Hysterical Woman Gets Stuck Atop Coney Island Ferris Wheel, Blames Beyoncé And Her Glam Squad

August 30, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Yesterday Beyoncé and her video team invaded the famous Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, NY for an apparent video shoot. While we imagine that this was a pleasant surprise for many, it was nothing short of a nightmare for 47-year-old Manhattan resident, Dorris Hone, who says she was stuck on top of the amusement park’s Wonder Wheel for nearly thirty minutes while Bey’s glam squad did her makeup at the bottom.

“When I was realized I was stuck up there, we were up there for a while, I started freaking out. I’m afraid of heights. I was horrified.” Hone told Page Six.

When Bey approached the wheel, amusment park workers reportedly let six to ten riders from their cars, but Hone was left in hers.

“I just didn’t understand why they would do that. I didn’t know at first — but it was Beyoncé,” she said.

“She was screaming at the top of her lungs, ‘Get me off this ride. She was just hysterical up there.” one of Hone’s friends revealed.

But unfortunately, the roaring sound of screaming Bey fans below masked a hysterical Hone’s cries. When the ferris wheel finally moved again, Hone made a tearful exit.

“Ironically, my son is a big fan of Beyoncé. I’m just really shaken up. It would be nice to get an apology from her,” Hone told reporters.

Poor thing.

Do you think Bey owes her an apology?

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  • Sydney Evans

    It’s not Beyonce’s fault. The ride may have stopped for her but its the parks responsibility to make sure everyone gets off. Though it would be nice she did something nice for the woman

  • Dee

    Why didn’t they clear out the Wonder Wheel BEFORE Bey was to use it?

  • AllyCat

    it wasnt beyonce’s fault. if they let people off why didnt she get off? her son is a big fan so she wants beyonce to do what? call her and apologize? maybe give them concert tickets? She must be still hysterical.

  • Darlene Lyons

    No. Coney Island owes her an apology. Did Beyoncé make her ride the ferris wheel which is very high if I remember right. Now the cyclone that is really high!!!

  • minerva

    something is fishy here : the operator clears all of the pods except this one,hmmmm……
    better see if there is a connection between the operator and this woman!
    looks to me like this woman is looking for a payday -which she’ll toss a few dollars his way.
    although beyonce probably did apologize to this woman, because she’s that kind of person,
    it was not her fault !
    and the man on the wheel has said nothing – for now ! hmmmmmmmmmm……..
    I guess he’s part deux of the equation !

  • Barren Boe

    This reminds me of when I was behind a girl at the gas pump who put her full makeup on before she got out and pumped the gas. I was pissed. Why didnt Beyonce just rent the park for the day or something? Thats real selfish to me. Although I know her crazed fans will justify this. And I just love the stans that start evetything off as “Now Im not a fan of bey but shes right, the womens wrong”

  • QueenOfLife

    Well if she is afraid of heights, a ferris wheel may not be the best ride for her lol And I wonder if they were doing a full face makeup or just touching it up, because why would they put her on the ride THEN do her makeup?

  • jspeyton

    She doesn’t owe her an apology, but it would be nice if she did. It’s not that hard, is it, to publicly say, “I’m sorry/I regret that my photo shoot caused you/anyone distress or discomfort.” Hell, she could throw in free tickets while she’s at it. Why not? As much money as Beyonce makes, a pair of tickets to one of her concerts wouldn’t be any skin off her back.

    This woman appears to have been genuinely terrified. Beyonce may not have been directly at fault, but she was a cause. There’s nothing wrong with being a nice person by just saying sorry.


  • kayer713

    Sounds like the problem is with the workers who manage the ride. They are the ones who should have sent the people off the ride when Beyonce and her team approached.

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  • Dani

    The park owe her an apology because they knew beyonce was going to be there. You can’t randomly shoot a music video like that without talking to somebody that runs or owns that park. But it would make beyonce look real bad if she doesn’t.

  • Fair and Balanced

    I am no fan of Beyonce so I don’t take what I am about to say lightly. Beyonce does not owe her an apology the amusement park does, it is their responsibility to insure that visitors to their establishment are treated in a manner that is conducive with safety, respect and fairness as well as dignity. Although there are things that cannot be controlled this is one thing that could have been. Regardless to how big of a star (well dressed stripper) Beyonce may be the riders should have all been released from the rides until her shoot was over. It is just plain irresponsible for them to leave her up there and she should go after them not Beyonce as she is not responsible for the park’s behavior. Yes it would be nice if she apologized but it is in no way her fault and she should not be made to blame or made the villain she is completely innocent. Blame the amusement park.

