Female Celebrities Over 60 Who Still Look Amazing

September 6, 2013 ‐ By Ashley Page
Celebrities Over 60 Who Still Look Amazing


A lot of people think that once you hit the ripe age of 50, there is no turning back. You’re over the hill, you’re old, your body is falling apart, and youthfulness is a thing of the past. But there are some celebrities who are over 60 who prove that not only is age just a number, it’s possible to look better in the latter half of your life than your younger years. These stars have embraced their age, but they surely don’t look it. Here are 14 celebrities who are over 60, and still look damn good.

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  • BarbCat

    I dunno, they all look over 60 to me. But then, I’m over 60 and hope I don’t look it but probably do.

  • Mudd

    Missed Sophia Loren, Requel Welch…I guess it’s Ashley Page’s list not some voted on group of people

  • labman57

    All it takes is a gallon of Plasti-Goop, a facial mold, and a “Thing-maker” … and you too can transform your wrinkly, drooping, aged puss into that of a 30-year old.

  • tara

    But real talk though Lorretta!! She looks good still. But dam that eyeliner!

  • 1Val

    Gorgeous ladies! Now, where is the list for men over 60?

  • monitorette

    Cycely Tyson has sparks in her eyes and a tender smile, but she does look her age (we do not know her over here in France)

  • monitorette

    Sorry, but Debbie Allen is the proof that Blacks do crack. Anyway, she is aging gracefully and I LOVED HER IN THE FAME TV SERIES. SHE WAS SO FIERCE!!!

  • Janae

    I doubt that it is not coincidental that most of these women are white. I guarantee the author is a white or biracial girl with a white mother. Who allowed this to go up on a black woman’s blog? Black women are a joke…

  • Faith

    I am glad you didn’t pick any reality television people. Thank you for selecting women who did not cuss, fight or act a fool to become famous. They did it the correct way.

  • Bandg1281

    I thought this was a website for black people. What’s up with the white women. I’m sure there are more black women over the age of 60 that look good. And I agree you could have chosen better pictures.

    • Janae

      You know that SOME black women always need to include white women in everything although white women could care less about black women unless it benefits them. That is why as a whole black women remain losing.

  • Chanda

    How can you leave out Grace Jones and Cher? I was looking for them the whole time. C’mon now. There better be a part 2.

  • Dee

    Phylicia Rashad and Suzan Somers look AMAZING! Why is Jacyln Smith on here? She’s had 20,000 facelifts!

  • sweet

    Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Ruby Dee, I could go on…..

  • FromUR2UB

    Many of them do look nice. They’re healthy looking, most haven’t tried to stretch out every wrinkle, and don’t dress like young women.

  • Ash

    Jane Fonda

  • Victoria Ransom

    Angela Basset

    • Chanda

      Angela Besset is only 55

  • zina

    Phylicia Rashad, Susan Surandon, Diahann Carroll, some of these women look amazing! Some just took good pictures because Suzanne Somers and Lynn Whitfield both look horrendous now. Way to much plastic surgery and Cecily Tyson looks old as heck now. Maybe good to be 80 but sometimes on screen, she looks 90.

  • Grace

    These women look awful in these photos. I’m sure that more flattering ones could’ve been located, smdh.

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  • cb

    I disagree with the list

  • You saved the best for last Diahann Carroll looks AMAZING!!!

  • rainydaze80

    Suzanne Somers is pumped full of HGH and silicone

    • Beejcee

      Yep! Betty White should have been on here instead of Suzanne Somers. At least White hasn’t gone under the knife! She is 91 and aging a lot better than some in Hollywood.

  • Guest96

    Y’all left out Jessica Lange (Frances, American Horror Story). She still looks amazing @ da age of 64.