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A lot of people think that once you hit the ripe age of 50, there is no turning back. You’re over the hill, you’re old, your body is falling apart, and youthfulness is a thing of the past. But there are some celebrities who are over 60 who prove that not only is age just a number, it’s possible to look better in the latter half of your life than your younger years. These stars have embraced their age, but they surely don’t look it. Here are 14 celebrities who are over 60, and still look damn good.


Tina Turner

There’s a reason that Tina Turner was and still is known as the queen of rock. Even though she’s 73, Turner has aged very gracefully and she still has a youthful spunk about her that definitely keeps her looking and feeling youthful. She looks like she could get back up on the stage and pull off some shows and moves like she did decades ago, long before she was ever in her 70s. As a celebrity over 60, Turner is proof that black don’t crack.

DVSIL/ iPhotoLive.com/WENN.com

Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard is 60 on the dot, and this year she’ll be turning 61, but looking at her, you’d think that she was in her 40s, maybe her early 50s if you had to push it. Despite her age, Woodard has landed reoccuring roles in the television series True Blood, and appears mostly in seasons 3 and 5. If anyone needs further proof that Alfre has some amazing genes, her daughter, Mavis Spencer, won the Miss Golden Globe 2010 Award.


Phylicia Rashad

We all remember Phylicia Rashard as Mrs. Huxtable from the Cosby Show, and despite the stress that stemmed from that show, Phylicia has still looked nothing short of age-defying. At the age of 65, it’s hard to even picture the fact that in just five years, she’ll be in her 70s. It’s even harder to believe that she is a grandmother of two! This beautiful woman doesn’t look a day over 40!

Chris Connor / WENN

Debbie Allen

The forever youthful gene must run in the family! Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad’s sister, looks amazing for her age as well. At 63, Debbie Allen is not only a grandmother, she’s also one of those women who wears several different hats. She’s an actress but she’s also a director, a dancer, and a choreographer. She’s well known for her choreographing talents, having choreographed Michael and Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.


Blythe Danner

While she rocks greying hair and fair skin, Blythe Danner  looks amazing for being 70. While she has admitted in the past with toying with Botox, she has also credited her lifestyle choices for keeping her looking younger than her true age. Like other celebrity mothers on the list, Danner has also passed along the youthfulness gene as her daughter, Gwenyth Paltrow, looks great for being 40 going on 41.

Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson is one of the oldest celebrities on this list as she turns 80 this year. Cicely is one of the few remaining actresses these days who built her acting career herself. She made sure that she would only accept roles that were quality and provided a character-depth that she felt worth doing. Cicely has won all sorts of awards including a Tony Award, two Emmy Awards, and the NSGC Best Actress award. In 1977, she was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.


Suzanne Somers

Susan Somers turns 67 this year, and even though she’s in the category of celebrities who are over 60, Somers doesn’t act, look, or dress as if she’s her age. She’s strutted her stuff on the runway for New York Fashion Week in 2011 and she’s performed on stage back in March 2012 wearing a slinky dress while dancing all over a piano. Obviously she’s fearless, even with 70 knocking at her door.

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Mary Steenburgen

If you take a quick glance as Mary Steenburgen, she can easily pass for a woman in her 40s. Steenburgen just turned 60 this February and she has a timeless beauty about her that has stuck with her, even as she has aged. The actress has continued to be active on the big and small screen, having roles in Wilfred, 30 Rock, and Dirty Girl.


Lynn Whitfield

Lynn Whitfield just turned the big 6-0 this year but she has aged beautifully. The actress, who started out acting through theater and on the television, most recently had a role in the movie Kings Faith. She has won all sorts of roles for her talent as an actress including an Emmy Award, four NAACP Image Awards, and a Black Reel Award. At 60, Lynn could easily pass as a woman in her 40s. We bet that at 70+ this woman will still have looks that defy time.

Andres Otero/WENN.com

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is 66, turning 67 this October, and the actress has somehow managed to maintain her youthful looks and slender figure. Sarandon has put her looks and her age to good use and has landed herself a boyfriend who is 30 years her junior. Engagement and marriage rumors have been floating around for months, but she has yet to speak out on the issue.


Jaclyn Smith

Jacyln Smith, actress-turned-business woman, definitely doesn’t look 66 going on 67. The former Charlie’s Angel has truly aged amazingly and despite the stress of her new job as a business owner, she seems to know what to do to keep herself looking youthful. While Smith doesn’t come out into the spotlight much anymore, when she does make an appearance, she’s proof that celebrities who are over 60 don’t have to live true to that number.