    • real

      “Regardless to how big of a star (well dressed stripper) Beyonce may be”

      You had a point till that line made you sound like a catty high school girl.

  • Trisha_B

    I for one would have been pissed to have my date night cut short to accommodate some celeb. If Bey had reserved the park, there were signs sayin the ride was gonna be close from such to such time for something, i would understand. But to be on a ride w/ my boo, over looking the park, then have them cut it short b/c Beyonce gotta film something would’ve annoyed me lol. & if you would have forgotten me up there b/c you wanna droll over her would have made me go off! I would have been throwing contents from my purse to below lol. Idk, the people working the ride needs to get slapped & apologize, & Beyonce should apologize for putting others out of inconvenience & to just be nice

  • Ladybug94

    Yes she does owe and apology. The proper thing to do on the front end would have been to allow everyone who wanted off the ride the ability to get off. How rude.

    • Guest

      That wasn’t Beyonce’s fault though. She doesn’t run the ferris wheel, the Coney Island park operators do. They owe this woman an apology.

  • Candacey Doris

    This wasn’t Beyonce’s fault, it was the park’s fault. They should have given her an apology.

  • realadulttalk

    I’m not understanding how this Bey’s fault. While it might make her look good to apologize…I wouldn’t understand what she was apologizing for…seems to me Coney Island dropped the ball. I’m sure they could have scheduled the shoot for another time…like before or after closing.

  • realadulttalk

    I’m not understanding how this Bey’s fault. While it might make her look good to apologize…I wouldn’t understand what she was apologizing for…seems to me Coney Island dropped the ball. I’m sure they could have scheduled the shoot for another time…like before or after closing.

  • teetee

    Yes, it would be the respectable thing to do. Dang have a heart and show some compassion for others

  • faith

    She doesnt owe her an apology bt it will look really bad on her image if she does not


    her broke a$$ just wants some money lol

  • FromUR2UB

    Yeah, go ahead and apologize to the woman so she can shut up. Send her something on personalized letterhead for a keepsake.

  • Cookie

    What am I missing? Why does Beyoncé owe her an apology? These people and their 15 minutes of fame crack me up. She needs to have a discussion with the ride operators instead of trying to get a meet and greet with Beyoncé. Why would anybody afraid of heights get on something that is going to definitely take them high in the sky, then cry about it. What’s next a lawsuit?



  • Ms_Mara

    Why would Beyonce owe her an apology? The ride operator is the one who left her stranded on the ride. Just silly.

  • Vincent Freeman

    Errr …ok ..I am confused ..why does BEYONCE owe the apology??? Does she own/operate a Ferris Wheel? Was it HER responsibility to attend to the passengers? Does she even work for Coney Island? Nooooo to all the above; this person wants BEYONCE to apologize so she can tell all the friend s and family “Beyoncé apologized to ME!!” This is attention seeking at it’s worse …if it was a nobody, she’d be going after the Amusement park operator …because it’s Bey? She wants 15 minutes and the chance to make a star grovel …don’t do it, Beyoncé!!!

  • Gigi


  • Yes to clean up the incident. However I have one question, why ride a Ferris Wheel if you are afraid of heights?

    • hollyw

      … I’m afraid of heights and I ride ferris wheels… o.O

      It’s all the great views!! A fear isn’t nec. a phobia lol… I can actually hold it together if I stay in motion, and/or it’s for short periods, but I experienced something similar. I got caught on the sky lift at Six Flags when i was 16. We (dad, cousin) were dangling in thin air for a minute. I was trying not to freak out until some jack@$$es behind us started rocking and swaying their cart… with everyone else’s along with it. I lost it. They thought it was funny until my dad threatened to murder em when we got down… Haven’t been in a ride since! but I can do tall buildings lol.

    • Nia

      I ride Ferris Wheels too. When you’re stuck at the top, it’s hel la scary! I would’ve freaked out too!

    • kierah

      That Ferris wheel at Coney Island has its cars on a track so it not only swings but slides backwards and forwards as your weight in the car shifts. Even when it stops you are still in motion. 30 minutes is a long time in a cage like car.

      Bey doesn’t owe her apology but the amusement park does. These businesses that play regular paying customers for celebs like Beyonce need to quit – like when Lenox Hill Hospital didn’t allow parents access to their own babies for Beyonce’s security.

  • Myopinion

    If she did not know if she was there and this was spare of the moment, then yeah she should apologize. If she was scared or not, celeb or not does not make a difference.