Times People Get Their Black Card Snatched By The Race Police

August 30, 2013  |  
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In a perfect world, you’d get to hold on to your black card forever just by virtue of being black. But not everyone feels the same way. Sometimes people will try to snatch, temporarily suspend, or call a black card into question for things they don’t agree with. We’re not cosigning or saying any of these scenarios are right, we’re just saying we know how we do sometimes.

Rocking Heavy Metal Music

Unlocking the Truth is a trio of little kids who are going viral for their musical talent. But the three little boys don’t get the same love from black people as many other black artists. All three say they’ve been teased at school for doing things that black kids don’t normally do.

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Dating White Women

When Maxwell filled his Instagram account with pictures of the white women he hangs out with, black women called him out for not showing sisters any love and accused him of handing over his black card. Maxwell clapped back by calling his critics racist:

“sick if some of you chiming in on my friends and Insulting them with racists comments you know nothing you assume everything and you should know better and worship is for GOD not me so sit down”

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Acting In “White Movies”

Black actors have to stick together. Before Wayne Brady showed up on the “Chapelle Show,” he was way under our radar. And there are a lot of black actors like Romany Malco and Thandie Newton who don’t always get a lot of love from the home team.

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Being Into Science Fiction

In fairness, Sci-Fi nerds get it from all sides. But black sci-fi nerds enjoy a special type of shade. And that’s a shame because sci-fi likes black people. Levar Burton was a major Star Trek star, Halle Berry was in X-Man and Gina Torres has been in the Matrix, Firefly and Angel.

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Not Watching Black TV Shows

“What do you mean you’ve never seen Madea?” Some people see “Madea”, “White Girls” and “Martin” as new forms of blaxploitation. And when Spike Lee called Tyler Perry’s work “coonery buffoonery,” a lot of people called his black card into question and Tyler said he could go “straight to hell.”

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Dating White Men

When Eve started dating businessman Maximillion Cooper, she received so much shade from folks trying to take her black card that she had to publically respond:

“I need them to stop [caring about interracial dating]. What year is it? Like, stop. Seriously…Ppeople came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’”

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Supporting Paula Deen

Ex-fans have been trying to take away Stacey Dash’s black card since she vocally voted for Mitt Romney — a man who was a pillar of the Mormon church well before it allowed black people to join the religion in 1978. When she Tweeted her support for Paula Deen, a lot of folk considered her black card officially revoked.

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Having Conservative Politics

Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Herman Cain and other conservative politicians don’t always have high ratings with the black community. Condoleeza Rice has been called everything from a “black tyrant” to “Uncle Tom.” But Condi says that no matter her political policies, shade can’t take her black card away:

“Why would I worry about something like that? … The fact of the matter is I’ve been black all my life. Nobody needs to tell me how to be black.”

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Eating Healthy

Stick to natural foods or go vegan like Rus, and some people think you’re “too good” to eat soul food. And that’s a shame because that sort of peer pressure is making a lot of us sick. When Tia Mowry became a spokesperson for PETA, she actually said she was bullied for her choice to go vegan.

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Supporting George Zimmerman

Conservative TV personality Larry Elder alienated a lot of black people when he took a public stand on George Zimmerman’s side after he killed Trayvon Martin:

“This guy, as a neighborhood watch captain, was concerned about crime .. and according to Florida law, you don’t have to retreat,” he said. “You can stand your ground and fight back. And apparently that’s what this guy (Zimmerman) did.”

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Actors like “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller and Rashida Jones sometimes never get their black card in the first place. Is it because most of America thinks they’re white? OR does it have more to do with skin color?

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Being Afro-Latina

Slave ships landed in the Dominican Republic and South America just like they did in the United States. But for some reason, African-Americans have trouble claiming their spanish speaking counterparts.

When Zoe Saldana was chosen to play Nina, she dealt with her black card jacking the best way she knew how:

“I can only rely on that and maintain as much humility as possible, so that when I have to face the world and we have to then give the movie to the world to see, and share it with them, that if it comes back in . . . a negative fashion or positive, I’m gonna keep my chin up. And Nina was like that too. I did it all out of love for my people and my pride of being a black woman and a Latina woman and an American woman, and that’s my truth.”


