Unsolved Mysteries: Celebrity Deaths That Haven’t Been Solved

August 26, 2013  |  
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Tupac and Biggie are two of the biggest celebrity unsolved murders in history. But they’re not the only ones who checked out under mysterious circumstances. Check out our list of 15 unsolved celebrity deaths that still haven’t been figured out years after their passing.

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Christopher Wallace

It’s been nearly 20 years since Biggie’s murder and we still don’t know who did it. Most of the world thinks Suge Knight had a hand in it. But the LAPD refused to interview Suge or anyone else in his shady entourage. Thanks to that example of stellar police work, the world may never know who took the Brooklyn rapper’s life.

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Tupac Shakur

Did Biggie’s crew kill Tupac? No one really knows who’s responsible for the 1996 shooting that ended Tupac’s life. A lot of people aren’t even really sure that he’s dead thanks to the six albums that were released after he died.

Yaki Kadafi

A few months after Tupac died, Yaki Kadafi, the only eye witness to the rapper’s death, was chilling at his girlfriends house when a man knocked on the door. Yaki answered it and the man shot him to death. Unsurprisingly, no one knows who did it — at least not on the books.

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Princess Diana

Did Princess Diana die in an unfortunate car accident while running from aggressive paparazzi? Or did the Royal Family stage the accident to keep her from marrying Muslim billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed and having his baby? The world will never know, unless results of the newly opened investigation reveal interesting details of her death.

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Jimi Hendrix

Was Jimi’s 1970 death murder or an accident? The autopsy report revealed that Jimi choked to death on his own vomit while under the influence. But the autopsy also revealed that his lungs and stomach were filled with wine and barbiturates. Some think that his shady manager Mike Jeffery water boarded him with wine and drugs until he died.

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Jason William Mizell

In 2002, a mystery man walked into a Queens recording studio, hugged Jam Master Jay and then open fired on him. Some say the man was affiliated with drug lord Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff who wanted Jay dead because of his association with 50 Cent. But no one was ever held legally responsible for the murder that shocked the hip hop community.

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Elvis Presley

According to the coroner, Elvis died on the toilet after his heart gave out under a load of prescription drugs. But ask any hardcore Elvis fan and they’ll say he’s alive and well — possibly chilling somewhere with Tupac. The skepticism comes in due to the questioning of two of the centrally involved medical professionals who performed the initial autopsy on Elvis. Their sketchy ethics led to Elvis’s autopsy being reopened, at which point the new coroner said none of the data supports drugs caused the rock n’ roll king’s death.

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Natalie Wood

When this famous actress was found drowned a mile away from her yacht in 1981, authorities assumed that Natalie got drunk, slipped off the boat and drowned. But there were two other people on the boat with her. Rumor has it that Natalie’s flirtation with Christopher Walken made her husband Robert Wagner so mad he killed her. Neither Christopher Walken nor Robert Wagner have ever publicly discussed the incident.

Patrick Lamark Hawkins

In February 1998, Houston rap legend Fat Pat was shot while at his promoter’s apartment complex. The murder shocked third coast fans, but the perpetrator was never found. Some think that local drug dealer “Weasel” had him killed in retaliation for a robbery.

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Bob Marley

The official story is that Bob Marley died of cancer. But a close friend of Bob’s — Lee Lew-Lee — says that someone gave Bob the radiation poisoning that led to his death. The quick-spreading tumor on his toe appeared right after Bob injured his foot on a coiled piece of copper that Lee says was planted in a new pair of shoes recently given to Bob.

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Anna Nicole Smith

There was a lot of drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith’s untimely death. First her behavior on her reality show got increasingly bizarre, then in late 2006, her son died of an overdose. Anna followed six months later under the influence of a similar drug cocktail. But what we don’t know is whether Anna took her own life or was prescribed a dangerous cocktail.

JonBenét Ramsey

The six-year-old pageant queen’s unsolved murder was one of the most famous cases in the world. One night in December 1996, her parents reported her missing. Eight hours later, she was found dead in their basement. No one was ever charged with her murder although her parents remain on the suspect list nearly 20 years after her murder.

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Marvin Gaye

We all know that Marvin’s dad shot him. But what we don’t know is whether it was a murder or a suicide. Marvin was mentally ill at the time and witnesses to the murder say that Marvin egged his father on to take his life after he failed to take it himself. His alleged dying words to his brother Frankie were:

“I got what I wanted…I couldn’t do it myself so I had him do it…it’s good, I ran my race, there’s no more left in me.”

