Trayvon Martin Foundation Receives $50,000 Donation From Florida Businesses!

September 1, 2013  |  


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The Trayvon Martin Foundation received a $50,000 donation from four Florida community businesses and organizations.

Donors to the foundation include Boyland Auto Group, LLC, Invictus Law Group, P.L., Boyz-4-Lyfe, and the Delta Xi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The four organizations are offering up the funds in the form of a scholarship in memory of Trayvon Martin and hope that it can help provide students of color with educational opportunities.

The scholarship will be granted to four graduating seniors at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School in Miami, Florida.

“The purpose of this scholarship is to bridge the socio-economic gap among young people of color in the U.S., through educational opportunities for disadvantaged students who cannot afford a college education,” said CEO of Boyland Auto Group, Dorian S. Boyland.

You can check out for the rest of the story.

That is amazing and these organizations should be celebrated for their contribution to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. It is so good to see and hear that although the death of Trayvon was a tragedy, people are finding ways to bring positive changes in the community.

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  • anonymouse

    ‘they’ frequently post their racist rants and pleasure about this kid getting murdered on ‘their’ sites, but those types of comments should not be tolerated on this site.
    And to the sick, demented little men who think it’s ok to post disparaging comments about a dead person, remember that you’re putting out there for the same thing to happen to you.

  • Playing Roots Backwards

    There’s a Trayvon Martin Foundation now? Seriously? What a joke. The sheer irony of this is that this likely flim-flam outfit was named for a juvenile delinquent who was very likely headed for a life of thuggery, not any sort of actual college or a legitimate career. Trayvon Martin’s multiple suspensions from school and his online postings on Facebook and Twitter prove this assertion, which is precisely why the lefty media and the shakedown artists who posed as lawyers for Trayvon Martin’s parents tried their best to scrub them from public view. If you want to see what Trayvon Martin would have likely wound up as if he were still alive now, then search online for the news about a Shawn Custis from New Jersey. This is the age 42 black male/career burglar who was caught on a hidden video camera savagely beating up a “cracka” woman in her own living room after he kicked the door in, all while the woman’s age 3 daughter had to watch from the sofa. Shawn Custis basically did the same exact crime in New Jersey 20 years previously to another “cracka” woman in her own home – too bad for us that there never was an armed “neighborhood watch” guy to have made a difference there as there was for Trayvon Martin.

  • Earl Turner

    Trayvon “burglary tool” Martin is still taking his well-deserved dirt nap no matter how much money foolish people throw away at his huckster, never-married, piss-poor-excuses of parents. They and their ambulance-chaser lawyers – Benjamin Crump & company – already got at least a million bucks (Isn’t that enough blood money already or what?) from their shakedown of the HOA in the community where Saint Skittles was casing houses to rob, which was during his 10-day suspension from school for getting busted for being somewhere in the school where he had no right to be. (In other words, he was caught before he could steal anything.) All was fine and dandy in Ashtray’s warped mind on that fateful night back in February 2012 until George Zimmerman had the nerve to stop by, wonder what was going on, and call 911. For that, Ashtray decided that George Zimmerman deserved an MMA-style pummeling, but Ashtray wound up getting ventilated by a 9mm round instead. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and justice was served in the end, despite all the attempts to pervert the course of it from Obama on down.

    • Tookie

      This is great news! And his name will never be forgotten! Rest In Peace but live in the heart of God’s people forever Trayvon!

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  • Christina

    I love it, positive news, I love what the Martin family are doing to honor their son’s legacy. I just wish his killer was in prison. Anyways I am sure that Trayvon is proud. Rest With God Trayvon