Relationship Question You Need To Ask: Is He Worthy Of Being With You?

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Have you been dating a guy you really like for the past few months? Are you thinking you want to be in a long-term relationship with him? If so, you may be wondering when to have “the talk” with him. Instead of rushing to do so, first determine your reasons for actually wanting to be in a committed relationship.

Reasons based on any variation of, “I’m tired of being single. I’m sick of dating. I’m getting older so I’d better get married soon. What if I don’t find someone better?” mean he’s not the one you really want. If you’re in this situation, he just happens to be the guy in front of you — not necessarily the best guy for you. Wanting to be in a relationship for the wrong reasons guarantees a short-term relationship or a future of unhappiness. Let him go so that he can find a woman who is truly excited to be with him… and so you can find a man who’s perfect for you.

If he’s the one you really want, your reasons will include things like “I really like him as a person. I like who I am when I’m around him and when we’re apart. I smile just thinking of him. I love being with him.” If this describes you, your relationship has the potential for a long-term commitment.

But how do you know what’s important to consider in making such an important decision? The following relationship questions will confirm whether or not you’re both compatible for the long run.

44 Relationship Questions To Ask Yourself In A New Relationship
Check in with your inner monologue and answer these relationship questions after you have gotten to know him well enough to get a good sense of who he is.  If you don’t know him very well, don’t answer these questions until you learn more about him (and don’t make a decision about whether he’s the guy for you before then, either!).

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  1. Do I like how he treats me?
  2. Am I a priority in his life?
  3. Does he respect me?
  4. Do I feel safe around him?
  5. Does he accept me for who I am?
  6. Am I being my authentic self around him?
  7. Can I express myself freely when difficult situations come up?
  8. Do I feel secure when we’re together and when we’re not together?
  9. Does he inspire me to be the best version of myself?
  10. Is he encouraging and supportive of what I want in life?
  11. Is he genuinely happy for me when good things happen to me?
  12. Can I live with his quirky behaviors and traits?
  13. Do I like him the way he is if he never changes?
  14. Am I having fun with him?
  15. Do I like who I am when I’m with and without him?
  16. Do I feel uplifted when we’re together?
  17. Do I feel free to pursue my passions, have alone time, and spend time with friends and family?
  18. Do my family and friends like him?
  19. Do I like his family and friends?
  20. Can I see us growing old together?

Now, you’ll need to answer some questions about him. (After all, he is the variable factor in this equation)!

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  • QueenOfLife

    This article is something that I needed to see. I just got out of a relationship with an older man (as recent as last night sigh), and I asked myself these questions, some of them were a no, some yes, and a lot in between. We have been together close to 3 years, and we have been through some really, really bumpy situations and rough patches. It has been times where I didnt feel respected, trusted, or considered and there were times where I felt the same about him. Then, there were times that I felt that I had someone that understood my dreams and were willing to work with me and help me achieve my goals so that we could have longevity and a life together. But after this last break up (the last of MANY), maybe I should now look for someone that I could answer a solid YES to these questions and not in between wishy washy answers..

  • Tony Williams

    That little young look dude in that first picture looks like he is young enough to be her son, jesus take the wheel.

    • Peace

      He looks like he has a baby face and will have that face for a while.

      • Tony Williams

        He looks like a freshmen in college, and she looks like she is 4 years pasted 30. so much for black dont crack. or are black women looking to RAISE a man. and not date one this days?

  • andalso

    some of those things i have to say no to, but i can’t see myself advancing without my better half. crazy but true