Because 4 Kids And 3 Baby Mama’s Aren’t Enough: Tank On Why He Wants 10 Kids

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I’m sure there are a few women reading this right now thinking, “shoot I’ll have Tank’s baby,” but before you go too far, let’s examine the situation. Tank, one-third of the R&B supergroup TGT, is already the father of four children, Jordan, Ryen, Zoey, and Durrell Jr., reportedly by three different women. But that’s not stopping the musical crooner from going for more — six more in fact. In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Tank told the site his dream is to have 10 bambinos, saying:

“We’ve got a couple, I guess. We’ve got three right now. I want to get married and do it the right way. Do it the right way, maybe have three more and after that three. I love kids, I think the generation is what’s most important. We’ve had our chance to make our choices and they need our lives in time to influence the next generation and give them the right understanding and pour the knowledge into them so that preferably, they can make this place a better place or survive in whatever this place is going to become.”

OK so maybe I was too hard on him. I guess you can’t be mad at a man wanting to “do it the right way” the fifth time around. We’re curious who the lucky woman would be though. Or thinking more like, what woman is trying to push out six babies? The 37-year-old isn’t getting any younger and unless he likes ‘em young he’s going to have to snatch up somebody soon if he’s trying to have his own little league team. Any takers?

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  • Kristen

    If he does in fact settle down, get married and has more kids, I’d hate to be one of his first 4 kids. I’m sure they’d feel “unwanted” or like they weren’t good enough because his other 6 are living in his house with him like a real family while they are living individually with their mothers. UNLESS he moves them all in together and it’s the black version of Sister Wives lol

  • Mary Ann

    Tank, bro, if you are reading this entry, if you wanted that many children, you should have gotten married first and then you help populate the earth. You have so far four children and three baby mamas, that is three different personalities you have to deal with a different amount of child support payments if they are getting any. If you have found the right woman who wants to have ten children with you that would be great. You only have one baby mama to deal with. I am glad you thought about it and wanted to do the right thing, but I guess you don’t have one problem dealing with multiple baby mamas. Besides, if the other baby mamas live in different states, how are going to spend time with the children with the hectic travel schedule that you have? You need to think about this before you spread your seed?

    • T O

      Nope he didn’t. This mentality is why Black families are slowly becoming a illusion of the past. This negro is way past the age to think so stupidly, and he has diminished his role in his children’s lives. The funny thing, is if any of his kids turns out to be a serial killer, an addict, dysfunctional, etc etc he’ll blame the mothers.

  • Sunshine

    Tank – have SEVERAL seats!!! Give this interview AFTER you have married a woman. Between Tyrese’s foolishness, a couple of months back and now this with Tank – TGT doesn’t have to worry about me spending a DIME to purchase their CD. Where are the REAL grown men????

  • Nia

    He’s fine as h ell, but I can’t fool with a man who has 4 kids! LOL * Like he’s really checking for me.*

  • Zealand


  • clove8canela

    Well according to what he’s saying the math is off. If he’s saying “we’ve” already got 3, I’m assuming there must only be 2 baby mamas with the second being someone he wants to eventually make it official with. And that’s great!

  • Starcru

    Even though he’s still a good father and likes kids,he just needs to get married and have them with his WIFE. All of these kids with multiple women is not cool.

    • carmen_bender12

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  • am

    Pick Me. I already have 3 so now we are at 7. I want more kids so 3 more wouldn’t be too bad. LOL!