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  • Jay

    Why is MN leaving the racist comments up? I’m starting to believe what has been stated here before after reading this… Maybe they’re pushing racism in a weird way.

  • Ronald Jackson


  • crystlfire62

    My white daughter went out to lunch with a black guy friend. A black couple came up to them, the black woman looked at the black guy friend and said “great way to keep your race clean”! My daughter couldn’t believe what she just heard. Her black guy friend was ready to let them have it but my daughter stopped him and said it wasn’t worth it. So stop shoving racism down the throats of whites only when blacks are far worse racists than many whites!!!

  • baker

    WTF is a black card. That racist as hell. What about people having a white card, or a hispanic card or Polynesian card. It wouldn’t be so funny is someone pulled the race card out of the deck and used it against you.

  • Jb#3

    Seriously? This article sets us back 100 years. Our struggles are all the same. I don’t have a black card and don’t think I want one either.

  • bgolfguy

    Years ago when I was a young man in the Marines, I dated a young woman in the Navy who was black. I never heard anything from any of my white friends about dating a black woman, but she received constant harassment and grief from many blacks. I am a proud secure man who happens to be white with my favorite actor being Denzel Washington and in my opinion one of the most beautiful women in the world is Stacy Dash. So my question is this, “Where does the hatred and racism truly lay”?

    • Jay

      Love this comment.

  • koala

    A black card wtf is that when its at home? don’t believe I was born with 1. I’m black white and Chinese is some going to tell me I have to pick 1 haaaa seriously who gives a rats as about a black card that does not physically exist seriously lives people get 1

  • PeterPat

    I really don’t like this. Dating between different races is a beautiful thing. I thought the article would be more like referencing things we do, not interacting with human beings.

  • sepia865

    Okay so I despise Tyler Perry, date white men and Thandie Newton is my favorite actresses. Here’s my Black card….go ahead and take it. I’m okay with it.

  • dustysdad

    This article is so old its got hair on it. Is it from the 60’s or 70’s? Who cares about this crap anymore! Date the wrong person or say the wrong thing your ‘Black Card’ will be pulled! Wrong says Who! Pulled by Who? A childish article about an outdated subject written by a racist who has nothing to offer. Why not apply your talents to some positive subjects or are you brainwashed by Jesse and Al to just hunt up or create train wrecks. What a useless waste of magazine space..

  • Rob W

    You should all have your ‘black card’ revoked. Its alright for you to pull it on white people all the time but when we pull a ‘white card’ you get all huffy and bent out of shape. Then we’re racist. STOP IT ! Theres nothing wrong with Thandie Newton! Shes gorgeous and she rocks! And theres also nothing wrong with the white girl thats kickin it with Maxwell! And for the love of God, stop using the ‘N’ word everyf*ckingwhere…

    • dustysdad

      I think Bill Cosby would agree with you. There is a lot of racism on Madame Noire and it appears to be encouraged. Not a good thing.

      • whooosh

        Don’t worry. It won’t be long and your comment will disappear.
        I posted 3 comments. All without any swearing or bad names but I knew, the comment would be censored by this website and I was right.
        Anything you say, you have to kiss obamas a$$ or it won’t stay longer than 5 minutes.

  • Loyal_Determined_Opposition

    Still don’t want to be taken seriously as adult Americans after all, huh?

    Come back and do it again after you’ve decided to join the human race.

  • jonesie

    The people who run this site are clearly stupid, self hating and insecure. Some, but not all black Americans are so stupidly insecure, it’s sorry. Lame. I think it’s time I stop supporting this site.

  • Ashley

    I hate how we put limits on ourselves and say “black” is only being one thing.

  • Cynthia Robinson

    You can cut up and burn my “Black Card”, I couldn’t care less. I don’t subscribe to letting anyone tell me who I am and how I should behave. In the infamous lyrics of Michael Jackson ” I am not going to live my life being a color”.

