trust me

      • young afrique

        Selfish?…Maybe its the ultimate form of courage?To free yourself of all the mental anguish?

        • Shante

          I never thought about it that way, what an interesting preceptive.
          Thnka you for that.

          • young afrique

            Glad to share!

        • Steve

          Courage to shirk responsibilities to family, and leave others in your wake? It is the opposite of course.

          • Tamarind Lemur

            What if no one would mourn you at all?
            What about altruistic motives like those of elderly parents with failing health whose children cannot afford to care for them?
            Still selfish?

            • Ithaqua

              Ok no family/friends diseased and in horrible intractable pain yes. But elderly burdens? Your parents cared for you it’s your job to be there for them. The children of elder suicide suffer they blame themselves. My best friend killed himself and hardly a week goes by that I don’t think about him. So yes it’s selfish to just stop trying. Even worse to do it without leaving a note 🙁

              • Dev2008

                But I have known some struggle soooi hard, get help, follow all the doctors advice and end up on medicine that makes them even more vulnerable. Medications for acne that have suicide as a side effect when they were never suicidal before. Or childhoods so abusive years of therapy couldn’t stop their pain. Some
                who survived attempts saying they don’t want to die, just want the 24/7 pain to stop.

          • Leaving so you won’t ever burden anyone ever again isn’t selfish.

          • Dev2008

            Mental illness makes you irrational and I know many who work each day to hang on…some didn’t make it.

            • Tawnya Rice

              For those of you who call it selfish, unless you have walked in that persons shoes or in their lives you have no clue the kind of mental anguish they go through. Depression has no boundaries, for most it is a internal war for their sanity. Everyday is a battle and you hope that you can survive till the end of your war. You don’t know how long they have suffered or to what degree they are suffering. Most hold on as long as they can for their family and loved ones. So until you have either walked in their shoes or felt the magnitude of their depression the STFU.

              • WhatNTheWorld

                Well I have thought about it several times while going through bouts of depression, but what makes me strong is i think about my family and what it will do to them. No its not courage to end your own life, that’s the easy part. The survivors have the courage to go on without you.

          • Jon Gleeson-Walshe

            I think we should understand that the majority of people who commit suicide are severely mentally ill and not in their right mind when they commit the act. Often they see themselves as a liability and drain on their family so irrationally believe their family and friends would be better with out them.

            • Sharee Moye

              Thank You!

        • dave

          It’s the highest form of self-criticism…

        • Agip_skf@yaoo.com

          Courage would be facing your fears, your thinking of cowardly which is running from them

          • Calling suicidal people “cowards” is REALLY helping them.

        • BETTY

          i completely agree with you. an absolute act of courage. people love to project, but unless they have been there, its not selfish at all. whats selfish is people expecting the one in pain to continue on for them.

        • saywhaaat?

          Whether you feel and deal with your emotions here or in the afterlife…you will have to deal with them no matter what suicide doesn’t change the soul trust me

          • roger1968

            How would you know that? Did you die and come back? Did you speak to those who took their own lives in this life and went to the other side? Doubt that, truth of the matter is, we don’t know where our “souls” go and neither do you.

          • Suicide ends the soul.

        • Mack

          All i know is if u believe in the lord jesus christ and u commit suicide your going to hell and whether or not if god is real or not im not willing to take that chance so yea that is courage but at the sametime stupidity to risk eternal damnation.

          • Dev2008

            I always think Jesus understands them and is compassionate. He knows their pain, their hearts and their souls and some have had horrific lives who fought an fought but didn’t make it anyway.

          • Audrey M Ellis

            That’s a Lie, only evil humans believe this! My child was very ill, I did not want to suffer anymore! God never said it, and it is not in the bible! Shame on you!

          • mrswright

            Mack your view on Christianity is so backwards til it’s not funny. JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR ALL OF OUR SINS!! THAT INCLUDES THOSE WHO COMMIT SUICIDE.

            • David Sturdevant

              NO, Christ died ONLY for THOSE who have FAITH in God, and those who ACCEPT HIM as who he WAS, being the SON of GOD. SUICIDE… it’s NOT a “FORGIVABLE” SIN… Mrs. “Wright” OBVIOUSLY is NOT “RIGHT” ALL the time…

              • Jon Gleeson-Walshe

                1st Samuel 28:19 If we believe that Samuel was in Heaven (Abraham’s bosom) then we must conclude that Saul would also be in the same place despite his suicide.

