Alexsandra Wright Apologizes To Tina Knowles For Tearing Apart Her Family: ‘I Regret The Pain That I Have Contributed’

August 28, 2013  |  

Source(s): WENN, Twitter

Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew Knowles’s love child, Nixon, recently released a lengthy letter to Sandra Rose, in which she blasts the music industry executive for his alleged refusal to play his part in raising their son. She also discusses how their affair came to be and offered an apology to Tina, Solange and Beyoncé for the role she played in the disintegration of their family.

“It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Mathew Knowles’ biological son,” she begins in the letter.

“My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Mathew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court. The official judgment was filed and dated September 10, 2010. Every detail was covered and agreed to by Mr Knowles after a year of private negotiation,” the letter continues.

“We have attempted to appeal to him and his team to adhere to that agreement and the court’s stipulated judgment in regard to our son’s education, outstanding medical expenses and other issues, with the hopes of keeping this situation private, considering all parties involved. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful with any sort of private negotiation.”

The former Scrubs actress went on to express how bothered she is by how public their familial dispute has become.

“I am deeply saddened that our personal business is being aired in such a public forum. As a result of false statements made by sources very close to our situation, rumors and innuendos are openly being spread about my son and me. Naturally the negative words affect both of our families, children and careers. Therefore, I find it unavoidable to remain silent. Those close to me know that my primary concern is my son Nixon’s welfare and well-being; both now and in the future. I feel that it is important for him to know, when he comes of age, that he wasn’t a mistake and that he was a product of love!”

Alexsandra then offered somewhat of an apology for the pain that her affair with Mathew caused his daughters and ex-wife, Tina.

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  • Cwilliams

    You knew he was married so why do such a thing.. im happy for mrs. Tina Lawson she found love again she is a very beautiful classy woman. .

  • Genuine N. Georgia

    I just came across this, as I searched “Matthew Knowles” after seeing recent photos of such a beautiful wedding of Beyoncé & Solange’s mom. I don’t know the Knowles’ family, but I have to say that I am OVER THE MOON that Tina Knowles found happiness, after her ex showed how stupid he was.
    Now, as far as this Alexsandra Wright …. that woman KNEW he was married when she laid down with him. How did she expect his wife and two adult daughters to take the news of an affair? Something tells me she didn’t care. She just thought she had hit the jackpot. Ha Haaaa! Beyonce’, Solange and Ms. Tina get the last laugh.

  • demknowles

    My heart goes out to this child who will forever live with the stigma of being born out of a plot to pimp a well-known, wealthy, celebrity figure. “Born out of love?”?? Really? That sure isn’t the idea that comes to my mind since side-chick has done everything possible to ruin Matthew, his ex-wife Tina, Solange and Beyoncé. Her plot to come up by getting a baby, simply back fired and now she’s trying to win sympathy points with an “apology.” Puulleese! The family may never reach out because that would mean bringing the crazy b****h into the mix and who wants to deal with an opportunistic goldigger? She was delusional enough to think she could tussle with heavyweights and got TKO’d. Yes, baby daddy should pay child support, but the child who is a constant reminder of a deception that cost the man his job, wife, children, and reputation most likely will not experience the bond that Bey and Solange (who WERE born out of love) had the fortune of having with their father . It may not be fair, but I can understand why Matthew is staying away. Maybe if she’d have kept her mouth closed and dealt with this privately and out of the media, she would’ve gotten some help. She wanted her 15 minutes of fame and ended up infamous! Side-chick made her bed, now she must lie in it…too bad little Nixon has to lie in it beside her sorry butt!