Tim Dog

Remember the rapper Tim Dog who made the news for defrauding several middle-aged white women out of hundred of dollars? Back in May he “died” due to complications with diabetes. But no one can find any record that he actually kicked the bucket. Lots of people think he faked his own death to avoid having to repay the women he stole from.

Shakir Stewart

Def Jam Executive VP Shakir Stewart signed some of the world’s most famous acts like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Beyoncé. On November 1, 2008 he was found dead in the bathroom of his Atlanta home with a gunshot wound to his head. The coroner said that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, but Stearts friends and family say that the Black Mafia Family staged his murder to look like a suicide.

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  • Anna Sweetlikesugar Turner

    I often wondered why in the heck would news reporters(paparazzi)chase Princess Diana and make her have a fatal accident…Just never made sense to me,if u ask me I still think it was staged.(In my opinion)#couldbethetruth

  • Dev2008

    I remember all my friends worrying about Tupac because of that stupid east-west feud. I didn’t think he’d make it out of Vegas. Maybe the LAPD did go into Surge but knew it would just lead to more deaths. As a kid watching the feud happen we all just worried who was next and if the nightmare would ever stop. So many had blood on their hands and for what. I remember Tupac saying he wouldn’t live his life hiding because he said they’d eventually get him. Just pray “never again”. Why it pisses me off if Chris Brown, Kanye or others start a Twitter feud…it’s so stupid and disrespectful. RIP….for years I was just so angry at them all…not valuing the preciousness of life. So pointless…

  • Jennifer Malcom

    Wtf? Why is Biggie on the.list twice? The man was not that big a celebrity, Jon Benet was a celebrity after she.died…half of this.list is not celebrities. ..

  • Myherofails

    Which of these were famous exactly?

  • YouGuysSuck

    You’re all so bold behind your monitors and keyboards. Irregardless of whether you cared for rap music or not, those people did not necessarily deserve to die, and neither did Elvis, with his music stealing ass.They had families too, and you all should be ashamed.

  • shay lanay

    way in hell Elvis and/or Tupac is still alive. Somebody would have found out their identity and told everybody that they were still alive. It’d raise hella attention too

  • FreeSpeechOrDieHarder

    They forgot Bob Crane in favor of pseudo-celebrities.

  • Tom

    I hate when I click on an interesting sounding title and it goes to Madam Noire. Now I know that the whole topic will be about black people and nobody else. It’s as if Madam Noire thinks that they are the only ones who matter. The other regular news sites ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX report on people of all races. I find Madam Noire racist and offensive!! I would also find a site called Monsieur Blanc equally offensive!
    I believe in “color blindness”.

  • Anthony DuLac

    So this list is really a list of ghetto thugs who died and a few white celebrities mixed in for fun. Lame list.

  • Anthony DuLac

    Some gangsta thug gets blown away and we’re supposed to be worried about it still? Whatever. LOL

  • Ilovemydawg88

    Uh, there’s not story here. it’s made up stuff for the most part and looks like someone was just trying to fill space. Another place to show annoying ads. This is a stupid waste of time..

  • YouShouldThinkToo

    Wow…I think I’ve stumbled upon the most worthless writing on the Internet. The headline was intriguing; I was hoping to actually read about some unsolved celebrity deaths. Instead, we get:
    1. A bunch of gangbang rapper thugs shooting each other. Shocking.
    2. An inventory of drug deaths that are favorites to conspiracy theorists.
    3. Jon-Benet Ramsey. Note to “author,” Jon-Benet wasn’t a celebrity.
    Total garbage.

  • Nick543

    A bunch of rappers shooting other rappers.

  • svtfaust

    Granted he wasn’t as well known as some of these people but I really expected Eraserhead’s Jack Nance would make the list before some of these. Some of which are actually solved but questioned by conspiracy theorists. And in all honesty, it casts the rap music industry in a bad light. Some of which is earned. Welcome to the TMZ generation.

  • steadydecline

    WHATEVER!! If black people weren’t so “Snitches get stitches,” we would easily know who killed Biggie and TuPac. I bet most of the black people who knew Tupac know exactly who murdered him but are too egotistical and idiotic to tell.

