The Allen Iverson Child Support Wars Continue: Ex-wife Seeking Over $1 Million In Child Support!

August 31, 2013 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong

Allen Iverson child support

The Allen Iverson child support woes continue as his ex-wife is seeking the rest of the money for their children.

Tawanna Iverson filed documents earlier this month asking a judge to order Iverson to pay up front child support for their children until 2026 when their youngest child turns 18. The total comes out to just over $1.2 million, according to TMZ.

Tawanna has notoriously had to take Allen to court over child support issues in just the last year. When they divorced, he was order to pay $8,000 per month but refused to do so. After going back and forth yet again, a judge ordered Allen to pay $40,000 in back support.

Basically, she’s trying to be proactive in all the Allen Iverson child support drama.

No word on how the judge will rule yet but clearly, Tawanna thinks she will have to continue to fight him in court to financially take care of their children and she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

The Iversons had quite the tumultuous relationship until their divorce was finalized in February. Unfortunately, their children are being hurt by the continued messiness.

One thing for sure: Allen Iverson must have some secret accounts somewhere to make all of these payments. No one really believed he was as broke as it was originally reported anyway.

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  • applesauce585

    Advance payments of child support through 2026..really? smh

  • stewie

    If he pay up front the child support, she is going to wait a couple of years and filed anther lawsuit demanding more and she will get it.

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  • Pingback: The Allen Iverson Child Support Wars Continue: Ex-wife Seeking Over $1 Million In Child Support! | Feeling Sexxy()

  • 20candycane13

    I also hope that Allen spends time with his children; children want time and attention more than money.

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  • bluekissess

    Never bring children to the court. She wanted to divorce him and she got it now she wants 1.2 million dollars? Now how much of that is she going to use for herself? The judge should order him to pay but have it in an account that can’t be touched until the children are eighteen. She needs to stop complaining and get a job, save some coupons and shop at the thrift store.

    • 20candycane13

      Good Answer. Another approach is to just give her the money and then whatever happens after that isn’t on him. I agree that Allen should pay his child support but if he is having money problems and REALLY can’t afford to pay the monthly payments, then I don’t think that he should be raked across the coals like that.

      • bluekissess

        Ikr? If “she cared a little”she would agree on something else. That is the childrens father for Pete sake.

      • hollyw

        It would be different if the reason Iverson is jobless was due to simply an injury or “lay-offs”; however, it was due to irresponsibility in his career and finances, and at the end of the day, his kids need to be supported.

    • hollyw

      Sooo basically, b/c they got divorced, she and her kids should just shop at thrift stores while he keep living his life, huh. Where are you frm, 1920??

      Lets just say SHE got the divorce (b/c you clearly don’t know who or why). Do you know what child support is for..? It’s to support the caretaking of your child, which first implies you’re not even able/willing to be the primary or even half caretaker of your own children, one. Putting it “in an account” completely defeats its purpose, therefore, and at 18, the parent doesn’t even have a financial obligation anymore.

      If you were a real advocate for children, you’d have suggested it be put aside in monthly payments BEFORE he blew it all, not now that he is the one jobless while she’s taking care of all them kids. Be honest, you obviously just don’t like (or understand) the idea of child support.

      • bluekissess

        No what I’m saying is she can no longer live the lifestyle she once had. If she wants her children to live a certain lifestyle then she needs to work. Once that is established Allen pays the difference. Its to many women using child support for themselves and not the children. I think its disgusting and shameful. I never heard of children needing 1.2 million dollars. She is divorced and needs to learn how to sacrifice and compromise.

        • hollyw

          One, how do you know she doesn’t work, or have an education, or support for her family..? If they’re divorced, she already has alimony; THAT’S for her. The amount she’s asking for is just the lump sum of what the court already established was enough for the KIDS to live off of. So What you mean is his children are no longer to live the way they once did, due to their father’s irresponsible lifestyle…

          Why you keep trying to scapegoat this woman for asking for what he stay promised his children and the court is beyond me…but you do you. Sure, she has no mercy, but so what?? Why should you, she, or his kids feel sorry for him to the point of giving him a legal break..?

          • bluekissess

            I’m sticking to my opinion. Agree to disagree.

          • stewie

            What is this kid eating that cost 1.2 million dollars…gold.

            Stop pretending like we all don’t know what is going on here….The money is not for the children, it is for her. The children are the excuse. If it was about children then women would be force to show they spend the money on the children not on anything else.

            • hollyw

              I’ll stop pretending you don’t know what’s going on (though you clearly don’t) when you stop pretending that you don’t have a clear bias against women in child support cases.

              What you need to be asking yourself is why, since HE doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have at least split custody of his kids, in which case he wouldn’t be paying child support at all. I’ll wait.

              • stewie

                wow….you just showed your ignorance about this case. She asked for sole custody and got it, just like most women do because of the bias against men in the family court laws. Secondly, even if he had shared custody he still have to pay most of the child support just because he has money.

                Child support should be about the children and their basic need not yours. Just because you have a kid together with that man, it doesn’t entitle you to his money. She need to stop being a leech and get a job. Women need to stop useing children as their meal ticket.

                • hollyw

                  Ok I’m ignorant, yet your stating “the obvious truth” of this woman being a leech, money-hungry, etc as the sole care provider of his kids is fair with absolutely no other information to go off of than the facts that 1. He chose her to be his wife, 2. Chose her to be the mother of his child not once, not twice, but FIVE times, gave her sole custody despite the fact that the ‘biased system’ favors celebrity status over all else, and 3. She asked for the money both HE and the court agreed to in a lump sum b/c of his PROVEN, long-term financial irresponsibility??? Oh yeah, you’re not biased.

                  As far as “shaming language”, not answering a question, and something about weak men; idk what the h*ll you even talking about and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. I’m not here to answer your questions, and If you couldn’t have gleamed an answer through you spewing your hate-filled speeches than that’s on you. As for What kind of man you, this clearly indicated by the kind you’re representing. He’s the very definition of a weak man! Oh, the irony…

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