Get Them Some Water, The Thirst Is Real: Celebrities Who Do The Absolute Most For Attention

August 20, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Celebrities who want attention…When I learned this morning that Raz B and his publicist lied about being in a coma for publicity, I was pretty disgusted. Not because I didn’t have my suspicions about the possibility of somebody waking up from a coma in less than a day, but more because I could only respond to the whole thing with, “WHO DOES THAT!?”

Truth is, there are plenty of people out here doing the most for attention. Some with good results and with no harm intended. Others just to be infamous and have their name in people’s mouths. Here are 12 individuals who have been caught talking crazy, acting a fool, lying, or showing every ounce of what God gave them in the hope that you’ll care. As we always say, the thirst is real.

"Stacey Dash pf"


Stacey Dash

Back when Dash played Dionne in Clueless, she was everything. But these days, she’s really trying folks. Whether she’s calling out other celebrities on Twitter, or sharing who she will vote for in elections in a tiny red swimsuit, while Dash is free to have and share her opinion, it never seems genuine. It just always seems like a ploy to keep her name in your mouth until she can get that next gig. Girl, now you know you should have acted right when you were working on Single Ladies…

MadameNoire Video

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  • hollywood71

    How are you gonna leave off Beyonce with her fake, folding baby bump???

  • Dannie

    I don’t know, I don’t think Miley Cyrus is looking for attention, I mean, come on, is the girl not allowed to have black friends and twerk cause she’s white? Cause that’s basically what you’re saying. So, her crowd’s changed since she was younger, big deal. Most of our crowds change when we get older…

  • zina

    Amanda Bynes should be on this list. No one knows for sure what is up with that girl.

  • unque43

    Rae Dawn Chong “Who dis Harpo” is that that the highlight of her career? She did good Color Purple. I don’t recall her in anything else. I may be wrong, but I am sure she needs to mix it up to get some light on her side of the stage right now. So who better than to bring attention to herself as to speak on Ms O.


    Riri bad gar should be #1

  • Theresa

    Miley Cyrus is def twerking hard for attention. She is sad and pathetic.

  • danx3

    why do people give Stacey Dash a hard time for being Republican, its the party that was all for ending slavery. It was the democratic party who wanted salves legal, times sure have changed.

    • Lola

      both those parties have changed… democrats of those times are now modern day republicans.. read a book.

    • unque43

      After clueless I was done with Stacey Dash. She has the right to be a member of any political party she wants to be a member of.. You really need to spend some time reading a book.

  • kickash

    that pic of azealia banks will haunt my nightmares forever….