  • Syrin

    Is this Meg Butler really as stupid as her articles suggest? She’s a tyranny loving, bigoted sexist beyatch who can’t get enough debt, war, and loss of freedom. But now that we’re all more divided, more bankrupt, less free, she can smile and stuff that Obama bobblehead even deeper inside her. What a f-tard.

  • amydurrant

    I don’t even associate with Black Americans because of all the foolishness they are involved in and support. they are the most illogical group of people ever to exist. Please take my black card I never want it. Successful, Classy and educated people don’t act like the typical ghetto black person and most black americans are ghetto!

    • ChangMeister

      Do you have any statistics to show that most Black Americans are “ghetto”?

      It’s true that a large segment of the black population live in ghettos. But since the 1970s, the black people have come a long way. There are black people in just about all types of fields (education, medical, computer..etc.). Do you really think all those black families living in the suburbs are foolish and illogical? Don’t let your bigotry turn you into a fool. Think, think, think..

    • jonathan jackson

      Black people are the most illogical group of people to exists? Shows how ignorant and illogical you are and prejudice to take the sins and ignorance of a portion of a group and lay it on all. How bout you use some logic before you post something…

  • popcornpatty

    blacks are so stupid and closeminded. don’t be upset when other stereotype you because you do it to yourselves (esp. when someone choses their own identity), bunch of ignorant chimps

    • Jules McKey

      Why do you even waste your time on a black website calling us chimps, if you don’t like us, get the f**k off and go play in traffic, we don’t need racist low-lives like you on here trying to put us down. Go f**k yourself!

      • dustysdad

        Now that was Not a well thought out response to an obviously racial post. You should have handled it in a more adult way instead of letting yourself be angered enough to reinforce the posters stereotypes. You sunk to his/her level.

    • ChangMeister

      You must be living near a ghetto or something. I have come across many many successful, well educated and decent black people. There are several in our church. It takes a stupid individual to make a blanket statement about 36 million people. Recently, I saw two black teens on Jeopardy, who did extremely well. In fact, one of them won $75,000. There was one guy, who could speak 3 different languages. In adult version of Jeopardy a black history teacher won a championship in March. I suppose you are NOT smart enough to know that good or evil lies in one’s brain cells and their behavior has a lot to with their upbringing.

    • jonathan jackson

      Still name calling? How old are we? Can’t express our thoughts like adults we have to behave like a child? If calling us ignorant chimps and whatever other name gives you self esteem I truly believe you will never attain paradise my friend. No strong minded individual needs to debase another to feel of value. Only weak minded people need to stand upon the shoulders of others to feel great. May God enlighten you before you depart from this world.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I listen to more rock than R&B rap (unless it’s 80s and 90s R&B and rap), I don’t “twerk”, I eat healthy and don’t eat soul food at all, I don’t yell and curse in public, I watch anime cartoons with my husband and I’m a so-called nerd, does that make me less black? No it doesn’t. I love to be myself and not to conform to what’s popular to other people. I also want to encourage my daughter to be herself as well.

    • koala

      Well said black is purely the skin you are born in and personality is who you chose to be I’m glad I chose to be me

    • Jay



    You can’t compare “Tyler Perry” to “Martin”!!! #ridiculous #blasphemy One’s funny, the other is NOT!! #PlainAndSimple #reality #PlusWeStartedRockMusicDuh

    • freemon williams

      No crap I loves me some Martin still watch it this day even though Ive seen them all and know all the lines

  • squiggysmom1

    Larry Elder supporting George Zimmerman? This really should get his black card revoked. Without rehashing everything, most of us know that Zimmerman went out that night to find someone to intimidate and harass. Getting to blow away an unarmed black teenager was just icing on the cake for him. As we can now see, his cockiness and arrogance is revealed more every day. Even some people who used to support Zimmerman are wondering if they got it wrong.

    • ChangMeister

      Well.., I have a different take on Z even though I have never been a supporter of him. He was actually looking for a teenager, who looked like Martin. His fault: approaching someone simply because he matched the profile that he had of a robber. He was a cop wannabe and neighborhood hero wannabe. He got to fulfill one of his goals. But he is paying a price because he is a marked man.

