Catfish Fail: MARRIED “Criminal Minds” Actor Caught Sending Hot-Tub Video To Fake Internet Boo

August 20, 2013  |  

The thirst is real out here. And just when you though Manti T’eo was the only famous face tricked by Internet trolls, it seems that even Hollywood actors can easily get caught up. Just ask Criminal Minds star, Thomas Gibson.

You’ve probably also seen Gibson’s face as Greg on the sitcom Dharma & Greg, but he’s known these days for playing quiet-spoken but damn-good-at-his-job FBI detective Aaron Hotchner on the CBS hit Criminal Minds. According to TMZ, the actor, married and 51, was contacted by a young woman online two years ago. Using the picture of a half-dressed to pretend it was her, instead of just saying “Thanks!” and going about his business, Gibson started communicating regularly with the woman.

As time passed she sent more explicit pictures (of the same nameless adult video star) and videos to him, and in turn, he sent her pictures and the above video too. In it, Gibson can be seen in a hot tub talking about a whole lot of nothing and doing so quietly, probably because his wife was somewhere nearby wondering what the hell he was doing…(and yes he has clothes on by the way). By the end of the video you’re just shaking your head in embarrassment at the guy for getting played and playing himself so much.

Anywho, according to TMZ, the woman, who still didn’t want to be named or send out a real photo of herself to TMZ, grew feelings for Gibson. But he somehow figured out that she wasn’t who she claimed to be and that her photos were not truly of herself. Gibson ended up having his lawyer send a letter to the woman a few months ago telling her to stop contacting him, and well, she sent this video to TMZ as payback. When a woman is scorned, she’ll embarrass your life, but then again, he probably should have kept his camera, and his steamy hot tub scenes to himself. Dude…you’re married.

Check out the video above for yourself and let us know what you think of the actor getting caught getting “Catfished.”

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  • fujoshifanatic

    This video isn’t anything. There is nothing here to imply anything sexual whatsoever. Plausible deniability all the way. Seems to me the better story would be why this woman doesn’t want to be identified or photographed; my guess is that it would cause her more embarrassment than this tape causes him. :-

  • Candacey Doris

    And i really liked him too! Can’t believe he’s just another cheater.

  • Ms_Mara

    Tsk tsk tsk, Hotch! Too old for that mess. lol

  • blackdolphin

    MN, where’s the “steamy” part, other than the water? Nothing happening here. Dull as dirty dishwater.

  • Zensa

    For anyone who’s a fan of ‘Criminal Minds’: THIS IS THE FUNNIEST F***ING THING THAT EVER EVER EVER CAME OUT! Damn man !!! (getting stitches laughing at this s***!)

  • Chris Wesley

    ok and even people that aren’t worth anything, this happens too. but we have to look at on how bad of a job we have done in America to actually help educate and keep a large amount of humanity in our lives. without humanity all is lost.

    • Ms_Mara


  • nick

    welll, whats the use of cheating if you cant even do it right?! That was the most lack luster video of ALL time smfh his wife should leave him just cuz he’s BORING

  • Guest

    Well, they’ve never seen each other so it was all talk. Nothing for his wife to worry herself with.

    • Maame

      So, emotional infidelity is no big deal, huh? Women of today… no self-respect! While its definitely not a reason to divorce, it is cause of concern in the marriage. smh.

      • Guest

        I’m actually a man and no, I don’t think anything is wrong with talking to someone. It didn’t say they were talking about sex.

      • Holly Hayes

        I’m not sure how you can have a scenario in which a man chose to have an emotional infidelity with another woman and end up blaming the only person in this situation who DIDN’T do anything wrong: the wife (aka the victim).