              • jake wood


      • 227

        “nothing in the world could be that bad to where you would want to take yourself from your family, friends, and loved ones.”

        Do not tell me how I should feel about what is happening to ME! what is going on w/ me IS that bad. when you are able to switch brains w/ me your opinion will have SOME merit. Your inability to empathize with people who are different than you is sickening. If my friends and family care about me, they would not want to keep me around just so they can say i’m still here. They would want me to not be in pain anymore.YOU are the selfish one. Committing suicide takes a lot of courage someone like you couldn’t even take a paper cut.

        • Sheila Hopkins

          I’m so sorry about your pain and all those who suffer to the point of wanting to commit suicide. I know that there is true peace through Jesus Christ. If you have not sought a relationship, I beg you to seek him. I have not experience any greater peace than when the Holy Spirit fills me. I have suffered from depression and sometime self pity, but nothing remove that darkness from my spirit until I truly entered into a relationship with Him.

          • Tamarind Lemur

            Jesus means about as much to some of us as Harry Potter or tornadoes probably do to you.
            “I know that there is true peace”
            No, you don’t. You know that there is peace FOR YOU.To me, what you’re prescribing is as useful as (see above) so please stop at “I’m sorry” and save the proselytizing. You might also be hurting others who *do* believe in Jesus, but who can’t find that “peace” that you have and are left with nowhere to turn. That could make a believer think that even Jesus has turned from them.

            • Alex

              Please allow this woman to express her beliefs. She is allowed to give her opinion/advice just like you gave yours above.

          • That’s only an ideal. There are some of us that don’t believe in that.

        • HankLand

          I deal with depression and thoughts of suicide all the time, have for years. I would never do it because of my family. Sorry but it is selfish to do it. I think deep down you know that too.

          In a way I wish my family hated me and didn’t care so I could go through with it. The point is, suicide does not just affect you.

          • traffikator

            “The point is, suicide does not just affect you”
            And this is the whole point, the very basis for it being one of the most selfish act. If it affected only you, then fine, but no matter how you cut it, there are many thousand of other people affected. Not only immediate family members, friends, co-workers and other families but people who are truly concerned about the well being of others have live with the guilt of not being able to have helped. They may be millions of miles away, but we do consider that your life is worth something and should not have been taken away in that manner. People deal with depression differently. Depression is almost always a result of something outside of your control and almost always stemming from a selfish act of someone else. But instead of feeling weak and losing hope, I get strength and conviction that I will survive, I must survive and come out on top. My family, friends, and the feeling and knowledge that God is there for me through thick and thin, gives me hope that I must not disappoint him. He has carried me, personally through death if I may say. Because I know he knows there is good in me, despite what I have done, is doing and will do. So I must be here to justify his confidence in me. That I may fulfill his purpose for me. I hope you continue to be strong, because one day, when you are able to confront what is causing your depression and either be able to remove it or control it, you will be happy that you endured. Your family, friends and the Most High God will also be happy.

        • silksoul

          With all due respect, you are coming online expressing your discontent with life to a bunch of strangers who could care less about you and you really think that venting and typing in bold caps will make the difference? There are people who thrive on people like you who come on here, it just makes their day to make your situation worse and hear you complain.

          You’re complaining about your family and friends wanting to keep you around just to have you here? Whats wrong with that? Some times a presence is all that’s necessary, some people don’t have anyone that even wants them around. That is selfish because you are making it all about you and to hell with everyone else. “They want me around to be here so I’d rather die” Notice that its always I, I, I. me, me me. There’s always someone worse off then you. There are people who has survived years of abuse and make it through. I don’t know you’re situation and to be honest it’s none of my business, but I will tell you this. If you are in that fragile of a mind state, then coming online in a forum that isn’t dedicated for people going through your issues, is very dangerous. Courage is endurance, not throwing in the towel.