  • Lay

    I could care less. I’m not giving her any sympathy because she knew prior to sleeping with him that he was MARRIED. She’s crying about money but honestly why doesn’t she have a job to begin with?? Did she assume that she hit the jack pot having his baby? I guess the original plan of living off child support didn’t work huh? smh. I dont blame Tina,Bey or solange for moving on with their lives. It is a painful feeling as a wife/mother to put your all into your family and to have some female break that apart, or a daugther to know some woman came along and disrespected your mother! your family! but I dont just blame her, I also blame Matthew for being so weak minded smh. He lost a beautiful family, but all is forgiven but never forgotten. P.S It is not Bey’s, Solanges or Tina’s responsibility to take care of their financial issues. If they were the average family i BET MONEY she wouldn’t be reaching out to them for help. Think about it.

  • ODWms

    I don’t care what politically correct stance we’re supposed to take, a guy paying $12000 a month for child support is just damned silly. Its ridiculous. Not even 10% of that amount has anything to do with the child. Legalized extortion is what it is, and women can get away with it because they claim its for the child.

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  • awesomekingisawesome

    At the end of the day I hope Beyonce becomes a good big sister and takes care of this baby and let him and his “niece” get to know each other. Those two babies deserve to know each other…

  • LadyB78

    Sexual intimacey is a difficult thing to pin down. I think the term side chick is a stupid term. It has been a well known fact in the business that “He” (Mathew) was busy gettin busy a lot for and there werea few separations thru the years. The person who stands to be hurt the most are Mathew’s daughters and his new son. Having unprotected sex whether you are married or not with some random individual is pretty dangerous and stupid. I agree. She seems like she is surfing for some reason. She needs to get that money and shut up. He needs to give his son what he needs. Clerical error my foot.

  • Teresa

    Its funny to me cause guess what? While a side piece thirsty to be wifey…who has your old

  • AntiBeyhive

    Honestly, I believe her apology was sincere. Whether she can support her child financially or not, the fact of the matter is, little Nixon has TWO parents who should be responsible for him. He’s completely innocent in this whole travesty and doesn’t deserve to punished for his parents actions. And I believe opinions of her would be less harsh if it wasn’t Beyonce’s family that was ruined. No one would feel bad if it were Keri Hilson or Ciara right? The “Beyhive” irks me. She isn’t GOD! Stuff happens and her father was a willing participant in this affair so stop blasting her for being the side piece because she wants her child’s father to support him. It was an ongoing affair not a one night stand. She made a bad decision but years later it isn’t about them, it’s about little Nixon.

  • Chris

    She knew exactly what she was doing!

  • teno

    Oh, now she’s sorry. She’s so full of dog crap.

  • Lexi Wynn

    Umm,,excuse me Alexsandra, but, a Child of love? Hoe please.

  • Eve

    If this was 30 years ago Tina & Ike knowles

  • Eve

    I guess she didnt know the easy way is not the best way all the time. She put herself in a bad position. I guess she hasn’t gotten paid for her thoughts..

  • Brit

    In the great words of Vice President Joe Biden, “MALARKEY!”

  • demdem

    It’s a FACT that she gets $12k in child support every month! That’s $144k a year! That’s a SALARY! Yet she wants more?! Greedy beotch!!!

    • Rose_Budd

      Unless you have her personal banking statements or his bank book to PROVE she actuallyy getting that 12k then no its not a fact. What is a fact is that she was order to recieve 12k, you know like i know men dont always pay there child support. so the greedy beotch comment is putting the horse before the cart since there’s no evidence to support that she being greedy.

  • Tracy Wynne

    *****BYE…………………….KARMA IS A POWERFUL THING. I truly hope her son will be ok, children are not responsible for the actions or who their parents maybe. SMH a day late and dollar short!

