For Some Reason Dr. Phil Tweets: “If A Girl Is Drunk, Is It OK To Have Sex With Her?”

August 22, 2013  |  

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Dr. Phil done messed up now!

In an attempt to either spark controversy, come up with an idea for a new segment of his talk show, or just piss a heck of a lot of people off, Phil McGraw, known to most of us as just Dr. Phil, has most certainly done the latter with a controversial question he asked on Twitter that many say incites sexual assault.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long before two things happened: one, people went all the way  in on the television psychologist, and two, the tweet was subsequently deleted.  Unfortunately for Dr. Phil the damage wasn’t undone by the simple delete of a tweet. Inevitably, the hashtag #DrPhilQuestions lit up Twitter with people berating the talk show host with such tweets as:




All of the backlash prompted “The Dr. Phil Show” to issue a statement explaining Dr. Phil’s true intentions, which read:

“This Tweet was intended to evoke discussion leading into a very serious show topic based upon a recent news story, hence the #teensaccused label. It was a poll question, not a statement or a joke.  As he has maintained over many years, Dr. Phil believes that the position of those incapacitated in any fashion; be it drugs, alcohol, age or mental illness can not and do not have the capacity to give their consent to anything, especially sex, which could have life changing repercussions. This was a research post in preparation for a show, not a personal post and Dr. Phil deleted it the second he saw it. It was clearly ill-advised. We sincerely apologize that it suggested anything other than what was intended, data gathering.  As you can imagine, Dr. Phil is very upset that this happened.”

Still, the #teensaccused segment was taped yesterday and will air in the next season of Dr. Phil’s show. Guess we’ll have to wait until the air date to see if the backlash is addressed. Do you think Dr. Phil’s tweet was irresponsible?

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  • Hick

    Sounds like Dr. Phil’s been looking at some drunk booty.

  • Candacey Doris

    It’s a legitimate question but Twitter was not the right platform for it. Nor was it couched right, he needed to have some qualifiers in there before and after asking to clarify what he was doing.

  • Lizzy

    I feel as though he was asking a question to evoke discussion amongst his followers. Its something to think about and reflect on. You’d be surprised about some people answer those questions. Recently I attended a program with a public speaker who asked a similar question to the audience. Of course most of the women said no but you wouldn’t believe some of the men that thought it was perfectly fine.

  • Barren Boe

    I don’t see whats wrong. It was a question not a statement saying if a girl is drunk its ok to have sex with her. Obviously people need to discuss this with one another and their teens. Look at all of these tape cases involving girls who were defenseless because they were drunk. And the guy are thinking 1. She didn’t say no. 2. Why did she get wasted with all of us guys around? People really need to know that its not ok. But to get to that point you have to explain to them how they’re thinking wrong.

  • Dee

    He asked a QUESTION to elicit discussion on a very important topic. What is the problem?!

    • The problem is the way he brought it up. Because to most people it’s obviously NO if the woman is not under control of herself and does not give someone consent to touch her in that way. It’s also a triggering question to survivors who have been in that situation. It makes it seem like it’s actually something to consider versus…I dunno….NOT touching someone at all. Yes, he DID ask a question but it’s the way he asked it. Instead of asking “why do people think this kind of behavior is okay?”, he asked if it was all around okay…big difference.

  • Markitha

    I definitely think people overreacted. He obviously asked the question for a legitemate reason, I don’t think he needed to know the answer to that for himself. #lightenuppeople

    • He could have asked in a different way, which is why people “overreacted”. There’s a way to unpack and discuss the question. Of course he wasn’t asking for himself, but the way he asked was not legitimate. It erupted a negative effect instead of opening things up for decision. Of course it’s not right to touch someone who is impaired by alcohol without their consent. So, it’s not something to lighten up about. That’s the same attitude that shames the person who got drunk or wore the wrong clothes.

  • stewie

    This is a nuanced subject, but I’ve always found this idea of “women who are drinking can’t consent” to be pretty misogynistic; it implies a lower standard of responsibility in women Obviously if someone is passed out drunk (been there) and someone has sex with them while they’re unconscious, it is rape, but females don’t immediately forfeit they’re freedom of choice the second they sip a beer. Give women some credit !!

    Here is other scenarios to consider…….what if a guy is drunk and a girl has sex with him is that rape ? what If a man and a woman are both drunk then why is the man automatically a rapist? They’re BOTH drunk and both decided to have sex. what If both a man and a woman get drunk, have sex and both regret it afterwards. Who raped whom?
    In short; There’s a difference between an unconscious person and a drunk person. People are accountable for their actions even if their action was to use inhibition altering Substances.

    They are radical feminist making these tweets, they have even started a block bot to shut down people on the web that disagree with them… Yeah, they want to stop people who they disagree with from having freedom of speech… Yet the TV networks trip over themselves to pander to these feminist nuts like OMG they are so brilliant, how enlightened they are, at the same time no dissenting opinions are allowed.

    NOTE; if you want to find out who is in charge, just look at who you can’t talk about.

    • Candacey Doris

      I think anyone who is drunk has impaired judgement, male or female. People do dumb things when drunk. Guys sleep with girls they wouldn’t touch otherwise. They don’t feel raped (usually) because the chances that he said no and she overpowered him are much less than for a woman. If a woman says no she can be easily overpowered or ignored and someone can do what they want. If both are drunk then rape is a tough charge to bring on and it depends on circumstances and a judge’s discretion.

      I don’t believe that most of those disagreeing with him are “radical” feminists, just women who find that type of question without qualifiers dangerous. I do want to know which TV networks you find pandering to them. It can’t possibly be any of those airing things like Basketball Wives.

  • Starcru

    to answer his QUESTION,NOT A COMMENT,NO. N.O. it will NEVER be okay.

  • pat

    No, it was a question. How many people actually answered it instead of responding to it?

  • JMO

    I’m so confused by the outrage. So is it only okay to discuss these things AFTER an incident has occurred? Intelligent, controversial dialogue requires adults but I guess twitter is probably not the place for that nowadays. They act as if he said she’s passed out drunk. Drunk Sex is VERY common for those who are unaware.

  • Kylie

    Unfortunately, I think it’s a legitimate question. You’d be surprised how some people would answer.

    • kierah

      I agree. I think he was trying to gauge the percentage of people that would say this was okay, especially if both parties are drunk.
      In no way does his question endorse rape under the influence.

    • Chey

      Absolutely. People get outraged over the most minuscule of things.

    • Chey

      Absolutely. People get outraged over the most minuscule of things.