Celebs Who Had Babies Before Marrying

August 28, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

Yesterday, many of you were shocked at news that Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall are expecting their first child together — before becoming husband and wife. But the truth is, in Hollywood, having babies before marrying has become the norm (and not just for black women). Think we’re exaggerating? Check out these 15 celebs who put the carriage before the marriage.


Babies Before Marrying


Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek took her time becoming a mother and took an even longer time becoming a wife. In 2007, the Frieda star announced she was engaged to billionaire fiancé François Henri Pinault and pregnant with their first child together. At 40 years old, Salma and her boyfriend welcomed Valentina Paloma Pinault into the world but shortly afterward the couple announced their split. Patching things up and ready to give it a go one more time, Hayek and Pinault announced plans to wed again and tied the knot two years later.

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  • randomtandem

    I love how none of them are black…except Nicole Richie….sort of

  • randomtandem

    Finally a list Beyonce can’t be forced into! LOL

  • 8682

    His last name us beerman not brennan

  • Trisha_B

    Really? What’s the point of this? This is not a trend, been going on for centuries. I don’t get why people get all upset or shocked when they hear a women is pregnant & not married. If you are having s3x you have the risk of getting pregnant. The egg & sp3rm does not halt when they find out you dont have a ring. Condoms & birth control aren’t 100%, they fail. So if your doing something that was designed for reproducing w/out being married, don’t look down on women who actually ended up pregnant

    • CC

      Exactly, some women get pregnant some don’t. Doesn’t mean she’s less of a woman than the next. How many women do all of YOU know that didn’t have a child by 30 married or not?? How many women were married with children but are now divorced or with someone else??? Marriage does not equal solid foundation, happiness and love does.

    • Live_in_LDN

      Agreed – You’re going to get a whole lot of downvotes from the hyprocritcal morality police/bible thumpers though.

      • Trisha_B

        I know lol. But I don’t care haha. They hypocritical. They done had abortions b/c they weren’t married, but look down on women who actually keep theirs. Its morally right to kill an unborn, b/c you can keep it a secret but then turn your nose up at others who take a different route. They think its fine to have pre-marital s3x, but then shout “do people get married anymore…” they choose what’s morally right based on what they do smh

        • Herm Cain

          That cliche that women who don’t have children are having abortions is a way for you to justify irresponsibility just say black women are promiscuous and don’t want to take responsibilitybirth control and condoms work coming from Someone in a 6 year relationship I haven’t had as much as a pregnancy scare lastly are you blind and ignorant to what babymamahood 73% out of wedlock has done to the black community but you keep telling these wh**es they’re kids are blessings and see how that works for us

          • Trisha_B

            Please direct me to where I singled out a race…I didn’t. So go somewhere w/ that black women statistic crap. & no where did I say ALL, my comment is in general. Dont take it to heart if it doesn’t apply to you. & a round of applause to you for not having a scare. But theres a reason why birth control & condoms dont say 100% on packaging, they have failed for others in the past, present, & will do so in future….there are some married couples who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, they abuse their kids, dont take care of them &etc, but they are ideal b/c they got married. W.e. im not saying purposely go out & get knocked up if you aren’t married. Im saying stop being so hypocritical & judgemental to those who had kids while not married, b/c im sure you are doing things om your life that others could judge you for

  • CC

    I didn’t even want to read this. At least get the title right!!! That’s bad business MN……..

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  • L-Boogie

    Well, it works for some.