  • Tracy Wynne

    ****(BYE…………………………..KARMA SWEETIE

  • Benita Marie Hannah

    Wow! Some of these comments are so judgmental…I am not condoning what happened between this woman and Mathew Knowles at all but some of y’all really need to get off your high horses…Who are you to say whether her apology is sincere, insincere, late or too late or whatever? She most likely genuinely feels remorse for the situation she’s now in (which she put herself in) but she’s still a human being. My issue is y’all are going so hard on HER. What about Mathew??? Not one of these posts describes him in the manner some of y’all have been describing her. There is NO SUCH THING AS A HOMEWRECKER. People do what they want to do. No third party has the power to come between two people that truly want to be together. If he could be “led astray” so easily there were issues before whatever they did began. Again, I’m not saying that makes it right nor am I suggesting Tina was or wasn’t playing her part as a wife. I’m just saying people give the “mistress”, “side-piece” “woman in the side” waaaayyy too much credit. Don’t you think if she had that type of control she’d still be with the man? I don’t think she wants sympathy at all. I think she AND Mathew made a mistake and now she’s really wishing she’d made better choices. Doesn’t make it right but she’s still human. I’m sure there’s more to her than what you all are trying to make her out to be.

    • Rose_Budd

      Exactly, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Its takes a big woman to admit her fault and correct it. If a home can be dismantled it wasnt a home to begin with, HAPPY COUPLES DONT CHEAT ! Sn i think its terrible that beyonce and solange have no interaction with there little brother, he didnt ask to be here he shouldnt be punished he’s in the same position as them. People are so judgemental when its not them but expect someone to understand and throw them a bone with it is

      • clwa0303

        I agree.

      • Belle

        I disagree with happy couples don’t cheat. 31 years is a long time to be peachy. There are going to be rough times in a marriage but they don’t last. You can push through them. However, the trick is to avoid letting someone in when their are wholes in the relatonship or your fortress needs patching. Take gaurd when the couple unit is vulnerable.

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    She need to have a seat,STFU, and keep it real…. this heifer wasn’t apologetic when she was “doing tha damn thang with Matthew now was she?!!!

  • SharonRose

    As Beyonce said “If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it” Matthew mustn’t have not liked it, because he went and married another woman! Women should stop disrespecting themselves, you’re not a woman because of how old you are, there are a lot of females who are adults and act like girls. Hopefully she gets her priorities in check and gives that child the life he need and deserves.

    Matthew better step up too, you were “grown” enough to cheat you should man up and take care of that child.

  • Cinnamon71

    First of all, Matthew Knowles is a lowdown, dirty snake for not only going outside his marriage, but also not wrapping it up and bringing that mess back to his wife. A child has now been conceived so he needs to provide for that child. As for Alexsandra Wright, why did you sleep with a married man to begin with? It’s not like you didn’t know his marital status…smh And why apologize now? Were you sorry when you and Matthew were partaking in adultery? This so-called apology reeks of an ulterior motive. If you wanted to “apologize” to Mrs. Knowles, this could have been done privately.

    She’s just trying to play victim now because he up and married someone else instead of her dumb, trifling, plotting a$$. Newsflash, Alexsandra, nine times out of ten the philanderer moves on either back to the wife or someone else. If he chooses to marry the mistress, the marriage doesn’t last. Why? Because of trust issues. Isn’t that ironic? I just hate that this child is in the middle of this mess because he didn’t ask to be here and Ms. Thang should have thought of that before she got involved sexually with a married man.

    Hopefully, Matthew can connect with Nixon and create some type of relationship before it’s too late. But let this be a lesson. Have some pride and leave these married men alone! If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you, and he surely won’t respect you! If you don’t know a man’s marital status, do a background check.

  • amir bey

    An affair is one thing, but having a child is another; she knew what she was doing, tapping into the Knowles family fortune. Disgusting!!

  • RockWhatYouWereBornWith

    You riffraff !! Keep your legs closed to MARRIED men !!!

  • tarea

    i love miss tina knowles:)

  • Hi-Liter

    Chile…………..Bey, Solonge nor Miss Tina will NEVER accept that boy. NEVA!!!!

  • TruthIsBrutal

    This broad needs to have several seats.

  • Nymeria

    She’s a day late, ain’t she?

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Who was she? Patient# 6?