        • Crane

          I want to ask,have you tried getting some help for yourself? That’s right there’s nothing that you can’t get through or make it through. People have endured horrible things in their lives and have over came them. If you truly think that there’s no way you can live or want to live then you’re obviously mentally disturbed. Suicide is the cowardly way out. You’re family obviously does love you and it’s not just that so you’ll be around. That is stupid. I’m sure they want you to get better and live and not just exist,live and be happy. You making that statement proves that you are sick,there’s something mentally wrong with you that your brain is obviously incapable of rational thinking. If you don’t want to live then why are you still here? Either you want to live or you don’t. Sounds like more of an attention getter than someone who actually wants to die. I’m sorry,I don’t feel sorry for you. Get a grip,get yourself some help and quit playing the victim.
          Lose the pitiful emo act and come back to reality. This may sound harsh but I don’t care. It’s the truth,the truth hurts.

        • traffikator

          You know I understand what you are saying. Sometimes most of us do not know how to or even want to view situations from the other side. Two apparently opposite views could be both correct. A report of someone coming through a window is just as right as someone going out the window. Depends on perspective. I don’t know if you are just angry about the comment or maybe going through a situation, but i understand your thought. However, you too can also look at it from the other perspective. You feel it is the greatest act of courage, strength, conviction to kill yourself. One could also argue it is the greatest sign of weakness, selfishness and cowardice to to kill yourself. Because they argue, you left me behind, left me to care for the children, to suffer the pain and loss of your company, to take your responsibilities etc. While you say I was strong and thinking of the pain and hurt I have/could have caused you, I was suffering and did not want you to also suffer, and I was brave. Two sides of a coin. Personally, given a choice, take your life first before you take the life of others who did not ask you to do so, if it ever comes to that. I have been there, to the depth of stress and anger, but I have always wanted to come back and prove otherwise. Never to let them win by pushing me over the edge. The longer I last, and the better I can recover and come on top, the more pain I cause those that try to inflict pain. Hurt people, hurt people!
          BTW, what is your situation that caused you to react so angrily? I would love to know. I have never contemplated suicide, but if it were to happen to other people I know, I would not be shedding any tears!

        • Ithaqua

          I have been there. I hate to think of all the good times I would have missed if I had done it. What I did do was get treatment for depression, found out my suicidal thoughts were caused by medicine I was taking after surgery to remove bones from my face after a car accident. I’m very lucky and blessed that I stepped back from the brink. There is usually hope if you look for it. Give it one more day and say a prayer

      • Ladybug94

        Not so. Most people who decide to commit suicide are suffering from severe depression.

      • hammadk994

        sometimes people don’t have family, friends, or loved ones…

      • Tamarind Lemur

        Try being homeless because you’ve been on the streets since age 13 after your parents – who both molested you – died of overdoses and left you with no other family. AFTER you were already born with birth defects & neurological damage.
        I just described a now-dead friend who I honestly cannot and do not blame for ending his own life.

        Let me guess: You either think “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” will get you off the streets & into a good life, or you’re religious & think everything is up to some “god” & a person has no free will.

      • bitterTruth

        Alex McQueen had no one. He’d been betrayed and backstabbed by everyone. The only person he trusted, his mother, died.

      • roger1968

        “nothing in the world could be that bad to where you would want to take yourself from your family, friends, and loved ones.”

        You go tell that to the gay teens, who continue to take their own lives in record numbers, who were rejected by their own family members so-called loved ones and friends.

      • Moxie

        Ms. Kameria and respondents: Who are we to judge suicide as selfish or courageous? Every person is different – just as the reasons for their anguish must feel unique. But it is ignorant to glibly put a label to someone and something we know nothing about. Only those who singularly walked in their shoes can know….and they are no longer here to tell us.

      • “I agree with you about those who commit suicide are selfish.”

        when someone gets to the point they feel they are only burdening others and want to go away so they won’t hurt anyone ever again, it’s far from being “selfish”.

      • alfonso24

        You are so wrong, I hope you never get in that mental state of mind of deciding to commit suicide, but only then would you know how wrong you are. You’re thinking rational, but in a suicidal state, rationality and common sense are out and you’re left only to the thoughts in your head. There is only one voice and it say do it and only by the grace of God you survive the attempt, and is mentally strong enough to get help, so it doesn’t happen again.