      • Rob W

        Why is it his fault for approaching someone that matched the profile? He was a security guard. Why is he a marked man? Are the gang of black teenagers who attacked the 2 white people in a park last week marked?

        • ChangMeister

          Rob, I am not against someone keeping an eye on someone, who looked like one of the robbers. I still think Z should have waited for something to happen before he called the police and followed Martin. By his own account, Martin was not trying to break into a car or house. Martin might have been a thug, but in THAT TIME FRAME, he was NOT doing anything illegal. There nothing in Z’s testimony that indicates that. Why is he a marked man? A lot of people think that his actions led to beat down he took from Martin, and he ended up shooting Martin. To be honest, in a month or two, he will not be a marked man because people will forget about him. BTW, Z was not a security guard. In fact, as a neighborhood watchman, he was not supposed to carry a weapon and approach a suspect. Again, Martin was not doing anything to become a suspect. In Z’s pea brain, Martin was a suspect because of his looks and hoodie. That my friend, sucks big time.

          • dustysdad

            The fact that a person who is found ‘Not Guilty’ has to face being a ‘marked man’ is an indication that racism is definitely a 2-way street. This ‘marked man’ stuff is a bunch of childish ignorant garbage by a bunch of macho wannabes. All it does is reinforce ill will and stereotyping.

            • ChangMeister

              As I said, he is not going to be a marked man for a month or two. After that he should be able to have a normal life right there in Sanford, FL, unless he goes after another Trayvon Martin look alike.

        • ChangMeister

          Rob, I am not against someone keeping an eye on someone, who looked like one of the robbers. I still think Z should have waited for something to happen before he called the police and followed Martin. By his own account, Martin was not trying to break into a car or house. Martin might have been a thug, but in THAT TIME FRAME, he was NOT doing anything illegal. There nothing in Z’s testimony that indicates that. Why is he a marked man? A lot of people think that his actions led to beat down he took from Martin, and he ended up shooting Martin. To be honest, in a month or two, he will not be a marked man because people will forget about him. BTW, Z was not a security guard. In fact, as a neighborhood watchman, he was not supposed to carry a weapon and approach a suspect. Again, Martin was not doing anything to become a suspect. In Z’s pea brain, Martin was a suspect because of his looks and hoodie. That my friend, sucks big time.

      • Kristen

        I have to look into it more, but it was reported that the suspects in the neighborhood thefts/break-ins prior to the Martin/Zimmerman incident were already caught and they hadn’t had any reports of criminal activity since then.

        • ChangMeister

          Unfortunately, Trayvon paid for the sins of those burglars. He was NOT an exemplary teenager. If he had waited for the police to show up, he would be alive today. Z was wrong in picking on TM but TM was wrong for wishing to end the conflict by beating the crap out of Z. Too bad the young lady, whose house was burglarized with her inside did not have a gun to defend herself. If the residents could thwart the nefarious actions of the criminals, they could eliminate burglaries from their neighborhoods.

    • Rob W

      Racist much?

      • squiggysmom1

        Sorry, but I don’t count being a white liberal disagreeing with a black conservative as being racist. I only used the phrase “black card” because that was the subject of the article. Not a racist, never have been a racist. Check out the history of my remarks.

        • Rob W

          (But they might count it) I am not saying that Trayvon was completely innocent, he contributed to the event just as much. AAAND Yes, he ‘fit the description’ Its not his fault that he fit the description…its just the way it happened. How do you ‘KNOW’ that Z was hell bent on finding and harassing someone? Were you there? Z DID have injuries consistent with his testimony.

          So black people are suppose to stand behind Trayvon just because hes black? Oh, hes an angel. Sure he was. All mothers will say that about their sons. I bet Al Capones mother loved him too.
          I might check your comments in the future…

          • squiggysmom1

            Switch the races of Zimmerman and Trayvon in your imagination- then tell me if it was racism or not. Of course it was.

  • PleaseDOBetter

    Are you kidding me with this article?