    • Honey


  • cryette04

    Is she expecting his daughters to step in and help with the child’s expenses? The apology maybe heartfelt, but whose heart is suppose to feel it? She needs to stop. Knowles and her went into that affair with their eyes wide open and the fruit of that clandestine affair was a baby.

    • Honey

      Yes she is expecting the daughters to feel sorry for her messy behind and help. No here apology was not at all heartfelt. She sounds crazy, at the very least she has poor judgment. She is a drama queen I hope they stay far far away from her.

    • ada

      you said that so well. I think this should be a lesson for other people who make the same mistake.

  • Bits


  • enlightenment

    Please! With or without this skank, Matthew Knowles clearly wasn’t going to stay with his wife. She just quickened the process. Why do people never acknwoledge that it takes TWO to tangle…not just one homewrecker?

    • tnetiny

      We can all acknowledge that it is not just her in the wrong, but she is the one trying to gain sympathy from the public, so there you go.

      • enlightenment

        well i agree with that one. she shoulda just stayed low…the damage has been done.

    • soulshadow55

      enlightment – I see your point. But if she really wanted a staple, long lasting relationship with him she should have waited until his relationship/divorce was final. Jumping the gun like she did gave him the impression that she was easy and therefore not worthy of a long term relationship. Doesn’t make it right, because he was just as wrong. It’s just the way men think. If she had had more respect for herself, she would have made sure that his relationship was over before she inserted herself into his life. And as has been mentioned in other posts, he has gone on and married someone else who probably had that self-respect.

      • Cinnamon71

        Preach it, Soulshadow55!

  • tnetiny

    The said she has the utmost respect for his two daughters yet she slept with their father, a married man. She really didn’t have any respect for anyone, especially his ex-wife or herself for that matter. If she did, she would not be talking to the media and releasing statements right now.

  • bluekissess

    She had no intention of hurting the family? Bi tch stop lying. Yes you did

    • tnetiny

      Right. I mean really, what did she think her involvement was going to do. Keep them together, make them happy? lol, I mean, really

  • Bish pulease!!! You had an affair got knocked up and now you’re crying the blues because he showed himself to be the low-life no good dawg you already knew him to be. Stop with the pity party. you could have filed those papers QUIETLY and went about your business. She’s feeling discounted like a mofo and now realizes if there was any love it was only on her end.

    Lesson of the day ladies, the odds the married/involved man is going to leave his wife for you is in the range of winning the lottery.

    • hollyw

      That’s what I’m saying, how you
      apologize at the same time you got ya hand out?? Fraud.

    • sunny

      Their whole affair has been public therefore those papers would also be made public. she is just telling us before media throws in their lies… that Matt ain’t handling his business!

  • B

    One word: KARMA. If more women thought of that word before messing around with a married man, maybe they’d think twice because when karma comes back around, it hits harder. I don’t feel sorry for the chick. However, I do feel sorry for her son, who didn’t choose to be brought into an unfortunate circumstance.

    • Benita Marie Hannah

      What about Mathew’s KARMA?

  • Heart2HeartTalk

    Time after time the story plays over and over gain, like a good song on repeat until you get tired of hearing it and stop it. When are the women who prefer trying to persuade a married man to leave his family instead of trying to build their self worth going to learn some standards and enforce them. No woman should want to be involved with a married man PERIOD! Why disrespect yourself like that? Real men like a woman with Class, Grace and Respect! If he sees that you don’t care he won’t care!

    • Cinnamon71


  • FoxxStarstrukk

    Obviously to him you and that kid ARE a mistake you made him with love he was lustful no love. When you indulge with a married man that’s the risk YOU take. You will never be a victim only your child. Not smart with your temple only you to blame. If you really felt bad then assume your position and play your part. Side ho with married lady standards, please lol! I bet all you needed to hear was his side to spread em. No consideration for the MRS. Until reality reared it’s ugly head. Shes only sorry because she didn’t win. I would keep her as far away as I could. No way she would ever be accepted. You dont reward hoes.