      • Audrey M Ellis

        Those that complete Suicide are not of their right minds! Depression is a very serious illness, unfortunately, by the time someone has killed themselves, they have reached the end of their understanding, of why they hurt! One of the last conversations I had with my 27 year old, before he shot himself dead, was, him not wanting to live his life on medications, being experimented on. Highly intelligent, but suffering so much, til it was just too much too handle! Yes, I have had my moments, of “how selfish of him to take his life, and leave me and his little brother behind! But, I also observed how much pain beyond repair, he was in! Huge loss, for me!

      • Catherine Gabriel

        I’m sorry, I beg to differ. I DON’T think they’re SELFISH @ ALL they are SUFFERING & just want to be “Free” of the pain they are in. That’s how I see it, although I DO agree with you about NOTHING could be that bad that you would want to end it all, I guess some people don’t see it that way.

      • I hate ignorant idiots

        Apparently, you have never lived with chronic intractable pain or a mental illness including depression. The chemicals in their brains are not regulating correctly. It isn’t selfish, it is a medical condition. Very selfish of you to put your judgments onto someone who is suffering severely enough that they take their own lives.

        Pick up a book and learn something. Not all people can be successfully treated for depression, etc. You see so many stars/celebrities who are pretending to be happy because being “depressed” is looked down upon in our society. In some ways, we still have attitudes from back in the medieval times when it comes to how people suffer and suicide. You look at them and think selfish. I look upon them (due to my education as a medical health provider) and think how sad they were suffering to such a degree… people like you only make their suffering worse.

    • blythe

      How do you treat cancer or that has gotten too bad? It’s the same with mental health. Some people wait for months or years before It’s too late because they are too scared to let others know they have a problem, or they don’t have a support system that allows them to get the help they need. You can’t judge everyone as selfish because everyone goes through different problems and you don’t know how big that problem is for them.

      • bluekissess

        Just as you are entitled to your opinion. I’m in fact entitled to mine. I do think its selfish when someone decides to kill themselves. Especially leaving behind love ones. I think its a stigma when it comes to mental illness. People can say “I’m a cancer survivor” proudly but can’t have that same enthusiasm when defeating mental health or even admitting to mental illness.

        • blythe

          It’s nothing to do with opinion, It’s life. You are saying that because you haven’t been in anyone’s shoes, so it doesn’t give you a right to judge other people’s decision to take their own life.

          • bluekissess

            I explained my thoughts as clearly as I can. I know what its like. I had thoughts of suicide when I was a teenager. You feel like know one understands, you feel lonely, you question your existence, you question your purpose. But, I told my parents my struggle and they did what they could to help. Over ten years later I’m here. So, please don’t question what I know. Our thoughts may not be the same but the struggle is.

            • Tamarind Lemur

              “when I was a teenager”
              Welcome to puberty.
              Experience a chronic neurological imbalance as an adult and then get back to us on how much you understand.

              • bluekissess

                I don’t have to experience anything to understand it. I have family members who suffer from it everyday. There’s the exit. Walk through it. I’m done with you. Thank you

                • Tamarind Lemur

                  “I don’t have to experience anything to understand it”


                  • bluekissess

                    You’re a troll. Goodbye

                  • traffikator

                    What is wrong with that statement? Do you have to smoke heroin to understand the damage it will do to you? Do you have get get AIDS to understand the damage it will do and the pain you suffer? Do you have to get burnt by fire, hit by a car, shot by a lunatic to understand the pain these actions bring? Do not confuse understanding a feeling with experiencing a feeling. You may not experience what the high is, that dope smokers experience if you have never tried it. But do you? When you understand that depression is a result of a chemical imbalance, which in almost all cases can be treated, then you may be able to open up your mind to understanding another persons pain. Now what is causing the chemical imbalance may not be treatable, but the chemical imbalance is. Now be careful, think about what you are going to say before you jump all over me.

          • Crane

            If you don’t wish to be judged then don’t post on a public site and expect others to not respond. You have no right to judge either!
            Freedom of speech,everyone has an opinion. If you don’t care to know what others think then posting for a bunch of strangers to see if def not what you should do.

          • traffikator

            That is the stupidest comment. Of course it does give everyone here the right to judge. Life is about judgments. We make them all the time. It is necessary for life to go on, or off. What if guest agreed with you, would you still fell the same? Seriously? If you would would prefer to render your opinion and no one should render any judgement, then you need a blog that has its comment fields removed. You make judgements about driving, doing your job, what you say and how you say it, what you eat, wear, do in your spare time. Are you saying you have never been critical about anything? You do not have an opinion? You are ridiculous. You make judgements about right or wrong everyday, regardless of whether there is a law about that act or action!