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Loretta Devine

Like all of the other black celebrities on the list, Loretta Devine is another solid example that black don’t crack. The actress has appeared in plenty of movies including I Am Sam, The Preacher’s Wife, For Colored Girls, and Waiting to Exhale. At the age of 64, Loretta isn’t letting anything slow her down. She’s currently part of the main cast of The Client List, a Lifetime drama series.

Rachel Worth / WENN

Nancy Wilson

Jazz singer Nancy Wilson, also known as Sweet Nancy and The Baby is 76, and with 70 albums and three Grammy Awards in her resume, she’s clearly got it going on. She won her first Grammy for Female Vocal Performance back in 1964 and released her most recent album in 2006. Aside from being a singer, Nancy also once had her own NBC series, The Nancy Wilson Show, which won in Emmy. Not only has she been extremely successful, she’s aged gracefully.


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep just turned 64 in June and the actress doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. She continues to be in all sorts of movies, including the Devil Wears Prada, Hope Springs, and Julie & Julia. And who says celebrities who are over 60 can’t have a cover spread in a world-famous magazine? Just ask Meryl Streep. Back in 2011 she landed herself on the front cover of Vogue.

DVSIL / iPhotoLive.com/WENN.com

Diahann Carroll

It’s an understatement to say that at the age of 78, Diahann Carroll looks incredible for her age. The actress and singer stands as the first black woman to star in her very own TV show while not playing the role of a maid. She was also a huge inspiration and model for the first black Barbie dolls. As her book tells it, the legs are the last to go, as she’s still got some gams that catch eyes.

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  • BarbCat

    I dunno, they all look over 60 to me. But then, I’m over 60 and hope I don’t look it but probably do.

  • Mudd

    Missed Sophia Loren, Requel Welch…I guess it’s Ashley Page’s list not some voted on group of people

  • labman57

    All it takes is a gallon of Plasti-Goop, a facial mold, and a “Thing-maker” … and you too can transform your wrinkly, drooping, aged puss into that of a 30-year old.

  • tara

    But real talk though Lorretta!! She looks good still. But dam that eyeliner!

  • 1Val

    Gorgeous ladies! Now, where is the list for men over 60?

  • monitorette

    Cycely Tyson has sparks in her eyes and a tender smile, but she does look her age (we do not know her over here in France)

  • monitorette

    Sorry, but Debbie Allen is the proof that Blacks do crack. Anyway, she is aging gracefully and I LOVED HER IN THE FAME TV SERIES. SHE WAS SO FIERCE!!!

  • Janae

    I doubt that it is not coincidental that most of these women are white. I guarantee the author is a white or biracial girl with a white mother. Who allowed this to go up on a black woman’s blog? Black women are a joke…

  • Faith

    I am glad you didn’t pick any reality television people. Thank you for selecting women who did not cuss, fight or act a fool to become famous. They did it the correct way.

  • Bandg1281

    I thought this was a website for black people. What’s up with the white women. I’m sure there are more black women over the age of 60 that look good. And I agree you could have chosen better pictures.

    • Janae

      You know that SOME black women always need to include white women in everything although white women could care less about black women unless it benefits them. That is why as a whole black women remain losing.

  • Chanda

    How can you leave out Grace Jones and Cher? I was looking for them the whole time. C’mon now. There better be a part 2.

  • Dee

    Phylicia Rashad and Suzan Somers look AMAZING! Why is Jacyln Smith on here? She’s had 20,000 facelifts!

  • sweet

    Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Ruby Dee, I could go on…..

  • FromUR2UB

    Many of them do look nice. They’re healthy looking, most haven’t tried to stretch out every wrinkle, and don’t dress like young women.

  • Ash

    Jane Fonda

  • Victoria Ransom

    Angela Basset

    • Chanda

      Angela Besset is only 55

  • zina

    Phylicia Rashad, Susan Surandon, Diahann Carroll, some of these women look amazing! Some just took good pictures because Suzanne Somers and Lynn Whitfield both look horrendous now. Way to much plastic surgery and Cecily Tyson looks old as heck now. Maybe good to be 80 but sometimes on screen, she looks 90.

  • Grace

    These women look awful in these photos. I’m sure that more flattering ones could’ve been located, smdh.

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  • cb

    I disagree with the list

  • You saved the best for last Diahann Carroll looks AMAZING!!!

  • rainydaze80

    Suzanne Somers is pumped full of HGH and silicone

    • Beejcee

      Yep! Betty White should have been on here instead of Suzanne Somers. At least White hasn’t gone under the knife! She is 91 and aging a lot better than some in Hollywood.

  • Guest96

    Y’all left out Jessica Lange (Frances, American Horror Story). She still looks amazing @ da age of 64.