Kevin Hart Reacts To Relationship Criticism: The Funniest Thing About Black Women Is They Assume They Know Your Life

August 19, 2013  |  


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Kevin Hart stays in trouble with black women doesn’t he? At least that’s what we gathered from the controversy, or better yet criticisms, that have seemed to follow his career since he entered the mainstream spotlight. First the story was he didn’t like dark-skinned women, now the assumption is he left his wife for his new young thang Eniko.

Curious how the bite-size comedian feels about all the backlash, when we spotted Kevin Hart on the red carpet at Ne-yo’s Compound Foundation “Fostering a Legacy” gala in East Hampton this Saturday that’s exactly what we asked him about. Check out what he said:

The funniest thing about black women

“Black women assume they know your life, that’s the funniest thing about black women. Here’s where people mess up. They mess up caring about what people think. At the end of the day, your life is your life. You could be walking and fall in the grass and people would say he fell ‘cuz he was on that stuff. He was on them drugs. People make opinions. If you choose to feed into those opinions, your life will be miserable.

“I got into an argument the other day — and it doesn’t matter your race, whether its black  or white but it was a black girl — and the girl was like ‘you’re a piece of s**t. It’s funny you just got divorced and you’ve been with this girl for four years.’ My divorce took me two-and-a-half years! I’ve been separated for damn near six-and-a-half years! But everybody assumes they know. These things, you laugh at. It’s people’s opinions. You just take ’em and laugh and say ‘oh, you know, you’re right, you know. You’re me.'”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to think some of the reason Kevin Hart gets so much ish, as he put it, is because his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, has heavily been making her media rounds and talking about the demise of her relationship with the comedian and how she feels about him moving on so quickly. We asked the stand-up coming about that issue as well, and he said:

How he feels about his ex-wife talking to the media so much

“Here’s the difference. I respect my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my kids, which is why I never bad talk her. Regardless of what she says or what she gives the media, she’s the mother of my kids. I respect her for that. She’s my ex-wife, I respect her for that. So, I’ll never talk bad about her.” See that. See these great answers you get? People will flip that and still say ‘he’s a piece of s**t’ tomorrow!”

I promised Kevin Hart we wouldn’t do that — plus we don’t think he is anyway — but what are your feelings about Kevin and his new lady, Eniko. Do you think his bad rep with black women is warranted?

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  • Tiffany

    I dont agree with the generalized statements about how all black women feel think or act. However, if Kevin had have gotten with a darker woman there would still be complaints. His height is quite irrelevant, as is the complexion of his girlfriend. He stated (and by omission was confirmed by his ex) that his divorce took 2.5 years which means his relationship with her started after the papers had been filed. Now as a married woman, I don’t agree with him dating before it was finalized but that’s their business. The important thing is that he takes care of his children and manages to be amicable with his ex. I’m certain that the overly sanctimonious women in this chat who felt the need to talk trash about him would not hesitate to take his girlfriends place if given the opportunity. Lets just be real. Oh and by the way, before anyone says anything, im a black woman.

  • yahoo

    I have a question for some of women who has made comments about Kevin’s size.What do him being short have anything to do with this? You make it sound like taller men or superior to shorter men. By the way 6’1. You make it sound like being short is a disease. Tall people have alot of disadvantages compared to shorter people. I’m only 30 and I have back issues. That’s why black women have so many issues when it comes to relationships.

  • yahoo

    You sound like you’re hating

    • 1Val

      Not at all just stating my opinion.

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  • Concerned Reader

    Another black boy with low self esteem and an inferiority complex larger than the grand canyon, thinking that he can blame black women for his shortcomings. Piteous little boy.

  • Beejcee

    @Nia, surprised you didn’t get any down arrows. I agree with you 100%. I don’t wish bad on him BUT he might have too many “black women” negative jokes (if that is what they are) and too FEW other paying fans. Think Like a Man part 2 ain’t out yet Kev!

  • scandalous7

    is it me or did he just complain about black women assuming they know about his life , yet he made an assumption making a generalization about black women. All people assume like that, not just black wom……..Damn, why are we constantly being attacked, im sick if being stereotyped and generalized like im just a regular person. I cant even live or have my own opinion or loose my temper every once in a while when I get frustrated because I will be deemed the “angry black women”, …..idk why but this story was kind of the last straw…..why cant we be lifted up instead of torn down all the time….the sad thing is the harm done to black women is done by black women and black men….its so sad and I am sad about it.

