Juicy J $50K Scholarship Twerk Contest Prompts CD Boycott

August 29, 2013  |  

Juicy J $50K Scholarship Twerk contest prompts CD boycott

About a week ago we told you about rapper Juicy J’s $50k scholarship twerk competition. In case you missed it, the contest is being promoted via the “Bandz A Make Her Dance” rapper’s Twitter page.

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As with anything else, the competition attracted mixed reviews. While some believed the contest was a great deed on Juicy J’s part, others were disgusted by what they perceived as another method of exploiting black women. Seeka the Teacha of the Hip Hop Liberation Army, Abena Afreeka and Sis Tricey are so angered by the contest that they’ve organized a boycott of Juicy’s newly released CD, Stay Trippy.

“There’s no honor in getting a scholarship for shaking your behind….I think its degrading. Why would you want to get a scholarship for that when there’s a lot of intelligent women out here who use their brain. Why don’t you give them some money?” Seeka the Teacha told Miltant Radio.

“I know Juicy J [is] probably sittin’ back laughing at all the women that’s gonna come and shake they A$$ for this money. It’s all a game,” she continued.

“I think that this contest is only symptomatic, and that any discussion about this that ignores the larger picture of the systematic sexploitation, objectification of Black women is basically an incomplete discussion,” Sis Tricey added.

“Is this going to be a trend? Are we going to have more rappers throwing in and saying ‘hey, we’re doing some positive things for the school.’ How many sisters will even want to continue to go to school once they get a taste of that.” she questioned.

Listen to their interview on page two. Thoughts?

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  • comsense

    anybody else think we need to stop making these rappers rich? all they do is waste the money on strippers and drugs, meanwhile we are struggling hard for every dollar working real jobs to feed our families and stay out of the poorhouse! think about it, they make one song/album and sell it over and over again, making thousands/millions; all the consume gets is a son/album that is boring in 3 weeks, tops! twerking is abhorrent, and i hope everyone doing it finds a way out. i say boycott because these musicians are mostly a waste of time and money – open a savings account with all the money you’ll save, peace 😉

    • Drew

      Notice the inherent indifference to your comment in the way of voting. I’d toss the boycotting idea, and go back to the lab.

      • comsense

        you juicy’s lawyer or something? he’s gonna need one if the boycott gains momentum, which i hope it does

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    How does it exploit black women specifically? Because he’s a rapper? And oh, everyone knows that if a women is twerking for money, she MUST be black

    • Trollolol

      “And oh, everyone knows that if a women is twerking for money, she MUST be black”

      I mean….if I had to bet the house, yes.

  • clove8canela

    He’s being boycotted for this?? Anyone familiar with his music knows that this is not only not out of the ordinary, but what’s pretty much in alignment with everything else he does.

    Perhaps he purposely created this kind of scholarship to reach out to a certain kind of woman. Maybe one who wants to get off the pole & actually get an education. There are times when I don’t really think he is as ignant as he wants everyone to think he is.

  • Tonyoardee

    How many of yall twerked your socks off in undergrad and doing well as of today… ohh you are?? shut it then

    • hollyw

      That makes no sense. The difference in magnitude of your comparison implies your an obvious lack of insight…

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    And again, I hate the word twerking, thanks to people like Miley and Juicy J.

  • Miss_Understood

    He changed it this morning to whoever sends in a video stating why they deserve the college scholarship…

    I am torn because while he is being protested and possibly boycotting an aspect (although embarrassing) of rap/urban music culture, white artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber (his new song “Twerk”) are profiting greatly from it….

  • Dani

    I have mixed feelings. I wouldn’t be shaking my butt for a scholarship. However, me being college age know for a FACT these young college age women shake they butt almost every weekend. No matter race, gpa, or scholarship/student loans these girls club and put all on Instagram of them twerking so I don’t see why boycotting juicy j going to stop the degrading. In this case it’s self degrading if you participate in the contest. And plus juicy j doing this contest because he is promoting his new song called “scholarship”.

  • guest

    Sometimes strippers do want to go to college…. I never intend to buy his cd, but I’m definitely not boycotting it.

  • miele

    imagine how we equte twerking with dumb or uneducated or undeserving of an education. Its not like he is treating u to twerk university. As long as there are no strings attached like becoming a sideshow how can it b bad for a person to dance n get a scholarship. the fact that he is offering a scholarship requires some kind of academic skillls. Which would disqualify the so called “hood rats”. JS

    • Trollolol

      There’s no hoodrats in college? lol you’ve clearly never been to a HBCU.

      • Shawndrea Rachelle

        There are hoodrats in regular colleges. Not just the black ones

  • Noel

    They out here twerking for free,might as well get paid.

    • Pater Tempus

      Bingo…you win the prize for smartest comment of the day.

    • Forreal Tho?

      How many girls are going to submit a video to win vs how many girls will actually win? God knows how many to 1. That’s the probability of you “getting paid.” Pure foolishness.

  • mac

    Even actual corporate scholarships rarely pay that much. So I’m still not convinced he’s serious. Or that he even has $50K to give away. Or that he’s THAT charitable. Especially for something he sees everyday at the strip club.

    • Messy

      It’s almost like he is paying someone to ruin their life. Maybe that’s what he wants to see.


    lol i cant believe this…this nig*a here….wants to get girls to twerk for a scholarship, so that when the winner graduates and goes looking for a job, they can pull that up on her…he might as well be sponsoring a stripper…man i tell you, ignorance is abroad….let the videos begin lls


    lol i cant believe this…this nig*a here….wants to get girls to twerk for a scholarship, so that when the winner graduates and goes looking for a job, they can pull that up on her…he might as well be sponsoring a stripper…man i tell you, ignorance is abroad….let the videos begin lls

  • nick

    Juicy j deserves a swift kick in the A$$ for this one. Nuff said.

  • Live_in_LDN

    The types of people who are boycotting Juicy J aren’t the type to be buying his music anyway. On the other end of the spectrum, those who are entertained by the low hanging fruit which is Juicy J’s music and spend their money on it, won’t see anything wrong with scholarship. This is why the concept of boycotts mostly fail.

    • Nope

      Very well stated.

    • mac

      the type of women who were boycotting Rick Ross weren’t his target audience either. And their boycott was successful.

      • Tonyoardee

        Rick Ross still has his endorsement with Reebok.. they dropped him only publicly and momentarily