Miley’s Not The First, Nor The Last: 10 White Folks Who Turned Ratchet For Attention

August 30, 2013  |  
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Oh, ratchet white folks. Just this past Sunday, Miley Cyrus pissed off and scared a whole bunch of soccer moms all over the country when she dropped it low multiple times in skimpy costumes at the VMAs. And while I can admit that all that tongue sticking out and rubbing up on Robin Thicke (and herself) was obnoxious, baby girl isn’t the first white girl or guy to go completely buckwild in an attempt to be taken seriously or to simply get attention. Mother Madonna might have been the first to dry hump a stage on TV, and Miley might be just another to stick up a middle-foam finger to it, but they sure won’t be the last. Here are 10 famous white folks who got a little ratchet to get a little more famous.

Christina Aguilera

Remember when Christina Aguilera was going by Xtina? Yeah, it was around the release of her second album, Stripped, and that’s exactly what she did–stripped down. A**less chaps became her favorite pants and she truly looked a tad bit “Dirrty” like her song every time we saw the star who once played innocent for “Genie In A Bottle.” She has since left the ratchetry behind and maintained great success, though she tried to bring it back around for the Bionic album when she was trying to push this random appreciation of that BDSM life. Unfortunately, the whole ratchet thing was a massive fail the second time around.


Justin Bieber

Bieber is still stuck in his ratchet phase. It includes the following: peeing in mop buckets at public restaurants and then screaming “f**k Bill Clinton!”; walking around shirtless at all times when in public; trying to throw down with paparazzi and threatening them; getting a tattoo every other day, and hanging out with peculiar looking fellas with names like Lil Twist. And despite folks blaming Mr. Twist for this change in Bieber’s behavior, that’s all Biebs. And there seems to be no stopping him…

Drew Barrymore

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Drew Barrymore be anything but adorable, but before she was a happily married wife and mother, Barrymore was doing the most in the mid-90s. Seriously, she was walking around sans clothes for like half the decade. At 17 she was posing fully undressed for Interview, and by the age of 19 she was doing Playboy (see above). Fortunately for Barrymore, there were enough people watching her who cared enough to tell her to sit down somewhere and put on some clothes. This includes Steven Spielberg, her godfather, who gave her a quilt for her 20th birthday with a card that said, “Cover Yourself Up.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

For a time there, Gwyneth Paltrow was getting a little too comfortable around her famous black friends, specifically Jay Z and Beyoncé. She had already been trying to rap (including an attempt at “Straight Outta Compton“) and was out here singing “Forget You” with Cee-Lo. But when she took the above picture with Jay and Bey, Kelly Rowland, Spike Lee and The-Dream, she of course captioned it “Ni**as in paris for real.” Because of that, she felt the wrath of many. While she was defended by quite a few people (including Nas of all folks), she decided to stick to what she knows best–acting and reminding folks how awesome and sheltered her life is.

Elizabeth Berkley

After years of being smarty-pants Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley decided to take off those pants to be taken more seriously as an actor. She did so when she took on the role of Nomi Malone for the terrible film, Showgirls. Everything about the movie, from the acting to the storyline as a whole, helped it bomb at the box office and with critics. And after getting fully unclothed for it and having quite a few over-the-top sex scenes in it, Berkley decided to calm herself down and take on smaller, more tame roles.


Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston got a small taste of fame when he stepped out of obscurity as the baby daddy of the daughter of the Governor of Alaska. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last. And while he was supposed to fade back into obscurity, Johnston did the absolute most to ensure he could still get 15 minutes of fame…and a check. That includes posing fully unclothed for Playgirl, lying on the Palin family for attention, and naming his own daughter (with new wife Sunny), Breeze Beretta Johnston, after a gun.

Source: Twitter

Britney Spears

When she wasn’t shutting things down in the pop game, Britney Spears was, and still is, a tad bit ratchet. And that’s what we love about her. Kind of. From kissing Madonna and stripping down to an itty bitty nude costume at the VMAs, to allowing herself to be thrown around a porta potty for Jimmy Kimmel and dressing like a 13-year-old boy alongside Snoop Dogg in 2004 (and even shaving off all of her hair, though we came to the conclusion that she was having a nervous breakdown), her ratchetry at times has inspired many of these pop-star wannabes.