  • scandalous7

    he do talk about his ex wife…please dont act like he not talking about her in his shows….please , I was born at night but……..

  • inessa

    but YOU click on a story about him!

    • yahoo

      Thank you!

  • Rashetta Michelle Archer

    The women who are mad..are guilty…(this is coming from a woman)

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Correct from your vantage point, incorrect from others. I am also a Black woman and I didn’t know about all his relationship drama until I read this article. I am annoyed because I get tired of sweeping generations (typically negative in nature ) that group all Black women together as if we are one. This mess needs to stop. Kevin should really know better.

  • Kayla

    Kevin, please don’t speak for all black women. We could care less who you date. However, you live in the spotlight and when you are in the spotlight unfortunately, you are open to criticism. Doesn’t make the criticism true or false, but you can not be mad that people are in your business when you are putting it out there, and he puts it out there. I’m tired of ALL black women being put down for a few black women who cares to discuss black male celebrities lives.

  • blsuccess

    i don’t care that is that man’s business and his ex’s business and his new girlfriend’s business. One thing I do know it is not my business. Alright Alright Alrightttt!! @blsuccess

  • Tbaby

    Whatever this is half truth half bullshit, I dOnt believe the hate on his girlfriend is warranted however he’s claiming to be separated 6 1/2 years but his son 3

  • Krystal

    he just made a generalized remark about black women, made an opinion. A lot of people think they know other people’s life. Black women don’t run a monopoly on that. Stereotypes, prejudices, run across races and genders. People don’t know him or his life, but because he’s under a magnifying glass known as the public eye, people think that means he signed up to be judged and picked at. He probably just wants to make people laugh, like most comedians. It’s just interesting that after he makes a comment about how people don’t know other people’s lives, his in particular, this forum explodes with people judging each other and dogging him out. Interesting, how far we’ve come…

  • Christopher Wilk

    Wow…I see a lot of “Heartless” comments left get it “Hartless”…lol

  • enoughsaid99

    I agree with Kevin Hart, people will say things about you, and they are not true. Keep being you, and not worry about what other people think about you. It’s his life, not ours.

    • scandalous7

      at least you said “people” and not “black women”.

  • amir bey

    Never liked this scrawny little man, overrated at best!!

    • yahoo

      Stop hating! Why are black women always referring to a man’s physical size. That doesn’t make you a man. That’s why black women are miserable now. You’ve been taught wrong.

  • GirlSixx

    Couldn’t care less about what shade/color or lack thereof that he dates, I like him as a comedian and that’s where it ends with me. He ain’t the 1st man and he definitely won’t be the last to trade a former mrs in for a newer younger model. It happens everyday folks. #bloop

  • MrsGamble215

    Honestly I could care less about his personal life, it’s exactly that HIS personal life. Just keep up the funny. 🙂

    • Zealand

      *Couldn’t care less

  • Here’s the thing, we all see through Kevin. He’s hopping up and down like a hurt little leprechaun when the reality is that he cheated with the lightest brightest thing that would have his a** as soon as he got a little shine. He’s color struck like a mofo and everyone can see that. He can talk sideways like he has no idea where this is all coming from but he does know and he knows we know.

    Who cares though? People get divorced all the time. Men cheat all the time. Kevin’s insecure with his sh*t and needs to mind his words cause his bread and butter come in part from those same black women he likes throwing under his short lil bus.

    • stewie

      wah….weap…..,bitter dark black women alert.

      You mad sis ? don’t be it is his life.

      • Kindly remove Kevin’s balls from your throat.

        • stewie

          more like you need to get your own ball and stop hating…haha
          hell, you probably can’t get your own that is why you are hating….just get a dog.

          • intelligent chik

            kevin is that u??? lmao. i hope he’s paying u well. u have been on this site for over 3 hours now

          • I’ll tell my fine a** husband of 5 going on 6 years you said that. LOL! The delusion you male trolls have on this site is unreal. I mean really now.

            • me

              They think all black women are single, or just a baby’s momma! LOL!!! Idiots!!

        • yahoo

          Mam, you sound jealous.