    • Michael Walker

      It’s not about selfish, it’s about being in the kind of emotional pain that isn’t easily helped. If you don’t suffer from it, then you wouldn’t really understand it. No one wants this, it’s just the lesser of two evils for some people, which is sad enough without judging them for it.

      • bluekissess

        Please read my response to blythe. I’ve said my opinion about this topic & I think its selfish

        • Sam

          We get it. You think suicide is a selfish act. You play it like a broken record. Yeah, you are entitled to an opinion. But have you any idea how insensitive, condescending and insulting you sound? It’s not your place to judge another human being’s struggle and calling someone selfish who cannot come back and defend against it is cowardly. You are trampling on the memory of everyone that has committed suicide and the feelings of those who loved them. Why do it? Because you feel entitled to it? What you are is boorish. (“I didn’t say anything disrespectful.” According to who? You? Newsflash: yeah, you did. And that’s why you are getting the push back.)

          • bluekissess

            All I’m saying is that its a stigma attached to mental illness. I have family members with severe mental illness so you saying I’m being insensitive is ridiculous. Why does mental illness have to be secret? Why do people feel like they have to suffer alone? The brain is just as important as the heart. People will go to the doctor for a cold but won’t take the proper steps to heal a illness of the mind. When its time the illness has gotten worse. Agree to disagree

            • Guest

              It’s just as selfish for the living to want a loved one to suffer so that THEY feel better. Who, but an individual, is to be the absolute barometer for what is and isn’t the climax of a person’s suffering and pain? Just a thought.

            • trina

              I do agree with you bluekisses to a certain extent. My mother is diagnosed bi polar, my grandfather is schizophrenic, my grnadmother suffers from manic depression. I do believe that mental illness in our society is stigmatized, swept under the rug, and we treat those afflicted with it as if they are invisible. I believe this is because their symptoms are not as solid and socially acceptable as other diseases, but it is debilitating, embarrassing, and difficult to live with. As a society we MUST do better about dealing with mental illness, from law enforcement, schools, family and healthcare industry. As outsiders looking in, we cannot intellectualize what a person who is mentally ill is dealing with, and they usually cannot properly describe what they are experiencing, they are dealing with an illness of the brain, that makes things like reasoning, expression difficult sometimes. That’s why some people NEVER recieve help, they may not have loved ones in a close vicinity to say “Hey something’s wrong go get help.” I do disagree that suicide is a “selfish act” it is an act that usually happens when a person cannot logically find another option (of course there are other options but a mentally ill person cannot see it) I do understand what you mean about the impact that suicide has on families and loved ones, but that hurt, anger, and disappointed should be directed to therapy because life goes on.

              • bluekissess

                Agreed 🙂

              • Kerri Cee

                Very well said, indeed.

              • Tamarind Lemur

                Some people have also had chemical imbalances for most or all of their entire lives & know no other state. This can worsen the feeling of being “trapped”.
                Not to mention how irritating those “I feel like my old self again!” antidepressant commercials are.

          • bluekissess

            All I’m saying is that its a stigma attached to mental illness. I have family members with severe mental illness so you saying I’m being insensitive is ridiculous. Why does mental illness have to be secret? Why do people feel like they have to suffer alone? The brain is just as important as the heart. People will go to the doctor for a cold but won’t take the proper steps to heal a illness of the mind. When its time the illness has gotten worse. Agree to disagree

          • DAVE

            It is selfish and cowardly. The person who decides to commit suicide has no regard for those who love & respect them and are cowardly because they have little self esteem in not finding the help they need. In the case of someone who has a terminal illness and is in endless pain may be an exception.

          • JustMyOpinion

            Are you kidding. I have read some jack a** comments before but you take the cake. It is selfish to kill yourself. Your pain has stopped but everyone that loved you – now theirs begins. No not try and say that “you are trampling on the memory of everyone that has committed suicide and the feeling of those who loved them”. Apparently you never had anyone you were really close to kill themselves. I can promise you that anyone that has wishes they could stop the person from doing it. Not celebrating the fact that they did it.