  • Kristen

    I’ve been teased my whole life when it comes to how I dress and what music I listen to. I’m sure some of you may have heard of the movement AfroPunk. It’s not new, it’s just that blacks now are building it back up and are tired of being classified under a stereotype. I get frustrated whenever I’m criticized for being “different”. Why do you choose to be “the same”??

    Rocking Heavy Metal Music – if you look at the beginning of punk music, AND metal, you’d know that it was originated by BLACKS. Who was the first punk band? A BAND CALLED DEATH. All Black. In the 70s. Many white metal musicians both from America and overseas pay tribute to black musicians like Howlin’ Wolf, Lil’ Richard and other blues and black musicians. Blues is a lead-in to metal music. There would be no metal if it weren’t for blues. Know your freakin history. Kill the ignorance.

    • ChangMeister

      Elvis Presley, by his own admission, was also influenced by the black musicians in his time.

      • Kristen

        Yep. The whole thing about Elvis was that young white adults/kids were sneaking behind their parents backs and listening to Black musicians on the side. White America at the time needed someone who represented them and wouldn’t make them feel ashamed of listening to and enjoying Black music. They needed someone who made it “okay”. As far as talent, Elvis didn’t have any, but he was their “king” and that’s why they go nuts about him because he’s what they so desperately needed.

        • ChangMeister

          I have to disagree with your assessment that Elvis didn’t have any talent. He had an excellent voice; it was very versatile. He could sing any type of songs and sound great. He didn’t know how to dance. So, he resorted to gyrating his pelvis.

          • Kristen

            That part is subjective but compared to his Black counterparts, he wouldn’t win the talent show.

    • Jay

      I agree with everything you said! On point and similar to some past comments I’ve made. Hate when people separate “white” and “black music”. Rock has black origins as well as country and other genres.

  • original*ijs

    i had my “blk card” suspended as a kid bc i didn’t have any rhythm lol but after practicing with a hula-hoop my rhythm has never been better! lmao anywho those little boys are amazin, as a black person i listen to all kinds of music and those kids rock! do your think fk the stereotypes

  • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

    I got my black card taken away last year when my friend found out I didn’t know how to do the “wobble”

    • Ms. Kameria

      Well in that case, mine is taken away as well because I absolutely hate that song/dance….

  • Sheena B

    Well, ya’ll can have my ‘black card’. Hell it was taken away years ago anyway but who really cares about that anymore? I havent heard the term in years. Again, we can be a confusing and complicated group of people.

  • Janae(also)

    First of all, I think that the girl with Maxwell is gorgeous. What black man would not be attracted to her? Any man. But what is up with the black card? What are the benefits? Most successful black men marry “other” women so there is nothing to lose there while dating interracially as a black woman. Every time I am around a successful, educated, worldly black man, he is married interracially. I want to see more of that with black women. What is there to lose with the black community? Crime, out of wedlock babies, dysfunctional behavior? Being judged for EVERY….LITTLE…THING… Black women live a totally isolated life. They worship black men and black men are indifferent and use black women. Black men are more mainstream even though with money, they still don’t have any real power and still have not built any real infrastructure as a race of men. Black men cannot even make the black community safe for black women and children. They don’t even care about doing so. But when you look at the white community, white men have made most of their communities safe and crime. When crime comes to their community in any big numbers you will see the national guard there. And let’s not even mention the Asian community. What is there to lose from losing this so called “black card”? It’s ignorant and most black people have never heard of it.

    • Ms. Kameria

      I agreed with everything until the very end.
      A lot of (black) people have heard and know about having a black card.
      The value of a black persons’ life diminishes day by day. (so it seems)

    • stewie

      ,,,and the source of is black women having out of wedlock babies.

  • thatonegirl

    I will publicly say that I watched The Best Man for the first time last year I completely understand if I get my black card revoked. That was a good movie.

    • ksmall

      lmao. hey i just saw “boys n the hood” for the first time like 5-6 yrs ago and never had “dressing” (we ate stuffing in my house) until i got married and my mother-in-law used to make it. my husband tries to take my card constantly on the basis of those 2 points lol.

    • Jada4610

      I just saw Love Jones for the first time within the last year.