    • Benita Marie Hannah

      I hope you are referring to Mathew as one of those hoes you don’t reward as well.

  • UB Class of 2013


  • PleaseDOBetter

    Why does it matter at this point? It is my understanding that he has since remarried.

  • Guest

    Bish please

  • Kristen

    Only is she “apologizing” now because things aren’t going how she
    thought they would! She’s scum. What’s so attractive about a married man
    anyway? So what you were already a professional before? You wanted more
    and you sought out to get it. Now your child is a statistic.

  • Dominique

    This chick is not sorry. Why doesn’t she just return to her successful career and find a way to support her child on her own? She knew that Tina and Matthew were married, but still decided to sleep with and conceive a child with this man. I can’t help but to think that her motives were 100% financial.

  • Paula

    I find this extremely tacky. And ENOUGH WITH THE OPEN LETTERS KNOWLES FAMILY! (and mistresses)…Gawd.

  • Laura

    Planned, plotted, and executed. She knew exactly what she was doing from the beginning, and knew where it would lead. She is a selfish woman.Whatever pain she feels, she deserves. As for the dad. He is just as pathetic. Just because she wanted him, doesn’t mean he needed to go along with it. He had a beautiful family that he threw away. He is a weak man.

  • Pink

    She is sorry my a$$, the only thing she is sorry is that her plan didn’t work.cuz she thought Mathew would be with her.Don’t use Beyonce, Solange, and Tina’s name to get a wider reach in the media!

  • Sunshinegirl

    The only reason she’s reaching out to a media outlet is to make it PUBLIC, so why in the world would she ask for privacy? That makes no sense. Matthew isn’t making it rain like she thought he would and seems to not even abide by their agreements, so this is her form of appealing to him. He probably would’ve continued to see her had she not gotten pregnant. Once the sidechick gets pregnant AND decides to keep the baby, oh it’s a wrap! I don’t feel sorry for her, but he needs to take care of his child because he certainly has the means to do it. He’s a deadbeat and a cheater (at least according to what’s public).

  • Starcru

    I’m i the only one who thinks that she doesn’t sound sorry,but i trying to play the victim???

    • Yolanda

      No you are not the only one who thinks she does not sound sorry. This letter is self serving, inauthentic and designed to get attention from the man. If she really wanted to apologize she would have done it privately. If she was getting the attention from him we would not be hearing from her. I however do feel badly for the child and the position that the mistress and Mathew put Beyoncé and Solange in, knowing they have a brother and unable to really connect with him at this time. Wow.

      • Starcru

        Exactly what i was thinking.

      • Sarita Alexander

        Agree with everything stated except Beyonce and Solange being ‘unable’ to connect with their brother. They are both grown women with children, if the wanted to, they would… they simply don’t want to and that’s fine. I feel bad for the boy knowing who his sisters are and how they want nothing to do with him, and it’s truly beyond his control.

      • Cher

        I too feel badly for the little boy, but Beyonce and Solange should not have to accept, make good or connect with their father’s bad judgement in having an affair and producing a child. Maybe at some point down the road they may decide to connect with the little boy, but unless/until that happens his mother and father should not force the issue. At best Side Chick/Baby Mama should hope to receive child support on a regular basis and not try to horn in on the celebrity of her son’s half-sisters.

  • Dee Rojas

    Why before I read the article I knew the situation was looking good for her? So she started an affair with a married well known man, got pregnant, have the baby, gave the baby the Knowles last name, flaunt it all in the public and now he,,,his daughters or ex wife wants no part of the baby, She wants to apologize to them. Why do I feel like she want them to feel sorry for her and come running to help her. Things didn’t go her way, so she asking (in her own way) for help. She just need to take herself and the love Nixon was conceived out of to court and get her child support, cause that’s about all she gonna get. I think this women think public shaming is gonna make these men be in the children lives. Girl, Tina won, you got the baby, not the man and Tina still making that paper, and I can bet you Matthew has tried to go back to Tina several times!

