Serena Williams Says Learning To Love Her Curves Was A Process: ‘No Athlete Has Boobs Like Me’

August 29, 2013  |  

Source: GSI Images

While some ladies were busy eating their Wheaties and doing squats in the gym trying to get like her, Serena Williams admits that she was secretly ashamed of her body.

“I wasn’t always confident. I just started feeling comfortable with myself about six or seven years ago. That’s why I tell people that even at 25 or 26, it’s OK if you’re feeling uncomfortable with yourself. I was too. It’s normal. I love who I am, and I encourage other people to love and embrace who they are. But it definitely wasn’t easy—it took me a while,” she told DuJour.

“I grew up with a lot of sisters—I was the youngest, and I was really thick. My sister Venus was so tall and slim, and just being in a society where a lot of people are really thin, it was hard. Especially as an athlete.”

She went on to reveal that she eventually learned to love the body that she was given.

“No athlete has boobs like me. But I had to learn how to embrace myself and embrace my curves. And that’s something a lot of people can relate to.”

The bodylicious beauty also confessed that she’s rarely able to do things that normal people are able to, such as grabbing a cup of coffee.

“I could never go to places like [Starbucks]—I have to send someone out for me. I really don’t like to say no to pictures, so I always end up saying yes. But if you say yes to one, then there’s 20 people asking, and then there’s 30. It’s crazy, so I’m in my room a lot. During a tournament I hardly ever leave the hotel. Ever.”
“I don’t complain about it—it’s just something you have to get used to. It’s such a humbling feeling that anyone would even watch me play. I feel so honored, honestly, by anyone who’s a fan of mine and who appreciates me,” she added.



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  • Shea

    I have always admired Serena’s body! Seeing her at a young age made me proud to be thick -because that woman there is fit and thick! She is an athlete with a helluva body! I aspire to shape/tone my body more like hers.


    black woman yal need to love yourselves and take it from a 23 year old black male…i hate when they have celebs do this…beyonce said she hated her butt back in 06 when it was real thick and the black community praised her for it…her,nicki, rihanna, and all these black women bleach their skin to look lighter, and the fellas have been talking about how bad sarena is for years and here she comes with this BS…im starting to think its all propaganda to make you have a low self esteem but dont buy into the BULLS**t…yal are beautiful

    • IllyPhilly

      That was beautiful. Hopefully someone hears you.


        thank too

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  • missloveontop

    boobs?! I really like them but the thing I thought she was going to say was those masculine arms. i watched the documentary and she says she does nothing to keep muscular arms ie lift weights so she really shouldn’t have them… but i guess tennis and strength training is enough. the last thing i’d be complaining about is a nice size pair of breast.

  • Katie Marbley

    Please hire a better IT or web designer, I stopped reading the article because the dang page skips around every 2 seconds or a sponsor starts talking. This is annoying. Your page offers such wonderful platforms for various topics, but the page itself is a hot mess. Please work on that. I hate not being able to read your articles.
    *Case and point, it took me 10 minutes to write this because it kept jumping to the top of the page. Please do better!

    • Jan King

      Well your comment should have been sent to the contact us box. Not this display of ignorance! It’s there site you don’t like it mute it.

      • Katie Marbley

        Really?! Was you comment necessary? Do you work for this site, were you offended by my comment. Just like you gave your two scents on what I could have done you should have taken your own advice, and skipped my comment and kept reading. This is why we have so many issues with one another as black people. We have nothing positive or uplifting to say to one another. Your comment was rude and really not necessary.Obviously you don’t recognize constructive criticism, you just know how to criticize. Do something better with your time than being rude and critical of others online. Please don’t respond back.

  • Simple, honest article. I like it! Much love Ms. Serena Williams