Custody Battle Saga Continues: Tameka Raymond Reportedly Takes Usher Back To Court

August 29, 2013  |  



Earlier this month, we reported the horrific near-death incident that happened with Usher’s oldest son, Usher V. While playing in the pool with his aunt, he noticed one of his toys fell in the pool drain and when he tried to get it out, his arm got stuck. Although Usher V was rescued and recovered from his injuries , his mother Tameka Raymond initiated a request for temporary emergency custody, saying Usher was leaving their sons in the care of others, which made her uncomfortable. Unfortunately for Foster, the judge denied her request and allowed Usher to continue to have primary custody of their children.

But  if you thought Tameka Foster losing the custody hearing against Usher would shut her down, think again! According to Hip Hop Enquirer, Foster revamped her legal team and showed up to court again to gain custody of Usher V and Naviyd, the two children she had with Usher. As Tameka was ready to fight for her motherly rights, Usher was nowhere to be found in court.  Since Usher was a no-show, the Judge requested Tameka, her lawyers, and Usher’s legal team have a meeting in chambers.

The meeting in chambers concluded with rescheduling a hearing for sometime in October, at which time Usher is expected to show face. We’ll be watching to see if he does.

Do you think this custody battle is necessary?

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    tameka raymond is crazy as hell…i think she used to beat usher lol

  • Growth

    And she’s Still not taking her FIRST ex to court for custody….. I wonder how her other kids feel about her fighting for the babies but not them. I’m convinced she is after the money.

    • cafelatte

      She has joint custody of her first set of children with the first husband, there is no need to fight when the arrangement of 50/50 is working, what are you talking about.

  • Kam

    This is getting a little out of hand. While it is understandable for a mother to want to have her kids in her custody especially after losing one in a tragic accident not too long after being divorced, she needs to chill. Talk to a therapist, let them help you sort things out and maybe try and have civil conversations with your ex husband about visitation etc. This could be her way of continuing the child support payments that Usher petitioned the court to have stopped. Who knows. But they need counseling.


      she needs jesus because she’s crazy…usher is highly respected for his accolades and it seems like all she wants to do is destroy his character, mess up his image, and drag him through the mud…he should have never dealt with this chick

      • cafelatte

        (Hun do your homework) from last year it has been duly noted that it was usher who started the custody battle for (sole custody but got primary), she comes to court because she has to. the only trial she has called to date was the emergency hearing, the rest was usher as he was trying to go for sole custody. Usher calls for these trials to happen and then does not turn up for it. ( the judge apparently was not to please and then called Tameka and the legal teams to the chambers, I may not be a fan of hers but stop making it look as if she is the bad guy here when she is having no choice but to answers the court orders of showing up to court. If you read the documents its well stated that she does not want full custody but to keep the joint custody that was in place before all this had occurred. you can have all the talent and accolades in the world but does not mean you are immune to having a lousy character. When it comes to having a questionable character usher is the one who had people questioning as he took her to court and had no evidence of her being a bad mom also going on Oprah and discrediting her and doing the same thing you have accused Tameka of doing. Usher is just as responsible and needs to take it instead of behaving like a victim, knowing good and well it was a decision he has made. and the accusation you are making about Tameka beating usher, no one and i mean not even a blogger has stated this!! are you sure its Tameka that is crazy or you?!?! Even if he should have never dealt with her, in a marriage it is 50/50 give and take and usher and Tamkea need to take half, learn and move on, but it is obvious that they both have not done that and now these children are suffering in the middle of this, and overall on both parts it is not right.

        • PICA$$O BABY YEEZU$

          i was making a joke about the beating that why i put *lol u blew that waaaaay out of proportion..u left me a novel about this mess but i need you to go back and do your research on the divorce and how she tried to really throw everything at him in court to make him look bad..i dint keep up with who took who to court if the man wants his kids he wants his kids…to be real u sound like a chick that has gone thru this shyt so u have your views on it but usher is a hard working man( which u didnt mention that) and when shyt 1st hit the fan tameeka was trying to destroy him…thats facts

          • cafelatte

            But everything she said was true even so coming to find out in the end but no seems to mind that because he us usher, its not all her. Im not going in or trying to write a novel but its the point of the principle when have the type of drama, its not just black and white. and its not always just one person. I have done my research (as i was curious as a lawyer is) and the many things you have believed is gossip. And about the joke, ok I can agree with you on that (sorry for questioning your mental state ( I mean that ). but In this case of the trial I still believe that the truth on both sides have not been told. There is nothing wrong with fighting for your kids but also have a real reason to do so and that is something that he has still to address to the courts which he has not. No one knew what has occurred when they got divorced the settlement from the prenup and the case never came out the the public so i think that maybe based on biased gossip, its not bases on truth, and when it comes to damaging character both are suspect in this case in order to win in their connivence

            • PICA$$O BABY YEEZU$

              alright i can agree with what u are saying and i do accept your apology…i mainly agree for the fact that it is gossip, i wasnt there in court or in their house i just read another person’s take on the case and stories about what happened but never actually saw for myself..i do think the media has played a big part in this because its a well known celebrity case and since usher is the star and tameeka is basically a random woman that he picked up with no hollywood resume, they may be trying to make tameeka look like the devil, but in reference to what you said there are 2 sides to this and both of them played a part in the demise of their relationship and so forth

  • realadulttalk

    I believe that Tameka is in a lot of pain–losing your husband and your son and then custody of your children has to be taking a toll on her mental state. I hope she is talking to someone who can help her through what must truly be a difficult time.

  • Wanda Simpson

    This is a waste of Atlanta’s time and money, getting a new set of lawyers won’t do it its just going to cost Usher more money because she is going to request that he pay for this. Tamika work on yourself first then you will have a better chance of getting the kids. They are being well taken care of.

    • Stanley 001

      So you mean that Usher has to pay for her discretion no matter what the cost and timing? This is extremely unfair to those who have more money.