Surprising Things Men Love About Monogamy

August 30, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin
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Don’t believe all the rumors about monogamy just being a burden, a nuisance, a “responsibility” and “not in their nature” for men. There are plenty of reasons men enjoy cozying up with just one woman, and some may surprise you.

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  • Welen Dowd

    Honestly, I agree with all but #12.

  • sixfourfella

    This list was a bunch of BS,,,,the men that falls or thinks like the items on this are lame and lazy. The description of men on this list, are the men that are getting cheated on. They should of replaced men to women, cuz ladies let’s be real, Real men like to hunt, and women want to be hunted, and chased. (Not disrespected but pursued) I’ve played cleanup man too many times due to some lame lazy dude not being the man in the relationship. Men stop listening to media saying to get in touch with your femine side, No just touch you female’s backside. If you really want to make your woman happy,,,, 1.say what you mean in a non-disrespectful way. The sooner you tell the truth the better it is to move on. 2. Make love to your woman like it is the last time. If you do this, I will GUARRANTEE, that she and you will be happy and will not be looking around. 3. Realize what you have and either treasure it or let it go, if she is wifey, go thru the steps to make her a wife,, is she a good person, is she good with kids, is she trustworthy? Can you see being with her for the rest of your life or is she busdown, do you respect her? If not then you aready know what to do,

  • kayer713

    men only like monogamy when it applies to the woman. They want their cake and eat it too

    • nolimit_soldier

      Just the ones you fawk with..

    • sixfourfella

      This is true,,,

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N


      • Welen Dowd

        There are some good bruthas out there. Ya, you may have to take one form a white girl, but we are still out there!

  • Tee tee

    This list was sorry as hell

    • CatherineWilliams

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