Lady Gaga

I can’t lie. Lady Gaga’s foolery gives me life at times. And that’s probably because behind all the costumes and bravado, that baby can really sing and dance her behind off. But we couldn’t help but notice that when she took a break from music in 2012 (before she wound up messing up her hip), Gaga was out here twerking too, and possibly better than Miley. She released a short video called “Cake” (and song) directed by Terry Richardson where she booty pops in front of a mirror, in a tub, and on a cake for the camera. And the song featured with it includes Gaga rapping about being the shiz-nit: “Diamond ring in your face, f**k your face trick b**h…”


Jennifer Lopez

Had to do it! Lopez is the exception to the list, as she’s clearly brown, not white, but she certainly has had some moments where she did certain ratchet/questionable things for attention. After dating Diddy and realizing his gun-toting homies (sorry Shyne) were a little too real for her, Lopez decided to stick with the PG-13 gangstas of Murder Inc. During that time and for a few years after, she was out here dropping the N-word (remember “I’m Real”?), clowning in the camera with Ja Rule and Irv Gotti, and pushing the “Jenny From The Block” image. C’mon J…you’re far from that life these days…


Dustin Diamond

After playing a sweet and shy nerd on Saved By The Bell, Dustin Diamond decided to turn up and turn ish on its head when he came back on the scene after all these years with an adult film in 2006. And if that wasn’t enough, he started talking crazy about his former Saved By The Bell castmates. Unfortunately, most folks didn’t care what he had to say, and since then, he’s been grasping for reality show straws to get somebody to cut him a check. He is currently on Celebrity Big Brother 12.

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  • Yvonne Watkins

    Got to the third pic and realized that I just don’t care.

  • Why say “white folks”? Nicki Minaj does it everyday!

  • Why say “white folks”? Nicki Minaj does it everyday!

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  • Jem

    J-Lo ain’t white, she’s Puert Riccan American.

  • Jem

    J-Lo ain’t white, she’s Puert Riccan American.

  • Creole Babbi

    Why is J -Lo on here she’s PR!!??!


    at least when Christina opens her mouth she can actually SING!
    that’s all!

  • Nia

    I’m offended for the other artists to be put in the same category as Miley is insulting. I don’t wtf Miley was doing. I’m sure even strippers were looking at like wtf?

    • bluekissess

      Haha yup. Strippers gave Miley the side eye

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    *_____* @ Showgirls… Y’all KNOW that k1lled Jessie Spano’s career…okay I hope the sans applies for Hanna *evil laugh*

  • guest

    Not surprised anything for money fame power and control. Ppl eat this mess up and want to be just like them at any cost.

  • hollyw

    …Gaga twerked???

    Also, though Xtina def deserves to be on here due to her breaking-out-of-Disney phase, I can’t feeling that’s she’s so much better than Miley Cyrus though lol… One, her crisis could be partially contributed to her abandoned father; Miley has not this excuse. Also, I feel like the dapple in hiphop was just part of her transition to her more natural soulful sound, which she’s obviously meant for…

  • Clarke

    “10 ‘White Folks’ Who Have Turned Ratchet For Attention”…

    Oh my Goodness.

    I am, absolutely, sick and tired of the persistent implication, by various media outlets including this one, and even that of my own people – Black people, of whom seem to think, and have deluded themselves into believing, that being “Ratchet” is a proclamation of which only Black people are akin too. When did acting “Ghetto/Ratchet” become a protected, and universal, Black cultural expression?

    By connoting that it is ‘bizarre’ for a White person to adopt an image of which, in your minds, share a relation to ‘Urban (Black) culture’, we are fuelling the stance that ‘White people’ are, somehow indeed, the better, more courtly, refined and civilized race and that whenever they are to forsake this representation that may well place the ‘White/Western social reputation’ in jeopardy, automatically they are labelled as wanting to be ‘Black’. [Well, of course, – Black people are just crass, impertinent and uncultivated caricatures. Aren’t we?]

