“Fred Thought He Was Being Attacked” Kelly Price Explains Her Attitude Towards The Director

September 2, 2013  |  

Source: YouTube

The more I’m watching these Kelly Price interviews/explanations for her behavior, the more I’m really starting to see the hand the “R&B Divas LA” producers had in making certain scenes to appear one way or another.

In part one of her interview with C Nikky, Kelly explained the whole straight edge story. That made sense, but it still didn’t explain why Kelly got into it with Fred, the man who had just been hired to do a job. Well in part two of the interview Kelly explains what happened with that. According to her the producers had been giving her instructions all throughout taping that would make the show more…spicy. For instance, she says they asked her to ask Michel’le if that was her real voice or whether or not she really talked like that. She refused. Then they asked her, she said on more than one occasion, to arrange a surprise meeting between Chante and her ex husband Kenny Lattimore. Again, she refused.

Then producers told her that there was a new director coming into the picture. They said that he was only going to be on the show for two episodes and asked her if she would agree to “give him a headache.” And she agreed.

I did say yes to giving him a problem on camera. But I own what I did. I can have some drama with somebody who’s not going to be here in two episodes.

But Kelly says that she and Fred were told two entirely different things. She doesn’t know exactly what the producers told Fred about her, but she says they certainly weren’t on the same page. She said by the time she got up in his face during that dramatic scene, she could tell that she was putting on for the cameras and Fred was genuinely shocked.

“Fred thought he was being attacked.”

Kelly said even though she ultimately made the decision not to do the show, she apologized to Fred because of her behavior but you’ll never see that on camera.

Fred’s first experience with me was me just being a temperamental, disrespectful grown woman who should have been more professional than she was. And that was his real impression because we were not being told the same thing. So the woman that I am apologized to Fred…and he accepted my apology and he said ‘I believe you’re right this is a set up.'”

I’m shocked to admit this but once again, I believe her. It all makes sense actually. If there were no drama between Kelly and Fred, the monologues would have gone on without a hitch. Kelly would have never quit, Dawn and Lil Mo wouldn’t have gotten into an altercation and Chante and Kelly would have still been cool. And there would have been no “R&B Divas LA” because as sad as it is, it’s true that we wouldn’t watch a show where a group of women just get along and empower each other.

Those are just some of the snippets from part two of the Kelly’s sit down with C.Nikky. After you’ve watched the whole video, tell us whether or not you believe Kelly’s story.

Check out the whole video for context and clarity on the next page.

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  • K

    Not judging but in my own personal opinion the christian gospeling singing Kelly Price I believed in sold her soul for a reality tv show. I expected the most from her but it appears that Lil Mo has held her ground & continuously showed herself as a true leader. I am not saying she is not human & perfect but based off of the footage she represented well.


  • tellinitlikeitis

    Kelly is Humongous- don’t believe her- Miss “I’m booked all the time” just wants back on the show- Kelly is Fat and Cruel

  • wendybyars444

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  • JRoc85

    Bottom line: Kelly you should be GRATEFUL that Fred REMEMBERED that you were a woman (given the inappropriate way you stepped in his face). Cause another type of man would have forgotten, you know what I mean???!!!! Kelly you were wrong. Point, Blank, Period!

  • Shaela129

    I would watch. I think that is the wrong approach to things. Drama is not the only thing some people want to see. Check out a real basketball wife’s show, i.e. LaLa. Or watch two sisters manager their home and career lives, Tia and Tamera and Mary Mary. Or watch the cutest show ever, Sanya’s Glam and Gold. Better shows exist and are just as interesting without the Ratchet and hatred!