  • Sam Kunz

    Biggie died a thug loser. Next. This website is racist. If I made a website about only white people, You all would go apeshit lol

  • Miron Arnold

    Where’s Kurt Cobain, he had one of the shadier deaths among celebrities!

    • FreeSpeechOrDieHarder

      He left a suicide note and he was high on smack when he killed himself with a shotgun. He also talked about joining the “27” club. Zero mystery there.

  • metalhead65

    the rappers who died all lived and glorified the thug life so why is it a mystery of how they died? their murders aren’t solved because nobody from that culture would help the police. if the people who know won’t cooperate then how are they suppose to solve them? who cares really they got what they wanted and died the way they lived. where is Jim Morrison on this list? only 2 people saw the body and they both died along time ago. maybe Elvis is with him in Africa somewhere?

  • Joe Methuen

    A stupid article for stupid people on a stupid website.

    • pj

      What does this say about YOU? You not only clicked and read, you commented! SMH at some people…

  • Chaz

    not one comment about Bob Crane?

    • pj

      I thought he died of AIDS. He came out of the closet shortly before he died.

      • baltoboomer

        Nope. He was murderedHe was a product of his own wild lifestyle. He was known to be a very sexually wild man. I think Mr.Hogan may have been parking his hero in the wrong place!

  • Jane

    Seems most of these case’s are about black men. Surly there are a lot more unsolved murders than these. Bad title, misleading as well.

  • Robert Ta

    How dare you lump Bob Marley, a man of piece, and Jimi Hendrix,, a man of talent, in with these no talent, low life thug rappers?

    • baltoboomer

      Maybe he should have taken another toot of the special “peace” weed he was big on. I mean seemed to be at “peace” with his life. He was taken way to early, especially being what a “peaceful” man he was.

      • Robert Ta

        You are a moron, as are all rap lovers. Ghetto lowlifes who go around ambushing one another, which is fine with me. It’s the innocent victims of their
        drivebys” that I feel for. Little children, women, grandma, it doesn’t matter. If the cowards feel like shooting to prove what “men” they are, they will spray bullets into a crowd before running away like the low life cowards they really are. So sorry you never got an education. Your father’s “bad”…..if you even know who he is.

  • Robert Ta

    This site is crap. As far as dead rappers, good riddance to bad garbage. No mystery there. Another black thug killed them.

  • Robert Ta

    Mr. Angry black man gets capped by one of his own. Who cares?

  • Robert Ta

    What a bunch of crap! He OD’ed….

  • sieteocho

    Nick Drake. What about Nick Drake? He overdosed on some psychiatric prescription, and nobody knows if it was misadventure or suicide.

  • 455olds

    Jon Benet Ramsey was a celebrity? No, not really, the press and all the pathetic people who love those type stories made her one, after her death. The rest of these hip hop/rap thugs, good riddance. Not much substance in this article, but, I felt compelled to try and whip it up with black people.

  • swaron

    JonBenet was not a celebrity, sorry. The Death itself became celebrity, but no one heard of her before that. Should not be included on the list imo.

    • Jane

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Doug

    What about Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heros or Bobby Fuller? Their deaths have never been solved. And they are more of a celebrity than some of these rap starts listed. Never heard of half these people.

    • pj

      Bob Crane died of AIDS if I remember correctly.

      • akaKJB

        Bob Crane was beaten to death in a hotel room. New invention called GOOGLE. Give it a shot. Also, last time I checked, George Reeves’ “suicide” has never been explained or solved. I mean, even though he was Superman he still shouldn’t have been able to shoot himself in the head twice then remove his own bloody shirt & put it under the bed.

  • Roberta giuliano

    Coloreds have destroyed Brooklyn, New York !

  • rc

    Hey – you forgot to mention Brian Jones of the Stones…..I mean lots of mystery surrounding his death.

  • GodProtectAmerica

    I saw Elvis at a local K mart, looked good.

  • Bernard Turner

    Enjoyed your articles, but please check your work property for errors in spelling before publishing.


  • Bernard Turner

    Enjoyed your articles, but please check your work property for errors in spelling before publishing.


  • anonymous

    The baboons that croaked is no big loss!!

