Tyrese: People Get Offended By My Tweets Because Of Expectations Based On The Way I Look

August 28, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

You’ve been to the “Vision Implementer” Twitter page right? That’s the timeline of actor/singer/model Tyrese, who is arguably one of the most controversial celebrity tweeters out there. Whether he’s talking about people being overweight because they earned it, or spitting Steve Harvey-esque relationship advice, Tyrese is sure to educate some and offend a lot of others, so when he came into our office with TGT, we had to ask the man of many talents why he thinks he pisses off so many people online. Here’s what he said.

“People create expectations of what your views and your perspectives are supposed to be because of the way you look and the songs you sing. People have created who you are in their minds already, so when you end up  doing, speaking on, addressing, or doing anything beyond what people expect you to do, it’s going to shock them.

“I’ve definitely pissed some people off, but at the same time, I’ve had people in clubs walk up to me in tears, saying that if you weren’t as aggressive as you are on Twitter, with your raw, aggressive truth, I would still be with that abusive man.”

While that may be true, it’s hard for us to understand how a man who can be so helpful in that respect doesn’t have sense enough to scale back some of his nonsense when it comes to other situations. It does seem like Black-Ty, the name he goes by from time to time, is trying to do better, though. For instance, today he opened up online about his custody battle and wrote a little note to his 6-year-old daughter on Twitter, saying:

“My goal as your father is to minimize your exposure to dysfunction cause I can never assume that you are too young to be affected by WHAT’s being said or reading into the energies that.”

I guess we have to give him a little credit there, right? Even if he did call out deadbeat mothers on Instagram. Check out the full clip below as Tyrese defends tweets that have offended people. What do you think about the advice he spews?

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  • alltruthbrandon

    I don’t understand. Didn’t he get arrested for beating up his pregnant girlfriend? But he is giving advice to women about domestic violence? Crazy.

  • Kath

    You know Tyrese is seriously getting on my last nerve. You come across as ignorant. Just keep your mouth closed, and model already. Matter of fact, you’ve already opened it and I just can’t be attracted to an unintelligent man.

  • carmen_bender12

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  • amir bey

    He’s full of **it….

  • Angie

    Why is it that Ginuwine and Tank look so uncomfortable while Tyrese is shouting out his knowledge? Did he just get outta jail?!? lol J/K

    • Ajavee

      They probably were uncomfortable LOL.

  • enoughsaid99

    A lot of these celebrities get a little fame, some money, and think they are experts on everything. He needs to just be quiet.

  • yz

    I was expecting a more intellectual individual with clear prospectives on life and it’s lesson. I was expecting articulation and depth but no no no no no
    Just nonsense. Should have known he does look retarded. I was hopping life lessons but dude is just stupid.

    • Drew

      Oh, the irony…

  • inessa

    why the hate? black women are sometimes so sad…

    • Terry

      So are we supposed to like him because he’s black? you sound so stupid and insecure!

  • clove8canela

    “Walk up to him in the club in TEARS?” And thank him for his “raw/aggressive” advice?! What?? His bad advice in 140 characters or less has the ability to make people leave their men? What?? What do you even say to that? There’s just so many questions…

  • Shea

    Have y’all read his first book?
    I love Tyrese as a singer.
    I like him as an actor.
    But, other than that, I listen to him sparingly.

  • Ican’tstand the rain

    I just don’t like Tyreese. I’m sorry, he tries to use big words he doesn’t understand. He’s.being marketed as this deep philosophical brother. But it’s not working. Remember dude on living color who was in jail and he tries to use those big words.

  • Kriss Lewis

    He’s not aging well.

  • Hi-Liter

    Say Whut now?

  • writingmomma46

    He looks like a milk dud with teeth. This young man had the nerve to let that actually go viral? Lmbo.

    • FamuRattler85

      *crying* LOL!!!!

  • Bri

    Im still confused on how he can give “raw/aggressive” advice and be so knowledgeable about relationships when he can’t even keep a damn woman.

    • Nsquared72

      Exactly. My brother told me once…”Never trust a man who is offering you a shirt and he himself is naked.” …or something like that.

  • Shoshawna Hayes

    Shouldn’t he be somewhere sleep?

  • DaisyDuke

    No. I’m offended by the fact that he is a grown man with poor grammar and irrational logic in his Tweets. That’s what offends me.

    He still makes good music though. That TGT album is one of the best R&B albums this year!

  • Starcru

    He tries way to hard to sound smart and deep.

  • htpnksuga

    I never got the Tyrese appeal like the rest of the world. I also, don’t follow him on twitter or have any reason too. I’m curious on what he is so well versed on besides singing and/or acting?

  • taz

    Really? You really had dudes walking up to you crying in the club? Lol

    • IJS

      Did you even read the entire quote? He said that “people” were walking up to him telling him that they’d left abusive men. Unless you’re implying that Tyrese has been hitting the gay clubs, one would infer that those “people” were women.

      • taz

        lol, now i see. i was reading in haste on my phone as i blindly speed walked. Sorry…

        • Memedawn

          Not to be disrespectful, but it would be best if you don’t be so quick to comment until you fully understand and sometimes that takes reading something twice. That’s how false information spreads.

          • taz

            thanx for the two comments you posted saying the same thing twice can both use your advice.

    • Memedawn11

      Then don’t be so quick to comment until you fully understand and sometimes that takes reading something twice.

  • Terry

    Is he saying he’s handsome?
    If so that’s definitely not the case…yuccck! eeewww!

  • Dee

    Who cares about his opinon that damn much? Just because you put a mic in someone’s hand to sang, don’t mean their an expert on anything else. I don’t need Tyrese to give me advice because he can sign and act! His opinion is just that….. his opinion and like everyone has an a-hole, everyone has an opinion.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    He’s looks so much more delicious with his mouth closed.

    • tysandsnyc

      I know, right! Tyrese is way too fine to be talking like this.

      • Mine luce

        Case and point!!!

    • atlasshrugged2u

      He is chocolate deliciousness…with his mouth closed that is lol
      Good one girlfriend/boyfriend whatever lol

    • shay

      I never personally found him attractive shrug oh well

  • randomtandem

    Based off the way he looks, we expect ugly tweets and that’s just what we get!

    • Cool Breezy [Tha Hit Maker]

      Post your picture fatty and stop hiding behind avatars.

  • Tbaby

    Hell no that’s not it

  • Mia

    It’s official. Tyrese has been possessed by the spirit of Charlie Browns mama.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      ROFL @ Charlie Browns mama!!!!!!!!! You stupid!!!

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