    • Guest360

      Um…you kinda proved his point lol. Just sayin’. You don’t know this man but what you see on tv and the blogs yet you feel you can speak on whether or not he cheated and why he got with his current girlfriend. For someone who doesn’t care, you definitely just made it your business to talk about the man’s life as if you had front row seats to the demise of his marriage.

      • First of all reading comprehension would see you far in life. Second thing this isn’t a case of if he did or did not cheat he definitely cheated that isn’t up for discussion. Both he and his ex wife acknowledge that. Not once did I say a single solitary thing about his current girlfriend or why he’s with her. I’m talking about the woman he cheated on his wife with.

        Please have a seat. He got more fans on his sidelines than MJ had hits.

        • Guest360

          Sweetie… should do the same. I don’t care who you were talking about. The fact that you speak with such vitriol and hate as if you were affected by it is what *I’m* talking about. Get it together. You don’t know this man from a can of paint yet speak as if you do. I’m just saying a little self awareness goes a long way because you are exactly the type of person he was talking. No need to be defensive. Just change your mindset. Stop worrying so much about what he’s doing if you claim you don’t care

          • I’m not worried. And I’m not speaking hate. Its called an opinion “sweetie” I don’t need the moral police to be vouching for Kevins p*nis as if you know.

            I made a comment about an article. If you don’t like it it makes it a you problem all day long. I call it as I see it.

            • Zealand

              I swear, the people who comment on this site are just too difficult. That is why I stop commenting for awhile. It’s like, no one has their own thought about things; just a bunch of groupthink and people who ignore the facts.

              You are one of the very few who ever makes any sense.

        • PleaseDOBetter

          “…reading comprehension would see you far in life.”

          Tears. Mad respect for you.

      • Nia

        His ex-wife told it. So have a seat.

        • Guest360

          Are you his ex wife? No? My point remains. Unless you were there, you have no right to speak on what this man did and did not do. You can take back your seat have a set down yourself. Worry about what you and your ex are doing and leave others alone to deal with theirs.

          • Okay. Are you familiar with Kevin’s stand up routine? HE talks about his infidelity and how it led to the demise of his marriage. Dude that information is readily available do your research before you take up arms for some fool.

    • Nia

      I agree! He was the one who made the comments about darkskinned black women and credit. So who has the issue?

      • Exactly. I don’t understand why no one wants to talk about the real issues here. A lot of Dark skin black dudes seem to always have a problem with dark skin black women. Lil Wayne is another one. They got an insecurity about their complexion that shines through. Success and notoriety doesn’t mean you don’t still have those ignorant hangups. Why are we tryna lie and cover it up?

  • YaY!

    I wish people would define who they are speaking too… The only people interested in him are HIS FANS. Like me, most black women I know don’t give two dam*s about this short sh#t. Why is it every time a handful of alleged black girls come for these swirling black dudes on twitter, they in turn drag ALL black woman. Does he really think all black women are paying attention to him? Guilty conscience maybe? Kewn…

    • yahoo

      I have a question for you. What do him being short have anything to do with this? You make it sound like taller men or superior to shorter men. By the way 6’1. You make it sound like being short is a disease. Tall people have alot of disadvantages compared to shorter people. I’m only 30 and I have back issues. That’s why black women have so many issues when it comes to relationships.

  • NIC.ED

    I LOVE KEVIN HART – i will not judge – ISH happens and WE WERE THERE!!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    Mo’ money…you know the rest.

  • Amarossa

    Kevin said it right. It’s none of our business. So why are you asking us about our feelings??

    • bluekissess


  • stewie

    if i was him, i would get a white women next….that will definitely piss them off. lol…

    Keep doing your thing Kev…… just remember don’t sign any paper !

    • bluekissess

      I wouldn’t be upset. I would be happy someone is willing to be with his short a**.

      • stewie

        Shhh, do you hear it? It’s the sound of butthurt. lol…..

        • bluekissess

          Shh, do you hear it? It’s the sound of a jack a**

      • yahoo

        That comment alone is why so many black women are miserable. What does a man height have to do with anything. There are alot of tall, weak, and ugly men. I put my money on it, if you’re a woman, you’re black.

    • Chey

      I would be upset. Not even gonna lie. I don’t understand why black men run to white women after their feelings get hurt.

      • stewie

        But that is the thing ….he didn’t, he went to anther sister.. what is wrong with that !