    We live in a society of which Black people have been demeaned for centuries and have had negative stereotypes placed at the forefront of our acceptability for generations, thus I do not blame Miley Cyrus & co. for making the asinine presumption that in order for her to want to crate music in which carries a ‘Black/Urban’ sound, she therefore has to degrade herself and her entire persona because there are many Black people that do nothing but nourish this foul pattern.

    “Acting Ratchet” [I loathe that phrase] is not something that relates to my conceptions of Black culture, and never will. It is ‘Stripper culture’ that these, so-called, musicians are adopting and that is that.

    Also, Christina Aguilera is ‘White’ @Ladybug94:disqus. She is a ‘Latina’, ethnically speaking, of predominate (75-80%) European ancestry, born to an Ecuadorian (Central-American) Father of Spanish, West-African & Native-American descent and an American Mother of Irish, French, German, English and Scottish descent therefore, racially speaking, making her, more or less, ‘White’.

    • hollyw

      Fyi, not every celeb called ‘ratchet’ on here was associated with Black culture, I.e. Levi, Drew Barrymore…

      • Ladybug94

        A lot of Drew’s issues from the past had to do with her heavy drug use.

        • hollyw

          Right, drugs AND alcohol…as did Dustin Diamond’s…

      • ijs

        ok im like what article she read drew berrymore was considered ratchet because she was walkin around half naked so how was that aimed at black ppl plenty of ppl walk around half naked thats not black

      • ijs

        ok im like what article she read drew berrymore was considered ratchet because she was walkin around half naked so how was that aimed at black ppl plenty of ppl walk around half naked thats not black

    • Tasha


    • bluekissess

      I totally agree

  • Ladybug94

    Christina Aguilera is Latina not white.

    • hollyw

      She’s both.

    • miss bae

      I live in europe the real latin descent are european portugese spanish italian and also some french are latin. Dats how we call them. To be latino isnt a skin color, its ur cultural heritage more the langage . And see all the european are white

      • Ladybug94

        LOL. Okay. Her dad is from Ecuador (South America), she is Latina not European. FYI Italians are not of latin heritage nor is French. I’ve lived in Europe as well.

        • Nia

          She didn’t have a relationship with her dad and was raised by her white mom.
          I know a lot of my mixed friends will say that their dad (or mom) is Japanese, or Brazilian, etc, but they don’t call themselves that ethnicity.
          She’s white.

          • Ladybug94

            Her not having a relationship doesn’t matter. She’s referred to herself as Latina on The Voice. It came from her own mouth plus she also has put out an album in Spanish.

            • Nia

              Yes it does.He wasn’t there to teach her his culture. She doesn’t speak Spanish and if you say that she referred to herself as Latina, that’s new.

          • hollyw

            I see what you’re saying, but an ethnicity doesn’t have to be what you identify as; it’s who you are. Also, Aguilera does claim her ethnic roots, regardless of her father’s abandonment…

            • Anona

              Since when? How long has she been an entertainer? She doesn’t speak Spanish, she’s been wearing blue contacts ever since she’s been out. If she’s calling herself a Latina, it’s in the past few years. I’ve seen interviews from back in the day where she talked about him but she has never claimed Latino. I guess it’s in now so maybe now she is. But in the past she never did.
              She’s always wanted to be a white girl.

              • hollyw

                Noooo I think you’ve missed a lot of her career, if that’s how you feel, and she actually can speak Spanish, fyi…plus, as I said before, the definition of an ethnicity has nothing to do with what a person would publicly identify themselves as, but what’s in their ancestral background. It don’t matter if she wore zebra contacts and thought she was an African animal, her mother’s still White (German/French/Irish, etc.) and her father Latino (Ecuadorian), which makes her both.

    • mac

      The two are not mutually exclusive.
      There’s a difference between ethnicity and race.

  • CrossWinds

    2 Thessalonians 2:7-8……..

    7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.