Whipped Much? Celebrity Men Who’ve Had Their Noses Wide Open For Women

August 29, 2013  |  
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Brothers try to play it cool, but they’ve all had their noses wide open at one point or another. Just check out this list of the most whipped celebrity men around.

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Kanye West

Kim Kardashian’s bedroom tricks must be really serious. Not every man would wife a woman who’s famous for a sex tape and still married to the last dude. But as we saw from Kanye’s interview on “Kris,” he is in fact one of those few men.

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Ray J

You can’t break everybody off a piece. Some of them just can’t handle it. Ray J says he’s over Kim, but he talks about her every single chance he gets. Not to mention he released “I Hit It First”…Ray J needs to lick his wounds and move on. There are plenty more big booty fish in the sea.

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Erykah Badu is like a force of nature and Common got swept up by the tornado. Common changed his music, changed his personality and dedicated part of his memoir to an open letter to her — even after she broke up with him over the phone like it was nothing. In a recent interview he confessed:

“I was in my hotel room on tour… and she called me and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be in this relationship no more. I’m liking somebody else.”

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Drake is all the way into Rihanna — even after they broke up and she went back to Chris. Word on the street is that they’re getting back together but we think Rihanna’s just keeping busy ’til Chris comes back around.

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Chris Brown

Drake, Rihanna, Chris Brown (and Karreuche Tran) have been dancing around a love triange for a minute. Nothing screams “I’m doubled whipped” like making an entire video to declare you’re breaking up with the chick you love to get back with the chick you’ve always loved.

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John Mayer

John was so into Jennifer Love Hewitt that he wrote “Your Body Is a Wonderland” about her. He also dedicated most of his short-lived stand-up career to talking about his brief relationship to the woman he may never get over.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt met Angelina on set on a Monday morning and was filing for divorce papers by Monday afternoon. Now America’s biggest heart throb is a domesticated daddy raising a football team’s worth of Benetton babies. Poor brother never stood a chance. Angelina is a bad bish.

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady kicked Bridget Moynihan to the curb like yesterday’s garbage after he met super model Gisele Bundchen. And he didn’t think twice about those walking papers, even though she was three months pregnant with his child. Now Tom and Gisele are married, raising two kids and boo-ing up for the paps every chance they get.

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Diddy lost all his cool points when he released that thirsty “I Need A Girl” after J Lo left him. But neither of them have managed to hold a relationship down since they broke up over 10 years ago. Maybe those two divas need to give it another go.

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Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade got a whif of Gabrielle Union and lost his mind. He left his wife, moved in with Gabby, and even lets her talk smack about his ex in the media. And now that the dust is settling, it looks like D-Wade is going to have to pay for his thirst — rumor has it that Shiovaughn is going to get $10 million in the settlement.

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50 Cent

50 had it bad for Chelsea Handler. Five minutes into his first appearance on “Chelsea Lately,” he was asking her if she had a man on camera. When they finally started dating, he played comedian in her embarrassing show skits, did a viral video and tweeted pics of them in bed. Then Chelsea dumped him — because he asked her to do a threesome with Ciara, according to Chelsea.

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Gregg Leakes

NeNe has her husband in check. Gregg wasn’t acting right and NeNe kicked him to the curb. But Gregg had it so bad for NeNe that he let her put him through the ringer on national TV while he begged for another chance — after divorcing him! We were all glad to see them finally get back together.

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Ice may play hard on TV but he sure has a soft spot for CoCo. He dumped his ex-wife of 17 years just to be with her. She returned the favor by “allegedly” smashing Myspace rapper Ap 9 (with pictures to prove it). But Mr. Cop Killer still didn’t give that chick her walking papers and the two are still together to this day.

Lil’ Scrappy

Lil’ Scrappy gave Erica a half a million chances — even though his mama told him not to. She tried to fight his mother, broke up with him and pawned his ring. But Scrappy still chased after her milkshake. And now that Erica’s flaunting her love with her new man, The Prince of the South is starting rumors that she’s sleeping with married men. That’s not riz-nah-ee. Might be time to move on Scrap.

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