    • Robert Ta

      It’s a plus, but please don’t insult baboons as a species by lumping them in with these no talent, low life “rappers”. They are the scum of the earth, and deserve to die. A cancer on society, and the “music” business. I put quotations around the word “music”, because the garbage they pump out is NOT music.

  • waf98

    Hold on! We’ll never know who killed Princess Diana unless ” … results of the newly opened investigation reveal interesting details of her death …” ???

    There’s already been an investigation. What about their conclusion?

    What if the “new” investigation reveals no details? Or, what if the details are uninteresting?? Will the world forever be left in the lurch, clueless as to who killed her?

    That sentence was surely written by an 8th grader somewhere.

  • the truth

    Tupac and Biggie murders will never be solved

    • guest

      That’s because the Pac’s killer is P. Diddy and nobody dares ask him anything. His money weighs way too much.

  • mon88

    Whitney Houston, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Static Major and Don Cornelius needs to be on this list, It appears Whitney was killed injected with something then thrown in scalding hot water she had bruises and cuts all over her body that were not there days prior. Isaac Hayes who has suffered a stroke appeared to have been killed by scientologist at his home, Bernie suspiciously received a shot from a private doctor and gets sick and die 2 days later supposedly from pneumonia…….Static Major died in a hospital after the doctor did a blood transfer procedure after his wife told them NO and don Cornelius is so obvious they claim he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice with a shotgun—REALLY? look these cases up especially Whitney’s autopsy report i think that would explain all of that fishy behavior surrounding her death scene, but these deaths are certainty not what the police claim.

    • FreeSpeechOrDieHarder

      Multiple-shot suicides are rare but do happen. One guy in Australia managed to shoot himself in the head three times, walk 100 meters and then finally shot himself fatally the 4th time.

  • KIm

    Bob Marley died of cancer… how is that unsolved or a mystery??

    • guest

      Bob Marley died of brain cancer as a result of its spreading all over his body following his refusal to treat it when it started in his big toe. How the cancer got started in his big toe in the first place remains a mystery.

      • Trisha_B

        Cancer is a mystery in it self. How did cancer start in the breast, how did cancer start in the prostate, how did cancer start in the bone. That doesn’t make his death an unsolved mystery

      • Chanda

        In the Marley doc he was playing soccer and someone stepped on or punctured him with his spiked shoes therefore infecting Marley’s big toe and he ignored it.

    • Anna Pavon

      His own family said he had cancer!

  • Ladybug94

    Jon Benet’s parents have not remained on any list. Her mother passed several years ago from cancer.

  • Trisha_B

    A lot of these just sound like conspiracy theories. Like the whole thing about Bob’s death. He always played soccer barefoot. He would have still been alive if he would have cut the toe off & got treatment. He refused both b/c of his belief. So the cancer spread. Don’t see how its unsolved.

    • Miss_Understood

      Yea a lot of families and friends let their denial get carried away, especially in cases of suicide.

  • lashon123

    okay take marvin off the list, because his murder is solved.. his dad killed him.. my grandmother use to talk about his death all the time when I was a kid

    • Chanda

      Of course his dad killed him but the question was did he egg him on to do it or was he going to shoot Marvin anyway.

  • Tony Williams

    Bob Marley had Brain Cancer.

    • Picazzo


      • Ilovemydawg88

        Really? feeling abusive? what did he say that warranted such a response..

  • Annoyed

    Your website his horrible. It’s littered with annoying little ads just so you can make a few extra dollars. I understand the concept but you have taken it to the extreme. The problem is….. I can’t read the article I came here to read because of the trash on the sides, on the bottom, and oh yeah, on the top of the page. It’s everywhere! You shamelessly sacrifice a quality user experience for advertisement dollars. Nice business model. You don’t deserve to have the audience that you have.

    • Lakia Q. Gray

      Agreed and I hate that random videos always begin playing while I am reading. Videos that have nothing to do with the actual post/article I am reading.

    • Miss_Understood

      If you use a desktop or laptop, download Ad Blocker. I use it and haven’t seen an ad in months

    • areyoukiddingme

      i cant even get passed #8 in the above and that includes hitting the back button and trying again (it keeps saying server error & i can go to other websites with no issues at all).

    • Robert Ta

      Nothing on this site worth reading anyway. Made by the ignorant to appeal to the ignorant.

  • tk

    anna died before her son

    • Trisha_B

      No, she died after. Her son died like a day or two after she gave birth to her daughter.