The Thirst Is Real: Raz B’s Coma Story Was One Big Hoax

August 20, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Celebrity publicity stunts get more and more desperate with each passing day. Last week word got out that former B2K singer Raz B was injured in a bar fight during his performance in China. Although initial reports suggested that he would need minor surgery and stitches following the fight, it seemed like he would be fine. Then, over the weekend, TMZ received word that the 28-year-old singer had somehow fallen into a coma and had to be rushed to the hospital. Although it seemed rather far fetched that a person would fall into a coma after receiving and being treated for such minor injuries, most just went ahead a sent their get-well-soon wishes. Yesterday, TMZ received word from Raz’s camp that he had awaken from his coma and was doing better. A rep from the camp also said that doctors found his recovery to be miraculous. Today we’ve learned it was all a big hoax. Raz B’s manager, Elayne Rivers, recently spoke to CNN and seemed to imply that the coma report did come from Raz’s camp, but it wasn’t from his appointed spokesperson.

“The comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative,” Rivers said.

Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance, claims that he was “misled by unknown reasons” in regard to his brother’s medical condition.

“I was unfortunately unable to contact my brother at the time and then panicked. I then alerted as many people of this information hoping to gather facts… Since the source that gave me this information was what I thought to be legitimately reliable I didn’t question I just believed. I apologize if I seem like I jumped to conclusions but a coma is a serious situation and it was concerning my brother whom is my best friend as well. I sincerely apologize for the confusion I caused if that is the case,” Ricky said in a statement.

The original source of the story was Toy Jones, a woman who says that she was hired by Raz B’s family to get the story out about the singer’s condition.

“Doctor says Numerous Brain scans showed that Raz’s entire cortex- the parts of the brain that give us consciousness, thought, Memory and understanding is now functioning. Doctors say its a miracle and told his family that he stands a strong chance of survival and no signs of being brain dead for the rest of his life against all odds,Raz woke up this morning and is in stable condition We ask the the fans and media respect our family’s privacy,” Jones wrote in a raw, unedited statement.

I smell a rat. While Raz’s manager has yet to confirm Toy’s affiliation with the singer, she certainly hasn’t denied it either *side eye*. It appears that this was all one big publicity stunt concocted in some sick attempt to keep Raz B in the spotlight, but I guess we’ll just have to sit back and see how this all plays out.

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  • rockei

    LOL! As someone whom has been in many a bar fight i knew it! a bottle will knock you out but not put you in a coma instantly! He should stick to the “we were getting raped” stories… at least those were entertaining!


    I never believed it was true at all.

  • Blue

    Who? For real…who?

  • Kam

    I’ve been told never put something out in the universe about yourself (or anyone for that matter) that you wouldn’t want to be true. Raz B better be careful of the karma he puts out there for himself.

  • Barbara Codner

    Using something as a serious as a coma to get attention is pretty twisted!! He needs some serious help!!

    • YouStupid!

      No, he needs a serious career.

  • Athena

    Wait…. he has a photographer in the car with him?? lmaoo

    • bluekissess

      Girl, that’s exactly what I said. Nobody is checking for Raz (B)um

      • Nia

        I didn’t even click on the story when it first came out but I clicked on this one. Nobody cares about you dude!

  • JMO

    Sadly, when I read it I didn’t believe it to be true. Anything for attention! Dude your spotlight days are over…

  • SDW3

    What a bum.