            • Tamarind Lemur

              The first man I ever loved killed himself.
              I have never been the same – but not in the way you would think.

              I have never been angry with him, never blamed him.

              I was angry at the family that raised him in a cult with rampant child molestation, then left him to get high and higher while they leeched off his success.
              I was angry at the friends that sponged off him for money and attention.
              I was angry at the managers that encouraged him.
              But I never blamed him. He was in so much pain.

              We all have a different take on suicide.

              • traffikator

                But you remain angry right? You have just expressed exactly what others have been saying here about it being selfish. Because he did not consider the pain and anger you would have to live with for the rest of your life. It was his committing suicide that led to your anger. If he was still alive would you be angry? If he was still alive and somehow got treatment and was able to forgive the family members, the leeches and cruel managers and lead a happy life like despite all that, would you still feel the same? You may be sympathetic to his final act, however it left you in pain and anger which you will will have to live with for the rest of your life, while he suffers nothing because he is gone. Did it ever occur to you that the people who caused him pain may be sorry and never got a chance to express their sorrow and to try to make up for it? Now they too have to live live the rest of their lives in pain, and him, he has no pain. His actions did not affect him alone, it affected you and others. Understanding why he and millions of others who did it, does not remove the fact that it is a selfish act. I understand, and believe me some people are better off dead, for they leave the world a better place, even though their death will still cause others to grieve. For example, look at all the wicked Taliban and those like Osama bin laden and all those whom the drones are sending to history (aside from the innocent bystanders0, don’t you think we are better off without them? Yet look how many thousands mourn their death.

                “We all have a different take on suicide.” Exactly.

        • Catherine Gilmour

          Until you know the circumstances, you can’t say it’s selfish. You have no idea what some people go through. You’re just one of those that believes something and that’s it for you. How about looking at other sides of things before speaking about them.

    • solitaire

      Because they are mentall ill and do not realize that they need help.

    • whocaresiknowidont

      bluekisses (no disrespect by not capitalizing the first letter of your name, I figure the way you write it is how you want it) I feel inclined to tell you that you make me extremely happy. Maybe I’m just really tipsy off of the bottle of red wine I’m going through but the way you take things so personally brightens up my day. You see, I’m what they call an ‘internet troll’ and you are an internet troll’s dream. I leave my comments and then go about my merry way, never going back to the scene of the crime to see how I was replied to. Take it easy. Don’t let anonymous people on an internet board make you sad about not being able to exercise your freedom of speech. Say whatever you want! Keep being blissfully unaware while hiding behind the guise of intelligence. I love it! You read the article so I assume you know that it can always be worse.

      Until we meet again…adieu. ^_^

      • bluekissess

        I admire your sarcasm. I only come back to respond because I get emails from those who respond to me. I’ve realized that some people on here don’t want to engage in conversation but to argue. I was one of those silly people. I now pick and choose who I conversate with and who I don’t. Your response made me lol so I had to respond. It’s my pleasure

      • Crane

        You must have no life at all. You actually take time to be a “troll” and enjoy it? You’re an idiot. How about finding a productive hobby. You think you’re so intelligent,when in reality what you do is completely stupid. You too have mental issues.

    • pkbooo

      The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling.”
      ― David Foster Wallace

    • Alex

      To call this type of act selfish is not only incredibly insensitive but it is also very wrong. Is it sad? Yes. Is it wrong? Absolutely. Do I condone it? No. BUT, you never know what a person is going through and it is wrong to judge. If you’ve never felt that type of pain, then you couldn’t even begin to understand. Certain things are between us and God only. You are definitely entitled to your opinion but you really shouldn’t comment on things that you know nothing about.

    • hen

      Guest, don’t find it sad. Just recognize the age in which we live. It is an age of tolerance for everything except truth. Suicide is an act of selfishness and any one who disagrees is a moron and idiot.

    • Dev2008

      Some do seek help and horribly the medication prescribed has suicide as a side effect.

    • Nancy

      It’s simple, it’s because people with mental health issues don’t think rationally. They don’t sit around and say, oh I’m mentally ill I should go to see a psychiatrist. That’s why there are so many mentally ill people walking around murdering or injuring others and/or themselves. It’s up to family members and friends to get them to the help then need and get them to stay on their meds.