    • YepISaidIt

      you know he got remarried to some other chic

      • Kristen


      • hollyw

        What?? Who?!

        • Nymeria

          He married Gena Charmaine Avery on June 30, 2013, but Bey and Solange didn’t save the date…
          So now side chick ain’t even side chick anymore… Karma is a beyotch!

          • hollyw

            Wooow. Well that is karma for yo @$$, she wasn’t even next runner up smdh!

            • Dee Rojas

              LOL! @ hollyw

            • Understanding 18

              You cracked me up with that “she wasn’t even the runner-up.” Those side chicks need to realize that they will reap what they sow for fooling around with another woman’s Husband. Side chicks need to realize that those men don’t belong to them but they belong to the women they are married to.

      • Dee Rojas

        Thanks for the update. He probably remarried because Tina didn’t want him back, LOL. Any who baby mama, gets no petty from me.

    • Nancy Drew

      WOW so real and so on point Dee. I agree she is in her own way asking them for help. putting them on blast that their brother has needs ….and you are right I am sure he tried to go back to Tina. No one has been talking about this story for a minute so what is she talking about innuendos and insults to her family that is hard?? You are trying to get your story to gain momentum. This is a typical marketing publicly ask for privacy about a private situation that no one was buzzing about. Financially stable? Then take care of the kid and let the courts deal with Matt. Bye

    • Mia

      I thought I was the only one that didn’t like the fact she named the little boy knowles that was so direspectful. I think he probably tried to get Tina back, but she wasn’t haven’t it so he moved on & married Gena Avery (ex model) back in june. His daughters refused to attend the wedding, solange and her son were on vacay in Africa lol. it’s funny he didn’t marry the baby mama!!

      • Nymeria

        Bet it ain’t funny to the baby momma! Ha!
        You are ON POINT Miss Mia!
        So many side pieces are happy when they get the man, they talk all kinds of smack, but can they keep him once the sheets cool? Apparently not!

      • clwa0303

        Just out of curiosity, why don’t you think his son should have his last name?

        • soulshadow55

          clwa0303 – I think some people believe that if a couple are not married then the child should not have the father’s last name. I think they believe that the last name should be reserved for children born in the marriage. Sometimes I wonder why a woman would want to give her child the father’s last name if he would not marry her. He doesn’t seem deserving of having the child named after him. Why would he get the legacy of having his name to live on if he wouldn’t step up and marry the woman? But again, there are two people involved in a relationship. The woman is just as responsible as the man. However, Matthew Knowles’ situation is totally different. He was married at the time and she should have rebuffed any advances he may have made towards her. I say “may have” because we don’t know who came on to who. But we do know which one of them was married! Instead, they begin an affair and a child was born from it. Now she’s upset because he has married someone else and she is left hanging with the child. And angry that he will not spend time with his son. I believe that he is obligated to support the child financially, but neither she nor the courts, can make him spend time with the child. It not only shows what type of man he really is, but he still can’t be forced to visit the child. It’s sad but it’s real.

          • clwa0303

            Interesting! Thanks for your response. I can respect your opinion. I agree you can’t make a man be a father period. No matter how the child came about. I wonder though…… how do we know she’s even telling the truth??? I wonder if he does spend time with his son and maybe she justs wants to slander his name. Just a thought. But either way I do think, he’s entitled to wanthis son to havehis name. He may love his son ( as he should) just like his other kids. He shouldn’t treat him any different than the other 2 regardless of the relationship he had withthe moms.

            • Dee Rojas

              @clwa0303 you are right, but I found it hard to believe he wanted the child to have his last name, to #1 have acknowledgement of his side relationship, that will destroy his marriage and # 2 then decide to not be apart of the child’s life. I understand men do this at least number 2, but with his status, he must be careful. I was in a situation similar to this, I didn’t know he was married (that’s what I get for being, such a hot pants!), he made decent money, but I gave my son my last name, and he petitioned the court to change it. But I did slapped that child support on his Azzz, when he denied him. That’s how the name change battle started, at age 3 my son complete name was changed.

