Are They Thieves? Artists Accused Of Stealing Music

September 6, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

Many feel all great artists get their inspiration from other great artists but there’s a thin line between using someone’s song as a muse and outright ripping them off. These 15 musicians have been accused of stealing another artist’s music.

Artists Accused Of Stealing Music


Alicia Keys

R&B singer Alicia Keys took a break from making music to start a family. Returning to the scene with a brand new image and a new album, the New York native lit up the charts with her single “Girl On Fire.” Too bad the song that helped re-launched her career would lead her right into a courtroom. Songwriter Eric Shurman has accused the “Foolish” singer of using his 1962 song “Hey There Lonely Girl” that was used by Eddie Harmon for her hit song. Last December Shuman filed a lawsuit against Keys, who is now a girl getting sued.

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  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Chris Brown is DEAD wrong for stealing that man’s song LOL! I mean you never hear of him but your songs sound exactly the same? Yea right Chris! Get off the Gas!

  • Olivia

    MN is pro Beyonce , that’s why they failed to list her. She is the biggest one if them all from music to dance routines. Then she calls it “inspired” to make it look nice . Wow Madame Niore..smh

    • Olivia


  • LC

    It’s Sara Bareilles

  • Val

    Why is MN using that old azz pic of Alicia?

  • IllyPhilly

    Get it all copyrighted on the books. No poor man’s copyright. How y’all forget “queen bey still ish” from everybody and they mam on this list?

  • Just saying!!

    How did you manage to miss Beyonce on this list? She’s been accused of plagiarism more than anyone and people even starting making nicknames for her because of it lol

    Anyway, I think this is why it’s even more important to be careful about how you express your inspiration because some of these people probably just felt like they were paying homage to someone or thought it would be cute to reference another song’s lyrics but then the other artist slams them for it. … And then there are those that just blatantly steal lol. Mainstream artists steam from underground artists all the time though… But nothing usually ever comes of it unfortunately smdh

    • IllyPhilly

      That paying homage thing is tricky.

    • Growth

      You saw that too? Bey is known for jackin folks songs and putting her name on it. And the cases are ALWAYS settled and never dismissed. I was glad when Ne-yo put her on blast for saying she wrote Irreplaceable. It’s plenty of talented and successful artists that say out right they don’t write their own stuff. Hell look at Rihanna.

      • hollyw

        Beyonce didn’t try to own Irreplaceable. If anything, it was the opposite, as folks started rumoring that she’d written it b/c of Jay-Z, to the point where Ne-Yo had to pipe in…ijs

        • Growth

          Actually, bey was FILMED saying on more than 1 occasion that SHE wrote irreplaceable. Which is why Ne-yo came out and said he actually wrote it.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          She also stole If I Were A Boy word for word from a 16 yr old girl named BC Jean