One-Hour Scandal Recap Special Airing On ABC!

August 27, 2013  |  

If you’re anything like us girls in the office, you have to watch “Scandal” at least two good times to figure out what the heck really happened in any given episode. Sure, you can get the gist of the weekly drama Thursday night’s at 10 pm, but if you’re going to pick up on all the character nuances and understand how the gladiators in suits dotted every “I” and crossed every “T,” you’re going to have to set the DVR and concentrate.

Thankfully, it seems ABC knows this too because the network has decided to air a Scandal Recap special before the season 3 premiere October 3. Bless their hearts. According to Shadow and Act:

Titled Scandal: The Secret Is Out, the the special will begin that October 3 night at 8/7c, and will be followed by the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy at 9/8c, ending with the 3rd season debut of Scandal at 10/9c.

Thank.You. ABC. Although I do have a bit of a bone to pick — why couldn’t Grey’s be moved up one hour just for this night so that we could all watch the recap special and then watch the season 3 premiere immediately after? The network knows how thirsty we are for Olivia Pope-Fitz drama. What are we supposed to do during that hour break — no disrespect to Grey’s fans — wouldn’t it would be so much better to give us the  mini marathon we’ve dreamed of??

OK I’m done. The real question is how in the world are Shonda Rhimes and ‘dem going to fit two entire seasons of “fixing” into one one-hour special. Time for ol’ girl to work her magic again, I see. We will definitely be checking this Scandal Recap Special out. Same for you?


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  • Tony Williams

    I love Kerry Washington as an Actress. She is so so so much better than this. but because of hollywood and tv. I guess what a great female black actress to get “ON” she has to GG for the white man. I’ll pass.

    • Yvette

      How about we celebrate the fact that she is the first african-american woman to head line a major network show in 40 years! Yes, her character is having an affair with the fictional white president. The affair is just plain wrong no matter what race is involved and there is so much more that happens than just the affair unfolding. My question to you is would the show sit better with you if the president was being betrayed by an african american actor? An affair of any kind is wrong. Race has nothing to do with it.

      • Tony Williams

        The show would be better to me if their wasnt any cheating at all. And she didnt basically throw the black mans grand mothers ring in his face. talking about she wants hard, painful love. As a black man YES YES watching this shows makes me feel some how. i am 30 years old. and i think to myself, im a Black man and i see how this black women get all soft and loving and passionate with this non black men. and i am like i never had a black woman get like that with me? So I’LL pass i like the woman i know its ACTION and its TV. but i dont have to support it. If their was a Tv show on ABC or NBC , Fox with a Black male lead and he was a serial killer i wouldn’t watch it.

    • Guest360

      Oh please. Olivia Pope has not done anything different than anything you’ve seen from Alicia on the Good Wife, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the CIty, all of the wives in Desperate Housewives or any other network show where white women were the leads. Newsflash….it’s a television DRAMA. It goes without saying that the lead is going to get involved in dirty business or make bad decisions throughout the entire course of the show. It’d be boring if she was perfect. Half the fun is seeing her get tangled up in some mess and how she finds her way out of it. I’m not saying the show is for everyone but I’m tired of the “she could do so much better” spiel. She IS doing better for the simple fact that she’s the first black woman to lead her own show in 40 years. It doesn’t get any “better” than that. Especially given how many shows are canceled after only airing an epi or two, meanwhile she’s going into her 3rd season.

      • Tony Williams

        Well just like most women dont like football or golf or tennis. I will pass on Scandal. i have watched 90% of Kerry Washington’s movies and other tv shows. and like i said she is an A class actor. whatever i have my opinion and you have yours.

        • IllyPhilly

          Peeples and I Think I Love My Wife. A-class? However, I do, understand where you’re coming from because Black women know damn well If the POTUS was Black and Olivia was White this ish would have been blown off of TV.

          I come for the pure scandal and yes to support a successful Black woman on TV not playing some loud mouth, emasculating stereotype. .

          • Tony Williams

            And you know whats sad. If Kerry was doing a show like a newer version of the Cosby show. or something with a black man. Every red cent in my bank i bet you black women dont want that type of show to this level they are obsessed with Scandal. So the White man /Black woman this is atleast 70% of whats driving the show.

            • Yvette

              That is a bet you will not win. How can you make a blanket statement like that? If someone decided to do an up to date version of the cosby show you better believe most black women (I say most because there are some folks who are not happy no matter what and look to pick apart EVERYTHING) will be very excited to see that. Claire Huxtable is/was one of the most beloved TV moms in history!

              • Tony Williams

                Because Bet had a show with Malcolm Wonder and Diana Ross’s daughter as husband and wife. and that show didnt get 1/20 of the rantings that scandal gets. scandal is so popular and powerful. that i read some shows this SEASON WILL GO WITH OUT COMMERCIAL BREAKS OMG, THE SUPERBOWL DOESN’T EVEN DO THat. only soccer games go with out breaks. so let me great this right black women.

                a show with a loving black man and black woman naw.

                but a show where a power black woman is sleeping with a snake of a white president OMG YES YES YES YES MORE MORE MORE MORE. i am done all the way. if you black men want white men that badly. please let me get out of your way. i will never date another black woman again. you have won black women you have made black men get turned all the way off.

  • Yvette

    Heck yeah I’m in!