              • clwa0303

                Many blessings to you and your beautiful son:)

      • rose

        My guess is he didn’t marry baby mama cause of her drama

  • Dolores Charles

    “Fighting for every single parent” Get over yourself, would you have been fighting if there was no money to be had. You said you were financially and professionally successful when you met; then support your child. You were a “side chick” and you knowingly brought a child into the mess. Now shut up and support your child, you already messed up one family, don’t you think that Tina, Beyonce and Solange are wondering why they were not enough for Matthew that he had to start another family. You are selfish and I don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for you.

    • Sunshinegirl

      She only said that she was financially sound to make it seems like she wasn’t only after his money. Yeah, ok. I don’t feel any sympathy for her either, but Matthew needs to kick in the dough on whatever they agreed to. Despite the messed up circumstances, he is the father (in my Maury voice)! She does need to go somewhere and have a seat. Ugh… sidechicks gets on my nerves.

      • sunny

        The ignorance of people saying side chicks… NO SUCH THING. Matthew just was not man enough to end his own marriage he was obviously over with!

        • clwa0303

          Good point

        • Ike

          ….said the side chicks…

        • Shamira Godinme Banks

          I get that but the reality is we’re not talking about John Doe. She knew who his wife was and probably shook her hand or hugged her before Ms. Tina found out she was his SIDE CHICK!

          • Tracy Wynne

            Right she knew………………………….

  • dannydnice

    Am I the only one that knew nothing about her or this issue until this letter? Sidelines will learn one day. If he’s sorry enough to betray his wife and family, he may not be that great when he gets to you.

    • sunny

      Crazy cause their son is about 5 I think

  • hollyw

    I mean, really. As articulate and maybe even heartfelt that apology seemed, I can’t help but think why can’t these sidepeices understand that the best form of apology is to stay quiet and go away?! I understand you need to go to court, but how the h*ll is a letter to Sandra Rose gone help ya case..? Is SHE gone give you yo child support?? Talknbout wanting to keep her family’s privacy IN a public letter, smh gurl BYE.

    *sidebar: She was in scrubs???

    • hvl

      I know, right? Which character was she in Scrubs because for ladies of color all I remember is Turk’s girlfriend turned wife, Nurse Carla and the Black nurse, Laverne. And Alexsandra doesn’t look like either one of them!

      • Sunshinegirl

        Maybe she was an extra one day and listed it as a credit to her resume!

      • clwa0303

        Lol that was the main thing that came to my mind during that whole letter!

      • hollyw

        I said the same thing, was hoping somebody recognized her lol smh… you know MN be exaggerating, she was prob on there like once lol

        • sha

          LMAO, I was just trying to find that info on the web also. Who the hell was she in Srubs?

          • Nymeria

            That’s her name, nevermind the show….

        • Mycalah

          I think she was on there twice and the two times I saw her it wasn’t a major role

          • hollyw

            LOL I can’t

    • Doc

      Right?! I used to watch that show all the time and can’t recall seeing her on it.

    • Nymeria

      No, that’s her name!

  • Wanda Simpson

    Late, later, and over done, She was not a child when this affair started. I am sure that she has a personal knowledge with some form of birth control. I have no sympathy for her keep your business to yourself.

    • Honey


  • Ashley Kyndlesmommy Walker


    • citizenrich

      This is random and probably not the best forum to air my views but I feel I must express myself:

      Black women are clever, wise and funny. Madame-whatever-this-site-is called is a guilty pleasure of mine!

      Not for the content but for reading the comments section.

      You girls crack me the F up with your biting remarks and witty sarcasm.

      Older black chicks should rule the world and I mean that as rudely and crudely as it sounds.


      Highly educated, master of the universe type, random white guy.