Actor (And Cutie) Wentworth Miller Of “Prison Break” Fame Reveals He’s Gay

August 22, 2013  |  

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Dang! And Wentworth Miller was in line to be my boo after Idris, Michael B. Jordan, Nate Parker…and a few other people.

The biracial actor, known for his role as Michael Scofield, the main character from FOX’s Prison Break, recently revealed that he is gay. He did so in an effort to protest against laws in Russia that put fines on people who are accused of trying to promote or spread “non-traditional sexual relations,” specifically to minors. They also have banned rallies promoting gay pride, and have banned same-sex couples from adopting Russian-born children.

The 41-year-old actor and screenwriter was invited to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in the country, but declined to attend because he disapproves of the way the Russian government treats homosexuals.

Miller wrote an open letter to festival organizers where he came out, but also further explained his decision:

Thank you for your kind invitation. As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes.

However, as a gay man, I must decline.

I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government. The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly.

Perhaps, when and if circumstances improve, I’ll be free to make a different choice.

Until then.

Wentworth Miller

Miller’s own mother is of Russian descent (and Lebanese, French, Dutch and Syrian), which is what he refers to in the letter, while his father is African American, Jamaican, English, German, and Jewish…with a side of Cherokee. While we’re sure festival organizers weren’t pleased with his decision, the folks at GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) have openly commended him for his stance, including actor and GLAAD representative Wilson Cruz. “Wentworth’s bold show of support sends a powerful message to LGBT Russians, who are facing extreme violence and persecution: you are not alone.”

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  • Tony Williams

    Dont get bitter or sad LAdies.BLAME ALL THE FEMINAZI’s out there man haters. making is close to impossible for men to be men.

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  • Tony Williams

    Now you women know how we men feel, when we see hot lesbians kissing and grinding on each other and dating and stuff.

  • amira bey

    Not only is he drop dead classy but gorgeous; another lucky man!!

  • ksr

    Like seriously….kmt as dem say good men are always Taken are Gay cho man…..LOVED HIM MOVIES STILL

  • Dee

    This is old news. I gave him a side eye since he was on that WB show Popular…

  • Me

    It no longer surprises me when people in Hollywood come out…

  • Rasharne

    Damn 🙁 day ruined

  • Guest360

    Noooooo!!!! He was supposed to be my husband! Dang lol….but I’m happy for him. No one should ever have to hide who they are.

    • bluekissess

      Unless your name is Jesse I don’t see a chance

  • Michelle

    This is old news, been knowing this for years.

  • Tony Williams

    Figures. but hey good for him.whatever makes you happy bro. Feminist are KILLING American Male to female relationships. when will American women wake up? Men are taken every option, other than being with a female it seems.

    • Michelle

      Yeah, blame women for making men gay, I’m sure he was born this way. You sound like you’re part of the “Other Rainbow Coalition”.

      • Tony Williams

        I mean ,not everyone is born gay. there many men and women. who where bi then become gay. Their people who have being married this woman was married had kids. in her late 40,s she turned gay. YES i am blaming feminist. and the fem-nazi’s that blame men for everything. I also blame the courts that make it where there is punishment for men who dont pay child support. yet a woman can have an abortion, women have adopt out there kids. women can take her baby to a hospital or fire station and leave her baby there. I mean women can turn a blind eye to this conditions. but its clear as glass. something is in the water that is turning men off from marrying or getting with women. women can have child support fraud, lie guy #1 is the father,. when in fact she knew there was a chance guy #2 is the father. what happens to the woman any jail time? money paid back? nothing,oppps sorry. their women in USa right now who get child support and the father has 100% Custody. Ushers Ex for example. MEN ARE TIRED OF THIS.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I can appreciate opinions, but please don’t state things as fact without data. How EXACTLY are feminists killing male to female relationships? What is your basis for making such a wild claim?

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Not a good week for my TV crushes. First Lee Thompson Young dies, now Wentworth Bentley is gay! S**********t!

  • Me+One

    He’s been publicly gay here in the States for years….I still don’t understand his need to make an announcement. And as big of a Prison Break fan, I don’t see what he’s done recently that would warrant an invite to the film festival. Enjoyed his acting on the series, could care less about his orientation.

    • he’s been writing screenplays, hence the festival invite.

      • Me+One

        Thanks for the update!

    • Trisha_B

      He didn’t make some public service announcement lol. He just wrote a letter saying thank you, but no thank you. & his reason…..I get annoyed when people make huge announcements about being gay. Just do you. Show up on the red carpet w/ your man, like women do. I think having huge announcements make the whole gay thing a bigger issue than it needs to be. You wanna be treated as an equal, then go about things like we all do. heterosexuals don’t make huge announcements when they decide they are straight, or date outside of their race. They just do it lol

      • PleaseDOBetter

        I don’t want to be serious as I am sure you are aware of this, but it is clear that there is difference in treatment and perception of those in the LGBTQ community. Us heterosexuals do things a certain way because we are the dominant group and we have a certain level of privilege that affords us certain “comforts”.

        Like I said, I am sure you are aware of this. There are other people that may not be.

  • bluekissess

    When can I announce that im straight and single?

  • Random Thoughts of the Day

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He has been one of my TV crushes forever. Oh well… Glad he is standing up for the LBGT community by not going.

  • Kaci

    God dammit! Always the fine ones are gay, oh well, thanks for your honesty Wentworth. :(.

    • Deja

      It’s serious enough to take God’s name in vain??? Stop it!!

      • Kaci

        Don’t tell me what to say in my comment! If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time replying and keep it scrolling honey, I can say what I feel. Effing can’t stand GOD damn panty waist comment police like you!

      • Johanna

        Oh shut up, I’ve seen worser comments on this site than someone using God’s name in vain and if you’re bothered by it, ignore it. #freecountry #freetoexpress

        • chanela

          Um…worser is not a word. It’s supposed to be WORST. Smh @ grown folks not knowing 3rd grade grammar

          • Awk

            The awkward moment when it’s actually *worse*….

            • chanela

              LOL I thought that’s what I wrote. Ahahaa

          • Johanna

            And who cares! Of course “worser” isn’t a word, I’m making it up for the fun of it as an expression, so, don’t take it serious, Ms. Teacher-Policing-Comments-For-No-Reason. As if I’m gonna be moderated for making up a word, this is a site for entertainment for God sake. Go watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, she’s making up words on that show all the time, duh!

          • Ebb Boy

            And your (now make fun of me for not spelling you’re) as worser (that too) than Deja policing comments on here. This is not an Ivy League site, more of an entertainment site and how people spell or express in their comments shouldn’t matter to no one as long as it’s not offensive. Please shut up and have a seat Ms. Serious!

            • chanela

              LOL I love it when people use the excuse that its not a spelling bee or English class! there is a difference between using internet abbreviations and not knowing basic elementary grammar. It IS offensive . Americans are the only ones who butcher their own language so much that 90% of adults have no clue how to spell kindergarten words.

              I know how to have fun, but I also know how important it is to write things correctly. Take pride in your language!

              • Ebb Boy

                Wow, then I feel sorry for you, letting petty things get on your nerves

                • chanela

                  Petty things? Aha okay. Gay

        • Chey

          Lol @ worser. You can’t be serious.

      • Nope

        Soooo, is God a mod on MN or something…?? You bible thumpers kill me.

      • urnemisis

        Hey, life is too short to get pissed off over something that doesn’t exist! Light’en up!

    • Johanna

      Girl I know right, he was my dream husband when he was on Prison Break and had fantasies about him. But I still will support him.