  • Andrea

    Kelly save it…why do the show because now that production has found out you saying they edited everything and tricked you and Fred they’re going to fire you. So why not leave…You think you and these other women are the only ones people are not listening to on the radio anymore? No…R&B is just down anyway because young blacks listen to rap more and everyone has hyped up rap & hip hop music more than the real r&b music…it’s nothing you can do about that but wait til everyone get’s tired of rap & hip hop and began to vote for more r&b..wait your chance because the stars are lining up for you r&b people again…don’t try to do it on your own by making yourself relevant again thru a stupid reality show….I can say K.Michelle made it good but what she said and did was really her and in the end it paid off…She confessed up to that… But what messes Kelly up is that she may want to hide behind an image of how everyone knows her in public but I’m sure Kelly has skeletons…Now she back peddling makes it even worse than when she did it…YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DISRESPECTED THAN MAN IN THE FIRST PLACE CAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER IF HE WAS ON 1 EPISODE YOU DON’T LEAVE A BAD IMPRESSION WITH SOMEONE CAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MAY NEED THAT PERSON LATER ON….IF YOU SAID NO TO ALL THE OTHER THINGS THEY ASKED YOU TO DO YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID NO TO THAT TOO.(PERIOD POINT BLANK)!

  • jontel


  • realadulttalk

    I really don’t believe her stories. Kelly was doing big things for a minute…then poof…her career was over. I believe that we are seeing why. Dawn was always known as a problem in EnVogue. Claudette slept with both members (and married one–the other became an alcoholic) of her group. Chante had a man at home–but he wasn’t so good to her, obviously. Mo is a loose cannon–aim her anywhere and she will blow. Michele is known to be a little coo coo. There were stories to be had–so why is it that only Kelly was given the drama? What’s Kenny really doing these days? He wouldn’t just have shown up for a check?

  • Viewer

    If the producers asked her to give Fred a headache, why did she make the comment about needing to have a conversation with Fred after he walked out because she is too great? If she knew she was put in the position by the producers to antagonize Fred, why get upset with him when he reacts? Even by her own admission Fred had no clue that she was asked to behave that way.

  • jay

    Producers are messy, no doubt about it…..They told Kelly one thing and the others something else..SMH ….I wonder what the other ladies have to say and I hope they address this in the reunion. It doesn’t excuse Kelly’s rudeness, (she did own up to it) but it would be nice to hear everyone’s point of view.

  • Itsdrfab

    It still doesn’t excuse her behavior. The “editing” excuse doesn’t work for the shady business of her and Dawn secretly putting together their own monologue show. What excuse does she have for that part?

  • MzTeaze

    Who edits these postings? Please correct it as it’s hard to follow what you are trying to say here – “They that he was only going to be on the show for two episodes and asked her if she would agree to “give him a headache.” ”

    I’m glad you believe Kelly but I don’t. Kelly has truly shown that she will lie or distort the truth with ease. She’s definitely not going to win in the court of public opinion simply because of her ratchet, stank behavior in situations that added or changed the story line in any way. But I know this won’t stop her attempts at damage control.

    • Sasha Pierre

      I am glad Kelly spoke up for herself in a dignified manner. She took accountability for her part and admitted to some of the behind the scenes set ups that happen on most reality shows. I hope she doesn’t come back to the show as I am sure they will be “coming” for her after this. SO many of these shows have the same formula. There is one villain in which everyone tries to come for. I hate the direction that networks go for ratings…..I am glad that Kelly is finally telling her side of the story.

  • 20candycane13

    I watch Hollywood Exes and even though some of the have disagreements, its still more classy and tasteful then R&B Divas.

    • Michelle Cooke

      That show sucks.

      • 20candycane13

        I’ve heard that most do but if you take away the hood rats and chicken heads and throwin drinks, bullying and fighting you have Hollywood Exes; a show where women who aren’t related have a friendship and disagreements but work through them.

    • Erica Key

      I agree that shows does have disagreements but is not ratchet like these other shows. I love watching it. I don’t any other reality show because I hate the made up drama

  • Cassy

    Why would anyone agree to be a jackass on television?

  • mia

    I would love a show(s) where BLACK women empower each other our little ones need role models not only at home, school etc but also on the screen unless we plan on banning them from ever watching TV until they are 18 and in college I think a show with black women empowering each other is on point.

    • Michelle Cooke

      Like you’d actually watch it.

    • Michelle Cooke

      Like you’d actually watch it.

  • King Mesh Hamilton

    Then why do it you are a major star now and she can call the shots