Foreign Student Who Speaks Little English Gets Charged $4,000 For Taxi Ride…And Pays It

September 2, 2013  |  


If a cab driver ever tried to overcharge you for the ride they gave you (especially in New York), just know that your situation was nowhere near as bad as a young foreign student scammed who paid $4,240 to a taxi driver in Chicago.

According to Gawker, a Chinese student on his way to the University of Illinois for the first time to start classes picked up a cab at O’Hare Airport. Unfortunately for the young man, he spoke very little English, so the cabbie lied to him and told him there were no more buses available heading to the university’s campus that evening. He told the student he could give him a ride as a last-ditch effort for a mere $1,000…

Once again, the student spoke little English and was new in the country, so he believed him. But according to the Daily Mail, the actual cost for a ride from the airport to the University of Illinois in Champaign is about $290 (the trip is about 150 miles, fyi). By the time the 18-year-old student arrived to the campus, the cab driver told him he was going to need $4,800 instead for all the miles traveled. According to the University of Illinois police Sgt. Tom Geis, he says the student “said he didn’t have that much so he gave him all he had.” Altogether, that was $4,240.

Chicago police are now looking for the white male cab driver (yeah right), and the student is probably somewhere having the worst start to college life ever. Poor thing. I’ll never complain about being charged $30 to get from LaGuardia to Bed-Stuy ever again…

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  • Miss_Understood

    God don’t like ugly! I have so many questions tho…did he pay in cash, if not, can’t they track his payment? Why was he traveling alone in a city to a school wherein he doesn’t speak the language? Shouldn’t he have sponsors or people from the school of international studies (my university had this) meet him at the airport?

    Finding the culprit shouldn’t be hard but as the article suggests, the police in Chicago aren’t exactly pressed to search down anyone that doesn’t resemble Chief Keef

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    Disgusting!!! Reading this made me feel sick to my stomach, I hope they find this scum bag taxi driver. I’ve never liked or trusted cab drivers for this very reason, some of them are low lives who drive cabs because they lack talent and are too stupid to anything else.

  • YouStupid!

    I think he may have known that he was being over charged and was afraid to protest. It. It is good that he reported it. It should be hard to track down the asinine driver, if the child got cab co’s name because you have to have an Airport Taxi Operator Permit for airport business, with a date,time and description this really shouldn’t be that hard.. Please update the story when info is available.

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    poor boy, is he going to atleast get his money back?!?

  • This is F’ed UP!!! and very upsetting! This cab driver knew he was taking full fledge advantage, but Im sorry not speaking english doesn’t excuse not having common sense. Something should have told him mentally that that was a mighty expensive cab ride :-((

  • This is F’ed UP!!! and very upsetting! This cab driver knew he was taking full fledge advantage, but Im sorry not speaking english doesn’t excuse not having common sense. Something should have told him mentally that that was a mighty expensive cab ride :-((

  • Barbara Codner


  • Trisha_B

    Aww, that is so mean

  • Laine

    I’m sorry, the guy is starting college and is still that dumb !?? Not knowing the language didn’t have anything to do with this, the kid is just plain stupid! There, I said it…:-)

    • terrible dream

      he was new to this country as well you dumbfuck and knew little of how things worked in america

      • Laine

        Typical for an American to say, like the rest of the world is this undeveloped hell hole… He came from China, they have taxis there, too. In fact, there are taxis everywhere. And no where in the world does the taxi fair cost more than the whole plain ticket to come to a country, okay!??? The kid didn’t have COMMON SENSE! And when you start university, when you are at that level, you should have a little bit of common sense, sorry!

        • dddooonnnttt

          The price of cabs isn’t consistent internationally, and the actual cost of his ride is 1/3 of his quoted price. That car ride is like 4 or 5 hours long. It’s actually not that crazy for him to think his ride was very expensive. Not to mention that he probably doesn’t understand the exchange rate yet, or that fact that he doesn’t speak english, and he is most likely 17, or 18 years old. I’d like to see you wriggle your way out being scammed in language you dont speak, in a place you’ve never been.

      • Laine

        Of course the driver was dead wrong, but come on, the kid needs to smarten up

      • enlightenment

        Lmao. The fact that MadameNoire didn’t moderate this comment just goes to show you how even MN is on your side for this one.

        • hollyw

          What would MN moderate, he said nothing profane or vulgar..? Def doesn’t mean they’re ‘on his side’.

          • enlightenment

            Try writing dumbf*ck without being moderated.

            • hollyw

              I’m sorry, I thought you were responding to Laine’s first comment

    • AncientSpiritNewDay

      Your commentary is insensitive, unnecessary, and you’re victim blaming on top of it all. To me this makes you just as low and vile as the cab driver, damn psychopaths.

    • Chas

      He may not know the currency in America especially if he’s never been out of his own country. Its different everywhere. Plus he’s just a kid and probably never had to really pay for himself in these kinds of situations. You could be a little more understanding considering his situation.

  • JMO

    I really hate reading stories like this. People that prey on the unknowing/uniformed disgust me. Don’t worry, God is going to get that 4k back and some. Smh

    • AnnieGaughan

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